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Featuring; Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling Center

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Featuring; Marisol Gomez

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Featuring; Brigitte Nachtigall, Carlos Coto / Claudine Coto, Barnes Realty, Norka Babino

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Featuring; Dr. John J. Martin, MD

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Featuring; Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables & Marlen Bedoya


Featuring; Maria Teresa Rosette

Space Makers

Get ready to meet a few professionals who are ready to help you create the home of your dreams with stunning spaces sure to transform your house into a functional showpiece that will make you the envy of your friends, your family and the entire neighborhood — one room at a time! Featuring; Carlos Ferrando of COMPACSTONE USA, Robin Annon of California Closets Miami, Arturo Lagunes of Internum, Clara Echavarria of Wall Details, Fernanda Bermudes Alves of Biaggi Cucina, Myriam Rojas of MZ Designs & Alberto Linero of Ligon Woodworks, Inc.

Great Indoors

This Key Biscayne Ocean Club Condo is situated in Ocean Tower One close to the beach and all of The Ocean Club’s incredible amenities. Featuring; Jacqueline C. Gallardo of Ocean Club Realty

Form & Function

These form-enhancing looks are sure to take your wardrobe to the next level this season and beyond — one piece at a time. Featuring Photographer: Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio; Claudia Sanz of, Khadine Ali, Rachell Martell w/ Next Miami, Alvaro Peralta, Angela Bonilla, Shot at Ligne Roset Miami

Maid Mayhem!

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but without miles of discrete desert and prickly cacti to protect secrets from the rest of the world, the following stories of domestic disruption in Key Biscayne ...

Encounters @ Synergy

Synergy held an open house at their Key Biscayne location to promote wellness and good health. 1. Dr. Jorge Arana, Paola Guerra, Marcela Arana, Sofia Guerra. 2. Jennifer Bickford, Olga Guerra 3. Carmen Alicia del Corral, Clara Serrano, Malena Assing 4. Stephanie Rodriguez, Lily Ortiz 5. Elisa Braschi, Roxana Henriquez, Mary Tague

Encounters w/ Key Biscayne Community Foundation

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation celebrated The Village Founders on the 20th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Village of Key Biscayne at The Ritz-Carlton with a special reception in their honor. 1. Jorge & Vivian Mendez, Mari Mayoral, Carmen Llano-White 2. Melissa White, Dr. Jorge Mendia, Pat Goodson, Carlos Batlle, Ana Gloria Rivas-Vazquez, Pat Dwyer 3. Matthias & Diane Kammerer, Steve Liedman 4. Patrick Dwyer, Kattia & Richard Goldstein 5. Helen White, Franklin Caplan, Steven Minor 6. Michele Barnett, Michael & Gloria Kahn, Marilyn Liedman, Bob Oldakowski 7. Onofre & Jane Torres 8. York & Trish Flik 9. Olga Campano, Liz Portuondo, Fran Gaynes, Joy Fried 10. Maria & Mike Davey, Ana Gloria Rivas Vazquez, Carlos Batlle 11. Anne & Eugenio Rothe, Ana Soler, Mayra Stone 12. Gonzalo & Ani Nuñez, Toby & Bill Roherer 13. Jo Watkins, Carl Goldman, Dottie Devaney 14. Patricia Romana, Ron Erbel, Victoria Jackson, Patricia Peraita 15. Nancy Dorke-Harrison, Jim & Susan Brewster and Mayra Lindsay 16. Ana Colls, Tod Hofferberth, J.R. Hernandez, Adriana Vizoso

Encounters @ City National Bank

City National Bank hosted Alan D. Solomont, U.S. Ambassador to Spain, at its Brickell offices following a Spain- U.S. Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Solomont’s honor at the Four Seasons. 1. Luis Gabarda (CNB Chairman of Board), Alan D. Solomont, Jorge Gonzalez 2. Emilio Gonzalez (CNB Board Member), Daniel Pedrosa (IGAPE) 3. Rafael Miyar (CNB Board Member), Alan D. Solomont, Rafael Porras Lopez (CNB Board Member) 4. Mara Suarez and Patrick Villoldo (Banco Sabadell) 5. Isabel Fernandez, Javier Sanchez, Emilio Gonzalez, Mara Suarez, Alan D. Solomont, Luis Gabarda, Rafael Porras Lopez, Rafael Miyar, Jorge Gonzalez 6. Rafael Miyar, Mara Suarez, Luis Gabarda, Daniel Garcia-Pita

