Compass FYI

Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

Compass Wellness

Featuring Dr. Schnur of Elite Health

Compass Home

Featuring Ursula Tarafa of Casa Grande Design Group, Doug Kinsley, Lorena Rodriquez, Ana Somarriba, Mark Chatburn

A Mission for Humanity

Nothing brings more satisfaction than helping those less fortunate achieve their dreams and lead a healthier life, and that’s exactly what Misioneros Del Camino and its dedicated team does for some of Central America’s most impoverished residents. - Featuring Dr. Orlando Silva & Larry Robinson

Power Houses

Featuring Brigitte Nachtigall, Daniel Gaviria and Ana Somarriba, Doug Kinsley, Cristian Gonzalez-Black, Mathias Debois-Froge, Thibaud de Saint Vincent, James Salas, Ceci Sanchez, Mark Chatburn, Rosa Isabel Calero, Lorraine F. Neumann, Carlos Coto, Cindy Suarez, Jennifer Macia

The White House

Although the new First Family may not live here, this two-story corner residence on an oversized lot in Key Biscayne is nothing short of presidential. The neighborhood isn’t too shabby, either. - Featuring Brigitte de Langeron

When Girl Meets Boy

Featuring Green Grass

Key Players

Featuring Alberto Uribe, Sol De Camps, Alberto Linero, Jerry Valone

Designer Dreams

One of Key Biscayne’s most decorated residents showcases more than breathtaking interiors — he’s also a proud family man with one foot firmly planted in New York City and the other in our island paradise. - Featuring Lou Switzer. Contributors - Samantha Scotts

Encounters @ Andu

Andu Restaurant & Lounge in Brickell has become known as the city’s ultimate nocturnal playground for those in-the-know. Live music, entertainment and endless networking opportunities define each experience. 1. Sebastian Fox, Wilmer Hurtado, Daniel Stable & David Fox 2. Gerardo Bouscairon & Juan Pablo Viejo 3. Prantik Kundu & Edison Sabala 4. Gerardo & Olga Soto 5. Dumien St Lawrence 6. Astrid Gelabert & Marifer Navarro 7. Crystal Calkins & Jenna Trueba 8. Roberto Isaias & Edmundo Kronfl e

Encounters w/ Jessica de Linares

Jessica de Linares, owner of the exclusive kids boutique Hippo, invited guests to her Key Biscayne home for an exclusive Christmas Trunk Show. The day was filled with fun, friends and the work of renowned designers such as kids’ artist Isa Zapata and Caty Sacco, among many others. 1. Catalina Maya, Claudia Bahamon & Isa Zapata 2. Caty Sacco & Giovanna 3. Hosanna de Linares & Caro Murciano 4. Cecilia Dibildoux & Nathalie Sowinski 5. Isa Zapata & Jessica de Linares 6. Macarena Zubiria 7. Patricia Arango & Marisol Gomez 8. Melissa Gomez Cuetara

Encounters w/ Key Biscayne Community Foundation

On November 13th, the Key Biscayne Community Foundation in partnership with United HomeCare Services hosted a reception at Village Hall for the Alzheimer’s Association to help raise community awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. Recent Advances in Alzheimer’s Research Today and Tomorrow was the topic presented by William H. Thies, PhD, senior scientist, educator and Vice President of Medical and Scientific Relations for the Alzheimer’s Association. 1. Ximena Antunez de Mayolo, William H. Thies, PhD, Yvonne Gonzalez and Gerardo Minsal, MD 2. Gigi Antuñez de Mayolo, Ximena Antuñez de Mayolo and Jorge Antuñez de Mayolo, MD 3. Ellen Brown and José R. Fox 4. A. Rivas- Vasquez, PhD and Carmen Ortiz-Butcher, MD 5. Jeffrey Horstmyer, MD and Vianca Stubbs 6. Marina Bravo, Robert L. Maggs, MD and Ana A. Rivas-Vasquez, PhD 7. José R. Fox and Anne Roth

