Changing Skyline

Carlos Rosso comes from a family of architects and has always loved design. Today, as President of the Condominium Division of The Related Group, he’s responsible for overseeing all of the nearly 5,000 condominium units the firm has on its boards.

Key Players

Meet the people who are shaping the future of the communities they live in while inspiring everyone they meet along the way. Though their stories are all different and their backgrounds, histories, hopes and dreams vary, the one thing each has in common is a passion for what they do and their ability to see past themselves for the benefit of others. In the following pages, you’ll meet this issue’s Key Players and get a brief glimpse into their lives. If you happen to run into one of them during your daily routine, take a moment to salute them. They’ve earned it.


Meet a few professionals who are ready to help you create the home of your dreams with stunning ideas that are sure to turn any space in your home into a functional showpiece that will make you the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Housing Matters

With helping improving the community as one of his top life goals, President & CEO of Pacific National Bank Carlos Fernandez-Guzman leaves a positive mark on Miami while making a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable population: the homeless.

It’s Showbiz

With 20 years in the world of entertainment, actress, businesswoman, entrepreneur and Miami’s own Adriana Cataño has made the pursuit of teaching youth how to break into the biz — her biz.

Fresh Fare

When you live by the motto “think fresh,” it’s no wonder Tutto Pizza & Pasta’s Chef Juca is serving up freshness in every bite of every dish on the menu of his iconic Key Biscayne restaurant.


She was just 3 when she first picked up the violin, and the guitar and piano soon followed. By 19, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, Miami’s homegrown prodigy, had graduated from UM on an opera scholarship with her sights set on a career in showbiz.

Superior Sounds

While UR Music works with many multinational record companies such as Universal and Sony, they also cater to independent and emerging artists who are beginning their careers and are in need of quality recording productions.


If you’re in the market for a few new pieces to add to your art collection, check out the curated list of artists we’ve compiled for you on the ensuing pages. For as long as each can remember, their dream has been to inspire as many people as possible through their work — and they’re doing just that and a whole lot more with every new masterpiece they bring into the world.

Amazing Times

“You should write a book about Korea,” urged Harvey Rosenwasser’s wife, Ruth, and friends, “your stories are better than the M.A.S.H. series.” It took almost 60 years, but Harvey, who has since passed away, finally did it — and it’s definitely worth a read.

Power Houses 2016

Meet the professionals who are ensuring the real estate market remains booming in Key Biscayne and beyond. From unforgettable showings to tips and tricks of the trade, their stories will give you a unique glimpse into their hectic lives and might even inspire you to find a new home or two.

Key Couples 2016

When it comes to love, no two couples are alike. We scoured the island to bring you 3 couples with relationships so interesting, so strong and so beautiful, that their stories will cause you to fall in love all over again. Flip the page to learn how they met, where they’ve been and what the future has in store.

Heaven Sent

When a family experiences a loss due to death, the Children’s Bereavement Center is available to help families cope through group support and services for even the youngest members of the family.

Candid Camera

The creative eye behind some of South Florida’s most beautiful commercial photography belongs to award-winning photographer Mike Butler. A gentle soul with a keen sense of beauty, he captures moments in all their glory.

Pretty Fête

Between boat shows, food fests and special Valentine’s Day plans, there’s always a reason in South Florida to get all dolled up. Earthy Chic Boutique will always have the perfect little number for you, no matter the occasion.

Kerbing Her Enthusiasm

Poised to take it all at this year’s Miami Open on Key Biscayne, Angelique Kerber is on top of her game like never before with her eyes firmly set on a victory in paradise.

Full Swing

Building character, instilling life-enhancing values and promoting healthy choices through the game of golf, The First Tee Miami-Dade Amateur Golf Association is making positive impacts on the lives of youth with every swing of the club.

Tea Is Served

If you’ve been binge-watching The Royals on E! or are over the moon about the plans for Beckham’s new stadium in town, and want a proper English celebration, head over to Serendip-A-Tea in Kings Creek for a festive chug…of tea.

Stage Right

Acclaimed Miami-based Actress Vivian Ruiz has shared screen credit with the likes of Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick, Jr., and Mark Walberg — she dishes on a few “musts” for finding success in the biz.

