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Ideally, the holiday season should be full of endless joy and happiness. More likely, though, it’s a time of increased stress, especially when it comes to picking out the right gifts for all the people in your life. So our gift to you is a comprehensive article featuring top experts who can help you navigate the potential minefield that is the etiquette of modern-day gifting.

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With views to last a lifetime and enough space to take your life to the next level, this Mashta Drive home in Key Biscayne features everything you could ever want — and need — in a dream home. Featuring; Lourdes Luaces

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Featuring: Alejandro Perez Duque of Key Biscayne Insurance, Tatiana Lora of The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne & Patricia Anton Himmel of Violetas


No holiday wishlist would be complete without something sparkling including diamonds, gemstones and gold from local jeweler Diamonds On The Key. Offering great gift ideas, as well as something special for yourself, owner Christina Termine tempts with this season’s latest designs.


Whether born into great wealth or having had a spark of genius, perseverance, dedication, luck or gumption to become as filthy rich as can be, entering that elite realm of The 1% isn’t for the masses. Herewith: A look at some of the playthings, trinkets and all-out investments of the ridiculously rich & famous.

Nature’s Finest

Whether fully submerged or on the verge of a land-bound adventure, the Yucatan has a lot in store for both seasoned and novice travelers all year round. Just make sure to know where you’re going before you visit. Herewith: Some breathtaking experiences to add to the itinerary.

Encounters @ Commenoz Gallery

Commenoz Gallery held a cocktail reception to showcase an exhibition entitled “Dreaming in Black & White” featuring the works of artist Silvio Gayton, Patrice Girard & Joaquin Gonzalez. 1. Daniel Fiorda, Susana Pais, Rob Vale, Naydu Commenoz 2. Tatyana Camejo, Sylvie Paray, Nora Camejo 3. Gilda Alvarez, Ann Mora 4. Charles Lee, Yaribel Hernandez, Laura Cobo, Ramon Carulla, Sergio Ruiz 5. Jacques & Sylvie Paray, Stan & Barbara Domanski 6. Pedro & Sebastian Fernandez, Chris Rathjens, David Moran 7. Rosario Montavanes, Maggie Isern, Sheyla Rodriguez 8. Angela Gonzalez, Aditya Reddy, Beatriz Struck, Eduardo Gonzalez

Encounters w/ Grand Bay Club

The Grand Bay Club recently held their annual Christmas Shopping Bazaar where guests had an opportunity to do some shopping with a variety of jewelry, clothing, shoes and much more. 1. Luciana Lombardi, Akika Davide, Vilma Camacho, Aydee Menendez 2. Maria Fe & Blanca Nuñez, Valerie Van Ginhoven 3. Lesbia Garcia, Estefania Cooke 4. Dawn Wilson, Diana Ugarte 5. Esther & Catalina Castellanos 6. Paola Capellini, Claudia Ammirata, Natalia Onetti 7. Claudia Triana, Carolina Loyola 8. Gladys Fontes, Helena Garcia, Daniela Velarde 9. Julie Garcia, San Martin, Pilar Roje 10. Mary Jo Pinedo, Coralie Duchamp 11. Dolores Horvilleur, Maria Muiños 12. Marta Gasa, Randy Marquina, Eva & Laura Garcia, Carolina Castellanos 13. Gaby Malzer, Claudia Leme 14. Natalia Salgado, Gigi Costa 15. Valerie Seeve, Jezebel Dominguez 16. Martine Harvey, Lisette Ramirez, Jeannick Sebag

Encounters w/ Cervera Real Estate

Cervera Real Estate’s Key Biscayne office held a celebration honoring some of the island’s most influential residents at Puntino Italian Restaurant. 1. Susie Glass, Blanquita Rivero 2. Claudia Succar Ferre, Sonia Succar Ferre 3. Paola Padovan, Donnie Hall 4. Francoise Dreuil- Wynne, Nico Mantis, Cindy Suarez 5. Amy & Jaime Zambrano 6. Revati Roberts, Jack London, Felicia Albanese 7. Gisella Remos, Brett Graff, Ronda Fuchs

