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Paradise Pretty

Want to look your best this summer? We scoured South Florida to bring you the best beauty, fashion and style tips for 2010’s hottest seson. What we found will make you look great all year long, no matter what the temperature.

Radiant Residence

This sprawling Key Biscayne home in The Ocean Club features all the luxuries of paradise with enough opulence, style and space to keep you entertained for an entire lifetime.- Featuring Doug Kinsley & Cristian Gonzalez

2010 Most Beautiful

Featuring Miriam Duncan, Marcela Tribin, Moira Mac Lean de Gutierrez, Vanessa Sanz de Acedo, Clinton Archambault, Kelly Joyce, Charles Wykoff, Jose Lopez. Contributors Sabbia Jewelry, Marisol Gomez, Trini, Kiko Ricote

Worldly Duo

For the Marturets, two very different lives filled with travel and exceptional experiences lead them to one another — and eventually Key Biscayne. And neither of them would have it any other way. Featuring Athina Klioumi & Eduardo Marturet.

Key Player

Featuring Kiko Ricote of Kikor Commercial Photography, Laura Bracken of Miami Rowing Club, Massimo Stanzione of La Nouvelle Boulangerie, Christina Bracken of ZEMgear, LLC

A Family Affair

From the moment you enter Cool-de- Sac in South Miami, you realize you’ve discovered a unique place where quality dining meets family under one roof. Real family fun has a new name, and it’s eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Encounters w/ Karla Bueno

Karla Bueno celebrated her 40th birthday at her Key Biscayne residence with her friends and family during a joyous gathering complete with singing, dancing and entertainment. All the guests received a CD with Karla’s favorite songs. 1. Karla Bueno, Ceci Divildox, Gracie Canavati and Paola Camara 2. Graicie Canavati, Paola Camara and Martha Poulat 3. Vero Alvarez and Silvia Pesci 4. Elena Magolnick, Luchi Houlzet and Ana Tootle 5. Loles Cajigas, Rosa Picini, Karla Bueno and Gaby Rivero 6. Adriana Von Simson and Maria Cruz Waterhouse 7. Maggy Arana and Karla Bueno 8. Luz Ma, Philli Bullard and Marissa Prado 9. Alexandra Tamames, Mariela Roman, Angela Barco, Luchi Houlzet and Ana Tootle 10. Maria Patricia Somarraba, Shella Batalha, Susan Joch and Florencia Godward 11. Lauren Battle, Susan Joch and Amy Easton

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Presbyterian School

The Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church School held an East African Night serving regional delicacies from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya and Uganda. A silent auction was held with all proceeds benefitting the building of the Tikeet Hospital in West Pokot, Kenya. 1. Vanessa Sanz de Acedo, Tina Del Valle, Anna Wallington and Irina Fernandez 2. Veronica Hidalgo, Jennifer Foster and Silvana Giuffrida 3. Elizabeth and Jorge Londoño 4. Annie and Bill Thompson 5. Maria Joana, Ade and Vanessa Hentz 6. Leo Visconti, Florencia Loyola and Lina Bermudez 7. Luca Longobardi and Rita and Roberto Interiano 8. Ida Cattanco, Ronda Fuchs, Elysze Held, Nancy White and Claudia Potamkin 9. Cristina del Valle, Ray and Angela Podolla 10. Amalia Garrido, Paula Ferreira and Cristina Ramirez 11. Carolina Loyola and Ursula Salvador 12. Mario and Silvia Garcia-Serra 13. Zuli Olavarria, Liz Pesch, Juan Carlos Gomez, Anne Rothe and Ana Gloria Rivas-Vasquez 14. Mary Jo Pinedo, Felipe Obregón and Katia Carvalho 15. Katrina Coto, Saba Dempsey and Cristina Ramirez 16. Senait Ghebresellase, Berhane Asghedom, Amanuel Beyene and Yordanos Habtemariam

