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Featuring Denise Cronwall of Denise Cronwall Design

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Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

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Featuring Dr. Martin

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Featuring Compac, Doug Kinsley, Giulietta Ulloa, Susana Hansen, Barnes Realty

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Featuring Oscar Rivera of Siegfried, Rivera, Lerner, De La Torre & Sobel, P.A.

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Featuring Alex Cure-Ferreira of Cure Fitness, Bernadette Ceravolo of Pilates Center by Bernadette, Kenneth F. von Roenn II of Skanda Yoga, Mel Gonzalez, Jessica Ramirez

Reside in Paradize

Just one look at this home and you'll know why it's one of the most desired addresses in Key Biscayne. Every detail of the property exudes luxury and comfort — from the extensive water views outside to the gleaming appointments inside, this home won’t disappoint. - Featuring Brigitte de Langeron

Lavish Desires

The Vhernier Collection is unique, handcrafted and influenced in its form by trends in contemporary art. As with minimalist designs, underlying the Italian pieces is an obsessive, inventive exploration of proportion and line, surface and structure. Three key characteristics distinguish and identify the collection

Key Players

Featuring Shilla Ghersi of IMG Academies, Dusan Kurta, Lisa Beorlegui of Swim Kid School, Alex Fernandez of Crandon Golf Academy

Sony Ericsson Open Guide

2011 Sony Ericsson Open Guide

Stricking Power

At 20 years old, Caroline Wozniacki found herself in the top spot of the Women’s Tennis Association, leading a list that features the sport’s most powerful women. With the Sony Ericsson Open fast approaching, Wozniacki is eager to keep her shining star status on the purple court.

Elite Learning

Lynn University is taking the lead when it comes to making your professional dreams come true — all it takes is one look at their offerings to make up your mind about why a degree from this institution of higher learning should be atop your list of things to accomplish.

Dream Space

Whether you’re looking for a residential investment or a commercial space for your business — or both — 900 Biscayne Bay has an offering for just about everyone looking for a hi-rise opportunity with staying power in the center of the action within one of Miami’s fastest-growing areas. - Featuring Monica Venegas

Encounters @ Puntino

Giada Baselice recently celebrated her very special birthday amid friends and family in style at a party in Puntino. 1. Ana Wolfington, Giada Baselice 2. Robbie Easton 3. Giada Baselice, Silvina Dibar 4. Caro Murciano, Adriana Rendon 5. Macarena Zubiria, Ana Wolfington 6. Sol Alonso Steed, Moira McLean 7. Margherita Mariani, Sofia Shol 8. Andrea Cini, Olivia Balzan

Encounters w/ Born Free Pet Shelter

Born Free Pet Shelter held their annual fundraiser at the Key Biscayne Beach Club, with an auction, dinner, cocktails, music and dancing. 1. Organizers John White, Alicia Aballi, Nancy White 2. Ronda & Jay Fuchs 3. Charlene Grall, Paul Bensen 4. Amanda & Larry Dalton 5. Rafael Bild, Christina Termine 6. Melinda Mahoney, Irene Cepero 7. Dayana Cardoza, Giovanna Jimenez 8. Fifi Echemendia, Margaret Cullen 9. Carlos & Maria Elena Soto 10. Jill Stephens, Brett Graff, Lori Rombeiro, Leni Weber 11. Patty Kundl, Celeste Miller, Joanne Kundl 12. John Welsh, Christy Mura 13. Jerry Applegate, Gary Feldman

Encounters w/ Natalie Ramani

Natalie Ramani celebrated her special birthday among friends and family in what culminated as an unforgettable night filled with joy and lots of love. 1. Hector Castro, George Ramani, Patricia Roisenvit, Natalie Ramani 2. Ada Bacardi, Cesar Serran 3. Charo & Mitchell Optican 4. Jean & Shar Touiton 5. Julien & Alice D’Entremont, Steven Minor 6. Irela & Carlo Amato 7. Lucila Anderson, Rikke Petersen 8. Ileana Davis, Cari Loor 9. Hanna Rubenseifner, Maria Paulson 10. Carmencita Butler, Alberto Gongora

Encounters w/ Eddie Franco

Eddie Franco and Sarah Richardson hosted a party aboard their yacht, Sweet Sarah, to celebrate the birthdays of Candice McCarthy and Paola Padovan. Over 50 guests enjoyed a night of delicious food, music and great company. 1. Donnie Hall, Bill Stephens, Mike Davey 2. Paola Padovan, Donnie Hall 3. Leni Weber, Amy Zambrano, Brett Graff, Jill Stephens, Mary Allraum 4. Pedro Lujan, Carolina Montiel-Lujan 5. Candice McCarthy, Gregory Sicard, Tennille Bartlett 6. Dr. Jaime Zambrano, Thomas Allraum 7. Mike Davey, Bill Crabill, Tom DiNanno 8. Zita & Ivan Delevic 9. Steven & Maritza Minor 10. Maria Thorne, Sally Seltzer

