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Featuring: Jacquie Gallardo, Fernando Echeverri, Adriana Montbrun & Brigitte de Langeron

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Featuring; Marisol Gomez

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Featuring; Dr. T.J. Giuffrida of the Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center


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The Gifts of Key Biscayne

Featuring; Toy Town, Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Burns LTD, The Island Shop, Commenoz Gallery, Green Grass House, Stefano’s Wine & Liquor, IsmachSeven, Malena Assing & Metta

Great Indoors

Island living takes on new meaning at this spectacular condo in Key Biscayne’s Ocean Tower 1, complete with all the luxury and amenities you’ll ever want. Featuring; Doug Kinsley & Cristian Gonzalez


‘Tis the season for fabulous jewelry! Whether seeking something decadent & sparkling for yourself or a gorgeous holiday gift, this season’s latest collections from local Key Biscayne jeweler, Diamonds On The Key, is sure to please with that perfect something special for everyone on your list.Photography by Andres Hernandez, Model: Silvia Ribeiro, Makeup Artist: Monica Gaviria, Jewelry: All available at Diamonds On The Key; 1.305.851.1460;

Key Players

Featuring: Jennifer Olmedo-Rodriguez of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC, Jose Ernesto Delgado of Brickell Dental Associates, Patrick Snay of Riviera Preparatory School & Mercedes Machado of IsmachSeven

Little Treasures

Featuring; Annamaria Castracane of VHERNIER USA, Michael Yampolsky of East Coast Jewelry, Daniella Kronfle of Daniella Kronfle Jewlery

Sea Escapes

Indulge in one of these luxury cruises and explore the world without repacking your suitcase with some of the most exclusive cruise offerings from local vacation firm Brickell Travel......

Encounters w/ Chamber of Commerce

Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust sponsored a kick-off party for the Chamber of Commerce House Tour & Networking Extravanza, complete with cocktails and bites. 1. Vivian Galego-Mendez, Kathye Black, Reina Gonzalez 2. Silvia Bermudez, Vicky Rua, Ana Collngette, Giulietta Ulloa 3. Karla Diaz-Ceballos, Ifigenia Gonzalez 4. Dael & Suah Ledesma 5. Susie Pennell, Sherry Cowan, Barbara Lamar 6. Maria Phillips. Michele Barnett, Casia Silva, Karen Llorente 7. Heidi Brito, Mary Prado. Nydia Rundle, Ani Nuñez 8. Gabriel Chavarria, Conchita Caserta, Arturo Fundora

Encounters @ Zucchero restaurant

The Key Biscayne Brazilian community held a fundraiser costume party at Zucchero restaurant, with proceeds going to the Brazilian Foundation in New York. 1. Luciana Mendes, Claudia Leme, Cristina Simoes 2. Paulo Leme, Liana & Ricardo Rivas 3. Brenda Fonseca, Carol Silva, Consuelo & Henrique Zuppardo 4. Rosana Barreto, Soraia Valladares, Silvana Giuffrida, Luciana Ribenboin 5. Ronaldo & Glice Parente, Patu & Paulo Zottolo 6. Cecilia & Fabiano Vivacqua, Sulei & Luciano Roberts

Encounters w/ Martin & Florencia Ferrari

Martin & Florencia Ferrari hosted a presentation of the orquestra Miami Music Project directed by James Judd at their Key Biscayne residence. The free program for young teenagers between ages 13-21 helps expand talents in classical music. 1. Martin & Florencia Ferrari, James & Valery Judd, Peter & Elizabeth McGrath 2. Luke Manley, Bea Lam, Kevin Andrews 3. Musicians 4. Theo & John Long 5. Judy Kreeger, Lyn Farmer, Blair Hensley 6. Brad O’Toole, Kari Buttrose, Daniel & Petra D’Agostino 7. Luz Quiroga, Candelaria Badessich, Pia Ferrari, Clara Quiroga 8. Mariano, Claudia, Josefina and Fernando Rongvaux

