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Lending Hands

Thanks to the Key Biscayne Community Foundation, those who want to improve life on the island have a way to make their philanthropic wishes come true — one good deed at a time.

Feels Like Home

This spacious condo at The Ocean Club has plenty of room for every member of the family and a view fit for royalty. The only thing left to do is move in! - Featuring Brigitte Nachtigall

In Good Taste

Finding the perfect jewelry this holiday season is easy thanks to Diamonds on the Key, providing sparkling, timeless pieces sure to complement any taste, occasion and budget. - Featuring Christina Termine of Diamonds on The Key. Contributors - Andres Hernandez, Marisol Gomez, Cayleen Davies, Stefanie Osofsky, Guillermo Lugo.

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Featuring Ernie Cambo of CPF Investment Group, Elysze Held, David Gonzalez of Lighthouse Café and Boater’s Grill, David Bassiouni, Jr. of H3O

Now That's Amore

Looking for authentic Italian fare but don’t feel like jetsetting across the world to get it? Sink your teeth in to the new Puntino Key Biscayne and get ready to fall in love with this tasty restaurant.

Green Glamour

If you think the environment and your wardrobe have nothing in common, think again. An increasing number of designers and fashion houses are taking eco fashions from the earth to your closet with looks that will get you noticed from sunrise to sunset.

Encounters w/ Trini

Trini took her world-famous social gatherings to a whole new level with friends, family and clients during this very special party this season. 1. Dancers 2. Trini & Richard Wagner 3. Raymond Rault & Liliana Huerta 4. Carlo Pozzali, Javier Lentino & Juan Ramon 5. Scotty Phillips & Camille Wagner 6. Trini, Richard Wagner & Francoise Wynn 7. Liliana Huerta & Anastasia Wagner 8. Valentina Pozzali, Carlo Pozzali & Juan Ramon Pujol & Elisa Pujol 9. Richard Wagner, Pascal Dro & Jean Serge Martins 10. Benedicte Blanc-Fontennille, Chantal Martins & Florence Dro 11. Elisa Pujol, Trini & Liliana Huerta

Encounters @ Grand Bay

The Grand Bay Club held annual Christmas Bazaar, it was a great success! Lunch and refreshments was served. — Photos Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Maria Luisa De Marchena, Nakir Rojas and Lisstte Ramirez 2. Silvia Sannia and Laura Tabora 3. Diana Stambulie and Maria Betancourt 4. Moira Gutierrez and Randy Marquina 5. Suzette Fonte and Maria Eugenia Messina 6. Florencia Moni and Candelaria Badessich 7. Renne Domenech and Betty Guillama 8. Maria Fralliccibirdi and Alexandra Penso 9. Olga Medina and Gabriela Xacur 10. Erika Fragger and Jane Morales 11. Patricia Arango, Susana Roja and Maria Adelaida Ospina 12. Mary Jo Pinedo, Anna Wallington and Linda Chehab 13. Cecilia Dima and Christel Maulhardt 14. Lucia Quesada and Gloria Santiso 15. Ivana Rancic and Ana Claudia Melhado 16. Maria Carmen and Jimena Fernandez 17. Vanessa Cavalcante and Mariana Miro 18. Patricia Lopez and Karen Perez 19. Silvia and Marita Olloqui 20. Fabienne Brochard and Virginie April 21. Olga Guerra and Claudia Compean