All Inspiring

When families are looking to make a positive difference, create a legacy or teach their children the importance of philanthropy, they turn to Melissa White, Executive Director of the Key Biscayne Community Foundation to connect people who care with causes that matter.

Mosquito Whisperer

Retired U.S. Marine Robert LeBlanc handles the day-to-day operations of SWAT Mosquito Systems and shares how you can protect your family from those pesky buzzers all year round.

Kindness Prevails

Through PARK Project’s #WePARK movement, Marly Q. Casanova is encouraging us to create “A World where Everyone Performs Acts of Random Kindness” to ignite the community like never before.

The Power Of Perricone’s

At Perricone’s, guests feel special from the moment they are escorted to their table — which is why the restaurant has so many regular guests who know exactly what they want to order before they even have a chance to look at the menu.


Meet a few Key Biscayne moms who have dedicated their lives to raising a happy, healthy family and get a glimpse at what makes them worthy of the recognition they deserve.

Architect Of Dreams

Your home is much more than a place for your belongings, and Fernando Guardazzi of Terras Developers is designing built-to-order homes for his clients that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.


When it comes to prosthodontics, if you are seeking cosmetic or reconstructive dental work, you should do research before making a decision in order to ensure proper care.

River Of Dreams

Miami has been basking in the limelight since Departures named it “City Of The Future.” Now the spotlight turns to our river, where a renaissance led by One River Point is unfolding.

Paw Perfect

Sofia & Michael Mauri and their team are helping Key Biscayne’s community of 4-legged, furry friends lead happier and healthier lives through Paw Life pet services.

Get Gorgeous

If looking your best is on your agenda this season, schedule an appointment with one of these aesthetic geniuses at some of the city’s top salons & spas to ensure all heads start turning in your direction.

Shape Shifters

Motivation comes in many forms, and getting in the best shape of your life is just an effective workout regimen away. The fitness professionals you are about to meet can help you attain the body of your dreams in no time.

Wow Factor

Meet a few of Miami’s top professionals of perfection to find out how they can help you yield the best version of yourself possible — no matter what your aesthetic goals.

On The Move

The idea for Red Flyer, The Handicapped Pets Community, an animal wheelchair loaner program, started with a dog named Bosco, a “Want Ad” and an animal-loving couple who saw an unmet need for animals with missing or disabled limbs.

Eye Wonder

More than windows to our souls, our eyes interpret a flurry of stimuli in a split-second and can reveal stories of love, life and health.

Financial Expertise

Mey-Ling Perez focuses on a well-rounded, consultative approach to wealth management, with advice, fast turnaround and very personalized attention at the center of everything she does at Sabadell United Bank.

Wise Words

The Digital Age has changed just about everything, including preaching. Now it’s more important than ever to be heard. In Talking God, Father Albert Cutié aims to elevate the art of the sermon.

Personal Commitment

The Roads Dental Specialty understands that every patient is unique. In addition to providing first-rate service, they work hard to create a comfortable and welcoming environment to help overcome patient’s traditional dental anxieties.

Piping Hot

When it comes to pizza in paradise, Tutto Pizza is serving up crispy perfection with a twist of Italian and Brazilian flair and a taste of beers and wines from around the world.

Style Minds

Meet a carefully curated selection of Miami fashion designers ready to have you looking your best from head-to-toe this season and beyond with collections that will make jaws drop and eyes flutter.

Fighting In Style

Fashion influencer and photographer Angeles Almuna battles breast cancer in style as she documents and shares her experience through social media where she finds hope in human connections.

Mission Accomplished

When Bestselling Author Jeffrey S. Stephens launched his nail-biting, page-turning first novel in 2007, its success would result in an unprecedented series that has the world on the edge of its seat anxiously awaiting the next installment.


Colorful Inspiration

Exhibiting at Pinta Miami in Booth E8 with Art Concept Alternative Gallery, Mariana Cordoba is on a mission to change perspectives with every stroke of her brush.

Island Cheer

Key Biscayner’s counted their blessings and thanked their lucky stars that we made it through another year of surprises, twists and turns. With a bright outlook ahead for the New Year, islanders were nothing but smiles as they mapped out their next great adventures.