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Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

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Featuring Dr. TJ Giuffrida of Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center

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Featuring Brigitte Nachtigall, Brigitte de Langeron, Ana Somarriba, Miriam Poggio

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Featuring La Boulangerire

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Featuring Dr. Raul Gonzalez of Smile Studios Dentistry

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Featuring Christina Termine of Diamonds of The Key , Marisol Gomez

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Featuring Matthew Ferrara of Northwestern Mutual


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Featuring Christina Termine of Diamonds On The Key, Isa Zapata, Vhernier, Miami Drive, Ventuno, Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, Arthur Murray, Malena Assing, Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Conrad Hotels, Marisol Gomez, Don Cuban cigars, Florida Marlins MLB, Brickell Travel.

Utopian Abode

This grand home in Key Biscayne is the perfect place to launch a whole new life in paradise. Whether you love it for the interior spaciousness, the exterior beauty or the overwhelming amounts of compliments you’ll get from friends, family and neighbors, one thing’s certain: This residence is makes for quite the extravagant home. - Featuring Daniel Gaviria

Wearable Art

Fashion and art have gone hand-in-hand since the beginning of time. Historically, as one evolves, so does the other. Get the best of both worlds this season with these creative looks sure to make you a walking conversation piece. - Featuring Isa Zapata Contributors - Sergio Fama, Katherina Savenkova, Claudia Sanz, Susana Bentancourt, Gonzalo Gamas.

Key Player

Featuring Francisco Barby of COMPAC The Surfaces Company, Jorge Cavelier, Clara Uribe of The Baby Travel Company, Giselle Mas of Mas Strategies, LLC

Key Couples

Featuring Eddy & Patty Zuirch, Joe & Amelita Courtney, Diego & Claudia Velasco, Luis & Gisela Fuentes. Contributors - Vhernier Miami, Mario Pascual

Encounters @ Essence Corp.

Act 4 Me and Essence Corp. hosted a special beauty day demonstration at The Ocean Club to help improve the lives of children with neurological disorders. 1. Maida Berberian-Bignon, Patricia Bona, Martha Poulat and Luzma Iruretagoyena 2. Ana Vaz and Leticia Croix 3. Gaygay Richie and Paula Lewis 4. Laura Dray and Emily Oquero 5. Marilu Bañuelos and Coco Morales 6. Laetitia Piedra and Bobette Rousseau 7. Astrid Nino and Rosemarie Oberrieth 8. Alejandra Hierro and Pilar Sroka 9. Dorine Heller and Beatrice Garcia- Herrera 10. Luz Maria Alduncin, Patricia Bona, Laetitia Piedra and Toña Ocaranza 11. Diana Escobaro and Sylvie Bajol

Encounters @ Commenoz Gallery

Commenoz Gallery recently hosted a very successful and well-attended art exhibition by artist Jordi Prat. 1. Gisela Franceschi, Carmen Bernhoeft and Silvia Sannia 2. Louise and John Wallace 3. Bob and Crystal Skinner 4. Michelle Barnett and Karen Inverso 5. Bill and Cathy Seagil 6. Cecilia Acevedo, Francisco Gana and Lucy Acevedo 7. Naydu Commenoz and Peter Schumann 8. Eva and Claudio Gotlib 9. Joerg, Gregor and Victoria Hewen 10. Ana Maria Amador and Nuydu Commenoz

Encounters @ Duchamp Jewelers

Duchamp Jewelers hosted a private reception at The Ritz-Carlton South Beach, introducing Rodney Rayner, awardwinning jewelry designer from London who launched his new jewelry collection. 1. Gisela Lowenstein and the Duchamps 2. Sam & Kate Trotter 3. Francesca Halprin, Alisa Romano, Gisela Lowenstein, Christina Lindeman 4. The Houlzet family 5. Coralie, Monica & Fabricio Aquaviva 6. Myriam & Gill Ron, Kari Madera 7. Coralie & Luchi Houlzet 8. Christina & George Lindemann, Coralie & Patrick Duchamp 9. Karin & Rodney Rayner, Coralie & Patrick Duchamp

