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Sweat Etiquette

Ah, the gym. A place that evokes images of health, wellness, fitness…and fools. If you think you’re entitled to do as you please because you’re paying a membership fee, think again — so is everyone else! Whether you’re the culprit or you want to show this article to someone who is, take these rules of engagement to heart.

Skytop Paradise

Where do you find a two-story penthouse with 3,200 square feet. of terraces and ample room to live and entertain? That’s simple: at The Ocean Club’s Club Tower I, PH 5. - Featuring Kari Madera

Couture Courts

These looks will ensure you don’t get lost in the crowd on or off the courts. - Featuring Sabbia Jewelry Contributors - Andres Hernandez, Marisol Gomez, Laiz Lardi, Trini, Juan Botero.

Key Players

Featuring Mel Gonzalez, Mike Hussain, Ovidio DeLeon, Mark Chellas

Sony Ericsson Open Guide

2010 Sony Ericsson Open Guide

Hurray for Murray

He’s only 22, but he has a huge weight on his shoulders. Finishing off last year’s Sony Ericsson Open on top, Andy Murray has a lot to think about as makes his way toward Key Biscayne to defend his title. And that’s exactly what he intends to do.

School's In

Riviera Schools is not just a school, it’s a family where a sense of community and a passion for learning meld harmoniously to create an environment where ideas soar and students flourish.

Island Dine

It’s a café, it’s a restaurant, it’s a bar, it’s a bistro. Novecento is all of that, but what you will also soon begin to know it as is your new favorite neighborhood hotspot.

A Tale of Two Island

On Florida’s pristine Gulf Coast, roughly three hours from South Florida, lies a vacation paradise known as Sanibel & Captiva Islands that’s authentically Old Florida, complete with miles of fairytale white-sand beaches nestled against magical aquamarine waters.

Encounters @ Puntino

Giada Pignata celebrated her birthday with an elabroate party at Puntino Downtown with family, friends and guests. 1. Alexandra Leitman, Giada Pignata, Jose & Olivia Baizan 2. Manuela Baselice & Elena Pelli 3. Olivia Balzan & Jessica de Linares 4. Cristian Balbontin & Paige Latterner 5. Cristoforo & Giada Pignata 6. Marco Uperi & Adriano Dicinto 7. Sofia Sohl & Leonardo Hidalgo 8. Paige Latterner, Tracy Goodman & Rosa Ehrlich 9. Jesse Stein, Alex Jimenez & Lawrence Leitman. 10. Claudia & Camillo Baptiste

Encounters w/ Isa Zapata & Green Grass

Green Grass, Isa Zapata and international photographer Sergio Fama teamed up for a “Love Fest” event featuring artist Isa Zapata’s signature hearts. A total of 5% of the proceeds went to the International Rescue Committee to help the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. 1. Isa Zapata, Maria Borovio, Lorena Coyle, Pilar Jimenez & Claudia Sanz 2. Barbara Folatelli & Sol Borchardt 3. Claudia & Carlos sanz 4. Dana Abreu, Laura Torreballeda & Sylvia Mendoza 5. Isa Zapata & Marisol Rua 6. Roland Rafuls, Rosana Emanuelli, Cristina Hoyos & Luis M Posee 7. Jenny Lewis, Paola de castro & Monica Rose Diaz 8. Mario Henao, Paola Tesone & Isa Zapata 9. Patricia Rivadeneira, Elias Maida, Lorena Holguin, Angela Boni & Nick Garcia 10. Lucia Salgado & Benjamin Odell

