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Featuring; Dr. TJ Giuffrida, M.D., of the Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center

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Interior Influx

Thinking about remodeling your home? Painting one of your living spaces? Investing in new furniture or home accessories? Well, there’s a much deeper reason outside of aesthetics and all-out boredom that may be making you lean toward something new when it comes to your surroundings.

Design Minds

Featuring; Mauricio Garcia De La Garza of Internum & Design, Jesper Knudsen of Scan Design, Alexander Wertheim of Spacio Design Build, Sheila & Janel Kuhl of Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors & NicoleWhite-Quinn.

Prime Condo

This 3 bedroom, library, maid’s quarters and 4.5 bath Ocean Tower I residence at The Ocean Club in Key Biscayne is one of the most desired addresses in South Florida. Complete with every amenity and space to spare, it just may be the home you’ve been looking for. Featuring; Natalia Anda


If you want to take your look to the next level this social season, these striking pieces from VHERNIER may be just what you need to make sure all eyes turn in your direction next time you make your grand entrance

Mexican Marvel

We take a quick jaunt to get a peek of historical Mexico City to find out what this very special capital city has to offer and why you should plan to make the trip

Encounters @ Fifty Rio

After serving Key Biscayne for more than 24 years, Fifty Rio Boutique closed its door culminating with Owner Adela Reguera being presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from The Chamber of Commerce. 1. Pepin, Adela & Martha Reguera 2. Bertha & Betty Pol, Carmen Avello 3. Mercy Brito, Michele Estevez 4. Arturo Fundora, Jordan Marcum 5. Helena Hernandez, Alexis Ortiz 6. James Salas, Mary Tague 7. Dr. Michael Landau, Alejandro Rodriguez 8. Carlos & Nora Briceño

Encounters @ Key Biscayne

Luli Lameran recently celebrated her 40th birthday in ‘70s style with her closest friends during a Studio 54-themed party. 1. Luli Lameran, Mauricio Alfaro 2. Ana Somarriba, Luli Lameran, Maria Patricia Somarriba 3. Sofia & Luis Espinoza 4. Natalie, Elias & Barry Logan 5. Olga Lameran, Mauricio Alfaro 6. Alexandra Rumie, Daniel Gaviria, Alejandro Robledo, Alexandra Lievano, Fernando Lievano, Maria Patricia Somarriba, Diego Stecchi 7. Ana Somarriba, Diego Stecchi, Alexandra Rumie 8. Anette Calvo, Carolina Calvo & guest.

Encounters @ Grand Bay Club

The Grand Bay Club recently held a social networking event featuring cocktails, hors d’ouvres and live music. 1. Alison Colberg, Donnie Hall, Paola Padovan 2. Ingrid Mason, Nadine St. Fort 3. Aimee Garcia, Luis Casas 4. Maria Christina Ferraz, Judith Acosta 5. Bill James, Maria Christina Ferraz 6. Luz & Dr. Raul Ravelo 7. Ada Carrilo, Prospero Herrera, Clara Serrano, Marisol Garcia 8. Paul Trujillo, Maria Rivero, Wendell Francis

Encounters w/ EWM

EWM International Realty hosted a presentation entitled “What’s Happening In Downtown Miami” with guest speaker Sonja Bogensperger of the Miami Downtown Development Authority. 1. Vivian Galego-Mendez, Ron Shuffield, Sonja Bogensperger, Spirus Balntas 2. Christel Maulhardt, Annie Mammes, Luciana Barral 3. Jacquie Gallardo, Mari Mayoral 4. Carmen Llano-White, Ana Maria Juaregui 5. Giulietta Ulloa, Vivian Galego-Mendez 6. Cynthia Caridad, Gerri O’Hara, Debbie Cianfoni, Patricia Bastidas 7. Florencia Moni, Bea Reguera, Reina Gonzalez 8. Adrian Foley, Spencer Raymond, Alberto Beguerie 9. Claudia Canellas, Michael Davey, Cecilia Sanchez 10. Laura Maceiras, Patricia Peraita, Patricia Romano, Betty Portuondo 11. Nancy Socorro, Norelle Castro 12. Encina Neira, Paola Padovan 13. Cindy Mize, Silvia Bermudez 14. Jacqueline Regnault, Angela Langlois 15. Alicia Gilbert, Chiqui Labarrera 16. Alberto Beguerie, Susana Braun

