Fiscal Perspective

The cost of Uninsured Motorist Coverage is nothing compared to what it pays for in a worst-case scenario. Here are some more reasons Ramon, Rodriguez, Blanco-Herrera Law always suggest that drivers have it.

Sunny Days

Even after all the 4th of July events simmer down, there are still many awesome concerts, plays, art tours, museums and much more to take advantage of from sunset to sundown in and around Miami.

Global Leaders

he Miami Transplant Institute (MTI) is the largest and most comprehensive transplant program in the U.S. for both adults and children, with patients traveling from across the globe seeking its expertise. It is also the only center in Florida that performs all types of organ transplants — heart, lung, heart-lung, kidney, pancreas, kidney-pancreas, liver, intestinal and multivisceral transplants.

A Pet’s Life

Key Biscayner & Founder of Born Free Pet Shelter, Alicia Aballi, has saved hundreds of animals since 1981. Now living at a 5-acre property in the Redlands, she and her team of dedicated volunteers continue to care for rescue dogs in a humane, open environment where they can exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle while awaiting adoption and happily living out their remaining years.

Haute Beauty

Around the world, people are pushing the boundaries of beauty, leading to some epic trends like Funky Frenches, Sweet & Sour Eyes and the UK’s fascination with the optimistic ‘80s aesthetic, to name a few. Thanks to globalization, aesthetic movements that might have once been niche fads now have universal appeal.

Impactful Generosity

Victoria & Jason Randolph feel their involvement with Branches has given them more than they have given the organization. They find watching the families pursue meaningful progress and the gratitude that pours from their hearts stunning.

Kitchen Magic

Cooking essentials from the innovative Our Place brand — including their multifunctional Always Pan, which is designed to replace several pieces of cookware — are responsibly crafted in ethical factories that provide workers with supportive environments and fair compensation.

Game Players

Everyone knows that dogs love to play fetch, but have you tried tug-of-war, mystery treat location, or even hide & seek?! Other favorites include chasing dog-safe bubbles, water play or, for the budding Olympian, you can easily create your own agility course. Your best buddy will thank you!

Uninsured Motorist

If you are wondering, “Do I need Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Florida?” The answer is “YES!”

Wallpaper Wow

Wallpaper adds pattern and color to any room. With the addition of some carefully placed Frameworks frames layered on top, that same wallpaper can takes hold of our senses and change our entire perception.

Path Forward

As the world begins to open back up and our hopes and dreams for the future are closer than we ever imagined, many of us find ourselves nostalgic for how things used to be, and where we are going.

Light The Way

The fun in the sun we have all been craving took center stage as Key Biscayers and visitors alike flocked to our shores to welcome in a renewed sense of living life to the fullest.

Superlative Summer

Once things used to get very quiet in Miami after the winter “season” was over. Not in 2021. May welcomes in Veritage Miami, SOBEWFF and, of course, Mother’s Day. June is summer camps galore, a breathtaking 3D experience at Arsht, Father’s Day and much more. Plus, there’s some ground-breaking new art in public spaces for those who want to get out while staying away from the crowds.

Let’s Celebrate!

Summer 2021 brings a feeling of promise, opportunity and optimism. The British Virgin Islands is the perfect destination for a “do-over,” an ideal place to create new memories, celebrate our resilience and sit back to take it all in.

Priceless Moments

Brickell City Centre’s “Gather” initiative is being reintroduced throughout 2021 to give families a chance to connect and reconnect following the pandemic. The creative programming is designed so parents, grandparents and their children can spend time together in meaningful ways and make lifelong memories.

Modern Villa

A residential villa-style masterpiece sits in the heart of the exclusive Holiday Colony neighborhood in Key Biscayne, offering a world-class lifestyle in the heart of paradise.

Wonder Women

The Charity Guild, one of the oldest charitable organizations in South Florida, was founded in 1952 by 10 women who wanted to help children in need. Today, their mission remains the same.

Evolving Education

KLA Academy’s new facility, opening this Fall, continues the school’s innovative mission to reimagine the structure and purpose of learning, where children find and utilize their own power to develop into thoughtful, caring and curious young people.

Domestic Bliss

Many took the opportunity of being home more to adopt a pet and be there for the often stressful but exciting transition into their new families. This has also had a positive impact on those adopting, particularly on their mental health during these unprecedented times.

