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The experts we’ve gathered will help you find out what it takes to stay cool, calm and collected this season — and all year round. Their tips will help you achieve the stress-free South Florida living you’ve always dreamed of.

Beachside Estate

This large, brand-new residence at 320 Atlantic Rd. in Key Biscayne is just one block from the beach and features just about anything you would want in a new home including an oversized lot and plenty of space to live and entertain. - Featuring Kari Madera

Pinnacle Pieces

Thanks to superior leadership and luxurious offerings, Vhernier jewelry is catching the eyes of Key Biscayne’s most elite style icons. - Featuring Carlo Traglio

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Featuring Richard Reed of Lancaster Reed, Jaime Ferreyros, Trudy Miller of Ritz Carlton, Shannon de l’Etoile

Forever Young

When it comes to aging, the more information, guidance and treatment you have, the better. Find out why Dr. Remos of The Miami Institute For Age Management & Intervention should be your first — and last — stop when it comes to feeling and looking your best at any age. - Featuring Dr. Juan Remos

Abundant Health

The Orthopaedic Institute at Mercy Hospital is at the forefront of the latest treatments and techniques for improving quality of life in their patients with a lengthy list of services that can treat everything from complex joint replacement to simple strains and sprains. - Featuring Dr. Carlos J. Lavernia

Oasis of Fit

Synergy Private Gym may be a new kid on the Key Biscayne block, but they’re already making good on their determination to take fitness to the next level.

Star Treatment

With Exclusive Limo, Natalia Trushina and Lysvan Jimenez are determined to fulfill every customer’s transportation dreams —-- one ride at a time..........

Encounters @ Rusty Pelican

Chamber of Commerce held a luncheon at the Rusty Pelican, with special guest Rafael Rey who is running for Vice President of Peru. 1. Aurelio Del Corral, Rafael Rey, Ana Mark, Aldo Berti 2. Jose Delfino, Mariel Castañeda, Enrique Abreau 3. Aldo Parado, Pilar Uranga 4. Monica Leon, Lita Haeger 5. Umberto Crippa, Federico Perez-Eguren 6. Jorge Koechlin, Aurelio Del Corral 7. Donald & Lita Haeger

Encounters w/ Women's Giving Circle

GOOD CAUSE: The Key Biscayne Women’s Giving Circle is devoted to growing philanthropy among women and was hosted this year at The De La Cruz Collection. The event also supported 3 not-for-profits: The Miami Choral Academy, The Holtz Children’s Hospital ArtCares Program and Design & Architecture Senior High (DASH). 1. Melissa White, Iris Fisher 2. Viviana Brown, Tania Quintana, Liz Portuondo 3. Marian Rocker, Marylin Levin, Fran Gaynes 4. Harriett Stein, Diana Schilit, Iris Fisher 5. Zelda Rosenthal, Rosa De La Cruz 6. Joan McCaughan, Jaime Tompkins 7. Mende Lerner, Essie Herman, David Rocker, Jerry Tuck 8. Pam Kroh, Shawn Crouch 9. Susan Gotz, Shirlee Medjuck 10. Shea Gordon, Barbara Schwartz 11. Lorraine Sonnabend, Anita Bender

Encounters @ Commenoz Gallery

ART SHOWCASE: Commenoz Gallery held an exhibition entitled Colette Goes Tripping in the Tropics with new photographs by Colette Birambo from France. 1. Patricia Baldocchi, Naydu Commenoz, Angela Gonzalez, Graciela Rodriguez-Kohly, Louise Wallace, Eduardo Gonzalez 2. Michael & Gloria Kahn 3. Myriam Restrepo, Vera Saeme 4. Luca Shannon, Lauren Gregorio, Ursula Gil, Jorge Dominguez 5. Joelle & Anne Binnot 6. Megane & Isabelle Roy 7. Jerry & Joyce Kaiser, Naydu Commenoz, Colette Birambo 8. Martine Paulin, Olivier & Robin Benjamin 9. Natalie Tochou, Eva Ioss, Addee & Jean Claude Leroux, Patrice Scemana, Walter 10. Andreina Clavijo, Fernando D’Abramo 11. Ana Maria, Paula Buzzi 12. Colette Toupet, Sylvie Paray 13. Joda, Diana Katan, Steven Minor 14. Maggie Isern, Lise Federman, Michelle Barnett, Naydu Commenoz 15. Diana Katan, Colette Birambo, Maureen Langer, Chuck Katan, Pierre Birambo 16. Robert Spivak, Lora Lehiani