Encounters w/ Ocean Club Realty

Ocean Club Realty held a cocktail party fundraiser for Relay for Life in Key Biscayne, with entertainment and a silent auction. 1. Lorraine Neumann, Adolfo D’erizans 2. Bill & Annie Thompson 3. Luz, Natalia, Carolina & Dr. Raul Ravelo 4. Natalie Basick, Bea Reguera, Martha Ortiz 5. Rafael Bild, Christina Termine 6. Andrew Hall, Vivian Galego-Mendez, Kathye Black 7. Paola Hall, Chrsitine Leveille 8. Jim Salas, Carlos Mandiola, Ed Stone 9. Meredith Buining, Naydu Commenoz 10. Gary & Jane Draper 11. Jeanne Bon Salle, Debbie Cianfoni 12. Cecilia Lauces, Rudy, Stacy & Marisa Santayana 13. Cindy & Amancio Suarez 14. German Lynch, Gabriela Rohon 15. Maria Dirlam, Bunnie Kruger 16. Caroline, Wendell, Anne Owens, Arnold Wendell 17. Jeanette Turici, Aase Sanders, Lise Federman 18. Betty Sims, John Conroy, Danita Meyer 19. Sueli & Luciano Roberts 20. Amarylli Fridegotto, Diego Arevalo, Nadia Bertoncin-Fridegotto 21. Maggie & Jorge Llansó 22. Pepin & Adela Reguera

Encounters @ Conrad

Conrad Miami was recently named “2010 Hotel of the Year” by Hilton Americas. The hotel received 4 awards for outstanding achievement for its 2010 performance. 1. Noel Acosta, Sydney Pelbois, Cherry Bustillo, Enrique Fuster 2. Alexis Matusewitch, Nadege Gedeus, Paola Pardo 3. Conrad Tidswell, Ted Ratcliff 4. Francois Calixte, Daniel Hempen 5. Izan Montenegro, Eduardo Martinez 6. Amanda Simoes, Joseph Metiever, Francois Calixte 7. Martin Wormull, Ted Ratcliff 8. Mercedes Flores, Rosa Campos, Yessenia Campos, Alicia Ortiz, Martha Herrera 9. Marie Joseph, Cathy Williams 10. Viviana Hernandez, Christina Guzman

Encounters w/ Christina Termine

Christina Termine & Rafael Bild hosted a New Year’s Eve party at their home in Key Biscayne with many local Key Biscayners attending to enjoy the buffet dinner, dancing and good cheer! 1. Sari Libbin, Christina Termine Mia Probinsky 2. Greg Rubin, Seth Nachman 3. Christina Termine, Jill Eber, Linda Rubin 4. Magdiel Esquenazi, Cindy Miralles 5. Guests enjoying the evening 6. Ramon & Carlotta Lopez 7. Chris & Lesa Blackman 8. Raquel Libbin, Ida Bild, Rafael Bild, Suzanne Smiles 9. Sari Libbin, Christina Termine, Mia Probinsky

Encounters @ Conrad

Members of La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the world’s largest gastronomical food and wine society with over 28,000 members in over 100 countries, celebrated their annual Gala Dinner & Induction at the Conrad Miami. 1. Elizabeth Brown; Shelly Margolis; Nancy Radlauer, Hal Small 2. Leila Warren; Henry Warren; Jean-Pierre Miquel; Claudine Miquel 3. Bruce Ozga; Jeanette Ozga 4. John MacKenizie, Isabel Overend, Ron Overend 5. Tom Moran; Sandi Moran; Jill Backman; Bruce Nichols 6. Moises Rivas; George Brown, Lenny Castronuovo 7. Charles Radlauer; George Brown; Reimund Pitz; Larry Krams 8. Judith Wormull; Martin Wormull 9. Marco Andrea Cozzolino; Sabrina Cozzolino 10. Pedro Duarte; Connie Danluck; Gary Ciuca

Encounters @ Costa Med

Spain’s Castilla y Leon Region Tasting Weekend at Costa Med welcomed VIPs, celebrities and residents looking for a good time. 1. Costa Med’s Service Team 2. Alvaro Villasante Losada, Andy Garcia, Antonio Braschi 3. Luz Ravelo, Dr. Raul Ravelo 4. Katia & Ray Duran 5. Chef Javier Nuñez, Doreen Colondres 6. Jaime Baily, Elisa Braschi 7. Sol & Mariano Grimaux, Cecilia Marciano, Alberto Roca, Mabel & Alberto Maceda 8. Janina Blohm Meyer, Sylvia Hellmund, Antonella Braschi, Carlos Hellmund, Alex Meyer 9. Ana de Martínez, Ana Martínez, Raimundo Gómez Cuétara

Encounters w/ Fundacion Manos de Sur

Fundacion Manos del Sur Nicaragua- Asociacion Pan y Amor held their 6th Annual Typical Nicaraguan Breakfast at The Rusty Pelican, with a fabulous fashion show from Coco Paris & Yoly Muñoz Couture, an auction and incredible Raffle Prizes. 1. Ana, Maria Patricia, Charlotte Somarriba, Kattia Goldstein, Paulina Montes, Maritza Minor (committee) 2. Randy Lack, Phili Bullard 3. Christina Soto, Christina Termine 4. Natalie Ramani, Carmencita Butler, Ines Neuhaus 5. Ana Somarriba, Alexandra Penzo, Maria Frallicciardi, Maria Patricia Somarriba 6. Beatriz Daugond, Yanna Paz, Susy Marroquin 7. Marcela Brown, Gladys Jaar 8. Maite & Leo Casuso 9. Tara Kunkel, Liza Lamar 10. Karla Bueno, Soledad Vivas, Adriana Mavris 11. Isabel Diaz, Vanessa Vogel, Paloma Hvide 12. Charlotte Somarriba, Irela Amato 13. Olga Silen, Isel Garcia, Irene Ulivi 14. Coralie Duchamp, Valerie Hummel-Leach 15. Tessy Wassman, Kattia Goldstein, Lucia Robelo, Elisa Duemichen 16. Maite Thorton, Munisha Underhill, Ana Mora, Ana Maria Deschapelles 17. Jeanette Turici, Aase Sanders, Lise Federman 18. Bertila Pozo, Linda Elena Salazar 19. Ellen Garner, Ana Somarriba