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Glamour, androgyny, royalty, fetish, fur, sequins, leather, PVC. The Fall/Winter season pulls out all the stops with everything from lavishly dramatic creations to ....

Great Indoors

If you’re in the market for the perfect home in paradise, this Key Biscayne condo is spacious, airy and exquisite down to the very last detail. Featuring; Carlos Coto

Glamorous Seas

Whichever way the wind blows this season, these extravagant looks will help you make an impact no matter where your itinerary takes you. Featuring; Nick Garcia of BlindLight Studio; Naty Pineda; Verede Ganelle of Next Miami, Nico Herran, Angela Bonilla of BlindLight Studio, Special Thanks: Sailboat Nepenthe

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Featuring; Bobby Barros of Ecstasy Salon, Lissette Del Junco of Ceci’s Hair & Spa, Martha Fernandez of Martha’s Salon, Rosy Riguero

The Eden of The Caribbean

Don’t let its diminutive size fool you. Though a mere 100 miles long by 35 miles wide, the mix of natural and urban offerings found on lush Puerto Rico rivals those of countries many times its size.

Encounters w/ Estefania Ortega

Estefania Ortega recnelty celebrated her birthday among family and friends during an evening to remember. 1. Andrea Isaac, Nicole Grimar, Mafer Cassis 2. Estefania Ortega, Ana Maria Amador, Mark Belkin 3. Valeria Miranda, Estefania Ortega 4. Juan Carlos Ortigosa, Mafer Cassis 5. Nicole Grimal, Joey Van de Bogart 6. Valeria Aguirre, Karina Garcia, Katrina Garcia, Jose Ricardo Loor

Encounters @ Citibank

Citibank hosted The Premier Art Exhibition featuring Paula Gasparini De Oliveira Santos, who is moving to Hana, Hawaii, were she plans to develop educational classes and continue her support for Express Yourself Foundation. 1. Paula Gasparini and Marcia De Bellard 2. Maria Isabel Cordoba, Virginia and Monica Marty 3. Shiella Calmon and Antonio Santos 4. Jackie Busato and Margaret Lins 5. Wifredo Fernandez and Daniel La Fuente 6. Valentina Vergara, Luma Lozada, Sofia Monestier and Geani Guarconi 7. Liana and Ricardo Rivas 8. Brad Peltzer and Christopher and Andre Teixeira 9. Luz Perez-Corcho, Maty Berajas and Isa Ulloa 10. Douglas Halliday, Enrique Olavarria and Emilio Rangel 11. Jennie Fine and Natalia Davila 12. Alana De Bellard, Andre Teixeira, Marcia and Juan De Bellard and Elena Raffo 13. Steve and Scott Simon, Ira Walman and Alex Irigoyen 14. Adhemar Muhaream and Michael Simon 15. Enrique and Elsa Silva 16. Adriana Sabino and Paula Gasparini

Encounters w/ Patty Gutierrez

Patty Gutierrez hosted and incredible party at her home on Curtiswood to celebrate her birthday. Friends and family gathered for this wonderful occasion, with incredible catering, music and mariachis! 1. Christian Boehme-G, Ivanna Boehme-G, Patty Gutierrez, Stephan Boehme-G 2. Sandra Gutierrez & Patty Gutierrez 3. Lucky de Aguiar, Patty Gutierrez, Dionisio Gutierrez, Esperanza & Juan Jose Gutierrez 4. Patty Gutierrez, Brigitte Nachtigall 5. Juan Urruela, Victor Girodani, Karin Giordani, Estella de Urruela 6. Ivanna Boehme-Gutierrez, Victoria Dell’Oca, Camila Guyot, Micaela Baldivieso, Paulina Baldivieso 7. Pedro Franchy, Vivianna Franchy 8. Beatriz & Michael Robelo 9. Cristy Gutierrez, Andres Zineri, Patty Gutierrez, Javier Gutierrez, Juan Diego Recinos, Ana & Dionisio Gutierrez 10. Lucky De Aguiar, Patty Gutierrez, Sebastian Aguiar 11. Edgar Gutierrez, Juerguen Eisermann

Encounters w/ Fernando Tamames

Fernando Tamames III celebrated his 50th birthday, which was held at The Links Restaurant as a surprise party hosted by his closest friends and family. Additionally in attendance were several of his childhood friends who flew in from Spain to join the event and family members from Colombia. 1. Fernando & Alexandra Tamames 2. Libia & Julio, Maria, Jorge & Maria Mercedes 3. Jose Luis & Karla Bueno 4. Florencia Godward & Sheela Batalha 5. Clayton & Ana Tootle, Lauren Battle, Andrea Nachtigall 6. Carlos & Lorena Losada, Alexandra, Fernando A. & Sabrina Tamames 7. Elena & Joel Magolnick, Rene & Marta Guerra 8. Lauren & Carlos Battle 9. Maggie & Jorge llanso, Raul & Fernando Tamames 10. Tatiana, Ana, Josefina, Alma, Deyanira Carrillo 11. Minoru & Yumi Dondo

Encounters w/ Christina Termine

Christina Termine and Diamonds on the Key hosted a dinner cocktail party at her Key Biscayne residence. 1. Hernan and Alexia Echaverria, Christina Termine and Rafael Bild 2. Lisa and Chris Blackman 3. Ralph Patino and Elezabeth Vega 4. Soraia Valladares and Silvana Giuffrida 5. Randal and Lori Rombeiro 6. Maikel Millo, Raquel Watters and Perla and Robert Thorne 7. Luciane Mozzer Cristoforo Pignata and Kinga Johnson 8. Peter and Bettina Laib and Anthony Termine 9. Amanda Rodriguez and Jioconda Baltodano 10. Bertha Termine, Joan Thompson, Christine Housen and Lauren Thompson 11. Esteban and Amelia Deak and Rino and Paulette Schena 12. Kayla Barrera and Rachel Rosen

Encounters @ The Key Biscayne Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club held a “White Party” featuring dinner and cocktails as well as a wonderful performance by belly dancers. 1. Alex Torres, Thomas Thornton, and Silvia and Mario Serra 2. Maria Angelica and Christopher Loughlin 3. Gigi Costa, Maite Thornton (Seabells) 4. Joe Courtney, Virginia Costa, Ivonne Valiente, Amelita Courtney 5. Dick Graham, Jacquie Green, Andrea Hellmans, Angela Nash, Maynard Hellmans, Alexandra Hellmans, Charlie Nash 6. Peggy Goodman, Lee Schmachtenberg, Joy & Mort Fried 7. Gregory Bell, Maite & Thomas Thornton 8. Christina Termine, Rafael Bild 9. Kenneth & Katrina Coto 10. Robin Macklin & Beatriz 11. Joe Courtney, Dwight Hewett, Gregory Bell, York Flick 12. Silvana Giuffrida, Ana & Christopher Felpeto, Dwight & Naysbeli Hewett