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Featuring Ursula Barrantes -Tarafa of Casa Grande Design Group, Myriam Rojas of M.Z. Design, Inc, Mariano Grimaux of Stone of the Caribbean, Oscar Glottman of Glottman & Glottman Anteprima, Alberto Linero of Ligon Woodworks, Inc

Ocean Oasis

Saint Barthélemy, better known as St.Barth, is a connoisseur’s delight and features some of the best hotels, high-end restaurants and most fashionable clubs in The Americas, sprinkled between 21 pristine beaches surrounded by stunning seas. It’s hard not to fall in love with this exceptionally well-preserved 8-square-mile island while experiencing living there...or considering it. - Featuring Barnes Realty

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Let luxury take center stage this season with the perfect mix of flair and opulence. These must-have essentials will ensure... - Featuring Vhernier Miami. Contributors - Andres Hernandez, Marisol Gomez, Guillermo Lugo, Cory Bauer.

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COMPAC The Surfaces Company combines natural beauty with modern science to create gorgeous surfaces perfect for just about any space. Featuring Carlos Ferrando

Encounters w/ Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual The Miami Group held a reception, conference and Q&A networking event for Income Tax and Estate Tax Reduction at the Grand Bay Club in Key Biscayne, complete with cocktails and tapas. 1. Chuck Downs & Juan Luis Rodriguez 2. Cassia Silvia & Kenneth Bluh 3. Kathye Susnjer & Cheryl Lawko 4. Mort & Joy Fried 5. Michelle Estevez & Suzy Ide 6. Glen Von Hartz & Jim Brewster 7. Chuck Downs & Barry Haimo 8. Barry Haimo, Juan Luis Rodriguez & Peter Black 9. Kathalyn & Michael Haimo & Susana Pfeifer

Encounters @ Dr. Martin's

Dr. John Martin recently relocated his offices to 2912 Douglas Rd. in Coral Gables. The Open House party showed just how popular the celebrated doctor is in South Florida and beyond! 1. Ribbon Cutting 2. Vanessa Seiler & Dr. John Martin 3. Mary Tague & Bob de la Fuente 4. Catherine Kiel & Alice Kiel 5. Diana Sweet & James Seymour 6. Charles Pennachio & Jose Quintana 7. Maureen Curtain & Marta Perez 8. Alina Campos Vega & Isela Sotolongo 9. Ana Pereira, Martha Ramos & Vicky Fernandez 10. Katya Fedeneva & Dawn Pennachio 11. Daisyn Macias, Sonia & Eduardo Carballo 12. Mia Weddell, Jack Baruch & Daimy Martinez 13. Ann Marie Collins & Ivon Saif 14. Don & Jeannette Slesnick 15. Maritza Nunez & Peter Murray 16. Debra Szymanski & Susan Metz 17. Rosa Perera & Lydia Cruz 18. Allison Cohen & Forrest McSurdy 19. Martine & Carlos Chomut & Evelyn Paz 20. Vanessa Seiler & Esther Borroto

Encounters @ Ritz Carlton

Marah Caban celebrated a very special birthday beachside at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. Guests celebrated the special occasion while taking in the views, sea breezes and perfect weather. 1. Marah Caban and Lily Paiz 2. Nicolas Mavri and Marah Caban 3. Miranda Stasulli, Omayra Burbano and Lesley Hernandez 4. Rebecca Johnson and Zulmarie Padin 5. Rosa and John Slavounoi 6. Gene and Fabiola Harkey 7. Vanessa Velez and Gisella Caban 8. Ana Maria Barassi and Lourdes Fernandez 9. Mike and Lesley Hernandez 10. Belen Mendoza, Nicolas Mavri and Cerril Lawko

Encounters w/ Puntino

St. Christopher’s by the Sea Montessori School held their annual Parent’s Dinner Night. Guests enjoyed the evening while learning more about the school’s mission, goals and initiatives. 1. Laura Marmol, Alejandro Branger and Bernardo and Margarita Telles Da Silva 2. Claire Ibarra, Stephanie Brown, Pilar Birriel and Dr. Leslie Lasserville 3. Giada and Cristoforo Pignata 4. Lavr and Edward Miller 5. Martha and Bruce Cuthbertson and Brunella Barnett 6. Kelly Guma & Tino Peña 7. Kiki Ricote and Gaby Rivero 8. Isern Blanca and Jane Morris 9. Luisa Stelling, Maria Olivia Segui and Ana del Cueto

Encounters @ St. Agnes

Monika Sanchez Seijas and Otto Seijas baptized their son Santiago Seijas Sanchez at St. Agnes Church before celebrating with a beautiful luncheon at the Grand Bay Club where family and friends all gathered for a very special and beautiful occasion. 1. Monika Sanchez Seijas, Santiago Seijas Sanchez & Otto Seijas 2. Anabel Ferreiro & Alfredo Di Lucente 3. Amelie Damien with Pascal and Jacquinet Damien 4. Christianne Mora & Bertila Pozo 5. Carlos Marquez, Julia Dangond Marquez & Carlitos Marquez 6. Santiago Seijas Sanchez 7. Lily Braun Kubiliun & Brigitte Nachtigall 8. Angela Torre de Sanchez-Mayans, Padre Jose Hernando, Patricia Manterola, Yovanka Sanchez, Monika Sanchez, Matias & Alessandra Perez, Otto Seijas, Ricardo Seijas, Ruben Gonzalez, Jesus Perez & Astrid Seijasz