Encounters @ Nikolas Aixala

Nikolas Aixala celebrated his First Communion with a party at his home where friends and family gathered for a beautiful luncheon with music and entertainment. It was a day full of joy, love and laughter! 1. Mike Aixala, Brigitte Nachtigall with Nikolas & Alexander Aixala 2. Jose, M Xaviera & Jose A Ortega 3. Rosaura Rodriguez & Angela Barco 4. Amparo Angel, Maria Cecilia Good & Maria Emilia Samper 5. Mariana Cordoba, Virginia Cordoba, Alicia Aixala, Juan Camilo Tamayo & Carla Ossa 6. Veronica Peralta, Saskia Touret, Loles Cajiga, Karina De Vengochea, Diana Bustamante & Rosaura Rodriguez 7. Lily & Daniella Kubiliun 8. Nikolas Aixala with Olivia & Phillip Connor 9. Veronica & Valeria Peralta 10. Ella Urdaneta, Sofia Tonarely & Lily Touret 11. Antonella & Isabella Martinez 12. Karen Martinez, Juanes, Luna, Paloma & Dante Aristizabal, Brigitte Nachtigall & Nikolas Aixala 13. Saskia Touret & Brigitte Nachtigall 14. Max, Alexander & Nikolas Aixala 15. Nikolas Aixala & Francisco Tonarely 16. Ernesto & Veronica Peralta 17. Claudia & Walter Defortuna with Nikolas Aixala 18. Andres Defortuna 19. Rosabel Dasso & Yovanka Sanchez 20. Fernanda Domit & Pily Quiepo

Encounters @ Cool de Sac

Cool-de-Sac in South Miami is quickly becoming the place for families to see and be seen thanks to their delicious gourmet meals and activities for the whole family. 1. Karla & Jose Luis Bueno 2. Ana & Federico Rueda 3. Andrea Roca & Jennifer Santana 4. Carla Mauri & Andrea Rosales 5. Claudia Lequera & Mauricio Perea 6. Fernando Pardo & Gabriela Castillo 7. Francis Barassi & Clara Romero 8. Gabriela Castillo & Fernando Pardo 9. Irene Guiot & Fernando Pardo & Carla Aleman 10. Jerilys & Jennifer Amancio 11. Alec Admire & Patricia Marquez 12. Maria Lasteltano & Rony Mejia 13. Julio Rodriguez & Sarah Leurant & Rick Proven 14. Osalys Torres & Diana Arevalo 15. Raul Rojas & Anina Sillery 16. Viviana Diaz & Oscar Perea 17. Vivian Conterio & Michaelle Laguerre

Encounters w/ McCaughan Memorial

The Eileen McCaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund event was held at Party’s by Pat. Since 1989, friends and family hold an annual pasta dinner to raise funds for the scholarship. Over 100 scholarships have been awarded since its inception, and over $200,000 in scholarship money has been given to more than 100 students in need. 1. Mayra and Ed Stone 2. Greg Mandiola, Jaime McCaughan, Carlos Mandiola, Joan McCaughan with Caitlyn and Melissa White 3. Chris & Debbie Roa 4. Evelyn Godley and Suzette Wanninkhof 5. Peggy Goodman and Vickie Krall 6. Leni Weber, Beatriz Rabassa, Patricia Flik and Hedieh Sepehri 7. Kevin, Omid, Kristina, Ileana, Ashley and Zahra Pouya 8. Gloria and Michael Kahn 9. Alexis Demmi and Alexa Delgado 10. Valeria and Sienna Borroto 11. Sandy Earle and Laura Pearson 12. Nancy White, Bobby Savage and Sally Brody 13. Rob Weintraub, Elaine Gross, Allison Goldberg and Emily Gresham 14. Mike and Donna Rice and Ron Erbel 15. Max Henderson, Birgit Lahaye and Ofelia and Robert McBride 16. Carlos and Lauren Battle and Mark Fried

Encounters @ Grand Bay Club

The Grand Bay Club held their 13th Anniversary party with cocktails, dinner and dancing. It was a great success for all the members to enjoy! 1. Aelen and Evelyn Uslar-Pietri and Dr. Victoria Simons 2. Michele Estevez, Wilson Altesor and Katiuska Aquilera 3. Blas and Ana Miyares and Gloria and Eliser Mendia 4. Edgardo and Cristina De Fortuna, Michelle Duarte and Jose Ignacio Gonzalez 5. Verena Presente and Merecedes Talarico 6. Marcela Jaramillo, Sueli Roberts and Isabel Rego 7. Patricia and Angie Amat 8. Natalia, Raul, Luz and Carolina Ravelo 9. Alfredo and Maria Elena Aguila, Alberto and Mary Jo Pinedo and Sylvia and Larry Curran 10. Elke Coburger and Kiki Kuhnert 11. Claudio and Natali Rosi Oliviera 12. Virginia Di Salvo and Hugo Bianchi 13. Sylvia Bennett, Al Sawelson, Joan Blank, and Joyce and Peter Kory 14. Luciano Roberts, Javier Jaramillo and Rodrigo Rego 15. Nelson Salas, Andrea Gamboa, Enrique and Kathyrn Carrero 16. Giselle Porta, Yulia Kashelkina and Dory Luzardo