Encounters w/ EWM

EWM hosted a luncheon at The Key Biscayne Yacht Club to celebrate Thanksgiving. 1. Giulietta Ulloa, Lorena Garcia-Morillo 2. Ron Shuffield, Vivian Galego-Mendez 3. Encina Neira, Florencia Moni 4. Group picture 5. Esther Pratt, Florencia Moni 6. Pity Betancourt, Isi Alvarez 7. Margiory Peña, Heidi Brito 8. Anabella Siblesz, Mari Mayoral, Marilyn Borroto 9. Maria Donnelly, Beba Mann 10. Pasty Aballi, Natalie Abreu 11. Carmen B. Llano, Marianela Montenegro 12. Pity Betancourt, Ana Pinto 13. Noelie Blanco, Ifigenia Gonzalez 14. Jenny & Federico Macia 15. Gilberto, Angela Ocampo 16. Isis Alvarez, Vivivan Galego-Mendez, Heidi Brito

Encounters @ The Ocean Club

The Guatemala Fashion Art opening reception was held at The Ocean Club and sponsored by Fundacion Rescatados Por Jesus Guatemala & Fundacion Manos Del Sur Miami. All funds raised will be used to build a kindergarten for underprivileged children in Guatemala City. 1. Patricia Arzu, Paulina Montes, Claudia & Robert Alvarez Vela 2. Victoria Lara, Ana Somarriba, Charlotte Somarriba 3. Michelle Shurtleff, Vera Saeme 4. Tatiana Selle, Macarena Zubiria 5. Mariano & Sol Grimaux 6. Thelma Espina, Isabel Arzu, Adelina Close, Anna Ricci 7. Maria Eugenia Labrador, Monica Ledezma, Claudia & Caterina Castillo 8. Bibi Delfino, Joanne Callaway, Elisa Braschi, Jennifer Callaway 9. Marirosa Betancourt, Jeanine & Marisabel Ruata 10. Cindy Suarez, Nicolas Mavri 11. Vanessa Barra, Maria Luisa Benavides, Ana Maria Barassi 12. Juan Romero, Begonia Lluch, Charlie Bickford 13. Gabriela Arango, Elena Ituriaga, Adela Regera, Ikebana Arango 14. Robert & Sofia Spiess, Estela Urruela, Joana Spiess, Juan Urruela 15. Luli Ballestrin, Silvana Larrarte, Alicia Mendez, Valentina Silva, Carola Urtubey 16. Geraldine Lafaurie, Maria Eugenia Palacio, Luna Daes, Bianca Torrente

Encounters w/ MISO

After a weekend of concerts with MISO, Patrice Jackson performed alongside musicians of MISO during an intimate chamber music concert in the magical living room at The M Building. 1. Maria Hamilton, Chef Jackie, Athina Marturet, Lisette Rondon, Isa Zapata 2. Cristina Sullivan, Valerie Warfel 3. Jim Fields, Luisa Basnuevo 4. Joe Moreno, Susan Taing 5. Melissa & Matt Marshall 6. Alfredo Armas, Anne Chicheportiche, Stephanie Platt 7. Maria Hamilton, Eduardo Marturet, Chef Jackie 8. Mark O’Connor, Anne Chicheportiche, Muriel Affriat

Encounters w/ Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables

Mastercard’s Friends of South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables recently held an event to celebrate some of South Florida’s finest. 1. Rene Aldana, Denie Harris 2. Bruce Townsend, Lee Brian Schrager, Nick Tierno 3. Denni & Scott Eisen, Nicole Waters 4. Bobbie Wiles, Samantha Matallana 5. Frank Pena, Donovan Woodbine 6. Tara Nyack, Raj Aditya 7. Patricia Patty, Luciana Santos 8. Bobbie & Duane Wiles, Jaylan Ochoa 9. Jorge Berrios, Juan Gonzalez 10. Kerri-Lynn Mello 11. Laura Hartmann, Maude Eaton 12. Luis Rios, Maria Brolley 13. Melissa Pate, Jackie Hassine 14. Shakil Rehman, Robert Corso 15. Silvia Burgoa, Monica Stumacher 16. George Cioroba with Ariel Manso