Encounters w/ One Sotheby's

The ONE Beach Team and ONE Beach Magazine recently launched atop AKOYA Condominiums in Miami Beach. The festivities took place in 3 of the highest penthouses in Miami Beach. — Photos by Darryl Nobles/Dreamfocus Photography. 1. Ramon Rico, Ivania Lorio, Fernando Rico, Gladys Marshall 2. Dina Winkler, Oleg Neishtadt 3. Abi Diwan, Mario Fernandez, Miriam Diwan 4. Jessica Anderson, Bruce Galloway 5. Jill Patterson, Raymond Bulduc II , Susan Rindley 6. Mario Fernandez, Anna Bolduc, Maria Meruelo, Neil Ross 7. Victoria Nazir, Kevin Coster 8. Tim Johnson, Alistair Powell, Kevin Kreutzfeld, Brigitte Hunt, Fernando Wong 9. Omar Lorenzo, Bertha Olazabal, Celda Majfud, Celda Majfud

Encounters @ Trini

Trini in Private recently hosted a spectacular Mercedes-Benz party featuring the new Trini Hair Collection as well as a defilé in collaboration with Neiman Marcus. Guests enjoyed complimentary hors d’oeuvres, drinks and gift bags. 1. Nora Martin, Richard Wagner, Trini & Fanny Olmo 2. Evelyn Raposo & Rachel Larrea 3. Javier Bouzas, Javier Pineiro & Alberto Yevenes 4. Ivan Gonzalez & Nicole Waters 5. Dinah Caratini & Fernanda Soto 6. Chuck Hastings, Chris Gelring, Raymond Rault & Liliana Huerta 7. Paola Di Marco & Andrea Ore 8. Hessah Aldrees, Gustavo Cagio & Badya Ashoor 9. Alex Gallo, Aerin Fenn & Jean Serge Martins

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club did it again...this time channeling iconic images from Casablanca! Endless photo opportunities and impressions dominated the evening with ’40s style in full swing! Here’s looking at you kids! 1. Biagio Mazzeo, Rosy & Rudy Noriego 2. Angela & Charlie Nash 3. Nancy Harrison, Chris Houssen, Meg Holderman 4. Bill Kaiser, Heidi Arguilles 5. Bonnie Craiglow 6. Christina Termine,Mary Tague, Amy Easton 7. Crystalyn Hambleton, Patrick Walfenzaou 8. David Blumberg, Al Lindsay 9. Dean & Meg Holderman 10. Mac & Elaine Melvin

Encounters @ Grand Bay Club

The Peruvian Chamber of Commerce held a night of music, cocktails and wonderful food served from different Peruvian restaurants at the Grand Bay Club. All the proceeds benefitted Fundacion Manos del Sur’s programs in Peru. 1.Jose Ignacio and Michelle Gonzalez, Mary Montero and Hyun Park 2. Luz Maria Koetzle, Ana Maria Bitar, Paulina Montes and Luciana Lombardi 3. Aldo Berti, Ana Mark, Sixto Campano, Alexandra Rumie and Mario Fernandez 4. Cristina and Edgardo DeFortuna 5. Dr Jaime Vergara and Joselyn Woodam 6. Maria Patricia Somarriba and Christian Mora 7. Mariana and Scott Fischer 8. Carlos and Claudia Gil and Juan Carlos and Annette Antocha 9. Esmeralda Delfin, Mara Santalla, Zuzzette Camareno and Karin Engel 10. Maria Thorne and Michael Davey

Encounters w/ Candelaria Badesich

Candelaria Badessich hosted a beautiful birthday party for her husband Santiago’s 50th! It was a wonderful evening full of music, food, fun and entertainment. Many friends came from Argentina to celebrate the wonderful occasion. 1. Juan, Candelaria, Catalina & Santiago Badessich 2. Patricio & Maria Cruz Waterhouse 3. Andres Gaviria, Mike Aixala & Daniel Gaviria 4. Fernando & Lorena Garcia-Morillo 5. Martin & Maria Claudia Dell’Oca 6. Veronica & Martin Guyot 7. Mercedes Albrecht & Elena Reinerman 8. Brigitte Nachtigall with Santiago & Candelaria Badessich 9. Carlos and Florencia Moni 10. Jorge & Natalia Brugo

Encounters w/ Silvia Pesci

Silvia Pesci organized a baby shower in her home to honor Carla Patrick and Emilio Roso’s new baby, Ornella. During the party, guests participated in baby games and raffles including guessing the size of mommy’s tummy! 1. Natalie Fernandez, Jazmin Finlay, Angela Patlan, Carla Patrick & Grace Battle 2. Cecilia Ferrarone & Roselyn Fiore 3. Carla Patrick & Emilio Roso 4. Carla Patrick, Susan Suarez, Linda Anderson, Elaine Levine & Lourdes Lourido 5. Sonia Viola & Silvia Pesci 6. Betty Alonso, Leonor Gonzalez, Jessica Alonso & Hazel Ermusl 7. Emilio Roso, Carla Patrick & Sonia Viola 8. Terry Angelone, Ida Cattaneo, Maria Longobardi, Carla Patrick 9. Roselyn Fiore, Cecilia Ferrarone & Carla Patrick