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Who says the gym is the only place to get a workout? Check out how you can get fit, expand your social circle, and have a blast this season and beyond.

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This Key Biscayne estate is one of those residences you just have to see to believe. Herewith: A tour of one of our island paradise’s most amazing homes. Featuring Brigitte Nachtigall


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Featuring; Alberto Cabanas of The Plaza, Alvin Glicksberg of the Riviera Day School, Tracy LaFlamme Ortega of PREPWORKS, Derek Hodes of Momentum Marketing Group

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Sparkling white teeth and pink gums are much more than just an indication of good dental health, they’re a key component of a positive self-image, an goal that Dr. Maria Yazji and her team at Contemporary Orthodontics are ready to help you achieve.

Sony Ericsson Open Guide

2012 Sony Ericsson Open Guide


Juan Martin del Potro was the ATP’s “Comeback Player of the Year” in 2011, and deservingly so, having reached top-10 ranking from 485 in a single season. Now, he’s ready to dominate the purple court at the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne.

Pride & Precision

The folks at Bill Ussery Motors have been giving their clients service with a vroom since 1953 thanks to a family-ownership model that enables them to offer more flexibility with what they are able to do and how they choose to engage the community.


Just 30 minutes out of Cancun, an oasis awaits called Mayakoba, a place riddled with lush mangroves, free-flowing waterways and sparkling beaches that offer stunning eco-diversity and enough options for even the most discerning amongst us to arrive with a smile

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Take these luxury sports cars for a spin and find out why once you get into one of these babies, you’ll never want to reach your final destination. Featuring; Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables


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Taste - Fusion Conclusion

Whether or not you’ve taken advantage of the Asian Fusion craze in town, you should make it a point to keep the historic roots of this culinary genre on your radar no matter where your gastronomic adventures take you.

Encounters @ KB Beach Club

Rafael Rivas-Vazquez celebrated a very special birthday with family and friends at Key Biscayne Beach Club. 1. Alexandra & Rafael Rivas-Vazquez 2. Ana Gloria Rivas- Vazquez, Juan Carlos Gomez 3. Olivia Pereira, Astrid Nino, Ana Ramoski 4. Annie Thompson, Paige Lattener, Beatriz Rabassa 5. Erica Marcantonio, Ana Tootle, Kelly Guma, Yvette Brochek, Julie Islami 6. Lorenzo, Dulce, Lawrence Negret, Alexandra Negret Rivas-Vazquez, Richard Negret 7. Chuck Downs, Hector Ceballos, Wayne Ramoski, Lou Marcantonio, GM Brochek 8. Ramon Rodriguez, Alex Navarro, Johan Islami

Encounters w/ K B Chamber

The Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce held their annual tour of some of the most exquisites homes in Key Biscayne. Six houses participated this year and several Key Biscayne restaurants served hungry participants looking for a taste of the Key. 1. Michael Davey, Vivian Galego-Mendez, Ceci Sanchez 2. Nora & Tatyan Camejo, Nancy Baquero 3. Ivette Mavrides, Maria Elena Toraño 4. Jackie Gallardo, Maggie Isern, Paola Padovan, Marta Ortiz 5. Anabella Sibesz-Hernandez, Florencia Moni, Nurys Decrequey, Mari Mayoral, Catalina Guzman Mayoral, Natacha Velazco 6. Soledad Parker, Dora Trujillo 7. Vivian Galego-Mendez, Elisa Braschi 8. Lorena Garcia-Morillo, Carmencita Butler, Mari Mayoral, Florencia Moni 9. Matthias & Dianne Kammerer, Michele Estevez, Cecilia Luaces 10. Nurys Decrequy, Natacha Velazco 11. Michelle Barnett, Eva Gotlib, Reina Gonzalez 12. Susan Han, Jan Daper, Ezequil Faria, Elisa Braschi 13. Dr. Katherine Biggs, Dr. Susana Leal-Khouri, Rajia Ackley 14. Dr. Glen & Jo Abrahmsohn

Encounters @ Commenoz Gallery

Commenoz Gallery celebrate the opening of Travel Tales, featuring the most recent work of two artists: Joaquin Gonzalez, who creates big canvases inspired by his visits to The Amazon; and Phillip Stapleton, who creates sculptures of giant insects using recycled materials. 1. Bobbie Rege, Maria Garcia, Naydu Commenoz 2. Oscar Ojeda, Amy Iglesias 3. Carmen Tonarely, Barbara Lamar, Hilda Tonarely 4. Viridian Barbeito, Joaquin Gonzalez 5. Phil Stapleton, Joan Giambanco 6. Ysee Gaudel-Eisel, DJ Stephen Eisel 7. Christel Skinner, Silvio Gayton 8. Kristy Barani, Dr. Jeffrey Gibson

Encounters w/ St. Christopher’s

St. Christopher’s Montessori held their annual fundraiser at Key Biscayne Beach Club, with several Key Biscayne restaurants participating in the very successful event. 1. Tompkins, Jon & Jamie Bourbeau 2. Kristen Connell, Melissa White, Jane Morris 3. Edward & Laura Miller 4. Mary Foden-Gonzalez, Holly Giovannetti, Gigi Costa, Maite Thorton, Irina Fernandez, Marta Sacasa 5. Tatiana Pardo de Zela, Monica Campana, Angela Mesa 6. Jennifer & Samantha Earl 7. Vanessa Sanz-DeAcedo, Morella Pacheco de Partidas 8. Johanna & Felipe Aguiar 9. Arelis Vazquez, Eduardo & Olga Pereira 10. Guests 11. Irina Fernandez, Gigi Costa 12. Claire Ibarra, Christy Ponce de Leon 13. Victor & Allison Perez 14. Dottie Goldman, Mark & Holly Giovannetti 15. Paul & Cecilia Forat, Brigitte & Bradley Newson 16. Bruno & Karla Mercenari, Giada & Cristoforo Pignata 17. John & Sandra Morris, Ernest & Mary Perez

