Compass FYI

Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

Compass Home

Featuring Doug Kinsley, Brigitte Nachtigall, Brigitte de Langeron, Mark Chatburn

Compass Wellness

Featuring Dr. Michael Kelly of Miami Plastic Surgery

Mother Knows Best

Featuring Amy Easton, Brigitte Nachtigall, Francoise Dreuil-Wynne, Sonia Castellano. Contributors Sabbia Jewelry, Trini, Kate Benson.

The Luxe Life

This breathtaking and spacious home at The Ocean Club in Ocean Tower One Unit 402 is one of the largest apartments on the island and offers expansive views from every main room, ensuring you never forget you live in paradise. - Featuring Carlos Coto

Key Players

Featuring Jose Solis-Camara, Erick Diamond, Dr. Roger Khouri, Diana De Los Rios

Super Parents

For Barbara and Tino Peña, no two days are ever alike, and you couldn’t expect anything less from a couple that’s raising four small children while putting their medical degrees into practice — all the while making time for Broadway.

Cultural Cuisine

The menu at Eos in Brickell’s Viceroy Miami is a delicious microcosm of the diversity found throughout South Florida…and the menu offerings are sure to satiate even the most discerning global palate — drinks included!

Paradize Isle

Islamorada is a world within itself, located between the saltwater wilderness of Everglades National Park and North America’s only coral barrier reef in The Florida Keys.

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club held its traditional Changing of the Guard Ceremony by lowering Commodore I. Edward London’s flag and raising Commodore John Arnholt’s flag, thus transferring the Club’s responsibilities to the new Squadron and Flag Officers. 1. Past Commodore I. Eduard London & both Flag & Squadron Officers 2. Fleet Captain Jaime Zambrano 3. Fleet Surgeon Dr. Tony Rabassa 4. Past Commodore I. Edward London & Commodore John Arnholt 5. Past Fleet Captain Monica Luzarraga receiving flag 6. Past Seabelle Captain Marilyn Borroto, Past Fleet Captain Monica Borroto & Past Fleet Surgeon Dr. Jorge Mendia 7. Past Seabelle Captains Elaine Melvin, Marilyn Borroto, Linda Manla, Jo Rice, Kay Rhew, Nelly Palmer & Seabelle Captain Maria Elena Bazan 8. Secretary Hortensia Hacker 9. Rear Commodore Mark E. Fried & Past Commodore Mort Fried 10. Vice Commodore Michael Rice

Encounters w/ Mariam & David Rocker

Marian & David Rocker recently hosted a “Welcome to Miami” reception at The Ocean Club for John Richard, President & CEO of Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. 1. Marian Rocker, Adrienne Arsht & David Rocker 2. Pam Kroh, Pilar Bosh, Terry Abondanato, Loretta Nunez, Kitty De Melo 3. Jerry Levine, Steve Liedman, Hal Gaffin 4. Marilyn Horowitz, Sandy Kasoff, Barbara Thrasher 5. John Richard and Adrienne Arsht 6. Stanley Baron, Harvey Rosenwasser, Shirley Vituli, Joe Schein 7. Bernie Horowitz, Ernie Thrasher 8. Iris Fisher, Janet Schein, Doris Baron 9. Sandy Kasoff, Ruth Rosenwasser, Flo Tallisman 10. Marian & David Rocker 11. Marty & Faye Cohen 12. Harvey Rosenwasser, Alan Vituli, Scott Kroh 13. Pilar Bosh, Shirley Vituli 14. Loretta Nunez, Kitty De Melo

Encounters w/ Ana Tootle

Ana and Clay Tootle hosted a magnificent, fun and unforgettable party at their home in Key Biscayne to celebrate Ana’s 40th B-day. It was back to the ‘80’s with the dress code and music coupled with dancing, laughter and dinner. 1. Ana & Clay Tootle 2. Lauren Batlle & Amy Easton 3. Brigitte Nachtigall, Florencia Godward & Mariana Tonarely 4. Luis & Gigi Guerra 5. Maria Patricia Somarriba & Diego Stecchi 6. Enrique & Astrid Falla 7. Juliette & Ruben Lesmes 8. Ana & Wayne Ramoski 9. Melissa Silva & Julie Islami 10. Beatriz & Michael Robelo 11. Elena Magolnick & Adriana Von Simson 12. Ana, Clay, Alexa, Patrick & Christian Tootle 13. Andrea Nachtigall & Alexandra Tamames 14. Arianna Arana & Yvette Broucek 15. Eugenia & Javier Estevez, Liliana Sanchez & Loles Cajiga 16. Ana Tootle, Maria Cluadia Dell’Oca, Maria Cruz Waterhouse & Martin Dell’Oca

