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Don’t let the never-ending trend reports and runway overviews overwhelm you this season! When it comes to fashion, it’s all about being educated about how best to cater your look to your body, personality and personal style

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This splendid Key Biscayne home is at once spacious, beautifully appointed and one with its surroundings inside and out right in the heart of paradise. Featuring; D1 Realty, LL C


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When it comes to creating an eye-catching, jawdropping style this season that demands some serious head-turns and welcomed double-takes, these looks are sure to yield the attention you’re after day and night.

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If you’re a stylish guy living in The Magic City who refuses to trade comfort for fashion, a guayabera shirt is probably a staple in your wardrobe. If you need a little more inspiration to amp up your closet, check out these essential looks for any season.

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Encounters @ Key Biscayne

Key Biscayner Tim Collet recently celebrated his birthday among family and friends at his residence on the island. 1. Elizabeth Suero, Tim & Lourdes Collett 2. Samantha, Marissa, William & Sabrina Burke 3. Rita Cabases, Gordon Myers 4. Geri Navarro, Damaris Martinez 5. Dana & Ricardo Joffre 6. Sergio Garcia Granados, Tim Collett, Maritza & Steven Minor, Lourdes Collett 7. Ana & Jose Suarez Burgos

Encounters w/ Fathers Of The Year

The “Father of the Year” awards recently celebrated fathers whose lives revolve around family, citizenship charity and responsibility. 1. The Anderson Family 2. Honorees 3. Dr. Josefina Farra & Katherine Fernandez-Rundle 4. Mr. & Mrs. Jose Antonio Hernandez- Solaun 5. Mr. & Mrs. Ron Magil 6. The Easton Family 7. The Lawrence Family 8. Farra Family

Encounters w/ K ikor Studios

The latest installment of the Contemporary Series featured painting, sculpture, installations, photography, collages and lightboxes from artists working in Austria, Colombia, Cuba, Greece, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, UK, the U.S. & Venezuela. 1. Juan Miguel Gutierrez Tinoco, Gino Gutierrez, Kiko Ricote, Gabriela Rivero 2. Frank Thomas, Perla Thomas, Dave Boss, Faye Boss 3. Aleína Palma, Julia Johnson 4. Elizabeta Russa 5. Gino Gutierrez, Juan Miguel Gutierrez Tinoco 6. Rolando Polo 7. Teresa di Cairano, Robert Mazerolle 8. Johnny Peralta, Elsie Peralta 9. Lina Linkimer, Tzeitel Sorrosa 10. Mari Carmen Sega, Maria Alejandra Romero 11. Ivonne Torres, Francisco Torres 12. Nina Torres, Kiko Ricote 13. Juan Carlos Cigalo, Maria E. Contreras 14. Kathryn Carey, Summer Dowler 15. Vilena Nazmieva, Lucy Cruz 16. Kiko Ricote, Ivonne Torres, Nina Torres, Jose Rementeria, Anna Balboa, Lucy Cruz, Dario Viejo

Encounters @ Key Biscayne

Marlene Vazquez & Erika Coello hosted a baby shower for Nathaly Coello at their residence on Key Biscayne. 1. Nathaly Coello, Susana Alvarez, Ileana Soto, Alix Mora 2. Marina Villegas, Kary Fernandez-Shaw, Nahila Campos, Cristina Vivas 3. Maria Escalante, Raquel Corobuic 4. Stephanie Correa, Johanna Lucena 5. Valeria & Alice Rodriguez 6. Marianta Prinetto, Belina Sierraalta, Rosi Cantt 7. Nathaly Coello, Marlene Vazquez, Erika Coello 8. Mercedes Cantt, Adriana Gonzalez, Nathaly Coello, Ileana Soto 9. Silvana Ezquierdo, Diego Reyes, Isabella Izquierdo, Lorena Roman 10. Pamela Reyes, Jose Sanchez, Ana Belen-Jeronimo, Adriana Roman 11. Andreina Quintini, Velery Izquierdo, Antonieta Aveledo 12. Olga Mata, Sofia Sanoja, Silvana Izquierdo 13. Chela Curiel, Rosina Croce 14. Luis Vallejo, Giovana Orozco, Ana Quijano 15. Olga Silen, Mercedes de Aamas, Olga Fuenmayor 16. Roberto Vazquez, Nathaly Coello, Nicolas Izquierdo, Marlene Vazquez

Encounters w/ Biscayne Nature Center

The Biscayne Nature Center hosted their first Young Professionals event with a baby loggerhead sea turtles being released into the sea as the grand finale of the evening. 1. Ali Codina, Amel Saied 2. Andrew Frey, Ali Codina 3. Brittany Wallis, Rishi Sehgal 4. Aaron Glickman, Claudia Succar Ferre, Joey Diez 5. Benjamin Leis, Sylvia Kalicinski, Suraj Hemnani 6. Michelle Citrin, Nathalie Reshad 7. Cameron Williams & Matt Taylor 8. Vanessa Chen, Kathy Strobach 9. Lara Bueso Bach, Marcus Bach 10. Laurent, Teresa Cherubin 11. Zoila Rivera, Eli Gutierrez, Estrella Malca 12. Rob Segear, Lainey Grossman, Claudia Succar Ferre, Joey Diez 13. Michael Iaas, Taya Taube 14. Pablo Gonzalez, Martha lluch 15. Teya Montalbano, Benjamin Lais

Encounters w/ The Best Of South Florida

Our Editor-in-Chief, Jorge Arauz, was crowned “Miami’s Sexiest Editor” during an awards presentation by Epiphany Events that was aired on The Best Of South Florida and The CW. 1. Liana Parisi, Jessie Alexdander, Jorge Arauz, Belinda Elkaim 2. Leonor Anthony & Guests 3. David Morin & Guest 4. Claudia Lopez & Guest 5. Kevin Lee Russell & Guest 6. Ciro Louis LaBarbera 7. Claudia Lopez & Gianina Acevedo 8. Jose Manreza & Jessica Vallejo with Guests

Encounters @ KB Beach

The 4th of July Committee held their annual BBQ at the Key Biscayne Beach with raffle, cocktails, food and music. 1. Jane Morris, Michele Estevez, Mike & Donna Rice 2. Patricia Peralta, Rene Vela 3. Jean Paul, Bennett & Stacia Bahamondes 4. Tim & Doreen Stickney 5. Vida Bergamo, Leonel Campos 6. Olga Murcia, Jose Cordoves, Maria Isabel Restrepo, Patricia Romano 7. Jim Taintor, Erik Jones, Jim Eraso, Eric Lang, Rene Vela 8. Aurelio & Betty Portuondo, Olga Campano, Mai & Miguel Triay 9. Mark Mayrsohn, Chris Mack, Kathy & Aubrey Anne Mayrsohn 10. Mike Rice, Jamie & Isabella Tompkins 11. Trish & York Flik, Kara & Scott Sharp 12. Sylvie & Tawny Bright 13. Viviana Vela, Nicole Helou, Valeria Vela 14. Theodore & Alexa Halloway 15. Dottie Goldman, Ann Taintor, Jo Ann Earl, Mayra Stone, Doreen Stickney 16. Eduardo Sanchez, Martha Broucek, Ceci Sanchez, Julie Alvarez, Raul & Karen Llorente