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Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

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Featuring Susana Hansen, Giulietta Ulloa, Silvia Bermudez, Esther Prat

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The Senses of Healing

Seen, heard, felt, tasted or smelt anything lately? The five senses (and in some cases, the “Spiritual Sixth”) help get us through life on a daily basis by allowing us to avoid dangers and enjoy everything else around us. Now use your invisible extensions to the world to your advantage with some new therapies aimed at energizing.

Surreal Living

This spacious home in Key Biscayne offers plenty of room for living and entertaining all year round, indoors and out — all in a perfect, spacious package that will turn this dream house into a dream home the moment you move in. - Featuring Brigitte de Langeron

Wardrobe Impact

Sometimes all you need to do if you want to take your look to the next level is to tap into your inner Bond Girl and let fashion take its course one outfit at a time. - Contributors - Sergio Fama, Johanna Cure, Marinella Infante.

Key Players

Featuring T.J. Giuffrida, M.D.; Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, Maritza Minor, Marisol Gomez, Martha Fernandez of Martha’s Unisex Beauty Salon

Legal Warrior

Immigration and business lawyer James Gagel promises to seamlessly help take any entity to the next level, no matter where it originated thanks to his unique expertise locally, nationally and abroad with a variety of clients in almost every circumstance imaginable.

Mdias Touch

These days, it seems like everything serial entrepreneur and Key Biscayne resident Jose Luis Bueno touches is turning to gold. His key to success is turning his passions and pastimes into reality — from launching car clubs and real estate firms to creating family entertainment centers from scratch and everything in between.

Burger Heaven

Key Biscayne’s first authentic burger joint will not only satiate your appetite for a world-class hamburger with a twist, it’ll also give you a whole lot more to look forward to whether you dine in or take out.

Encounters @ EFG Capital

1. Carlos Moni, Josie Beeck, Victor Echavarria and Marlo Fernandez 2. Mari and Sixto Campano 3. Jeanette Barker, Lourdes Almagro-Araujo and Alexandra Rumie 4. Ana Somarriba and Marla Patricia Somarriba 5. John Coronel, Scout Weyman, Silvana Santos and Manuel Fernandez 6. Aurelio Del Corral, Octavio and Florencia Rinaldi and Alejandro Robledo 7. Ethan Jonson and Ariel Jimenez 8. Jorge Boj, Jessica Fiocco and Fernando Rodriguez 9. Maria Luisa de Jesus and Henry Devalle

Encounters @ Ocean Club

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation held their annual Aqua Party at The Ocean Club, hosted by Event Chair Christina Termine and Co-Chairs Christine Housen and Ximena Antuñez de Mayolo. It was a great night with cocktails, dinner, dancing and a fantastic auction. 1. Ximena Antuñez de Mayolo, Christina Termine and Christine Housen 2. Dr. Susana Leal Kohuri, Barclay Collins and Shery Reed 3. Matthias and Dianne Kammerer 4. Michele Estevez, Giannina and Alex Cobo and Christopher and Lesa Blackman 5. Ana Somarriba, Kathia Goldstein, Maria Patricia Somarriba and Lili Aguirre 6. Luz and Dr. Raul Ravelo and Ana Gloria Rivas-Vazquez 7. Suzanne Bellucci, Mary Tague and Laura Battle 8. Lorraine Sonnabend and Mary Roman 9. Bill Crabill, Sally Seltzer and Stacia and John Paul Bahamondes 10. Larry Schenck and Marilyn Myles 11. Devin and Carolina White, Jamie Bourbeau and Taylor and Melissa White 12. Mike and Jaqueline Menendez 13. Steve Demar, Marta Nobo and Raul Carillo 14. Anne and Eugenio Rothe 15. Maritza Minor, Ana Somarriba and Christina Termine 16. Johanna and George Earle 17. Frank Andrews and Autumm Hines 18. Toby and Bill Roherer and Florencia and Claudio Zichy 19. Ana Ramoski and Jennifer Foster

Encounters w/ Lourdes Jofre Collett

Lourdes Jofre Collett and Tim Collett hosted a kick-off party at their private residence for Baptist Hospital Gold Anniversary Ball, which will take place on Nov. 20, 2010. 1. Steven Minor, Karl Cetta and Jorge Picaza 2. Lourdes Jofre Collette and Barbara Norland 3. George Foyo and Lois Russell 4. Pam Garrison and Dede Moss 5. Mike Walsh and Risa and Stephen Parsons 6. Dan and Trish Bell, Tim Collett and Lourdes Jofre Collett 7. Luisa Foyo, Lourdes Jofre Collett and Lori Elsbree 8. Jorge and Mari Tere Trelles 9. Pam Garrison and Kirk London 10. Eric Garcia and Cristina Menendez 11. Patsy and Arturo Aballi 12. Ruth and Ron Rosenberg 13. Ricardo Jofre and Lourdes Jofre Collett 14. Cecilia Ruttiman, Steven Minor, Carmencita Butler and Marco Ruttiman

