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One way to think of zen is as a total level of focus that yields a sense of harmony between mind, body and soul. Zen is a way of being — and it’s also a state of mind. If your goal is to find complete, absolute and balanced peace in your life and surroundings, follow this A-Z guide to ensure that you start heading on the path toward complete serenity — even if just for a few moments.

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Get ready to tour one of the most serene rooftop terrace condos on Key Biscayne, just steps away from the ocean with jaw-dropping views. Fall in love with sunrises and sunsets all over again. Featuring; Kari Madera

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Featuring; Sherry Reed of Lancaster & Reed, Tony Piñeiro of Aqualisa Swimming Corp, Sharon Stanish of Casa de Campo Resort

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The folks at Fine Surfaces & More utilize the most respected materials from COMPAC: The Surfaces Company to help you reach culinary nirvana…one kitchen at a time.

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We’ve done our research to bring you a few places to travel before the year’s over. From hole-in-the-wall discoveries that make you an instant local halfway across the world to exploring markedly ancient cultures, forget the traditional “bucket list” and plan to visit these cool destinations in 2012.


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Encounters @ Grapetree Clubhouse

Feliciano Marmelada recently celebrated his birthday with a surprise party at Grapetree Clubhouse among his very special friends. 1. Feliciano Marmelada, Cassia Silva 2. Michele Estevez, Dr. Glen & Jo Abrahmsohn 3. Liliana Schawner, Christiane Elmoznino, Cristina Andrews, Sylvie Elmoznino 4. Karen Beber, Peter Louden 5. Ines Lozano, Karina Fernandini, Ivone McKee 6. Michele Estevez, Feliciano Marmelada 7. Bruce Mencher, Jack Makston 8. Maria Eugenia Gallardo, Feliciano Marmelada

Encounters w/ Ageless Cocoons

Ageless Cocoons held their grand opening at the Arcade Mall to celebrate the detox and beauty center’s therapies proven for centuries to restore youth with every treatment. 1. Zuzzette Camarena, Alexander Matorin, Claudette Camarena 2. Daniela Ocejo, Lorena Martin, Andrea Ocejo 3. Ivan Tovar, Tatiana Tascon 4. Fernando Oberlin, Alessandra Raffo 5. Carlos & Alejandra Bejar 6. Lorena Martin, Amanda Gutierrez, Azucena Cierco 7. Stephanie Cedron, Alan Cooper 8. Marla Cosio, Zussette Camarena, Jose Cosio, Ignacio Diaz Garza 9. Michael & Naivi Huerta 10. Narcisa Garcia Cors, Carlos Martinez 11. Lorena Martin, Claudia Ocejo, Claudia Ammirata 12. Teresa & Frank Lazo 13. Margaret Viola, Jose Rementeria 14. Carlos Bejar, Miguel Elizondo 15. Rodrigo Aguilar, Monica Ramon

Encounters @ Rust y Pelican

The 7th Annual Champagne Breakfast, Bazaar & Fashion Show by Coco Paris was recently held at Rusty Pelican, benefiting Manos del Sur Nicaragua: Asociacion Pan y Amor. 1. Kattia Goldstein, Maritza Minor, Maria Patricia, Charlotte & Ana Somarriba, Paulina Montes 2. Florencia Moni, Beatriz Dangond 3. Coralie Duchamp, Luchi Houlzet 4. Cecilia Freire, Luciana Barral, Christel Maulhardt 5. Valerie Hummel Leach, Angela Barco, Phili Bullard 6. Gigi Guerra, Claudia Yidi, Camille Olabarrieta 7. Patricia Paz, Giannina Cobo, Irela Matos 8. Amy Zambrano, Paola Padovan 9. Rebeca Calvet, Randy Lack 10. Ana & Maria Patricia Somarriba, Soleded Vivas 11. Lucia Robelo, Charlotte & Carmen Somarriba, Deegee Ross 12. Eva Garcia- Aranda, Lola Mantero 13. Giulieta Ulloa, Anett Rodriguez 14. Ana Cristina Argimon, Julie Gonzalez-Revilla, Sandra Moreno

Encounters w/ KB Women’s Giving Circle

The Key Biscayne Women’s Giving Circle recently gathered to celebrate their support of Ailey Camp Miami, Design Architecture High School and Linda Ray Intervention Center. Guests were entertained by The Miami Choral Academy, which received a grant last year. 1. Dorian Rosen, Tania Quintana 2. Marilyn Levin, Iris Fisher 3. Harriet Stein, Marian Rocker 4. Fran Gaynes Diane Lipson Schilit 5. Lourdes Jofre Collett, Rosa de la Cruz, Joan Matheson, Gina Coleman 6. DASH recipients Omar Villeta, Yuberniz Orengo, Simone Sullivan, Dr. Stacey Mancuso 7. The Miami Choral Academy 8. Mende Lerner, Carlos de la Cruz, David & Marian Rocker 9. Robert & Marilyn Levin, Lois Halpert 10. Carlos de la Cruz, Robert Levin 11. Suzanna Valdez, Frances Reaves 12. Zelda Rosenthal, Felice Traktman 13. Joan McCaughan, Michael Davey, Jamie Tompkins 14. Selma Newmah, Marsha Bilzin 15. Dr. Stacey Mancuso, Rosa de la Cruz 16. Melissa White, Amancio Paradela with Carolyn Colashin

Encounters w/ Tony Bennett

The Tony Bennett Tennis Tournament & Benefit Gala raised nearly $500,000 for several charities. 1. Tony Bennett’s All-Star Tennis Event 2. Susan Benedetto, Tony Bennett 3. Kim Clijsters 4. Alejandro Sanz 5. Sergio Garcia 6. Novak Djokovic 7. Ana Ivanovic 8. Tony Bennett, Alejandro Sanz 9. Caroline Wozniacki 10. Ryan Harrison 11. Edwardo Vetastegui and Prince Félix Léopold Marie Guillaume of Luxembourg 12. Mike Bryan and Bob Bryan 13. Sean Wolfington 14. Marysol Patton

Encounters w/ The Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Key Biscayne’s annual Art Festival was recently held on The Village Green for 2 days of creativity, fun and sun. 1. Kirk Ellison 2. Gloria McRoberts 3. Carolina Criado, Malena Assing 4. Chris & June Kruger 5. Tyler MacDonald 6. Marvin Murphy, Charlie Nash 7. Manny, Yvi, Gigi & Sophie Garcia 8. Matthew Chapelli & David Page 9. Patricia & Lorenzo Peraita, Patricia Romano 10. Santiago Dillon, Astrid Gothold, Isabella Farina 11. Vlad, Lucas, Mimaela & Carina Tomulescu 12. Deen Haleem, Carol Mitchel 13. Elena Calderon 14. Diego Betancourt 15. Trish Bell, Renee Oberlin