Travel Chic

Rimowa luggage is so attractive and eye-catching that you’ll want to go to the airport even when you’re not flying just to show it off. Whether you pack light or heavy, one thing’s certain: This is the last piece of luggage you’ll ever need to own.

Haute Foos

With over a quarter of a billion foosball enthusiasts around the globe, how do you make your game stand out? The Teckell Calico Balilla 90° Minuto takes the game to luxurious new heights.

JAR-RINGLY Delicious

Cake in a jar is like love in a jar, which is hard to resist. Mo’s Cake Jars are sweet little treats brimming with heavenly flavors to delight and dazzle your tastebuds with every bite.

Summer Sizzle

Ever since I can remember, summer was always my favorite time of year.

Season of Growth

It’s officially Spring, a time of rebirth and getting out and about more consistently. Each day the city reopens more and more — there’s Veritage Miami 2021, improv comedy, live music, ballet, flamenco, art shows and much more galore.

Change of Perspective

A story of how one life has the power to change another and cause a pivot toward the awareness, gratitude and joy that comes from giving back to the world.

Empowering Futures

Hired to create and inspired to succeed. Arts For Learning internships in the arts continue to provide joy and connectivity for Miami’s creative teens during the pandemic and beyond.

Creative Surprise

If there has ever been a year when the arts need a little extra support, it’s 2021. Do your part and get an amazing collection of compact art with a Young Arts gift box curated with creative treasures from some of the organization’s most inspiring artists.

Safe & Stylish

RYST was created with active and social lifestyles in mind. Each original wristband face mask is handmade with pride using high-end, bio-based, inherently bacteriostatic materials.

Hear! Hear!

It’s important to eliminate the stigma surrounding deaf dogs. They make great pets. In fact, there are many benefits to owning a deaf dog, including the fact that noises aren’t a distraction to them and fireworks, thunder and ambulances won’t send them hiding under the bed.

Culinary Delights

VeritageMiami is celebrating 25 years of uniting foodies for a cause with a hybrid series format — offering interactive virtual and in-person participation. There’s truly something for everyone, all to benefit our community.

Paving The Way

Signs of growth are all around us! It seems that as soon as the time changes each year, and we “spring forward.

Season of Fun

March seems like a quiet month but it includes such famous observances as National Peanut Butter Day on the 1st, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday on the 2nd, World Wildlife Day on the 3rd and International Women’s Day on the 8th.

Endless Blooms

In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon spotted and landed on a mystery peninsula and named it Florida, from the Spanish word “florido,” which translates to “full of flowers” or “flowery.”

Midas Touch

24K magic indeed! These modern fine jewelry pieces from Sabbia at Key Biscayne are sure to make you feel a gold rush that would make king Midas jealous and give him a run for his money!

Island Insights

They’ve pivoted. They’ve been nimble. They’ve been quick. And most importantly, they’ve gotten creative. We check in with a few Key Biscayne businesses to see how they’re doing.

Stage Life

Designed to create new paths to arts careers and promote greater diversity in the industry, the Arsht Center’s Technical Theater Apprenticeship Program continues to safely provide hands-on experiences and learning opportunities in technical theater.

Creative Lifeblood

The arts rescue us in dark days. Music, dance, theater, visual — they provide hope, joy, inspiration, comfort and healing. And that’s something we all need right now.

Ideas Unlimited

Architects, lawyers, accountants, customer service reps and professionals from many other fields can work from home. But until recnetly, the Research, Development & Manufacturing departments have had to go into the office. No longer.

Personality Pup

Like Johnny, every dog has a story. Whether they’re surrendered because their families can no longer care for them or they came from a shelter or the street with no history attached. Young or old, healthy or sick, they need our help.

Wardrobe Wonder

Continuing a long-standing tradition to benefit the Everglades Literacy Program, J.McLaughlin has partnered with The Everglades Foundation for a Capsule Collection inspired by the River of Grass and many of the causes at the core of its mission.


Family Dynamic

Organize your home — and your life! — this season with the world-class selection of closets, craft rooms and playrooms from California Closets Miami, perfect for every modern family’s inevitable growth spurts and frequent strokes of genius.

Fiscal Perspective

The cost of Uninsured Motorist Coverage is nothing compared to what it pays for in a worst-case scenario. Here are some more reasons Ramon, Rodriguez, Blanco-Herrera Law always suggest that drivers have it.