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Fashion Fam

There's a lot to look forward to during autumn like back to school time, football season, Halloween and Thanksgiving. But here’s another thing to enjoy: Fall’s fashion trends! Though it may always feel like summer in South Florida, the season of leaves has definitely arrived; and with it, we wave goodbye to Summer 2010 with these fabulous new fall trends for the entire family.

Home Perfect

This beautifully designed abode by Casa Grande Design features every aesthetic and functional detail you could ever want from the moment you enter until the instant you leave. The home of your dreams is not only attainable, it’s here for you to enjoy. - Featuring Ursula Tarafa of Casa Grande Design

See the Light

Get ready to welcome the social season in style this autumn with these head-turning looks that are uniquely Key Biscayne day and night, no matter where your calendar takes you.

Key Player

Featuring Samy Marouki of Ventuno, Marirosa Betancourt, Peter Cohen of Riviera Schools, Alex Cobo of Cobo Construction

A Fashion Fairy Tale

She’s styled some of stardom’s brightest stars, and although fashion may not have necessarily transformed Irma Martinez’s proverbial pumpkin into a carriage, it has certainly changed her life. As Founder and Creative Director of Trendy, Inc., this Key Biscayner’s life is not only fulfilled, it’s fabulous!

Green Easy

Unless you’re planning to start a commune in Crandon Park, being Green comes down not only to what’s best, but what’s practical. We lay out some tips and considerations to keep you Green all season long.

Encounters w/ Ana Cristina

Ana Cristina Defortuna hosted a beautiful party at the Grand Bay Club for her sister Rosabel Dasso who moved back to Peru with her family after calling Key Biscayne her home for many years. Family and friends all gathered to give the best ferwell wishes to a dear sister, daughter and wonderful friend who is an example to all who have had the pleasure of knowing her . 1. Ana Tootle, Brigitte Nachtigall, Rosabel Dasso, Ana Cristina Defortuna, Yovanka Sanchez, Suly Shwartz 2. Maite Norona, Maria Cruz Waterhouse, Rosabel Dasso & Elena Magolnick 3. Claudia Yidi, Tere Velez & Gigi Guerra 4. Ana Arellano & China Ortega 5. Monica Defortuna & Norma Henriquez 6. Uchi Botero & Maria Andrea Lara 7. Marina Tonarely, Rosabel Dasso & Brigitte Nachtigall 8. Linda Salcedo, Cecilia Ruttiman, Rosabel Dasso, Mariana Tonarely & Monica Henao 9. Milagros Ayala, Rita Munoz, Marines Duarte & Michelle Duarte-Gonzalez

Encounters @ Boater's Grill

Family and friends recently gathered at Boater’s Grill in Key Biscayne to celebrate David Gonzalez’s 62 birthday, complete with music, dancing and great food all day long. 1. David Gonzalez, Adam Rapport, Lindsay Richman and Robert Busby 2. Carlos Abreu, Amparo Rojas, Rosa and Carlos Abreu, Reina Gonzalez and Norma Abreu 3. Mari Duran and Vivian Espinel 4. Alfredo Gonzalez, Ivette Oquendo, Maricarmen Vazquez, Kim Hendrix, Reina Gonzalez and David Hendrix 5. Thelva Jiménez, Maria Luisa Gonzalez and Elsa Pascuale 6. Omar Acosta, Leopoldo Herrera, Marisol Gonzalez and Ana and Armando Martir 7. Dalia and Ileana Lopez

Encounters w/ EWM

EWM Realtors participated in their 10th Fourth of July Parade and received runner-up in the category of “Best Homemade Float” while the entire team enjoyed themselves with their co-workers and families. 1. Vivian Galego-Mendez, Managing Broker, Esther Prat 2. Rosemary Baragana & Silvia Caicedo 3. Isis Alvarez-Renta, Carmen B. Llano-White, Noelie Blanco & Mari Mayoral 4. F. Peter Capua, Marisa Capua, Grace Owen, Massimo Hernandez 5. Jonathan Mendez 6. Mari and Catalina Mayoral 7. Michael Patti, Marlita Rivas, Angelo and Esther Prat 8. Marisa Capua 9. Noelie Blanco 10. Gaby Costales, Nicole Galego, Jonathan Mendez, Vivian Galego-Mendez

