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If you want to look your best but are worried about the best way to improve your reflection in the mirror, read on to discover some invasive and non-invasive ways to look your best from head to toe

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When getting dolled up is a prerequisite, every inch of you from head to heel should exude the appropriate level of lavishness that’s required to showcase yourself to the glorious world that lies just outside your front door. - Featuring TechnoMarine Contributors - Jose Amigo

Tropical Heaven

This sprawling condo at The Ocean Club’s Ocean Tower One, Unit 502, will make you feel like a star as you overlook the point where ocean meets sky at one of Key Biscayne’s most exclusive addresses. - Featuring Susana Hansen & Paola Padovan

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Featuring Dr. Michael E. Kelly of Miami Plastic Surgery, Silvia Zarandy, Adriana Cohen of Le Petite Spa, Yvi Garcia

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The only thing cheesy about Joseph Pollio, Jr., is his passion fo the Polly-O family business he helmed for a quarter-centurybefore selling the brand to Kraft and eventually moving to Key Biscayne to enjoy another white-yellow staple of life: The sun.

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If you want to face the world with a fresher, younger-looking you via the most advanced, affordable and effective technologies and techniques on the market, a consultation with Dr. John J. Martin, Jr., may be in order.

Once Upon a Sunshine State

If you’re tired of the same old boating excursions right off the shores of Key Biscayne, consider venturing out to explore some of these off-the-beatenpath destinations throughout the Sunshine State. We can’t guarantee you won’t get sunburnt, but we can promise you’ll have a good time.

Encounters @ Key Colony

The Key Biscayne Brunch was held at the Key Colony II building Oceanside. More than 50 people attended the successful fundraising event which benefitted the Greater Miami Jewish Federation’s 2009 annual campaign. 1. Syghi & Gigi Drassinower with Drs. Richard & Arlene Cardozo 2. Amy Sachs & Bridie Sachs 3. Norman & Sandra Shapiro with Anita Bender 4. Dr. Stanley & Harriet Hyman 5. Guest speaker Dr. Ellen Cannon & Major Gifts Chair Ruth Weiss 6. Honorary Chair Irving Kreisberg with Marilyn Kreisberg 7. Raelea Bobrow, Polly Fischer & Ruth Weiss

Encounters @ Ocean Club

The Cabana Crawl at Ocean Club was a Relay for Life event organized by Marianne and Carlos Coto in memory of their friends Marisol Torano, Sash Spencer and Miguel Lorenzini. It benefitted the American Cancer Society. 1. Carlos & Marianne Coto 2. Eberto Vitier & Larry Gainor 3. Ana Obregon & Ellie Goudie 4. Victor & Maria Elena Brandao 5. Patty & Bill Kleh 6. Miriam Lopez, Dori & Carlos Poveda 7. Maggie Roche & Lilliam Roche 8. Jene & Linda Kave & David & Abby Ross 9. Marilyn & Steve Liedman & Marie Santana 10. Abby Robinson, Tere Estrada & Ana Estrada 11. Ivette Barrios, Ana Obregon & Liz Godinez 12. Eva Gotlib & Betty Valencia 13. Marta & Oscar Stefanotti 14. Miriam & Mickey Lopez 15. Freddy, Gabriel & Tere Estrada 16. Alberto & Beba Ruiz 17. Rich Aldrich & Lorn Leitman 18. Howard & Diane Schilit 19. Jon Schwartz & Glorida Plaza 20. Maritza Minor & Claudine Coto

Encounters w/ Paola Guerra

A group of friends all gathered at Paola Guerra’s house to celebrate and honor birthday girl Carmen Velazquez. Guests enjoyed food, music and the importance of friendship throughout the day. 1. Carmen Velazquez & Paola Guerra 2. Eve Rosen & Yolanda Ayala 3. Michelle Pastor & Marta Olloqui 4. Brigitte Nachtigall & Elena Iturriaga 5. Elisa Gosselin & Darlene Perez 6. Rosa Chapur, Carmen Velazquez & Amada Echeverria 7. Rosa Chapur & Elena Iturriaga

Encounters @ Magic of Learning

Little artists gathered to showcase artwork created during the 8-week “Art History & Painting” course held at the Magic of Learning in Key Biscayne. Kids learned about legendary artists and tried to copy their masterpieces to the tune of classical music. 1. Alexandra, Amarylli Fridegotto (Piano Concertist and Founder of the Key Biscayne Youth & Children Orchestra Program) & Monica Campana 2. Ariel, Francesca & Bobby 3. Elisa Braschi 4. Guadalupe & Alexandra Curtis 5. Horacio Ravera, Elsa Dominguez & Alcira Hernandez 6. Ines Maria Conceicao 7. Lilia & Ariel Oster 8. Luisa & Marcela Uribe 9. Monica Campana Saga & Isabella Hernandez 10. Isabella Hernandez 11. Olivia Duncan & Antonella Braschi