Encounters w/ Rotary Club of Key Biscayne

The Rotary Club of Key Biscayne Foundation held its 6th annual Key Biscayne Wine, Food & Silent Auction with proceeds benefitting The Rotary Club of Key Biscayne’s charitable work and Fundacion Manos Del Sur. 1. Paulina Montes. Kattia Goldstein, Maria Patricia, Ana and Charlotte Somarriba, Maritza Minor and Ruben Weisson, CFP (committee) 2. Randy and Jose Marquina 3. Lisette Ramirez & Silvia Pope 4. Marisa and Pat Dwyer 5. Arthur Ackerman, Diann Newman, Julian Goldstein and Judson Owen 6. Mayra Peña Lindsay, Maria Patricia Somarriba, Jose Marquina and Mariafe de Arce Carballo 7. Pilar Alvarez Palazio and Carla Palazio and Carmen Somarriba 8. Will and Jamie Tompkins and Melissa and Taylor White 9. Marc Port, Elen Blasi and Bill Houlzet 10. Patricia Romano, Mark Fried and Patricia Peraita 11. Mauricio Alfaro and Lesli Lameran 12. Tatiana and Nestor Perez 13. Juan Carlos Luque and Carolina Apey 14. Alexandra Rumie and Carmen Ayau 15. Ruben Weisson, CFP Alejandro Ferrari (Best of the New World award), Steve Mosse (Best in Show Award) and Claudio Abate (Best of the Old World Award) 16. Matt and Jennifer Bramson 17. Mercedes Talarico and Claudia Batlle

Encounters @ Villiage of Merrick Park

The Village of Merrick Park recently hosted their annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Families from around South Florida were in attendance for the highly anticipated event. 1. Irma Toirac, Claudia Castaldo and Techi Mendoza 2. Christian, Alejandro and Maria Schwarz 3. Maria and Mateo Zamora 4. Jesse, Seth and Jenna Kaplan 5. Kristy Hernandez and Nina Fernandez 6. Natalia Mark & Claudia Hernandez 7. Susan, Miguel and Orlando Lopez 8. Bianca, Beatriz, Francesca, Frank and Madoc Maresma 9. Jose, Valentian and Florencia Tocasuche 10. Jorge Estor, Aaron and Edward Calejo

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club held their annual Oktoberfest extravaganza featuring music, dancing and lots of great food! Guests partied the night away with enough memories to last a lifetime. 1. York and Trisha Flick and Kara and Scott Sharp 2. Naysbeli and Dwight Hewett 3. Eric and Jane Stuart and Mike Rice 4. Andy and Kathleen Scherding and Mark Fried 5. Monica and Jorge Luzarraga 6. Jaden, Luke, Keri and Matthew Evans 7. Leni and Tom Weber 8. Michael Bracken and Jamie and Jon Bourbeau 9. Maren and Ricard Martinez 10. Mary Tague and Michael and Mia Davey 11. Rosie Heinrich, P.J. Simon, Gail Fried and Helmut Heinrich 12. Mary Tague, Alexa Pennell and Theodore Holloway 13. Arthur and Heidy Leal, Maria Thorne and Mia Davey 14. Luciana and Gus Alonso 15. Cindy Mize and Walter Caridad 16. Marie Gray and Alan Kuppers 17. Carol Craiglow, Nancy Doke Harrison and Paige Sonnabend 18. Tom and Darlene Dinanno 19. Jill Stephens and Jean Paul and Stacia Bahamondes

Encounters w/ EWM

EWM Realtors celebrated its annual Thanksgiving Lunch at Ana Maria and Christopher Felpeto’s house in Key Biscayne. They all shared a scrumptious lunch and networked the day away. 1. Mari Mayoral, Sherrie Porter - Sr. Vice President, Ron Shuffield - President, Vivian Galego-Mendez – Managing Broker 2. Ana Maria Felpeto, Lilia Ana Lopez and Anabella Siblesz-Hernandez 3. Gilberto Ocampo, Marla Rivas, Federico Macia 4. Fausta “Chiqui” Labarrerre, Carmen B. Llano-White 5. Giulietta Ulloa, Ron Shuffield, Esther Prat, Miriam Poggio 6. Ana Maria Fuste and Lourdes Suarez-Murias 7. Noelie Blanco and Silvia Caicedo 8. Christopher Felpeto, Patsy Aballi 9. Pilar Mercader, Susana Medrano Roth and Encina Neira 10. Miriam Poggio,Pity Betancourt and Mari Mayoral

