Mobile Mansion

Whether chasing exotic sunsets or exploring where the road leads, the Tiffin Phaeton gets you there in grand style. This is a lavish second home with all the comforts of a traditional residence, and much more.

Why Not?

The wide-body design of the WallyWhy200 provides the advantages of a catamaran without the limitations, namely the lack of volume to the main central hull and mooring problems.

Seagoing Genesis

The Technohull Alpha 50 introduces a groundbreaking design concept to the U.S. market, challenging the conventions established by its predecessors while remaining true to the brand’s high-performance DNA and distinctive design principles.

Road King

SUVs have evolved from basic, no-frills work trucks into virtual limousines, with all the luxurious extras one could imagine. The very attractive and capable Lincoln Nautilus is a great example.

Excercise Time

Designed for the avid outdoorsperson, the Garmin Fenix 7X Sapphire DLC Ti Solar Watch features a range of must-have apps for surfers, hikers and more, plus HIIT and running apps for urban athletes.

Amplified Design

The LV Nanogram Speaker continues Louis Vuitton’s audacious design story, with a state-of-the-art sound system that reclines like a spinning top after it has finished its movement, creating a dynamic platform for beautiful, powerful, mannered audio.

Film Legacy

From Oscar-winning films to unforgettable television shows, Warner Bros. has entertained the world for over 100 years. Montegrappa is helping them commemorate this magnificent anniversary with a special pen.

Marine Masterpiece

The Sirena 78 pays homage to all the yacht designs that have gone before while offering creative enhancements that further improve the experience on the water, making it something utterly and completely new.

Pure Elegance

Ever since Auguste Agassiz founded Longines in 1832, the firm has been producing exemplary timepieces, a tradition which carries on in the form of the Longines Master Collection GMT.

First Class

Maybach is Mercedes’ premium brand, so it’s no surprise their elegant GLS SUV is the epitome of luxury.

Designer Dogs

Celine’s new posh-pooch-perfect pieces will improve your social life as your haute hound insists you take them everywhere to show off new their collars, carriers, and more.

Flight Time

First introduced in 2007, IWC’s Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 TOP GUN is an excellent example of the practicality and style provided by this timepiece category — even if you never leave the ground.

Instant Adventure

Is it a car or a motorcycle? It’s both! and a lot more. The Polaris Slingshot is the perfect source for a shot of adrenalin every time you fire up the engine.

Moon Glow

Founded in Germany in 2001, MeisterSinger is a new entry to the world of watchmaking. Inspired by Middle Age clocks, their breathtaking Lunascope is already deemed a must-have by collectors.

Go Topless

The AMG SL maximizes the South Florida lifestyle by allowing you to bask in the sun and ocean breezes as you commute in style to the office, get groceries, or pick up the kids from soccer practice.

Breathtaking Style

Seen from any angle, the strikingly handsome Invictus TT420 demands attention wherever it goes, no matter what the destination.

Pink Charisma

Following up on the head-turning special all-black 24-metre catamaran VisionF 80, the bespoke yacht builder has created a stunning new creation in a custom shade of pink.

Freaky Heritage

Inspired by the first Freak featuring its three signature characteristics — no dial, no hands and no crown — the Freak One continues the legacy where “movement” is king as it rotates to tell the time.

Smooth Style

Audi’s sleek A7 sport sedan is the antidote to boring, box-like 4-door cars. It is an ideal choice for those who want a dash of panache with a dose of practicality.

Guitar Virtuoso

Revered as one of the most influential electrical guitarists of all time, with a monumental influence on generations of musicians, the legacy of Jimi Hendrix still burns bright today — in a unique series of Montblanc pens.

Waterfront Excellence

Tankoa’s new S501 series represents the ultimate in superyachts, with the sleek, highly efficient aluminum hull housing more than 2,300 sq. ft. of luxurious interior space spread over three decks.

Perfect Timing

Originally created for pilots, the Longines Spirit Flyback chronograph is an ideal watch for all who demand classic style and absolute precision.

Saddle Up

First introduced in 1965 as a mild-mannered “secretary’s car,” the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse is a fire-breathing performance machine.

Explore Mars

With a 200-inch viewing screen and 40W Dolby Audio, the Nebula Mars 3 redefines backyard entertainment. Its built-in power bank provides up to 5 hours of non-stop watching — just about anywhere.

Tickling Ivories

Pianos are the culmination of centuries of technological evolution. Like Athena springing from the head of Zeus, they embody the creativity and ingenuity of their creators — in this case, the engineers at Roland.

Electrifying Fun

The Bentley Blower Junior is an epic way to relive the Roaring ‘20s while making everyone who sees you driving it wish they had your sense of style.

Indoor Bugatti

Bugatti cars combine cutting-edge technology with breathtaking styling, so it comes as no surprise their home safes evoke similar reactions.

Go Anywhere

The striking looks of the Numarine 26XP make it a standout underway or at anchor. This compact superyacht is ready to explore what lies over the horizon in comfort and style.

Luxury Combo

The S63 is proof no one told the folks at AMG that 4-door sedans are supposed to be stodgy, not fun.

No Compromises

A “proper yacht” is expected to offer the ultimate in comfort, mobility and style, all of which the Sirena 78 provides in spades.

Drone Evolution

Whether you want to shoot a feature film or just check how your roof looks after a storm without getting out a ladder, DJI makes professional cinematic drone capability available to all.

Magical Sounds

For Bowers & Wilkins, the Nautilus represents their fundamental purpose, their passion for True Sound, and the last wish of founder, John Bowers.

Waterway Revolution

A boat is the key to exploring a world most people don’t know exists, and the new Wallypower 58X is ready to open that door.

Forever Young

Now a spirited teenager, the Nissan GT-R continues to delight and astound those who look for an excuse to take the long way every time they go for a drive.

Go Boldly

The new CLB65 from CL Yachts is designed to allow owners to pick a spot on a map and go there, in complete comfort and style.

Alpha Pen

Montegrappa’s 007 Spymaster Duo offers strength, style and groundbreaking gadgetry. A paragon of innovation and secrecy in rifled steel and knurled black alloy; it is complemented by a hidden set of cufflinks.

Spyder Bite

The first blast of sound emanating from the McClaren 765LT’s quad-tipped titanium exhaust provides a hint of the raw power on tap.

Sun Worshipper

The new 80 Sunreef Power Pronto is a universal multi-hull yacht for long cruises in ultimate comfort. Taking luxury and seaworthiness to a new dimension, this dynamic and elegant craft redefines the authentic power catamaran design.

Time Capsule

In honor of the firm’s 135th birthday, Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer launches an exciting new line of Manero timepieces.

Deep Diver

Tag Heuer’s all-new Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver combines an array of professional-grade features with a cool, retro look that sets it many leagues apart from other dive watches.


Sweet Treats

From the Everything Cookie to PB&J, Blueberry Cheesecake and S’Mores, Chip City has a flavor for just about any taste in Miami and beyond.