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Featuring; Marlins, Richard Goldstein of Bilzin & Sumberg

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Featuring; Richard Reed of Lancaster & Reed

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Featuring; Prestige Marbel, Ligne Roset, Myriam Rojas of MZ Design

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Featuring; Joan McCaughan, Fernando Echeverri, Lorraine Neumann, EWM

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Global Beauty

When it comes to beauty, everyone has an opinion. We delve into a brief exploration of the ever-changing South Florida aesthetic and learn that the ideal of beauty transcends language, nationality and, in some extreme cases, reality.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Featuring; Dr. John Martin, Dr. Susana Leal-Khouri, Dr. Jaime Vergara, Dr. T.J. Giuffrida

Purely Breathtaking

Tour a spectacular penthouse at Ocean Club Tower Two. Featuring Brigitte Nachtigall

2011 Most Beautiful

Featuring; Alexa Olivia Pennell, Carolina Arellano-Cejas, Jimena Teijeiro, Vania Campos, Rafael Bild, Theo Holloway, Laurent Issartel, Lawrence Kelly. Contributors Kiko Ricote, Marisol Gomez, VHERNIER Miami, Teresa Miranda, Stephanie Fleitas

Key Players

Featuing; Oscar Quijano, Patrick Dwyer, Clara Garcia, Hector Rodriguez

Play Ball!

The New Marlins Ballpark not only redefines state-of-the-art, it’s also set to become an instant landmark in South Florida thanks to an exciting mix of entertainment, shopping, dining, drinking, concerts, and, of course, plenty of opportunities to enjoy America’s favorite pastime.

Encounters w/ The Marjorie Stoneman Biscayne Nature Center

A cocktail reception and silent auction to benefit The Marjorie Stoneman Biscayne Nature Center was hosted by Jean Paul and Stacia Bahamondes in Key Biscayne. 1. Theodore Holloway, Alexa Pennell, Jean Paul & Stacia Bahamondes 2. Melissa White, Jocelyn Koch, Selene Devaney 3. Jamie Tompkins, Jamie Bourbeau, Joan McCaughan 4. Jill Stephens, Leni Weber, Winnie Pritchett, Frank Andrew 5. Marilyn & George Brown 6. Michael Davey, Sally Seltzer, Bill Crabill 7. Tom & Leni Weber

Encounters w/ Lupe Polegre

Lupe Polegre celebrated her birthday with a surprise party organized by her husband and kids, and included the family’s most intimate friends. 1. Nicolas Pereira, Maria Fernanda De Armas 2. Antonio Jose, Veronica, Lupe & Antonio, Jr., Polegre 3. Yvan & Norka Rengifo 4. Magdalena Ruiz, Eduardo Peña-Montero 5. Yoli & Eric Godreau 6. Ana Maria Aboy, Victoria Polegre 7. Ingrid Adolphs, Fernanda Carvalho 8. Veronica Polegre, Fernanda Carballo, Pilar Herreros 9. Paloma and Jorge Sanchez 10. Antonio Jose & Lupe Polegre 11. Zoraida & Armando De Armas 12. Mauricio & Clara Serrano 13. Marisa Peña- Montero, Guillermo Feliz

Encounters @ Puntino Pizzeria

Puntino Pizzeria held their muchanticipated grand opening at The Square. Guests left satisfied and ready for more! 1. Cristoforo & Giada Pignata 2. Sebastian Guarch, Chrisy Rae, Vintika Nairn, Debbie Basick 3. Rita & Savita Pahwa 4. Ruben & Maggie Weisson 5. Renato & Renato Rossini, Sofia Sohl, Alan Wong, Ingrid Luhn 6. Liz Pipzer, Nico Mavris, Marah Caban, Alex Lipzer 7. Silvana & Emilio Ferro 8. Kristen Guess, Bea Reguera, Mary Tague 9. Macarena Zubiria, Mabel Covelo, Angeles Podella, Silvana Ferro 10. Albert Philion, Michelle Estevez, Marco Gomez 11. Julio Fuentes, Carmen & Diego Betancourt, Chiqui Labarrera 12. Mariana Bolognani, Silvana, Sofia, Mikella & TJ Giuffrida 13. Cecilia Marchiaro, Alicia Mendez, Maria Villegas