Encounters @ US Mexico Chamber

The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce’s Inter-American Chapter welcomed international business and community leaders during a private reception at the home of Board Member Ernesto Peralta to kick off the 12th annual Inter-American Chapter Board of Director’s Reunion and discuss ways to increase awareness, trade and business relationships between companies in Florida and Mexico. 1. Elba Hentschel, Patrick Ilabaca, Mike Ronan, Erksy Ricaño, David Rosemberg,Miguel Oliva, Candido Viyella 2. Juan Miguel and Grazyna Gutiérrez-Tinoco, Veronica & Ernesto Peralta 3. Milonga Carrera, Veronica Peralta, Viviana Fernández, Emma Souza 4. Ernesto & Veronica Peralta, Carmen & Rey Velázquez 5. Bill Johnson,Claudia Piñera,Juan J. Gallardo, John Price 6. Gerardo Alton, Gaby Rivero, Fito Giron 7. Andrés Oppenheimer 8. Wendy Grant, Richard Estevez

Encounters w/ Miami Drive

Miami Drive was a sponsor of the Paulina Rubio & Friends concert benefiting the Lili Claire Foundation at the Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater. 1. Jessica Levy-Kiibler, Darlene & Jorge Perez, Adriana Lara 2. Alan and Silvana Tacher and Nacho Vega 3. Marlene Kristoff- Ashi and Sharon Hovde 4. Kati Castroneves, Eduardo Assola and Genilde Guerra 5. Barbie Bostwick, Carolina Santamarina, Brooke Evans, Yvette Ortiz 6. Marines Duarte and Fabiola Almerini 7. Steven Minor 8. James and Mindy Cassel, Naim Abodarab, Katya Segovia 9. The Kids

Encounters @ Puntino

Puntino Restaurant in Key Biscayne recently hosted a festive birthday party for Matias Cavalieri and his closest family and friends, complete with plenty of food, drinks and cheers for everyone in attendance. 1. Cristoforo Pignata & Matias Cavalieri 2. Diego & Luciana Barral 3. Xime Teijeiro & Giada Pignata 4. Juan Saudino & Pablo Larguia 5. Ariel Jimenez, Diego Canalda & Roberto Gamarra 6. Phil Seebok, Claudia & Parry 7. Constancio & Clara Larguia 8. Fernando Badia, Xime Seebok & Rosario Goldenhorn 9. Stefano Mossi, Jaime Otto Krause & Mrs. Krause 10. Jimena & Roberto Gamarra

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

Keeping in the spirit of having parties with a movie theme, the Key Biscayne Yacht Club hosted a “Godfather Party” offer the members couldn’t refuse! 1.Dennis Shaw, Karen Holmquist 2. Victoria Krall, Patrick Walfenzao & Monica Silva 3. Dorothy Lomenick 4. Carlos & Lauren Batlle 5. Josephine & John Rice 6. Ricardo Montoya & Sidney White-Montoya 7. Jacquie Greene & Candy Carter 8. Don Corleone, Jameela Blumberg & Brian Tague 9. Chris Houseen, Pete & Nancy Rice 10. Mary Tague, Mike & Donna Rice 11. Donnie Hall Jr. & Paola Padovan 12. Mary Tague 13. Amy & Jaime Zambrano 14. Tom & Leni Weber 15. Partick Walfenzao & Marilyn Cale 16. Jameela & David Blumberg 17. Beatriz & Alfredo Rabassa 18. Lauren Batlle, Don Corleone, Darlyne Chauve & Thomas Di Nanno 19. Carlos Mandiola & Joan McCaughan