Encounters w/ Key Biscayne Presbyterian School

The Key Biscayne Presbyterian School held their 8th Annual Stone Crabs Under The Stars dinner and fundraiser to benefit the school. 1. Billy and Liz Pesch 2. Pauline and Bob Shaw 3.Julie Stuart and Galicia Rothe 4. Amy and Dr. Jaime Zambrano, Paige Latterner and Christian Balbontin 5. Javier and Romina Lentino 6. Jennifer Cortes, Chris Figueredo, Rev. David Moran and Lara Figueredo 7. Leni Weber, Sigrum Hernandez, Monica Campana and Jill Stephens 8. Jennifer Cortes, Lisa Velazquez, Valeria Borroto and Amelita Courtney 9. Jennifer Foster, Ana Ramoski and Liz Pesch 10. Tricia, Cork and Julie Flik 11. Kim Rizio, Ricardo and Amy Valdivia 12. Eduardo and Gabriela Imery and Tom and Maite Thornton 13. Vanessa Chartouni De la Serna and Jose and Veronica Hidalgo 14. Enrique and Astrid Falla 15. Meg Holderman, Melissa Silva and Liz Pesch 16. Anne Rothe and Jane Stuart 17. Stacia and John Paul Bahamondes 18. Jen Earle, Jose Lopez and Julie Islami 19. Katja and Roberto Carvalho 20. Alfredo and Beatriz Rabassa 21. Lupe and Graham Curtis and Tonya Souki

Encounters @ Key Biscayne

Friends and fans gathered to enjoy two fun-filled nights of rock ‘n’ roll at the Ibis Lounge featuring the sounds of local band “As-Is.” 1. Manny Garcia,Yvi Garcia, Roger Rodriguez, Manny Fernandez 2. Cali Alvarez, Elizabeth Brown, Niki Alvarez 3. Maggie Castillo Fernandez 4. Wichi Alberni, Aime Alberni, Bebe & Christy Olaechea 5. Band Group 6. Wilfredo Borroto, Jorge Luzarraga, Daphne Borroto, Monica Luzarraga, Valeria & Otto Borroto, 7. Herman Valerius,Leo Maceiras, Yvi Garcia, Roger Rodriguez, Jed Royer, Roy Rodriguez 8. Carlos & Jenn Martinez, Maggie & Leo Maceiras 9. Leni Andrews Weber, Monica Luzarraga, Alina Gonzalez 10. Iko Spencer, Cristina Parsons, Annette Figueredo, Allie Garcia-Serra 11. Milena Fernandez, Mike Gonzalez, Luis “Devo” De Varona 12. Alina & Andy Freyre, Michael Alberni 13. Larry Elgarresta, Alex Tirse, Guillermo Fernandez, Manny Fernandez, Henry Bell, Jesse Suarez, Jose Sanchez 14. Albert Castro, Yvi Garcia, Andres Mendoza, Christina Mendoza 15. Heileen Bell, Maggie Fernandez, Milena Fernandez, Alexandra Elgarresta, Melissa Sanchez 16. Cristal Trujillo, Milena Fernandez, Camelia Gelabert, Sylvana Santos

Encounters w/ Puntino

Puntino catered another phenomenal event during the launch party for tennis twins Bob & Mike Bryan at The Wolfington’s residence in Key Biscayne. 1. Cristoforo and Giada Pignata 2. Janette and Jorge Uribe 3. David Ziegelman and Astrid Marten 4. Laura Buccellati and Giovanni Grimaldi 5. Teresita Amonn-Ortega, Nancy White and Melissa Silva 6. Jessica de Linares, Giada Pignata and Caro Murciano 7. Dario Tani and Melisa Cuetara 8. Johanna and Ricardo Fernandez-Salvador 9. Manuela Baselice and Leonardo Hidalgo 10. Janee Blackwell and Violeta Reyes 11. Alison Rich and Martha Clarke 12. Janice and Jolm Colozza 13. Emilio Robba, Antoine Lamarche, Natalia Vietto and Germain Vialatte 14. Claudio Cano, Adriana Lucia and Andres Castro 15. Kristin and Gregg Muhlner 16. Glgi Rodriguez and Alana Gissen 17. Andres Martinez and Macarena Zubiria 18. Larry Curran, Stephan Croix and Ryan Woltington 19. Fernando Sanche, Ana Wolfington, Alfonso Montiel and Manny Curbello

Encounters @ Key Biscayne

The American Academy of Dermatology recently hosted the annual Women’s Dermatology Society’s meeting on Key Biscayne, bringing together dermatology professionals and their friends under one roof. 1. Dr. Roger Khouri, Dr. Susana Leal-Khouri and Marilyn and Willy Borroto 2. Teresa Bara and Miguel Suarez 3. Christine Klein and Julie Hodge 4. Dr. Keith Harris and Yinka Adesokan 5. Waylon Duncan and Dr. Yvette George 6. Kathleen Hectorne MD, Wendy Roberts MD and Janet Hickman MD 7. Andy Frankel and Sarah Grummer 8. Valerie Callender, Errol Clarke and Cheryl Burgess 9. Kaylee Kildare and Michael Goodman 10. Barbie Lopez, Maria Aranda and Julissa Knapp

Encounters @ Vanguard School

The Vanguard School of Coconut Grove celebrated a Fun Flamenco Fest at CIFO recently. Parents, friends and staff gathered for a wonderful evening filled with dinner, dancing and an incredible auction. 1. Miguel Gutierrez, Susana Fontanells & Victor Mestre 2. Carolina Luque & Asuncion Pardo 3. Maria Lowe, Rosaura Rodriguez, Brigitte Nachtigall & Beatriz Arismendi 4. Virginia Cordoba & Miguel Gutierrez 5. John & Ronnie Havrilla 6. Ana Posada, Dr. Alejandro Posada & Maggie Hernandez 7. Brady Elliot and Dr. Elizabeth A Ouellette 8. Ana Arismendi-Urdaneta & Jose Urdaneta 9. Chad Tauber & Daniela Wicki 10. Peter & Maria Galan