Encounters w/ Jorge de Marchena

Jorge de Marchena hosted a white-themed birthday party for his wife Maria Luisa aboard Tikki Beach, all guests enjoyed a beautiful night around Biscayne Bay. 1. Rebeca Calvet, Lola Mateu, Susana Roth, Maria Jose Gil 2. Maria Luisa Martinez, Maria Luisa de Marchena, Rosario Turnes, Marisa Rodrigo, Giannina Cobo 3. Andreina & Philip Henriquez 4. Christian Sannia, Maite Boto, Tom Roth, Florencia Diaz de Onate, Silvia Sannia, Claudia Waldman 5. Annette, Guido, Teresa Mena 6. Juan Carlos, Carla, Andrea& Ana de Haro 7. Vicente & Marisa Rodrigo 8. Rosario & David Vurgait, Rosario Turnes 9. Mercedes de Marchena, Alfred & Marisabel Leon, Frank de Marchena 10. Ennio Scotto, Rosella Napolitano, Isbelia & Lorenzo Di Stefano 11. Juan Carlos Pombo, Catalina Diaz, Giannina & Alex Cobo 12. Fabian & Maria Emilia Izquierdo, Maria Alejandra Villegas, Miranda & Eric Hernandez 13. Maria Cristina & David Rousso, Vivian & Jorge de Marchena 14. Luisa, Carlos, Marilyn & Guido Aguilera 15. Silvia Sannia, Maria Luisa de Marchena, Gloria Noriega, Lola Mateu 16. Valentina Villegas, Daniela de Marchena, Carla de Haro, Sara Fuenmayor, Andrea de Haro

Encounters w/ Viviana Diaz & Oscar Perea

Viviana Diaz & Oscar Perea held their wedding at St. Agnes in Key Biscayne followed by a reception at the Conrad Hotel. 1. Viviana Diaz, Oscar Perea 2. Maria Cristina Perea, Irani Jordan, Cecilia Giraldo 3. Diana Patricia, Oscar Perea, Regina Molina, Mauricio Perea 4. Eduardo & Fabianne Pletsch 5. Loretta Marcucci, Luis Sandoval 6. Cecilia Giraldo, Sandra, Viviana & Carolina Diaz 7. Henrique Jordan, Sandra & Viviana Diaz, Oscar Perea

Encounters @ Riviera School

Riviera School’s “Back-to-School Night” began with presentations from the school’s Musical Department and a performance from the Dance Club. Afterword, parents followed their children’s schedule giving them an opportunity to meet the teachers and become familiar with the school’s curriculum. 1. Dr. Linda Grant, Lawrence H. Cohen, Peter E. Cohen, Carol Repensek, Deborah Sperber, Jorge Ortega 2. Noli Zaldivar, Roberto Roque 3. Carlos & Alina Perez 4. Rafael & Lucia Moreno 5. Suzanne Spies, Adriana Giampier, Carolina Giampier 6. Betty & Ed Johnson 7. Lyne Jacques, Jocelyne Vomar 8. Betty & Alex Pol 9. Melissa Cameron, Ron Shatz 10. Michelle & Richard Starke 11. Ann Marie Perez, Danny Perez 12. John Peet & Nilda Rivera 13. Richard & Jackie Lipman

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

Malvina Godoy and Beth Butler, President of One Sotheby’s International Realty, together with Gibraltar Private & Trust, invited a very exclusive group of clients and friends to join them for cocktails at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club for an update affair on real estate market conditions. 1. Malvina Godoy, Jorge Fernández, Beth Butler 2. The Gibraltar Bank Team, Hans Mueller, Isabel la Cambra, Peter Hutchinson, Lily Malzahn 3. Martine C. Paulin, Julio E. Ulloa 4. Didi Todd, Alberto Mestre, Salomé Agüero 5. Raúl Galliano, María Teresa Concheso, Pedro Castillo 6. Anuca Valverde, Alicia Cervera 7. Jeannette Orlandin, Marie Rose López Muñoz 8. Esther Amacher, Heidi Amacher 9. María Luisa Dardet, Isis R Hoffman

Encounters @ Compac

COMPAC: The Surfaces Company welcomed the industry’s finest to experience the beautiful colors of their new product line, “Nature.” 1. Carlos Ferrando, Nathalie Yamin, Augusto Yamin 2. Lissette Zamora, Antonio Prado, Valeska Rodriguez 3. Leonel Ortis, Francisco Barby 4. Erick Guerra, Kristen Saks 5. Andrea Velandia, Sioly Cabezas 6. Natasha Rodriguez, Carolina Zamora 7. Juan Delgado, Joel Pineiro

Encounters w/ Eduardo Viola & Silvia Pesci-Viola

Eduardo Viola & Silvia Pesci-Viola hosted a “Night of Tango” at their residence in Key Biscayne, with donations of the event going to Fundacion Manos del Sur for Villa de Mayo School in Argentina. 1. Silvia Pesci-Viola, Eduardo Viola 2. Candelaria Badessich, Maria Cruz Waterhouse, Soledad Pochat 3. Juliet Lesmes, Guille Trapani 4. Carlota Rodriguez, Noel Perez 5. Patricio & Maria Cruz Waterhouse 6. Adriana Spitale, Carolina Peña 7. Luciano, Marco, Eduardo, Sonia, Silvia & Franco Viola 8. Laura Darubolena, Mercedes Talarico 9. Eduardo Viola, Santiago Badessich 10. Ivette Perez, Claudia Eslava 11. Angeles & Tomas Helou 12. Jose & Mara Cosio 13. Ceci Piva, Carolina Peña, Silvia Pesci-Viola