Encounters @ Novecento

Novecento Restaurant held its Grand Opening at their new Key Biscayne location. The island’s who’s who showed up to taste the new fare and sip on the restaurant’s signature cocktails. 1. Claudia and Javier Cividini 2. Simon, Marjorie and Samuel D’Alfonso, Pablo Arraya and Domenico D’Alfonso 3. Dr. Jaime Vergara, Susana and Lily Pais and Carlos Morales 4. Annette Lopez, Maria Jose Valdivieso and Sandra Munilla 5. Belen Robredo and Graciaela Ortiz 6. Andres and Carolina Ballestas 7. Laura Jergal, Maria Merecedes Gonzalez and Rita Interano 8. Miguel Lain and Mario Velo 9. Fatima, Rafael and Delia Olarra 10. Juan Castro Alter and Verónica Alter Olivera 11. Laurent Issartel Alain de Grelle and Sterling Hamill 12. Silvia Pesci and Maritza Minor 13. Adriana Spitale, Cecilia Piva, Mora Rolotti and Silvia Pesci 14. Angeles Helou, Gaby Heinz and Florencia and Carlos Moni 15. Luciana and Diego Barral 16. Eloy Quintanero, Rocio Abollado and Miklos Zudor 17. Pablo Rolotti, Javier Cividini and Hector Rolotti 18. Edgar and Cecilia Beltran 20. Mark Kirn Francoise Dreuil, Eduardo Blanco and Marianna Martin

Encounters @ KB Burgers

KB Burger & More held it’s Grand Opening on Key Biscayne. The entire neighborhood took a collective big bite out of the new juicy offerings. 1. Amin Taoulost, Philip Wynne and Raffaele Mandis 2. Adriana Wynne and Francoise Dreuil 3. Heidi Arguelles, Christian Balbontin and Page Latterner 4. Jeff and Lance Grainger 5. Froncoise Dreuil, Maria Isabel Cordovas and Benedicte Blanc-Fontinelle 6. Camille, Anastasia, Richard and Sarah Wagner 7. Terry and Norris Fein 8. Brett Graff and Barbara Peña 9. Daelyn and Mika Einhorn, Isabella, Olivia, Alessandra and Tino Peña 10. Melissa, Galo and Michelle Bustamante 11. Alexia Noriega and Remi Fuchs 12. Andres Urpi and Monica Ciocca 13. Adriana and Philip Wynne 14. Bruno, Helio, and Katalina Gara

Encounters @ Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch Miami Beach hosted “Cocktails & Networking by the Sea,” an event that brought together area movers-and-shakers and VIPs. 1. Jennifer Valdes, Shawn Wariastia & Maite Velez 2. Bo Cumbo & Joe Tomassetti 3. Chreryl Murphy & Lisa Murphy 4. Tania Morariu & Katja Janzon 5. Cesar Lizarraga & Shane Molinaro 6. Fabiola Castro & Manouch Neme 7. Lucy Toquica & Carmen Gonzalez 8. Ladyane Lopez, Regan Glover & Mario Celada 9. Oli Perez & Valeska Rodriguez 10. Charlie Melendez, Juan Casimiro & Nelson Ferrera 11. Ana Plesent, Kevin Abril & Rebecca del Monte 12. Cindy Jimenez & Gisel Jimenez 13. Jeff Stubins & Sheila Shteyrendirg 14. Gina Tinoco & Stella Chavez 15. Marianne Sepeira, Connie Meras & Maria Martin 16. Leeann Rawson & Lisa Ross 17. Kelly Garganta & Janette Corral 18. Andres Corral & Andres Garganta 19. Andrea Piedranita & Catalina Salazar 20. Belkis Alama & Manny Huerda 21. Kay Rivas & Laurien Witte 22. Dr. Ghassan Fahel, Tanya Camacho & Dr Mauricio Cuellar