Encounters w/ Christina Lama

Glam Events, Inc., & Kierin’s Creations hosted an event to remember in honor of the Motivated Youth Program. Guests were treated to a spectacular performance by Bolivian Rock singer Pancara and a fashion show by couture designer Timoteo Corelli. There was also a fine jewelry raffle by Buchwalds Jewelers. The event raised $20,000 for the program. 1. David Evensky, Harriet Carte, Councilman Williams, Commissioner Dede Weinhorn, Jairo Martinez, Pancara & Christina Lama 2. Eddie Cohen, Alex Cohen & Vilma Cohen 3. Frances Villagomez & Stacey Thomas 4. Gustavo Basulto, Ysset Boan, Alex Vizcaino 5. Pancara, David Evensky, Areca Whatmore & Timoteo Corelli 6. Virginia Sachs, Judi Pasternac, Barbara Moss & Dolly Santana 7. Harold Foster & David Evensky 8. Jairo Martinez & Heidi Graff 9. Ysset Boan, David Evensky & Christina Lama

Encounters w/ Corina Maddalozzo

Corina Maddalozzo recently held an art exhibition at her residence in Key Biscayne, with a percentage of the proceeds going to Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. Guests enjoyed creative sights and conversations throughout the night. 1. Yasmine Kraziem & Carlouis de Palma 2. Camila Basterrechea, Paul F. Bastardi, Paul Bodin & Sebastian Basterrechea 3. Corina Maddalozzo, Elio Maddalozzo & Nicole Maddalozzo 4. Naydu Commenoz & Corina Maddalozzo 5. Sebastian & Nella Basterrechea with Alex Maddalozzo 6. Corina Maddalozzo, Dennis Fruitt & Stella Holmes 7. Maricela Blandon, Elena Botero, Adriana & Lucy Ospina 8. Ximena, Jorge & Gigi Antunez de Mayolo 9. Nicole Maddalozzo & Carmencita Lewis 10. Gisella & Dr. Juan Remos 11. Flamina Gennari, Remko Jansonius & Rosa Lowinger 12. Puly Noguera & Alexandra with Gigi Guerra 13. Raul Sanchez & Dr. Graciela Pozo 14. Leonore Schwerter with Alexander and Jennifer Macia 15. Luisa Guzman, Anthony Tamborino, Macarena Spitteler & Raymond Hawkins 16. Amy & Anrie 17. Veronica Martinez de la Torre, Luis Ricchei & Ana Martinez de la Torre 18. Julietta Ulloa, Pilar Vera de Gomez & Gabriela Deanderas

Encounters @ St. Agnes

St. Agnes Parish just celebrated 60 years of Sister Marie Angela’s religious profession. It was a magical and festive evening where guests got to enjoy flamenco dancers, great music and a fabulous dinner by Mena Catering. There was also dancing and singing throughout the evening, which was full of excitement and surprises. 1. Florencia Godward, Father Jose Hernando & Adriana Vonsimson 2. Sister Marie Angela & Brigitte Nachtigall 3. Amy & Ed Easton 4. Mary Joan Caycedo, Fr. Israel Mago & Mercy Rodriguez 5. Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna 6. Maria Cruz Waterhouse, Silvia & Eduardo Pesci 7. Julio & Mercy Garcia 8. Milly Tonarely, Alfredo Hernandez, Olga Campano & Maria Isabel Carreras 9. Maricarmen & Chucky Campano 10. Mary Tague & Belen Alzuru 11. Alexandra Tamames & Sheela Batalha 12. Myra & Ed Stone with Cecile Sanchez 13. Vivian Macia, Elena Rodriguez & Ana Gloria Rivas-Vazquez 14. Adriana Spitale, Martin & Maria Claudia Dell’Oca 15. Lourdes Araujo, Sister Marie Angela & Lilliam Sanchez 16. Arlette & Chris Fuentes 17. Roger & Denise Duarte 18. Larry & Mary Radsville 19. Lauren & Carlos Batlle 20. Moira Gutierrez & Jazmin De La Lama 21. Angela & Eduardo Barco 22. Kathleen & Richard Johnson

Encounters @ Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne residents united for a romantic celebration under a sky full of stars to have a moonlit dinner and toast in the name of love, friendship and mutual admiration of one another’s successes. 1. Rene and Blanca Eguiluz with Veronica Alvarez & Matthew Alvarado 2. Eric & Liliane Georges 3. Hilde & Magnus Wrahme 4. Sol & Mariano Grimaux 5. Juan Ramon & Elisa Pujol 6. Horacio & Betina Garderes 7. Carlo & Valentina Pozzali