Encounters w/ Fundacion Manos del Sur

Fundacion Manos del Sur held a fundraiser for their programs in Latin America with a tango theme at The Key Biscayne Beach Club, including an Argentine parrillada, wine, dessert, a tango show and tango classes, among other fun activities. 1. Marisol de Ornelas, Carla Cavalcanti, Maria Alejandra Hierro, Maggie Victoria & Sofi Corti 2. Silvia Pesci and Eduardo Viola 3. Cristina Domínguez and Marc Staeding 4. Laura Rizzardini, Ines Zichy Thyssen, Claudia & Juan Carlos Ledebur 5. Malena Cornejo, Claudia Cividini and Angeles Ferrer 6. Menchu and Fernando Perez-Hickman and Juan Pablo and Maria Lorenzino 7. Maria del Carmen Lorenzi, Mercy Rodríguez and Bertila Pozo 8. Doris Ruiz, Francisco and Penélope Sarmiento 9. Luciano Laponida and Ursula Barrantes Maria Alejandra Hierro, Maggie Victoria & Sofi Corti

Encounters @ Lynn University

David McCullough, one of America’s most acclaimed historians, essayists and narrators, discussed the importance of understanding history with residents and local high school students from all over South Florida during a special 2-day visit to Lynn University. 1. Jim Davis, Mary Anna Fowler, Isabelle Paul, Jan McArt 2. Kevin Ross, David McCullough and Steve Wasserman 3. Jamie & Steve Snyder 4. David McCullough, Beth & Brad Osborne 5. Harold & Mary Perper 6. Donald Ross and Christine Lynn 7. John & Lucy Long and David McCullough 8. David McCullough, Juliette Dively and Amna Howland 9. David McCullough and Thomas Sliney 10. Donald Ross, Anne Green, Helen Ross & Lou Green

Encounters @ Ventuno

Some of Ventuno’s best-dressed VIPs gathered to network and take a look at the exclusive Italian men’s executive and social attire collection. 1. Lucia, Elias, Diego, Samy Marouki 2. Jose Ponte and Rafael Rodriguez 3. Jerry Applegate and Effi Shalom 4. Lucila Anderson and Creonice Lawson 5. Marina Amoretti, Maribel Valdez and Tatiana Acuna 6. Steven Kadoch, Laura Zarama and Daniel Liste 7. Nicole Shelley and Bob Arnold 8. Rick and Nilda Hernandez 9. Allen Stein and Gabrielle Conea

Encounters w/ Alexa Pennell

Alexa Pennell and Theodore Holloway celebrated their engagement with friends and family at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club. They’ll be married in Yorkshire, London. 1. Alexa Pennell, Theodore Holloway and Susie Pennell 2. Jannine and Don Holloway 3. Keri, Jadon, Luke and Matthew Evans 4. Anna Pernas and Nasha Wallin 5. Roger Khouri, Siri, Kenna and Dava Tunis, Dr. Susana Leal-Khouri and Mary Tague 6. Sandy Wallin, Bob Trbovich and Hortencia Hacker 7. Andres Del Corral, Noel Wallin and Alex Tarajano 8. Suzie Reavey, Theodore Holloway and Alexa Pennell

Encounters @ Auto Show

The South Florida International Auto Show celebrated its 40th year with more adrenaline-pumping automotive debuts than ever before — and a series of events and parties to match. 1. Johan de Nysschen, Anthony K. Shriver & Dick Morris with colleague 2. J.C (Jim) Morrison 3. Ken Gorin and Jeffrey Ehoodin 4. Araba Dawell and Ron Beasly 5. Paul Borden, Johan de Nysschen, Bill Adam, Marcello Serrato 6. Jeff Kuhiman, Marlen Bedoya, Anthony K. Shriver 7. Steve Parret, Jennifer Picheco, Ray Jimenez 8. Lisa Barrow, J.C (Jim) Morrison

Encounters @ Touche

Fashion icon Touché recently opened a store in the heart of South Beach to much fanfare. This recognized brand, found in more than 20 countries, offers unique designs made with the most exclusive European fabrics available. 1. Linsey Burnely and Allie Paulos 2. Trevor Florence and Connie Braemer 3. Luis Javier Posada 4. Valeria Carminati 5. Maria Mattson and Alice Mattson 6. Anna Sanchez and Alexis Coverdale 7. Lars Mattson, Ellen Mattson and Marta Mattson 8. Vanessa Dyer and Shirley Dyer 9. Gloria Bastidas and Diane Hardee