Encounters @ The Square

The Square Shopping Center hosted an evening of fundraising for a Haitian Art Exhibition. All the proceeds from the paintings that were sold benefit children in Haiti. 1. Mary Tague and Natalie Basick 2. Michele Estevez, Rene Murua and Patricia Madueños 3. Michael Holmquist, Marco Gomez, Albert Philion and Robert Cellegatt 4. Caitlyn and Melissa White 5. Andrea Reyes and Martha Gonzalez 6. Ines Neuhaus and Carmen Chiriboga 7. Bernardette Ceravolo and Hosana Ganem 8. Ana Archilla and Fabiene Brochard 9. Marco Gomez and Michele Estevez

Encounters @ Lynn University

The first alumni reception of Lynn University was held at the new Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center, one of South Florida’s newest state-of-the-are cultural venues. 1. Melissa Roberts, Larissa Witherspoon, Carissa Caldersone, Kelly Burlisan, Kailen Gonzalez, Christie Schade 2. Karen Mukamal, Steven Priest 3. Latoya Lewis, Baraka Packer 4. Joanne & Larry Garroway 5. Kylan Ward, Ashleigh Fowles, Megan Mongone, Bianca Pileggi, Bridget Fowles 6. Ashley Martini, Gareth Fowles, Jelena Lovrio 7. Alain Boucicaut, Laree Pingatore, Dan Rochford 8. Ashlee & Christopher Kilayko

Encounters @ Puntino

Puntino Restaurant rang in 2011 in style with decked out guests and quite the array of food and beverage offerings. 1. Sofia Sohl, Giada Pignata 2. Cristoforo Pignata, Andres Martinez 3. Mirta and Stefano Casini 4. Viviana Monzatti, Carlo Andrea Pelli 5. Sofia Sohl, Goran Sohl, Lara Gallardo 6. Coach Pici, Leonardo Hidalgo 7. Macarena Zubiria, Sol Steed, Giada Pignata 8. Carmen Alonso, Santiago Steed 9. Roberto Mobili, Manuel Ruiz 10. Angela Rizzi, Angela Calad 11. Christian Balbontin & Peige Letterner

Encounters @ Diamonds on The Key

Diamonds on the Key celebrated their December 2010 Key Biscayne Magazine cover with an exclusive holiday fine jewelry open house to showcase their elaborate collections. 1. Jewelry display 2. Alex Cobo, Christina Termine and Rafel Bild 3. Beatriz Heuze and Christina Villegas 4. Sally Seltzer and Bill Crabill 5. Simone Salmassi and Rafael Bild 6. Liana Rivas, Christina Termine, Claudia Leme, Christina Leme 7. Christina Termine, Simone Salmassi, Beatrice Heuze 8. Lesa, Chris, and Natalie Blackman 9. Patricia Romano, Christina Termine, Patricia Peraita

Encounters @ One Sotheby's

ONE Sotheby’s International Realty recently arrived in Key Biscayne and held a Tweet Up event where guests mingled and cocktails were served. 1. Barbara and Luis Lamar 2. Amy Stojanovic and Alejandra Rocha 3. Beth and Kevin Kreutzfeld 4. Alvaro Cardenas, Santi Chumaceiro, Alina de Vega, Gabriela Dajer and Liza Lamar 5. Vanessa Ballestas and Randi Rapp 6. Janie Coffey and Beth Butler 7. Alijna de la Vega and Claudio Pinto 8. Armando de la Vega, Alvaro Cardenas and Jorge Fernandez 9. Art Herrera, George Santana 10. Rachel Levy and Vanessa Ballestas, Kico Ricote with Jessica Levy 11. Sarah Boggs with Shelia Fergurson