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Love Wireless

We compiled a list of some creative phone apps we dreamed up to spice up or smooth out your love life this month. Just don’t blame us if they leave a blemish on your V-Day plans or bend Cupid’s arrow. Read on at your own risk. And remember, these reviews are just for fun! None of these apps actually exist (yet)!

Condo Supreme

This sprawling Key Biscayne condo in Lake Villa Two at The Ocean Club offers island living at its finest day and night thanks to its pristine location and floorplan. All you have to do is relax and let the sunshine in! - Featuring Esther Prat

Key Players

Featuring Elizabeth Ann Barlow of Canyon Ranch Grill, Alex Sepkus of Sabbia Jewelry, Lisette Beraja, Rosaura Rodriguez

Key Couples

Featuring David Lee Ross & Abby Kolber Ross, Will Tompkins & Jamie McCaughan Tompkins, Dennis D. Shaw & Karen J. Holmquist, Thomas Weber & Leni Andrews Weber. Contributors - Jose Amigo, Trini

Encounters w/ Christina Termine

Christina Termine of Diamonds on the Key hosted a special holiday show introducing a brand new jewelry collection in conjunction with Key Biscayne Magazine. 1. Christina Termine & Rafael Bild 2. Matt & Anna Baran 3. Jennie Diaz & Nikolett Garazzi 4. Chritina & Claudia Leme 5. Claudia Leme & Christina Termine 6. Christina Termine & Diana Wolfe 7. Christina Housen & Christina Termine

Encounters w/ Puntino

Besides having one of the most respected restaurants in Miami, the team at Puntino also has vast catering services available to ensure that your next shindig or soiree is one to remember. 1. Cristoforo Pignata, Giada Baselice Pignata & Lawrence Leitman 2. Cristoforo Pignata, Adriana Rendon Antorcha & Gustavo Antorcha 3. Jesse Stein, Giada Baselice Pignata & Chef Fabio Vaccarella 4. Olivia Baizan & Marcela Gil 5. Alexandra Leitman & Valentina Cassasus 5. Jean Marie Kouri and Trudy Courey 6. James & Miriam Duncan, Jimena Stein 7. Alex Jimenez , Scott Spencer & Cristoforo Pignata 8. Isabel Pardo, Nancy Levitt Davis, Jesse Stein, Jimena Stein, Leonardo Carbajales, Edgar Gutierrez, Moira MacLean & Monica Navari

Encounters @ Beach Club

A “Rock ‘n’ Roll”-themed party was hosted by Arthur Ackerman and Diann Newman at the Beach Club. Everyone in attendance danced to the wonderful music from the ‘60s. 1. Diann Newman, David Ackerman and Abby and David Ross 2. Frank and Maggie Burke 3. Maritza Minor and Kari Madera 4. Steve and Jill Brookner 5. Kaye Pine, Robert Nedelman and Janet Rabimowitz 6. Alyssa Richman, Teri and Carole Diamond

Encounters @ Zucchero

Ricardo Reinerman, Maria Claudia Dell’Oca and Florencia Godward organized a beautiful surprise birthday party for Elena Reinerman! It was a magnificent dinner at Zucchero Restaurant, with music, dancing and incredible fun. Elena’s closet family and friends all gathered to celebrate and had a magical time! 1. Veronica Guyot, Florencia Godward, Silvia Pesci & Mercedes Albrecht 2. Elena & Ricardo Reinerman 3. Martin & Maria Claudia Dell’Oca 4. Florencia Moni & Brigitte Nachtigall 5. Andrew, Elena, Mimi & Ricardo Reinerman 6. Maria Cruz & Patricio Waterhouse 7. Aki Larrea & Deborah De Leon 8. Ani Mammes, Silvia Pesci, Elena Reinerman, Adriana Von Simson, Elisa Duemichen, Cecilia Grigio, Gaby Martinez-Ayala & Florencia Godward 9. Eduardo & Adriana Von Simson 10. Luis Arturo Ayala & Gaby Martinez-Ayala 11. Elena & Joel Magolnick 12. Marcos & Florencia Godward 13. Maria Claudia Dell’Oca & Alejandra Delange 14. Francisco & Mariana Tonarely with Mike Aixala 15. Veronica & Martin Guyot 16. Elena Reinerman & Valerie Nunez 17. Gustavo & Soledad Ortiz 18. Victor & Norma Henriquez

