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Featuring Ivette Fernandez of Key Therapy, Riviera New High School

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Featuring Brigitte Nachtigall, Ana Somarriba, Doug Kinsley, Brigitte de Langeron

Compass Health

Featuring Adita Lang of Inner Strength Studio

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Featuring Marisol Gomez

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Featuring Chuck Downs of Northwestern Mutual

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Featuring Miami Drive, Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling


Featuing Silvia Karman Cubina

The Faces of Chocolate

We get down to the root of everybody’s favorite guilty pleasure to discover what makes each of chocolate’s varieties unique. What we found will make you want to eat them all up — or pick a favorite!

Moms of the Year

Featuring Allison Eng-Perez, Amy Zambrano, Alexandra Leitman, Patricia Flik, Maria Elena Aguila. Contributors Sabbia Jewelry, Trini, Kate Benson.

Home Perfect

Take a tour of this stunning 3,581-square-foot, 4 bed/5.5 bath residence at the Ocean Club’s Ocean Tower One, Unit 1002, complete with ample family room, separate home office and comfortable maid’s quarters. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world as you gaze at the horizon over breathtaking, endless views of the ocean! - Featuring Susana Hansen & Paola Padovan

Key Player

Featuring Evelyn Uslar-Pietri’s, Cecilia Ramos of Ceci’s Hair & Spa, Timothy Piccin of Hydros Coastal Solutions, Inc, Macarena Zubiria of Macarena Accessories

Paging Dr. Mom

Heather Williams, MD, insists on her role to socially improve the community that surrounds her. And it’s through this goal that she has become an inspiration to career and familyoriented men and women who are just as grateful for life’s opportunities as she is — and as eager to balance it all!

Encounter @ St. Stephen's

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School held their Annual Fundraiser featuring more than 15 Miami restaurants providing delicious samplings of some of their best offerings to benefit the kids! 1. Alexandra Leitman, Cristina Penafiel & Jimena Stein 2. Andrea Nachitgall-Connor & Marialuisa Benavides 3. Gabriela Imery, Carola Pimentel and Annaelise Romero 4. Javier and Marcela Jaramillo, Mariela Cisneros and Victor Mestre 5. Jimmy and Kirsy Ly 6. Juan Carlos and Uchi Botero 7. Karine and Bruce Youner 8. Marcela Jaramillo, Elisa Baptista and Victora Capote 9. Stephanie Sayfie-Aagaard, Antonio Mora and Darlene Perez

Encounter @ Miami Beach

“The Art Fair of the Americas” was held at The Miami Beach Convention Center and hosted an extravagant crowd of art lovers. 1. Steven Minor, Romy & Ken Lancaster 2. Veronica Cervera, Ana Gravier, Toby Roherer & Carolina Pritelli 3. Michele Frisch, Philippe Dodard & Rachel Moscoso Denis 4. Cecilia Ruttiman, Daniela Wicki, Nahila Campos & Claudia Ammirata 5. Eduardo Chirino, Edurne Esponda & Enrique Garcia 6. Gloria Segura & Ted Milford 7. Natalia Reparaz & Nina Torres 8. Rocio Granados & Susana Braun 9. Federico Vega & Enrique Garcia with Lourdes & Raul Cremata 10. Bob Horton, Vivian Perez-Salamero, Carmencita Butler, Maria Luisa Gonzalez Revilla & Sylvia Pope 11. Vivian Sosa, Taber Aristizabol & Maria Luisa Gonzalez Revilla 12. Raul Cremata with Maria & Roberto Moreira 13. Isabel Stanzione & Alba Zylverman 14. Robert & Hilda Oliva with Helen & Agustin Perez-Cervera 15. Henry Bellido, Lissy Sierra & Maria Luisa Gonzalez Revilla 16. Sonia Siesholtz, Gabriel Gonzalez & Carmen Aleman Healy 17. Jimena, Raul & Maria Guijarro