Encounters @ Cool-de-Sac

Cool-de-Sac continues to keep Key Biscayne kids (and their parents) happy with the perfect combination of fine dining and fun. 1. The Bueno Family 2. Arisel & Sofia Cameselle 3. Adriana, Eduardo, Alexander & Vicky Von Simson 4. Isabella & Luciana Garcia 5. Gabriela Castillo- Pardo, Karla Bueno, Karla Prieto 6. Diana Guzman, Valery Romero 7. Jessica Levy-Kiibler, Sophia Tragash 8. Janet & Brandon Febres 9. Jose Luis Bueno, Alejandro Abascal, Fernando Pardo 10. Karla & Jose Luis Bueno 11. Paula Alanis, Karla Prieto 12. Juliana Bozo, Maria Alejandra, Marcela Wilhelm, Adriana Bustillos 13. Robert, Rodney & Yaylem Padron 14. Sabastian, Diego, Luis & Diana Arevalo 15. Lina & Charles Veres 16. Valentian and Giselle Isaza

Encounters @ Stefano's Wine

Stefano’s Wine & Liquor held a customer appreciation party to celebrate their 1st anniversary featuring champagne sponsored by Laurent Perrier featuring Dewar’s Scotch, a Bacardi Mojito Bar, paella from Jamon Jamon Jamon Restaurant and live accordion music. 1. Alberto and Ysis Soto 2. Ivette & Lazaro Mavrides 3. Ramiro & Digna Ramirez, Jim Haney 4. Enrique & Irene Sosa 5. Bertila Pozo, Maria Lorenzini 6. Chef Felipe Perez, Jorge Ortega, Mike Menendez, Pepe Juara 7. Vanessa Suarez, Claudia Luca 8. Carolina, Gonzalo & Blanca Mengotti 9. Jo Ann Young, Clement Di Fillipo 10. Yoly & Michael Brattain, Barbara Lamar 11. Bibi Delfino, Cassia Silva

Encounters @ The Beach Club

The Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church held their annual “Stone Crabs Under The Stars” event at The Beach Club. The evening was filled with limitless stone crabs, an auction and music. 1. Beatriz & Paul Treptow, Cristina & Joseph Ramirez 2. Jorge & Rebecca Gutierrez 3. Randy & Gretchen Clark 4. Linda Arnhols, Jane Stuart, Bill Arnhols, Anne Rothe 5. Ann & Rev. David Moran 6. Bill Crabill, Sally Seltzer 7. Caro Murciano, Christoforo & Giada Pignata, Monica Campana 8. Rafael & Anabella Dovarganes 9. Magdalena Tomasino, Jennifer Cortes, Sigrum Hernandez, Liz Pesch, Linda Arnhols, Carolina Cejas, Annette Manon, Rebecca Smith 10. Emi Shanley, Sue Lee 11. Ron Erbel, Victoria Jackson 12. Galicia Rothe, Julie Stuart 13. Billy & Liz Pesch 14. Loree & Tim O’Neill, Mariana & Craig Hardie 15. Fatima Yubero, Sigrum & Martin Hernandez 16. Carmen & Jose Lopez

Encounters @ Suntrust

Juan Ortega, VP & Financial Advisor for SunTrust Investment Services, Inc., hosted an educational forum “2011 Economic Update” at the Grand Bay Club. 1. George Foyo, Margarite Nelson, Luisa Lopez-Foyo 2. Rock Navamuel, Sandra Pantoja 3. Juan Ortega, Carlos de la Cruz 4. Bill & Dori Cameron, Francoise Dreuil-Wynne 5. Dr. Constantino Peña, Veronica Villagra, Dr. Pedro Portela 6. Antonella Palazio 7. Roman & Gladys Laviña, Juan Ortega, Armando Laviña 8. Audrey Leavitt, Joe & Eva-Maria Kiene 9. Mary Romano, Anna De Sisto 10. Sandra Pantoja, Tony Rodriguez 11. Claudia & Carlos de la Cruz

Encounters w/ Dr. Martin

Brad Rosenblatt, candidate for City Commission of Coral Gables, held a meet-and-greet at Sebastien Bourret Salon in Coral Gables, hosted by Paco Camp and Dr. John Martin. 1. Catherine, Dora Murray, Sergio Landa, Alice Kiel, Rene Ruiz, Paco Camp, Dr. John Martin, Susan Silver, Robert Roark, Brad R. Sebastian Bourret, Mary Anderson, Dan Nichols, Jorge Centurion. 2. Brad R., Susan Silver, Sebastian Bourret 3. Dr. John Martin, Sergio Landa, Brad R., Robert Roark 4. Brad Rosenblatt, Dr. John Martin 5. Mary Anderson, Brad R., Alice Kiel, Catherine 6. Paco Camp, Brad R., Rene Ruiz, Dr. John Martin 7. Jorge Centurion, Dan Nichols, Susan Silver, Dr. John Martin