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Encounters @ Rusty Pelican

The Key Women’s Club held their annual Easter Luncheon at Rusty Pelican, where all the ladies wore extravagant Easterthemed hats. 1.Maggie Burke, Ronnie Scudieri 2. Maren Martinez, Daisy Orent, Norma Blum, Margaret Kent 3. Gean Guben, Fredda Levitt, Barbara Schwartz 4. Christine Svendsen, Aminta Konawicz, hat contest winner Hazel Tomlinson 5. Gloria Baldini, Staria Petersen, Joyce Potanovich 6. Jennifer Shurina-Egan, Shirley Dunetz 7. Claudette Endacott, Roberta Canavan

Encounters w/ Puntino

Jimena Teijeiro celebrated her birthday in style with cheer, good company and catered goodies from Puntino Restaurant. 1.Jimena Teijeiro, Miriam Duncan, Giada Pignata 2. Candelaria Vadisic, Florencia Moni 3. Annabella Blohm, Malena Assing 4. Faria Jose Larena, Viviana Roque 5. Chef Claudio, Jimena Teijeiro, Executive Chef Fabio Vaccarella 6. Ritu Pahwa, Monique Fisher, Jimena Tejeiro, Ainniz Collazo-Bellumio 7. Florencia Moni, Annie Mammes, Carolina Rodriguez Consoli 8. Monique Fisher, Liz Bello 9. Adriana Von Simson, Candelaria Vasic 10. Jimena Teijeiro, Caro Murciano 11. Luciana Mennes, Jimena Teijeiro, Marlen Acosta 12. Ainniz Collazo-Bellumio, Jimena Teijeiro, Jennifer Rathjens

Encounters @ The Grand Bay Club

The Grand Bay Club celebrated its 14 anniversary with dinner, dancing and music. 1.Vincenzo & Marie Avanzato, Alberto & Mary Jo Pinedo 2. Patricia, Nicholas & Jessica Smith 3. Ashley & Campbell Smith 4. Kent & Pat Burkhart, Kellye & Robert Hill, Lorraine Sonnabend 5. Emily Zagen, Gustavo & Myriam Rojas, Christine Zangen 6. Adriana, Vicky & Eduardo Von Simson 7. Hugo Bianchi, Maria Patricia Somarriba, Diego Stecchi 8. Patricia Lopez, Carolina Escudero 9. Maritza Diaz, Claudia Veliz 10. Robert Gold, Aronson Doreen 11. Dianna Perez-Smith, Cristina Smith

Encounters @ Commodore’s Ball

This Commodore’s Ball represented the changing of watch of Commodore Michael Rice, and the culmination of Hollywood- Era parties and themed social events as planned by Seabelle Mary Tague. 1.Human Bar 2. Donna & Commodore Michael Rice 3. Brian & Mary Tague 4. Naysbeli & Dwight Hewett, Trish & York Flik, Julie & Ruediger Flik, Kara & Scott Sharp 5. Jan & Gary Draper 6. Rudy & Rosa Noreaga 7. Katie Petros, Mary Tague, Angela Nash, Lauren Batlle, Darlyne Dinano 8. Luz & Dr. Raul Ravell 9. Stephen Tellam & Friend, Robin Macklin, Tim Stickney, Mike Rice 10. Jameela & David Blumberg 11. Gail & Mark Fried 12. Angela & Charlie Nash 13. Cynthia & Bill Fusselman 14. Pete & Nancy Harrison, Larry & Suzy Deitch 15. Lauren & Carlos Batlle 16. Francis & Thomas Koch 17. Christina & Michael Bracken

Encounters @ EWM

Giulietta Ulloa hosted EWM’s annual awards event at her home to honor Top Producers & Top Volume for their realtors. 1.Maria Lucena, Giulietta Ulloa, Gilberto & Angela Ocampo 2. Patrick O’Connell, Esther Prat 3. Debra Spadafora, Sherrie Porter 4. Vivian Galego-Mendez, Scott Neitzel, Maria Mayoral 5. Jennifer Rubido, Raquel Rijo 6. Marianela Montenegro, Chiqui Labarrere 7. Gisela Castro, Roxy Feira 8. Lorena Garcia-Murillo, Silvia Caicedo 9. Maria de Andrade, Millie Doval 10. Maria Donnelly, Lupita Petterfy-Shaya 11. Federico & Jennifer Macia, Anabella Siblesz-Hernandez, Silvia Caicedo

