Compass FYI

Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

Compass Wellness

Featuring Dr. Wolf of Miami Plastic Surgery, Smile With Zenitude

Compass Home

Featuring Cindy Suarez, Carlos Coto, Brigitte de Langeron,

Cupid's 7

If you’re fortunate enough to be lucky in love this Valentine’s Day, don’t ruin the mood ideas to heart if you want to make sure Cupid’s Arrow is pointed in your direction.

Stately Estate

This residence at 670 Warren Lane is one of the most coveted addresses on Key Biscayne. From the superior design and architecture inside and out to the covered front porch and pool terrace, every detail of this house will make you want to call it home. - Featuring Mark Chatburn.....

Key Players

Featuring Don Bercu, Dr. Susana Leal-Khouri of Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Center, Derek Flint of The Ritz-Carlton, Monica Campana

Endless Horizons

For Nuria Brillembourg, not even her Big Screen dreams can compete with the life she shares with her family and friends on Key Biscayne. And that’s a complement to the island, as this woman has held most every professional title under the sun — and that’s just what she’s done thus far!

Destination Perfection

Featuring Sheila Bokstein

Island Melodies

For Six year, the members of the Key Biscayne-based and bred Keyrats have been jamming to the musical genres of punk, rock, reggae and salsa — all the while making sure their fans get their groove on.

Encounters w/ Paola Guerra

Paola Guerra hosted a lunch at her home to celebrate Elena Iturriaga’s birthday. Friends and family gathered to enjoy the delicious feast and help celebrate the birthday girl’s special day. 1. Brigitte Nachtigall & Elena Iturriaga 2. Carmen Perez-Retes, Paola Guerra & Claudia Yidi 3. Clarita Sierra & Rosabel Dasso 4. Vicky Montoya & Moira Gutierrez 5. Elisa Pujol & Rumina Romani 6. Saskia Galliano-Touret, Cristina Gort & Elena Iturriaga 7. Rosa Mora, Elena Iturriaga, Saskia Galliano-Touret & Alexia Echeverria

Encounters @ Inner Strength Studios

In an effort to keep clients energized for 2009, Inner Strength Studios gave samplings of some wonderful Raw Foods by Lamouy, Organic/Vegetarian Baked Goods by EcoDolci and Healthy Prepared Meals by Fit2Go. Dr. Leonard Smith, Adita Lang and Lee Zolman provided information on how to increase longevity and improve health. Inner Strength Studios prides itself in offering the latest information on exercise, nutrition and health with a customized approach to meet individual needs. 1. Sangode Lowe, Gerano Miranda & Adita Lang 2. Reina Gonzalez & Amparo Rojas 3. Veronica Pimstein & Alejandra Hierro 4. Jamie Tompkins & Joan McCaughan 5. Eric, Nash, & Adita Lang 6. Michael Gebhardt & Leonard Smith 7. Lee Zohlman & Sangode Lowe 8. Charles & Irmgard Lipcon & Gerano Miranda 9. Olf, Birgitta Svennson & Adita Lang 10. Robert & Luly Yero 11. Trini 12. Chauncey, Pauline, & Donavan Williams 13. Jennifer & David Foster 14. Mary Ann Smith 15. Norman Tonkelson & Grace Lang 16. Pam Conover, Ray Lutz & Adita Lang 17. Lee, Kaia & Erinne Zohlma

Encounters @ The Square

A new installation by French artist Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille entitled Hopping On One Foot On The Rope recently made its debut at The Square, #s 29 & 30. The artist plans to make her new installation a recurring opening, with a new showing every month highlighting the the evolution of her work. 1. Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille & Loic Madec 2. Sol Cabanas & Liza Martins 3. Trini & Richard Wagner 4. Daniel Gaviria & Ana Somarriba 5. Joan McCaughan, Victoria Dutra & Ximena Antunez 6. Michelle Estevez 7. Lucila Yanez & Aurora Pasteur 8. Jean- Jacques, Patricia & Laetitia Bona 9. Heide Arguelles & Loic Madel 10. Carlos Batlle & Anne Rothe 11. Susan, Christopher & Fred Joch 12. Nichole, Grace & Rich Aldrich 13. Maritza & Steven Minor 14. Faquiry Diaz, Amelia Balonek & David Arditi 15. Ana Somarriba & Patricia Somarriba 16. Alix Boucard & Virginie Durand

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club was transformed into a ‘50s-era Cabaret Tropicana on New Year’s Eve when over 300 guests greeted 2009 with hopes of world peace, hunger relief and tolerance among human beings. 1. Tropicana dancers 2. Willy & Marilyn Borroto 3. Blas Oyarzun & Manolo Vidal 4. Charlie & Angela Nash 5. Claire & Ed London 6. Angelica & Pepe Lopez & Sonia Rosado 7. Pepe Lopez, Clara & Juan Gutierrez & Vivian Alzola 8. Monica Silva, Denys Alt & Sonia Rosado 9. Ed London & Fausto Sanchez 10. Lourdes Aceituno & Blas Oyarzun 11. Monica Silva & David Gonzalez 12. Nelly Palmer, Fausto Sanchez 13. Robert & Denys Alt 14. Rafael Portuondo & Jose Ortega 15. Robert Alt & Willy Borroto

Encounters @ Jackson Memorial Hospital

More than a thousand guests joined Jackson Memorial Hospital to celebrate their annual gala at the Fontainebleau Hotel. The mission was to conduct traditional philanthropic activities while independently creating and implementing other strategic entrepreneurial initiatives that fi nancially assist Jackson Memorial Hospital in advancing its status as a world-class medical center. One of the highlights of the evening was a show by Darren Romeo. 1. Virginia Cordoba, Ester Rodriguez & Maria Cecilia Good 2. Mike Aixala & Brigitte Nachtigall 3. Carlos & Elisa Gosselin 4. Kattia & Richard Goldstein 5. Marco & Cecilia Ruttiman 6. Marlene Pernetti & Saskia Galliano-Touret 7. Annie & Ernesto De La Fe 8. Mario & Marisol Henriquez 9.Adriana & Manuel Albarran 10. Mr. and Mrs. Buchwalds 11. Virginia Cordoba & Miguel Gutierrez 12. Nicole & Edgar Lozano 13. Saskia & Philip Touret 14. Mayi De La Vega, Tere Musibai & Gloria Sesana 15. Evelyn & Luis Villanueva