Encounters @ Viceroy Miami

For the third consecutive year, under the umbrella of Give to Colombia, several U.S.-based organizations working for Colombia hosted BeLive at The Viceroy Hotel in Miami. The annual Gala seeks to raise awareness about Colombia’s social needs. Among other highlights, the event held a successful silent auction with The Mochila Project; where 40 of the world’s best fashion designers such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang, among others, were given a traditional Wayuu bag to be updated and embellished in their own unique way. OndadeMar also unveiled their Spring 2010 swimsuit collection while Grammy winner Jorge Celedon kept guests entertained! 1. Diego & Gisela Lowenstein, Maria & Sheldon Lowe 2. Eduardo & Angela Barco 3. Carlos Bardasano & Maria Jose Barraza 4.Daisy Kanavos & Brigitte Nachtigall 5. Daddy Yankee & Julian de la Chicat 6. Enrique Lopez & Irma Martinez 7. Pily Queipo, Lauren Santo Domingo & Angela Barco with models 8. Helio Castroneves & Adriana Henao 9. Monica Noguera and Friend 10. Miguel Varoni & Catherine Siachoque 11. Diani Birbragher & Juan Carlos Arcila 12. Jairo Martinez & Ingrid Hoffmann 13. Lolo Sudarsky & Connie Freydell Montoya 14. Marysol Patton & Nancy Gonzalez 15. Kika Rocha & Rodner Figueroa 16. Milly & Raul De Molina 17. Leonardo Rocco, Patricia Rivadeneira, Elias Maida & Viviana Arana 18. Ximena Penuela & Adriana Castro

Encounters w/ Fundacion Manos del Sur

Fundacion Manos del Sur held their annual fundraising event to benefit programs for Mexico and Argentina. The event was hosted at the residence of Silvia Pesci. 1. Maria Paz Victoria & Paulina Montes 2. Karla Bueno & Lizette Dupont 3. Paola Reyes & Norma Henriquez 4. Cecilia Piva, Monica Rivera & Marirosa Betancourt 5. Claudia Batlle, Carina Cortes & Mariela Roman 6. Monica Montemayor & Victoria Caccimani 7. Norma Travis, Ana Somarraba, Alexandra Rumie & Maria Patricia Somarriba 8. Brigitte Nachtigall & Paola Guerra 9. Maria Elena Zapata, Victoria Hegewisch & Marilupe Sacal 10. Mara Santalla & Zuzzette Camarena 11. Victoria Montoya & Svetlana Pantic 12. Bertila Pozo & Maggie Butler 13. Juliana Kirby, Veronica Alvarez, Silvia Pesci & Marianela Manrique 14. Ivan & Cristina Bibas 15. Blanca Iser, Maria Cruz Waterhouse, Mariana Fischer & Claudia Batlle 16. Maria Claudia Dell’Oca & Edu Viola 17. Miriam Perez, Gloria Hincapie & Gimena Botero 18. Sofia & Marta Zubillaga 19. Maria Cruz Waterhouse & Silvia Pesci 20. Alejandra Hierro & Sonia Viola 21. Silvia Pesci, Carolina Camilion & Carmen Gomez Alzaga 22. Nelly Palmer & Carla Bronzini

Encounters @ Ventuno

They say the clothing makes the man and no one knows that better than Ventuno. The prestigious international brand is now in the U.S. to make Miami’s men look sleek, stylish, smooth and sophisticated. 1. Elias, Samy, Diego & Lucia Marouki 2. H.L.H. Princess THI-NGA of Vietnam & Lysvan Jimenez 3. Oscar Gonzalez & Ernesto Verano 4. Ivan & Norka Martinez 5. Johana Isaza & Javier Rabinovich 6. David Maranzana & Agrys Gil 7. Leonardo Casali & Francesca Suereth 8. Farid Polania, Ingrid Vengochea & Fernando Escured 9. Mark Duncan, Sherly Reich & Prince Randolph 10. Sheila Gomez, Chris Gomez & Maelys Iys 11. Daniel Ramirez, Victoria Benech & Alejandro Mestred 12. Sonia Petraitis & Aurora Rincon 13. Hayling Gonzalez & Cesar Perez 14. Katherine Petrovskaya & Nonja Hankart 15. Vincenszo Depav & Jon Jacobs 16. Kristi Kinard & AJ Gorrin 17. Mauricio Prattico & Joel Black 18. Susan Berner & Csilla Mezei 19. Antonio Prado & Valeska Rodriguez 20. Lia Esteban & Claudia Rodelas