Compass FYI

Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling, Diamonds On the Key

Compass Home

Featuring Myriam Rojas of MZ Design, Doug Kinsley, Brigitte Nachtigall, Brigitte de Langeron, Paola Padovan

Compass Wellness

Featuring Le Petite Youth Spa

Island in Motion

As one of the country’s most active communities, Key Biscayne has no shortage of physical activities to partake in throughout the year. Herewith: A quick guide to getting fit in paradise.

The Cher House

An award-winning masterpiece that encompasses a world of fantasy and functionality that became known as “The Cher House” because it was the East Coast retreat of the world-renowned artist for many years. - Featuring Jorge Uribe


When relaxation beckons and your sense of adventure is at its peak, all that’s left to do is grab a bikini and head toward your favorite seaside oasis for some tanning, frolicking and fun.

Key Players

Featuring Adita Yrizarry-Lang of Inner Strength Studios, Cesar Quintero, Dr. Juan Carlos Paredes, Mirco Gubellini

Sony Ericcson Open Guide

2009 Sony Ericcson Open Guide

Cigar Heaven

If a touch of class is what you’ve been craving, head over to Casa Felipe for a few puffs and sips of some staples of success that can transform you into the laid-back, refined person you deserve to be.

Haute Hi-Rise

900 Biscayne Bay is ushering in a new way of living in Downtown Miami with its unique residential concept along Miami’s vibrant arts district. - Featuring Monica Venegas

No Joke For Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is serious about rising to the topof his game at the 2009 Sony Ericsson Open. And he plans to do it with more style than the humorous antics he pulls on and off the court that have come to defined this already legendary tennis ace. Oh, and he has a pretty good serve, too

Life at Sea

Owning a floating condo aboard The World affords you the unique option to explore, share and create a legacy of lifelong memories at sea. For many, it’s the epitome of lowkey luxury living, no matter where the tides take them.


The oldest Mercedes-Benz dealer in Florida is also the most successful in the entire southeast U.S. thanks to a vision and dedication that has accelerated Bill Ussery Motors onto the radars of even the most discerning automotive aficionados in Key Biscayne and beyond.

Star Power

With a mic in her hand and a guitar strapped around her shoulder, Vicky Echeverri is taking Miami’s Latin music industry by storm with the release of her fi rst album, Ficha de Ajedrez

Encounters @ St. Agnes

St. Agnes recently hosted its annual family picnic to the joy of Key Biscayne families who attended and enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day filled with rides and fun for kids of all ages. 1. Isa Prado, Sofi Waterhouse, Jose Moni, Isa Poleo & Maria Fernanda Alvarez 2. Ivan Godward & Alex Aixala 3. Caroline Silva & Sofia Guerra 4. Nati Batlle, Fernanda Bueno, Sabrina Tamames & Camille Vonsimson 5. Ana Maria Alvarez, Andrea Rosales, Alexandra Robelo & Camila Guyot 6. Maria & Maniela Lara 7. Teo Waterhouse, Manuela Guyot & Paola Guerra 8. Sofia Brouceck 9. Carolina Gomez Rivas, Sofia Ortiz & Ana Sofia Gomez Rivas 10. Maria Alonso, Michelle Boj & Lauren Boj

Encounters w/ Yacht Blue

Sanlorenzo of the Americas and yachtBlue celebrated their Grand Opening complete with cocktails, cigar rolling, live bossa nova music and hors d’oeuvres. The night of networking in Fort Lauderdale was one to remember for guests who attending the exclusive event. 1. Erin, Pete Lawton, Gary Tschetter, Jerry Johnson & Christine Chiappe 2. Tim Broderick & Julie 3. Gigi Garcia, Thalia Puente & Ricardo Rongen 4. Silvia & Alberto Maspons 5. Zuleyma Bebell, Angela Scheffler, George Jousma (President/CEO), Cambry Czuplak, Steve Martin, Marty Lowe & Albert Prego 6. Mike and Wendy Bauerschmidt, Albert Prego, Julie & Tim Brodericki 7. Mike Abbott, Debbie Bishop, George Jousma & Bart Bishop 8. Jean-Guy Lalonde, Marlene De Sousa, Marcia Pereira & Eduardo Pereira 9. Adrianna Campusano, Heidi Amacher, Esther Amacher & Daniel burger