Encounters @ The Grand Bay Club

The Grand Bay Club held their annual Bazaar, an opportunity for everyone to shop for wonderful things for the holidays. 1. Christina Termine, Ana Somarriba 2. Adriana Dorta, Brigitte Nachtigall, Maria Cruz Waterhouse, Luz Estela Houlzet 3. Lexi Dinanno, Darleyne Chauve 4. Elimelin Cesin, Karina Heredia 5. Eloisa Tsutsumi, Gabriela Jimenez 6. Mary Jo Pinedo, Linda Chehab, Vanessa Sanz de Acedo 7. Lourdes Sanchez, Diana Stambulie, Gladys Fontes 8. Silvia Fassardi, Diana Ugarte 9. Andreina Viso, Carolina Borberg 10. Lisette Ramirez, Nakir Rojas 11. Maria Patricia Somarriba, Valeria Stecchi 12. Marilyn Myles, Veronica Rodriguez, Raja Otky 13. Liede De Valdivieso, Betty Gittings, Olga Coles

Encounters @ Riviera School

Riviera School’s “Parent’s Night Out” event featured tastings from some of the best restaurants in Coral Gables, Brickell and South Miami. 1. John & Maria Opaciuch, Jorge Ortega 2. Frederick Stromeyer, Lucy Viteri 3. Raiza Mejia, Angela Rizzi 4. Ralph Cabrera, Ana Veliz de Lamar 5. Sharon Van Zwieten, Edgar & Olga Sabbagh 6. Allison Cohen, Debbie Sperber

Encounters @ Florida Grand Opera

Cuban couture designer Mayda Cisneros hosted a private preview of her latest collection of gowns to an A-list crowd in celebration of Florida Grand Opera’s upcoming “A Zarzuela Gala” featuring Plácido Domingo. 1. Jorge Luis & Marile Lopez, Mayda Cisneros, Terje Lundaas 2. Mezzo Soprano Courtney McKeown, Tenor Daniel Shirley, Soprano Brittany Ann Robinson, Baritone Joo Won Kang of FGO Young Artists Studio 3. Clara & Juan Toro 4. B.J. Batchelder, Christa Paul 5. Milton & Pat Wallace, Bunny Bastian 6. Mariapia & Laura Buccellati

Encounters w/ The Village of Key Biscayne

The Village of Key Biscayne celebrated its 20 years of incorporation with a street gala at the Monaco Reflecting Pools Plaza. 1. Thomas Allraum, Steven Minor, Charlie Nash, Alan Fein 2. Nico Tejera, Teresita de Cespedes, Yoyi Souto 3. Ceci & Eduardo Sanchez, Nat & Robert Conser 4. Ana de Varona, Myriam Restrepo, Michelle Barnett, Bunnie Kruger, Margarita Isern 5. Otto, Marilyn & Willy Borroto, Monica & Jorge Luzarraga 6. Ruben & Maggie Weisson, Nancy Doke-Harrison & Peter Harrison 7. Frank Caplan, Gina Coleman 8. Maren Martinez, Ricky Martinez, Mayra Peña Lindsay, Steve Liedman 9. Martha Broucek, Cuqui Parapar, Ampy Benach, Marilyn Myles 10. Mary Allraum, Leni Weber, Naysbeli & Dwight Hewett 11. Ivonne McKee, Karina Fernandini, Alyeska Semch 12. David Foster, Reina & David Gonzalez, Cherry Foster 13. Susi Westfall, Gloria & Michael Kahn, Jane Torres 14. Naydu Commenoz, Mayra Santamaria, Dr. Carmen Ortiz

Encounters w/ Key Biscayne Foundation

The Rotary Club of Key Biscayne Foundation held their unique tasting of the “The Great Wines from America” at the 7th Annual Key Biscayne Wine, Food & Silent Auction Event. The evenings proceeds benefitted the Rotary Club of Key Biscayne Foundation and its affiliated charities for adults and children. 1. Ana Somarriba, Daniel Gaviria 2. Mike Davey, Maria Thorne, Patricia & Lorenzo Peraita 3. Kattia & Richard Goldstein 4. Pauliana & Francisco Montes, Roberto Alvarez, Claudia Batlle 5. Patricia Romano, Juan Castro, Steven Minor, Michele Estevez, Mike Gonzalez 6. Guests enjoying eachother’s company during the event 7. Jaime & Natalia Millan 8. Ruben & Maggie Weisson, Fernando Arcimiega, Carlos Kellog 9. Ruben Weisson, Pedro & Ana Capo, Fernando Arcimiega 10. Guests enjoying the tasting 11. Adriana Spitale, Nelly Palmer 12. Hilary Guy, David, David & Daniel Gonzalez 13. Mathias Lichtenheld, Rebeca & Steve Geffin, Melissa Lichtenheld 14. James Venney, Susan Trochlich