Encounters @ Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

Dermatology & Plastic Surgery held a grand opening of their new state-of-the-art facility and ambulatory surgery center with a Ribbon- Cutting Ceremony. 1.Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony by Key Biscayne Mayor Frank Kaplan 2. Patricia San Pedro, Dr. Roger Khouri 3. Gustavo Garcia-Montes, Luz Ravelo, Tricia Garcia-Montes 4. Willy Borroto, Dr. Susana Leal Khouri, Naydu Commenoz, Marilyn Borroto, Michelle Barnett 5. Margarita & Rodolfo Solares 6. Justa O’Donnell, Berta Perez del Camino 7. Daniela Asturias, Bea Reguera, Giselle & Natalie Basick 8. Marie, Dr. Roger Khouri, Leticia Khouri 9. Jorge, Olga, Gustavo & Tricia Garcia-Montes 10. Frank Ortega, Jennifer Leal 11. Vivian Galego- Mendez, Giulletta Ulloa 12. Sandi & Larry Pimentel 13. Bassem Chahine, Robert Khouri, Dr. Robert Chahine 14. Christine Ulvert, Dr. Susana Leal-Khouri, Charles Ulvert 15. Ken & Romie Lancaster, Paul Auchter 16. Raoul, Kim & Roger Khouri

Encounters w/ Area 23 Galleria

Designer Alberto Linero hosted an evening inspired by modern and contemporary art at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club with live music, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. 1.Alberto Linero, Natalia Lugo 2. Dr. Susana Leal Khouri, Jo Ann Young, Gloria Plaza 3. Rafael Espitia, Leonardo Moleiro 4. Herman Schwyn, Monica Aristizabal, Nelly del Rio, Jose Manuel Fernandez 5. Brian Berson, Mandy Baca 6. Donna Rice, Elaine Gross 7. Jim Thompson, Sr., Robert & Marlene Gonzalez, Jim Thompson Jr.

Encounters @ The Shane Center

Take Stock In Children’s Unsung Hero Event was held at The Shane Center to honor program mentors who dedicate themselves to making a difference in the lives of youth. This year’s theme was “The Power of One: One hour. One mentor. One scholar. One hope!” 1.Marlyn Paris Lawson, Carmen Rivera, Tom Albano, Carmen Llibre 2. Mr. & Mrs. Brown Barrett 3. Juan Delgado (Mentor), Eduardo Jorge (Mentee) 4. Ashley Thomas, Natalia Zea 5. Khyree Joseph (Mentee), Vivian Walters (Mentor), Ashley Thomas, Carin West 6. Ileana DeMarziani and her team: Rincon Argentino 7. Eric Rivera 8. Ashley Thomas, Dwight Rolle

Encounters w/ Key Biscayne Elementary PTA

The PTA for Key Biscayne Elementary School held their annual fundraiser “Dinner & Auction Night” at The Links in Key Biscayne. 1.Juan Sanchez, Elena Errazuriz 2. Sol & Mariano Grimaux 3. Amy Sweeting, Taima Hervas 4. Paul & Jan Rutter, Justin Jones, Taima Hervas 5. Malena & Carlos Cornejo 6. Nilda & Armando del Rio 7. Giorgetta Keuter, Ann Llop-Keuter, Camilla Tonini

Encounters w/ Llansos

The Llansós hosted a party at their Key Biscayne residence to celebrate the upcoming high school graduation and college acceptance of Alejandra Zamparelli and her close friends. 1.Ralph & Maggie Rodriguez, Christine Moo Young, Michael Russell 2. Jorge Llanso, Maggie Llanso Alejandra Zamparelli y los abulos Marta, Rogelio Perez 3. Juanita Pesant, Martha Perez 4. Alejandra Zamparelli & Friends 5. Juan Diaz, Maria Elena, Carlos & Tuki Diaz- Padron 6. Josie Lopez, Maggie Llansó, Lupita Garcia, Amada Cadaval, Elena Garcia-Montes