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If your relationship is getting a little stale, don’t fret. We’ve gathered some useful (and oft steamy) expert advice to make sure the passion flames keep burning strong through Valentine’s Day and beyond


This wonderful, canal-front home is located on Mariner Drive, one of Key Biscayne’s quietest streets. It’s also located on a culde- sac and within sight of Pines Canal, leading almost directly to Biscayne Bay! Featuring; Daniel Gaviria


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Featuring; Dr. Ruben Caride, Nick Garcia of Blindlight Studio, Camilo Diaz of Computer Maintenance, Inc & Chantal Lawrie of Blue Studio Miami

Encounters w/ Christina Termine

The St. Agnes Christmas Bazaar ushered in another successful year with a bevy of activities and offers available for guests looking to fulfill the season’s wishlists. 1. Christina Termine 2. Silvia Ortiz, Tiffany Ortiz 3. Chunchu Alvarez Vitale, Carolima Muller 4. Nathalie y Angela Sowinski 5. Ana Kassab, Astrid Folla, Ana Ramoski 6. Guest, Isa Zapata, Marlen Bedoya 7. Ghislaine Ortega, Veronica Uribe, Plerina Ripalda

Encounters w/ Brigitte Nachtigall

Mike Aixala & Brigitte Nachtigall hosted a fundraiser for State Attorney Kathy Fernandez Rundle at their home on Harbor Drive. Friends and family gathered to meet the State Attorney and to learn about all the things that her office does to help and keep our community safe. 1. Giulietta Ulloa, Silvia Bermudez 2. Mike Aixala, Eduardo Barco 3. Coralie Duchamp, Luz Estella Houlzet, Florencia Godward, Brigitte Nachtigall, Maria Cruz Waterhouse 4.Daniele Del Gaudio, Patricia Nachtigall 5. Mike Aixala, Brigitte Nachtigall, Kathy Fernandez Rundle, Angel Aixala 6. Jeri Volpe, Kara Diez, Greg Van Natter 7. Lorna Salomon, Kathy Fernandez Rundle, Virginia Cordoba, Diana Hernandez 8. Enrique & Paola Gosselin, Jackie Arango 9. Angela Barco, Veronica Peralta, Magaly La Plana 10. Fernando & Lorena Guardazzi 11. Jorge & Liza Boj 12. Rosaura Rodriguez, Brigitte Nachtigall, Diana Bustamante 13. Monica Aristizabal, Gloria Bracciano 14. Coralie & Patrick Duchamp 15. Patricio Waterhouse, Carlos Guinan 16. Loles & Arturo Cajiga, Kathy Fernandez Rundle, Rosa Pacini

Encounters @ IM7

Designer handbag makers IsmachSeven recently held a fabulous grand opening celebration at The Galleria Shopping Center. 1. Stephanie Maher, Bibi Delfino, Ileana Gonzalez 2. Barbara Silverman, Alejandro Rodriguez, Irina Fernandez 3. Carmen Grimaldi, Elisa Braschi 4. Eva Lindner, Marilyn Myles 5. Myriam Millares, Gladys Mestre 6. Magaly La Plana, Isis Alvarez, Marianella Angulo

Encounters w/ Malena Assing

A spectacular art exhibition recently took place during the Miami SOLO show inside RED DOT Miami. Hosted by Malena Assing and friends. 1. Sol Steed, Malena Assing, Rodrigo Gonzalez 2. Totty Quintana, Brigitte Natchingal, Claudia Ammirata 3. Manuel Sanchez, Rebecca Calvet, Javier Rodriguez, Eugenio Alvarez 4. Maria Fernanda Tischler, Carolina Criado 5. Diego Montero, Alexa Tsoucalas, Jamal Echevarria 6. Claudia Cividini, Lana Montalban, Narelle Castro 7. Romina Romani, Cecilia Marchiano, Susette Fonte

Encounters w/ Diamonds On The Key

Diamonds on the Key held a fundraiser hosted by Cristina Termine at her Key Biscayne residence for Pan y Amor, a foundation in Nicaragua that helps kids in need get a better education so they can set and achieve life goals. 1. Eva Garcia, Chris Housen 2. Ana Somarriba, Janine Ersfeld 3. Maria Patricia Somarriba, Kattia Goldstein, Cristina Termine, Ana Somarriba, Maritza Minor 4. Mary Tague, Chris Housen 5. Eva McGregor , Ana Maria Rappaccioli, Aileen McGregor 6. Ana Somarriba, Cristina Termine, Kattia Goldstein 7. Ana Maria Rappaccioli, Marta Avila, Maria Donnelly 8. Maria Patrcia Somarriba, Janine Ersfeld

Encounters @ Enrichment & Therapy Center

The Enrichment & Therapy Center and Dante Alighieri invited guests to partake in a Venice-themed cultural evening featuring speakers, artists and jaw-dropping multi-media presentations. 1. Monica Campana with one of her paintings 2. Toni Gregori, Melissa Bartolini, David Die 3. Carmen Bernhoeft, Monica Campana, Lizy Blaser, Erika Poy 4. Amarylli Fridegotto 5. Armando Luna, Gabriella Luna, Arturo Mastelli 6. Irina Fernandez, Laura Miller, Mary Pinedo 7. Johanna Pieschacon, Beatriz Calderon 8. Nadia Fridegotto, Giusi Campana


The Wolfingtons hosted an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party complete with world-renowned DJs, sips, bites and Chinese wishing lanterns which were released into the sky at midnight. 1. Sean & Ana Wolfington, Cesar & Pamela 2. Roger Borges, Luly Valls, Rodner Figueroa 3. Bob Bryan & Michelle Alvarez 4. Eduardo & Gabriela Imery, Sol & Santiago Steed 5. Olga Arguello, Wendy Grant, Silvia Camps 6. Augusto Baena & Ana Maria Reig 7. Supreme & Melky Jean


The Yacht Key Biscayne Yacht Club hosted another amazing New Year’s Eve party with guests ringing in 2012 in style 1. Donna & Mike Rice 2. Reina & David Gonzalez 3. Gail & Mark Fried 4. Melissa & Taylor White 5. Gigi Costa, Hortencia Hacker, Maite Thorton 6. Dietlinde & Dean Coleman 7. Carlos Mandiola, Joan McCaughan 8. Jamie & Will Tompkins