Encounters w/ Gaston Javier Sanchez

Gastón Javier Sánchez and Liz Kidder announced their engagement at the Borroto home in Key Biscayne. The couple is moving to Murphy, N.C., to launch Gaston’s, a gourmet Cuban restaurant. 1. Gaston Javier Sanchez, Liz Kidder, Marilyn & Willy Borroto 2. Jamie & Rafael Puga 3. Jenny & Pedro Reyes 4. Marilu & Hermes Estevez 5. Pedro & Diana Hernandez 6. Valeria & Otto Borroto 7. Roger & Elsie Kidder 8. Justin & Nicole Puente 9. Willy & Marilyn Borroto 10. Veronica Sanchez, Gaston Javier Sanchez & Liz Kidder 11. Fefita & Fernando Vidal 12. Yolanda Interian, Orgelia & Juan Alberto 13. Ana Paula, Andres & Cesar Hernandez 14. Monica & Jorge Luzarraga, Adelfa Acosta & Mario Ernesto Sanchez 15. Otto & Valeria Borroto & Pedro & Diana Hernandez

Encounters w/ Norma Travis

Tom & Norma Travis hosted a dinner party at the luxurious Regent Hotel & Resort in Bal Harbour. Friends and family danced the night away in glamorous attire. 1. Norma Travis, Ana Somarriba & Daniel Gaviria 2. Ana Somarriba, Norma Travis, Amada Echeverria, Lala Isern 3. Arturo Frausto, Elsa Davo, Andreina & Fabio Mionbet 4. Barbara, Geoff, Angela, Norma, Tony, Tamara & Hydi 5. Arlette & Chris Fuentes 6. Gabriel & Julian Osorio 7. Al & Cindy D’Amico 8. Remy & Tiffany Colin

Encounters w/ Dr. Raul Galliano

Dr. Raul E. Galliano celebrated his birthday with family and friends at the home of Philippe and Saskia Touret. Festivities throughout the evening included a humorous slide presentation, mariachis and even a surprise operatic performance by tenor Aurelio Gabaldon! 1. Christine Galliano, Dr. Raul Galliano & Victor Galliano 2. Dr. Raul Galliano, Pilar & Aurelio Gabaldon 3. Maria Teresa Fernandez & Pedro Castillo 4. Ernesto & Veronica Peralta with Otto & Cristina de Cordoba 5. Dr.Miguel Suarez, Ana Maria Rabassa, Dr.Antonio Rabassa & Alicia Suarez 6. Enrique & Lucrecia Falla with Dr. Raul Galliano 7. Dr. Raul Galliano with sisters, Cuca & Lilia 8. Philippe Touret, Dr.Raul Galliano & Saskia Galliano-Touret with Tarina & Lily Touret 9. Raul Galliano, Jr.,Mattias, Dr.Raul Galliano, Jill Galliano,Christopher & Francesca

Encounters @ Neiman Marcus

Miami’s A-list fashionistas enjoyed a full runway presentation of Zac Posen Fall 2009 Collection at an in-store cocktail soiree at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables. 1. Marysol Patton, Mari Alarcon Grimalt, Sheri Swerdlow, Designer Zac Posen,Stephen Brunelle, Julie Dill , Carolina Argiz & Evangeline Delgado 2. Ashley Turchin & Erin Newberg 3. Evangeline Delgado, Zac Posen & Carolina Argiz 4. Daisy Casuso & Cynthia Rodriguez 5. Carlo, Parmenter, & Shubin 6. Julie Dill, Lydia Touzet, Stephen Brunell, & Rubino 7. Marysol Patton & Jillian Sanz 8. Stephen Brunell & Zac Posen 9. Julie Dill & Lydia Touzet