Encounter @ Bice Restaurant

A glowing evening at Bice Restaurant in South Beach was held by 2010 Baptist Ball Chair Lourdes Jofre-Collett to kick off the Gold Anniversary of Baptist Hospital. 1. Fred Newcomb & Norma Ryder 2. Marlene Vazquez, Steven Minor and Lisette Ramirez 3. George W. Foyo, Lourdes Jofre Collett and Brian Keely 4. Jamie Thomas, Stephen Parsons and Lisette Owens 5. Dr. John M. Cassel, Dr. Robert Derhogopian and Dr. Michel H. Nahmad 6. Arlene and Allen Furst, Amy Goldstein, Risa Parsons and Karen Robins 7. Alex Joseph and Kelly Ann 8. Antonio Quezada and Kayla Cruz

Encounter @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt was a hit this year, complete with a special visit from the Easter Bunny himself! 1. Mike Rica (Commodore) and Mary Tague (Seabelle) 2. Joan, Jaime & Aileen Mc Caughan with Melissa & Caitlyn White 3. John, Mike, Angelica & Donna Rica 4. Carlos, Maribel & Mateo Wiegering 5. Staria & John Pettersen 6. Sebastian, Tony, Irina & Mia Fernandez 7. Heidy, Andre & Arthur Leal 8. Taylor, Melissa & Caitlyn White 9. Tanya Simms, Ariana & Sofia Regalado with Sebastian & Chloe Simms 10. Alexandra, Justin, Megan & Frank Andrews with Helen Welsh 11. Marilyn Cale & Fiona Hawkins 12. Mary & Nicole Allruam 13. Manuel, Paola & Eva Sofia Pozo 14. Tatiana Blanco with Sebastian & Santiago Sanz 15. Rudy & Catie Noriega Morel with Chiqui Labarrere and John & Ella Noriega Morel 16. Emma & Mariana Hardie with Carla Kirby 17. Patricia, Camille, Pablo & Mia Castellon 18. TJ & Mikella Giuffrida with Easter Bunny

Encounter w/ EWM

EWM Realtors celebrated its 2009 Top Producers Awards Ceremony at the home of Giulietta Ulloa. A wonderful brunch was enjoyed by all. 1. Ron Shuffield & Giulietta Ulloa 2. Anabella Siblesz Hernandez & Silvia Bermudez 3. Scott Nietzel & Martine Paulin 4. Lilia Ana Lopez, Patrick O’Connell & Gisela Castro 5. Angela Langlois & Marisa Pia Capua 6. Giulietta Ulloa & Silvia Bermudez 7. Patrick O’Connell & Vivian Galego-Mendez 8. Miriam Poggio & Carmen B. Llano-White 9. Anabella Siblesz Hernandez, Noelie Blanco & Lupita Peterfy- Shaya

Encounter @ Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach held an exclusive wine tasting for area VIPs complete with a tasty, healthy dinner afterward at Canyon Ranch Grill. 1. Tony Rojas, Ary Velasco & Malcom Brown 2. Antoinette Vlahar & Daniella Gallego 3. Sheryll & Bob Mcdad 4. Gyan Carlos Fernandez & Barby Dorado 5. Madelyn & Manny Iriarte 6. Adrew Ramirez & Frank Del Cristo 7. Cori Wiese & Tiffany Field 8. Rita Hernandez & Iliana Cruz

Encounter @ Bertofino's

Smooth jazz and pop vocalist Sylvia Bennett celebrated the release of her latest CD Smile at Bertofino’s. Bennett and Bertofino teamed up once again to create a special event with dining, dancing and an intimate show for guests to enjoy. 1. Paolo Bertolini and Sylvia Bennett 2. Raelea Brobrow, Ruth Weiss and Jeanne Shinefield 3. Michelle Estevez, Steven Minor and Jill Quell 4. Lidia and Bob Brooks 5. Kashara, Ashley, Jennifer, Dennis and Anya Taylor 6. Diann Newman and Arthur Ackerman 7. Jim and Pat Eraso 8. David and Joy Montserrat 9. Yvette Murphy, Sergio Maciá and Lucrecia Loumiet 10. Miriam Duboy, Hector Esteve, Ines Abascal and Miriam Esteve 11. Kashara Taylor and Sebastian Hidalgo Sola 12. Jorge and Ana Maria Hine 13. Alice and Stephen Takach 14. Amada and Agustin Cruz 15. Lily and Ed Blanco 16. Paolo and Gina Bertolini 17. Sergio and Berta Garcia Palacio and Lilliam and Felix J. Garcia