Encounters w/ The Kappens

The Kappens hosted a party to celebrate the 15th birthday of their son Ushaia Miguel. More than 150 guests enjoyed a magical night filled with laser lights, great music, delicious cocktails and hors d’oeuvres throughout what culminated as an unforgettable night with the appearance of a belly dancer. 1. Eddy, Virginia, Eddy & Annette Elguezabal 2. Richard, Ushaia, Fabiola & Adjany Kappen 3. Maria Capote, Miguel Jimenez 4. Alex Novo, Darlene Fajardo, Alejandra Ares, Rachel Cubilla & Yilena Jimenez 5. Lazaro Garcia, Xiomara, Tristen Perez 6. Maria Teresa Capote, Marilyn Ruiz

Encounters @ The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton held a reception to introduce The Ritz-Carlton Collection Destination Club to area VIPs and special guests. 1. Adam Taylor, Ino Halegua, Bruce Green 2. Rachel Rottenberg, Kathy Vlahovic 3. Marilyn & Gary Baer 4. Vivian Galego- Mendez, Carmen B. Llano 5. Greg Cave, Duane Ransdell 6. Francoise Dreuil-Wynne, Heide Arguelles

Encounters W/ Dr. Martin

Scalina restaurateur Tom Billante hosted a special VIP Grand Opening party to welcomed some of the most influential business people in South Florida to his restaurant. 1. Dr. John Martin, Mia Weddell 2. Jorge Perez, Jessie Alexander, Edgardo Defortuna, Tom Billante 3. Benny Benson, Judith Kaplan, Victor A. Diaz, Lena Delatorre 4. Lewis & Holly Cohen 5. Fernando Larero, Roberta Cavanzo, Zenaida Figueroa, Nichaloas Grossi 6. Craig Studnicky, Philip Spiegelman, Len Dugow 7. Dr. Joe Underwood, Dr. Marla LaVoice

Encounters w/ Elisa & Joan Pujol

Elisa & Joan Ramon Pujol celebrated their farewell party with friends during a night full of emotions. They are returning back to Spain after a decade in Key Biscayne. 1. Valentina Silva, Elisa pujol, Sol De Camps 2. Eugenio Alvarez, Joan Ramon Pujol, Carlo Pozzali 3. Elisa Pujol, Miquel Vallcorba 4. Javier & Romina Lentino 5. Eugenio & Malena Alvarez 6. Josefina Gorostiaga, Elisa Pujol, Ricardo Mena

Encounters w/ Ursula

Bernarda Avendanio & Ursula Barrantes-Tarafa celebrated their dual birthdays thanks to supreme party planners Maria Claudia Delloca and Florencia Goodward. Fireworks, a Cirque Du Soleil-style show and mariachis rounded out the experience. 1. Alberto Tarafa, Nicolle Barrantes, Ursula Barrantes-Tarafa 2. Paula Curutchet, Cristina Ortega de Marcos, Ursula Barrantes-Tarafa, Bemarda Avendano, Maritza Prado 3. Martin Delloca, Vero Alvarez, Astrit & Nicholson Dillon 4. Lucila Arancedo, Luciana Laprida, Maria Jose Echeverri 5. Alberto Tarafa, Gonzalo Avendano 6. Valeria Cores, Jerry Simon, Simmon Zulemberger, Nicolle Barrantes 7. Florencia Goodward, Maria Claudia Delloca

Encounters w/ Sean Wolfington

Together with his family and closest friends, Sean Wolfington celebrated his 40th birthday with a surprise party at Casa Tua. Sean’s wife planned the entire event, flying in Sean’s immediate family, friends and colleagues for a celebration that took place almost 3 weeks before Sean’s real birthday! 1. Oompa Loompas, Ana & Sean Wolfington 2. Luisana Suegart, Jessie Tappel, Sheila Sheridan, David Boice 3. Ali Landry with Guest 4. Ana Cristina Defortuna, Jessica De Linares, Edgardo Defortuna, Ana Wolfington 5. Sharon Brown, Melky Jean 6. Carol & Harry Wolfington