Encounters w/ Fundacion Manos del Sur

Fundacion Manos del Sur held its 4th annual Breakfast, Bazaar & Fashion Show at Rusty Pelican to benefit Asociacion Pan y Amor in Nicaragua. Pan y Amor feeds, educates and nurtures some of Nicaraguas’s poorest children. 1. Coralie Duchamp & Gladys Fontes 2. Ana Somarriba & Maria Patricia Somarriba 3. Vilma Ruiz & Charlotte Somarriba 4. Phili Bullard & Marisa Ysasi 5. Stacy Domayre & Veronica Lepere 6. Meche Phelan & Julia Chedd 7. Bettina Mena & Josefina Gorostiaga 8. Mauricio Jaramillo & Daniel Gaviria 9. Sharon Luengo, Katya Dammrt & Giovanna Albano 10. Maria Frallicciardi & Laura Villarreal 11. Victoria Lara & Helga Dienes 12. Marilug del Rivero & Silvia Mushkim 13. Isabelle Roy & Christopher Mela 14. Carmen Somarriba & Jackie Aller 15. Marlene Vazquez & Albita Zylverman 16. & Alex Diez 17. Linda Salazar & Rita Rodriguez

Encounters w/ Trini in Private

Trini in Private recently launched their Coral Gables location, adding another salon to their already-vast portfolio and furthering the fact that no matter where you live or work in South Florida, there will always be a Trini in Private near you. 1. Cutting Ribbons Ceremony 2. Trini & Richard Wagner 3. Muriel Boiteau & Veronica Lepere 4. Sophie Delli-Colli & Tina Sayago 5. Chris Gonsalves & Marc Berenfeld 6. Don Slesnick & Mark Trowbridge 7. Lorena Valdes & Noelia Robaina 8. Don Slesnick, Trini, Noelia Robaina, Mark Trowbridge, Muriel Boiteau & Marc Berenfeld 9. Richard Wagner & Jean Marc Masson 10. Natalie Leon & Alexandra Alvarez 11. Jackie Boehm & Lorena Suarez 12. Eva Wagner & Muriel Boiteau 13. Evely Paz & Gloria Burns 14. Dallas Foster & Frederick Woodbridge 15. Yolanda Woodbridge & Alain Pizzutti

Encounters w/ Veronica Peralta

Ernesto and Veronica Peralta hosted a beautiful dinner at their house in celebration of Ernesto Peralta’s birthday. It was a small gathering with very close friends who enjoyed a delicious catered dinner, music and dancing. 1. Ernesto & Veronica Peralta 2. Mike Aixala, Brigitte Nachtigall & Luis Fernando Salazar 3. Claudia & Andres Yidi 4. Mariana Tonarely, Francine Tomas & Veronica Peralta 5. Clara Amore & Viviana Fernandez 6. Luis & Magaly La Plana 7. Rosaura Rodriguez & Diana Bustamante 8. Franciso & Mariana Tonarely 9. Clara Amore, Mike Aixala, Francisco Tonarely & Pablo Amore 10. Javier and Paola Guerra 11. Magaly La Plana & Claudia Yidi 12. Veronica Peralta, Mariela Cisneros and Mariana Tonarely 13. Brigitte Nachtigall, Mariela Cisneros & Viviana Fernandez 14. Ernesto Peralta & Jorge Fernandez 15. Mike & Francine Tomas 16. Ernesto Peralta, Andres Yidi & Luis

Encounters @ Andu

Andu Bistro recently hosted a Miami City Ballet pre-gala for patrons attending the nights show.1. Damaris Hay, Mark Cole & Rebecca Interian 2. Antonio Viejo and Juan Pablo Viejo 3. Robert Bianchi & Claudio Benedetti 4. Alesandro & Paola Ferretti 5. Patrick Pecoraro & Ray Breslin 6. Jeannette Stark & Betty Brandt 7. Bob Kadas & Cherie Silverstein 8. Samantha Hudson & Marjorie Robins 9. Diane Star Hellee & Mona Kornfeld 10. Cristal Berry & Matt Makowski 11. Sheila Goodman, Richard Schewl & Laurie Kaufman 12. Jacqui Chaves & Deborah Hodes 13. Brian & Jennfer Heller 14. Jane & Jean Stark 15. Marjorie Robbins, Toms Frankell & Deborah Kent

Encounters @ Casa Felipe

Casa Felipe hosted a silent auction at their haven of cigar and wine to benefit the community and shw people that if you have time to enjoy the finer things in life you should also make time to give back. 1. Juan Carlos Perez & Tomas Rodriguez 2. Christopher Orr & Juan Sebastian Coll 3. Damien B. & Susan Alvarez 4. Yanai Nassar & Sergio Cervantes 5. Iliana Garcia & Maria Larrea 6. Alejandro Sanchez, Rudelania Mesa & Nelson Graveran 7. Daniel Guzman & Andres Arando 8. Martha Diez & Jaime Sala 9. Felicia Vazquez & Mercedes Gonzalez 10. Manuel Seoani & Marusia Zapata 11. Vicente Leon & Maria del Carmen Consuegra 12. Martha Deas & Felix Arteaga 13. Juan Sebastian Coll & Giancarlo Armella 14. Alfredo Marrero, Luis Rodriguez & Daysi Diaz 15. Alfredo Nassar & Abraham Nassar