Encounters w/ Manos Del Sur

Manos Del Sur and Key Biscayne residents hosted a lunch and bazaar to raise funds to help in-need children all over the world. The event honored Our Lady of Guadalupe, on her day, Dec. 12. 1. Florencia Godward & Maria Cruz Waterhouse 2. Daniella Torrado & Friend 3. Monica Aziz & Lilian Pierce 4. Veronica Alvarez & Maria Cluadia Del’Occa 5. Aidita Vizoso, Viviana Fernandez & Brigitte Nachtigall 6. Maria Xaviera Ortega, Nora Bulnes & Margara Hernandez 7. Ursula Tarafa and the kids from the fashion show 8. Loles Cajiga, Liliana Sanchez & Lilian Pierce 9. Ana Maldonado & Giovanna Albano 10. Silvia Pesci & Daisy 11. Alexandra Tamames & Daniela Montemayor 12. Sheela Batalha & Juliana Kirby 13. Florencia Moni & Annie Gonzalez 14. Phili Bullard & Siliva Hellmund 15. Coralie Duchamp & Amada Echeverria 16. Monica Lizaso & Friend 17. Magaly La Plana & Gaby Rivero 18. Juliana Kirby, Elisa Espinoza, Rosa Pacini, Elisa Duemichen & Marta Santiago

Encounters w/ Hortensia Linero

Hortensia Linero, family members and friends gathered to celebrate Key Biscayne resident Alberto Linero’s brithday at the new Ocean Sound’s Party Room in Key Colony. Everybody enjoyed the evening full of dancing and entertainment. 1. Silvia Penichet, Hortensia & Alberto Linero with Jose Penichet 2. Francisco, Carolina, Francisco Jr & Liliana Espinosa 3. Juana Montero & Itzel Infante 4. Jorge & Vilma Castellanos 5. Sol De Camps & Mariano Grimaux 6. Gustavo & Gina Eckardt 7. Hortensia & Alberto Linero, Stefan & Ana Buzzi 8. Ricardo & Maria Eugenia Segovia

Encounters w/ Thalia Puente

Thalia Puente and Ricardo Rongel hosted a small but delicious gourmet lunch in honor of Diana Bustamante and Rosaura Rodriguez, who celebrated their birthdays. 1. Rosaura Rodriguez & Diana V. Bustamante 2. Rosaura Rodriguez, Karina De Vengochea, Diana Bustamante, Vicky Vergara & Uchi Botero 3. Marinella Vergara & Karen Martinez 4. Maritza Carbonell & Uchi Botero 5. Karina De Vengochea & Brigitte Nachtigall 6. Ricardo Rongel & Thalia Puente 7. Maritza Carbonell, Marinella Vergara, Rosaura Rodriguez, Brigitte Nachtigall, Diana Bustamante, Karen Martinez, Thalia Puente, Uchi Botero, Irma Martinez, Karina De Vengochea & Vicky Vergara 8. Vicky Vergara & Irma Martinez

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

Every year The Yacht Club hosts a magical dinner party for children and families with a cameo by Santa, who takes pictures and sings holiday songs with the kids to awaken the holiday spirit while enjoying his time aboard a nautical sleigh. 1. Danielle, Caroline, Melissa & Lauren Silva 2. Doreen, Juan Carlos, Daniela & Andres Cabrera 3. Brigitte Nachtigall, Mike, Nikolas & Alexander Aixala 4. Ana, Clay, Patrick, Alexa & Christian Tootle 5. Tatiana Botero & Olivia Connor 6. Amy, Ed & Olivia Easton 7. Alessia & Daniela Rabassa 8. Maria, Manuel & Ema Iriondo 9. Enrique & Enrique Falla 10. Wayne, Ana, Zach & Alec Ramoski 11. Yvette, JM, Nicholas, Lucas & Sofi a Broucek & Santa 12. Julie and Natalie Islami 13. Juan Carlos & Uchi Botero, Seth & Andrea Connor, Santa, Natalia & Tatiana Botero, Olivia & Philp Connor 14. Maria Camila Artunduaga, Sofi a Broucek, Nathalie Fuentes 15. Fernando Tamares & Fernando, Jr. 16. Ignacio & Astrid Falla