Encounters @ KB Beach Club

The Second Chance Free Pet Shelter celebrated their momentous 9th Annual benefit at the Key Biscayne Beach Club. 1. Sabrina Fasana, Jane Vega, Alicia Aballi, Patricia Donlevy- Rosen 2. Violet Gonzalez, Monica Canon, Ginie Gorrin, Linda Nunez 3. Claire Adams, David Lucie, Licile Zanghi, James Dow 4. Jacob Mazine, Judy Beal, Oscar Anzuto, Richard Heinz 5. Dale Brockway, Debby Zabludowski, Nancie & John White 6. Ronda Fuchs, Debby Zabludowski, Nancie White 7. Chrystal & Robert Skinner with Karen Inverso 8. Celia Von Specht, Gregg Rosen, Beatriz Heuze, Richard Burke

Encounters w/ I.M.7

I.M.7 in conjunction with Carolina Toledo Events and Bibi & Alberto Delfino, coproprietors of the I.M.7. boutique in Key Biscayne, hosted an unforgettable evening. 1. Rosanna Delfino, Alexandra Penzini, Afriane Rodriguez 2. Alberto Delfino, Jr., Bibi Delfino, Alberto Delfino, Andres Delfino 3. Maria Luisa Dourdet, Myriam Caus Millares, Angelina Hester, Lourdes Millares Chipe 4. Marta Ortiz, Maggie Isern, Paola Padovan, Jackie Gallardo 5. Anadelle Ayala, Iris Rodrigo, Loudes Chipi 6. Alan Wona, Veronica Alarcon 7. Carlos & Lynn Fernandez 8. Elisa Di Costa, Antonio Braschi 9. Bibi Delfino, Juan Carlos Tejera, Mayda Cisnero 10. Luis Eduardo Gutierrez, Alessandra Vallejo de Gutierrez, Gustavo Mansera 11. Michelle Barnett, Eva Gotlib, Reina Gonzalez 12. Dawn Simpson Jones, Fernando Tello 13. Rossana Marquez, Massimo Masaro 14. Maximo Angeli, Candela Cueto 15. Natalia de Carta, Leonardo Carbone, Virginia Pinto

Encounters @ Montbrun Home

The Montbruns recently hosted a colorful, bohemian-themed bash to to kick of the new year in style. 1. Maria Luisa Gonzalez, Adriana I. Montbrun, Carmen Elena Sucre de Tobia, Daniela Sucre de Pro-Risquez, Morelia Blanco de Acquavella 2. Victor Padron, Anadaniel Padron, Valentina Blanco de Padron 3. Deborah Eiras, Anontonio Sucre 4. Dora Flores de Montbrun, Adriana I. Montbrun 5. Andres E. Montbrun, Nathalie Brillembourg-Capriles 6. Alvaro Pro-Risquez, Juan Carlos Pro-Risquez, Anadaniela Sucre de Pro-Risquez 7. Carmen Elena Sucre de Tobia, Hector Tobia 8. Oswaldo D. Montbrun, Dora Flores de Montbrun 9. Oswaldo E. Montbrun, Maria Luisa Gonzalez de Montbrun

Encounters w/ ONE Sotheby’s

Guests gathered to celebrate ONE Sotheby’s International Realty’s recent partnership with world-renowned art collector and supporter Ella Fontanals-Cisneros to launch a collaborative fundraising program called ONE CIFO Project. 1. Abby Portuondo, Gloria Sesana, Karin Figueroa Cisneros 2. Brianna Brown, Carlos Muñoz 3. Michael Gongora, Mayi de La Vega, Daniel de La Vega, Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, Jerry Libbin 4. Claudia Fernandez, Marisela Cisneros 5. Beth Butller, Mayi de la Vega, Shannon Selby 6. Daniel de la Vega, Mayi dela Vega 7. Johanna Berg, Jorge Uribe 8. Lucy Cruz, Robert Jacobson, Claudia Fernandez

Encounters @ Florida Grand Opera

Recently, Florida Grand Opera opened 2 back-to-back productions — the South Florida premiere of La Rondine and a critically-acclaimed production of Rigoletto. In true company tradition, high level donors were invited to attend the “After Opera Party” following each successful opening night performance to celebrate and mingle with the casts. 1. Joo Won Kang, Courtney McKeown, Brittany Ann Robinson 2. Olga & David Melin 3. Mark Walters, Johanna Hedman, Victoria Garrigo, Robert Heuer 4. Elizabeth Caballero, Mikael Josef 5. Eva U. Gordon, Chris Diamantides, Nicola Bowie 6. Victoria Garrigo, Nicola Bowie, Jose Ramon 7. Florence & Robert Werner 8. Charlene Esserman, Ron Esserman, Dr. Lisa Esserman, Jim Herron 9. Maestro Ramon Tebar, Veronica Olivo-Tebar, Robert M. Heuer 10. Michael Fabiano, Mike Eidson, Nadine Sierra 11. Corinne Winters, Bruno Rubeiro 12. Terry Moore, Louis Harms, Juan Toro 13. Jeffrey Buchman, Rosa Mercedes, Maestro Andrew Bisantz