Encounters w/ Ernersto Peralta

As Ernersto Peralta turned the Big Four-O, he had a wonderful time with all his friends and family, many of whom came from Mexico to celebrate. It was a beautiful evening filled with joy, happiness, well-wishes, presents and lots of candles! 1. Ernesto & Veronica Peralta 2. Alejandro & Maria Mena, Rosabel Dasso & Mariana Tonarely 3. Vicente & Diana Bustamante, Brigitte Nachtigall & Mike Aixala 4. Carmen & Ray Velazquez 5. Arturo & Loles Cajiga 6. Milonga & Sergio Carrera 7. Dolores Aramburu, Ernesto Peralta & Luis Hoyo 8. Roberto Bruschini, Valerie & James Leach 9. Christine & Victor Galliano 10. Aidita & Javier Vizoso 11. Leticia & Wendell Pfeffer 12. Phillip & Saskia Touret with Dr. Raul Galliano 13. Irene Guiot, Magaly La Plana & Judith Lebrija 14. Viviana Fernandez, Adriana Albarran & Veronica Peralta 15. Valeria & Verito Peralta 16. Adriana Von Simson & Gabriela Sanchez-Yarza 17. Monica Narro, Claudia Peralta-Domenech & Oscar Narro 18. Victor Mestre, Ernesto & Veronica Peralta & Mariela Cisneros Mestre

Encounters @ The Square

The Square Shopping Center and Key Biscayne Community Foundation hosted a fundraiser to aid the neglected children of Haiti. Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce President Michele Estevez personally delivered all of the goods collected at the event. 1. Francinne Luc, Michele Estevez, Ricardo Pierre, Mary Tague, Ambroise Odilson, Natahlie Basick & Jill Gomez (committee) 2. Jennifer Ren 3. Lauren, Melissa, Caroline & Danielle Silva 4. Geraldine and Darlene Pierre 5. Mercy Brito, Pepin & Adela Reguera 6. Daniela Bueso, Carol Somadavilla, Claudia Kaupert, Mirta Morales & Patrick Walfenzao 7. Alexandra Andrews & Florencia Badino 8. Gillian Phillips, Albert Philion, Ghandi Daniel, Henny Groschel & Marco Gomez 9. Ghandhi Daniel, Rara Kuyu, Ashton & Tonty Francoeur 10. Vintina Nairn & Chris Reynaga 11. Rosa & Steven Johnson & Elaine Gross 12. Venante Exalant, Mikens Akasan & Martha Cheri 13. Mary Tague & Nathalie Basick 14. Terry Manrara, Carol Somadavilla, Sofia Costa & Mary Tague 15. Ghandhi Daniel, Rara Kuyu, Olga Vargas & Ricardo Pierre 16. Lauren, Natalie & Carlos Batlle

Encounters @ Rusty Pelican

The 5th Annual Nicaraguan breakfast, bazaar, raffle and fashion show by Coco Paris at Rusty Pelican was a success that benefitted Manos del Sur Nicaragua- Asociacion Pan y Amor. 1. Maria Patricia Somarriba, Maritza Minor, Ana Somarriba, Charlotte Somarriba & Katia Goldstein 2. Linda Chehab, Coralie Duchamp, Luchi Houlzet & Maryjo Pinedo 3. Jill Stephens, Miriam Duncan & Susan Joch 4. Mara Santalla & Silvia Pesci 5. Cesar Rodriguez & Maria Jose Salina 6. Randy Lack & Phili Bullard 7. Linda Laquer & Susan McConnell 8. Carmencita Butler & Vickie Krall 9. Marlene Vazquez & Marcela Brown 10. Claudina Garmendia & Jessica De Linares 11. Paulina Montes, Maria Patricia Somarriba & Diego Stecchi 12. Elisa Duemichen & Chila Batalha 13. Paulina Montes, Ruben Weisson & Charlotte Somarriba 14. Toby Rohrer, Patricia Roisenvit & Allison Ortiz 15. Silvanna Giuffrida & Trish Flik 16. Natalie Ramani & Carmencita Butler 17. Maria Padovan & Ines Lozano 18. Zara Zayas & Maria Claudia DeOca 19. Antonella Palazio & Sandra Borgonovo 20. Yvette Broucek, Melissa Silva, Florencia Godward & Phili Bullard