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

Hollywood Night came to the Key Biscayne Yacht Club as guests arrived dressed as their favorite Hollywood movie star, impressions included. 1. Charlie (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Angela Nash 2. Betty Mc Manus and Betty Conrad 3. Gail Fried and Christine Houssen 4. Lisa Ware and Ron Drucker 5. Mary Tague and Mac and Elaine Melvin 6. Gary and Jan Draper 7. Robert and Hortencia Hacker and Bonnie and Jim Clayton 8. Mary and Brian Tague and Mike and Donna Rica 9. Jill and Marco Gomez 10. Dr. Robert Maggs and Dr. Vicky Vivas Vazquez 11. Dante Ruggieri and Camille Terry 12. Gabrielle and Tony Ottavio 13. Mike Rice and Dr. Jaime Zambrano 14. Joel and Elena Magolnick and Mark Fried 15. Joan Abrahmsohn, Cristine Houssen and Dr. Glenn Abrahamshon 16. Annbele Stevens and Lauren Battle 17. Willy and Marilyn Borroto 18. Amy Zambrano, Mary Allbraum and Leni Weber

Encounters w/ Key Biscayne Lions Club

The Key Biscayne Lions Club held their annual Argentine-Style BBQ at the Key Biscayne Beach Club, with music, dancing and lots and lots of food! 1. Alberto Velaz, Helmut and Rosemarie Heinrich and Claudio Gotlib 2. Joyce Mutrie, Howard Sanders and Joy Fried 3. Mikel Achaval, Glem DeGrood, Brian Lynch & Helmuth Luttgemann 4. Robert & Eva Musacchia w/ Ron Erbel 5. Matthew Alvarado, Sol & Mariano Grimaux 6. Jovita Burgaz, Macarena Folache, Malena Legarre, Giannina Cobo,Maria Luisa de Marchena, Maite Botto, Silvia Sannia and Lola Mateu 7. Lola and Lola Mateu 8. Jaime Schettini, Antonio Colmenares, Carlos Castellanos, Narciso Muñoz, Iñigo Martinez, Javier Ardió and Vasco Pinto 9. Loli and Marta Zubillaga 10. Steve Trent & Ernesto Giraldo 11. Frank & Helmut Heinrich, Patricia Camino & Felix Heinrich 12. Nicole Niego, Gary Nossaman & Michelle Shurtleff 13. Ilaria Rozzali & Victoria Grimaux 14. Brian Lynch & Ruth Coleman 15. Ben & Amy Acner

Encounters @ Puntino

Putino Restaurant held their Grand Opening at The Square Shopping Center in Key Biscayne with owners Cristoforo & Giada Pignata. Success is inevitable — and tasty! 1. Cristoforo and Giada Pignata 2. Kristin Springer, Judy Reinach, Pat Stroud and Bonnie Craiglow 3. Sofia Montoya, Patricia Tatis, Tatiana Perez and Adriana Rendon 4. Cristina Preti, Sofia Sohl and Stephanie Perez 5. Francesco Marrama, Roxana Zubero and Marco Moreno 6. Paolo Bertolini and Fabio Vaccarella 7. Madeline Basick, Steven Minor and Mary Tague 8. Christina Termine and Rafael Bild 9. Ana Maria Chaparro and Blanca Iser 10. Giada Pignata, Máximo and Verónica Hanozet 11. Rodolfo Elizondo, Michael Cannegieter, Carlos Bustinza and Francesco Marrama 12. Jessica de Linares, Jimena Teijeiro and Silvia Duart 13. Mariana de Vengochea and Delfina Cambon 14. Susana Roth, Dyan Simon and Joy Fried 15. Patrick Putignano, Cristoforo Pignata and Antonio Braschi 16. Julio Diaz, Heynold and Jose Ureña 17. Maria Mercedes Luque and Estefania Ortega 18. Alan Wong and Doreen Jaworski 19. Milly Gambiracio and Laura Romeu 20. Maria Patricia Somarriba and Diego Stecchi 21. Macarena Zubiria, Jessica de Linares and Giada Pignata