Encounters @ Nina Torres Fine Art

Nina Torres Fine Art recently hosted an opening night showcasing creativity to the max as guests enjoyed the exhibition. 1. Nina Torres, Malena Assing 2. Christelle Chopard, Francesca de Matteies 3. Maria Hebdicht, Eugenio Alvarez 4. Marisa & Bruno Ramos 5. Joe Islander, Ana Valles 6. Bernadette Du Ju, Olivier Rocaboy 7. Felix Segura, Dushka Semsch, Ignacio Segura

Encounters w/ Fundacion Manos Del Sur

Fundacion Manos Del Sur held a champagne brunch to introduce Sazingg’s 925 Collection, with a percentage of the sales benefitted the children of Asociacion Pan Y Amor in Nicaragua. 1. Ana, Charlote & Maria Patricia Somarriba, Maritza Minor, Paulina Montes 2. Irene Ulivi, Irene & Alfredo Zingg 3. Rosario Giral, Rosario Esperante 4. Maria Eugenia Augarita, Teresa Velez 5. Ines Augarita, Marilu Buñuelos 6. Olga Cerna, Marlene Elbrecht, Carla Palazio 7. Carmen Grimaldi, Tatyana & Nora Camejo 8. Ana Somarriba, Soledad Vivas, Maria Patricia Somarriba

Encounters w/ Art Care For Kids

Art Cares For Kids and Mettá held a special event where for every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, a new pair of shoes was donated to a child in need. 1. Claudia Garmendia, Alex Jimenez, Hosanna Delinares 2. Lola Vega, Cristina & Alessandro Barcenas 3. Julie Sierra, Dorian Rosen 4. Theresa Bramblett, Cayce Moyer 5. Christi Mejia, Stephanie Young 6. Ana, Maria Jose, Ana Gonzalez 7. Yolanda Gasalla, Connie De la Fuente 8. Veronica, Miranda & Isabella Prado

Encounters @ Key Biscayne

Donnie Hall celebrated his 51st birthday with an AREA 51-themed party at his home in Key Biscayne. More than 60 guests enjoyed a night of costumes, karaoke and crepes. 1. Donnie Hall, Paola Padovan 2. John Paul Bahamondes, Stacia Smith- Bahamondes 3. Maria Thorne, Sunita & Dante Cenci 4. Mary Beth Klock-Perez, Barbara Schumann Lamb, Candice McCarthy 5. Lesa & Chris Blackman 6. Nelly Palmer, Steve & Maritza Minor 7. Paige Latterner, Amy Zambrano, Rosa Kemper, Roberta Lusic 8. Cathy Balestra, Janine Ersfeld, Paola Padovan, Selene Devany, Roberta Lusic

Encounters w/ Peruvian Chamber

The Americas Peruvian Chamber of Commerce & Fundacion Manos del Sur Peru, presented it’s 2nd Annual Peruvian Gourmet Festival, showcasing some of the best South Florida Peruvian restuarants. 1. Daniel Gaviria, Ana Somarriba, Aurelio del Corral 2. Gaby Mani, Sonia Aguayo, Yolanda Valls 3. Edgardo & Cristina De Fortuna 4. Andrea & Alex Bernal 5. Giuletta & Santiago Ulloa 6. Mariano & Sol Grimaux, Jennifer & Charlie Bickford 7. Eduardo & Danitza Vera, Lizzie & Fernando Giuffra 8. Gonzalo Garcia Rybeiro, Alyeska & Carlin Semsch

Encounters w/ Diamonds On The Key

Diamonds On The Key hosted a festive VIP party with a lavish Italian-style buffet dinner catered by Puntino. Guests enjoyed a tropical Brazilian show and danced the night away under the stars. 1. Christina Termine, Rafael Bild 2. Ana Somarriba, Daniel Gaviria, Adriana & Fernando Tasco 3. Brian & Mary Tague 4. Commissioner Jerry & Raquel Libbin 5. Silvana & Dr. TJ Giuffrida 6. John Ermer, Lourdes Dergan-Ermer, Omar Rodriguez, David Almog 7. Giada & Cristoforo Pignata 8. Richard & Beth Tasca