Compass FYI

Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

Compass Fashion

Featuring Green Grass

Compass Home

Featuring Susana Hansen, Ana Somarriba, Carlos Coto, Cindy Suarez

Ultimate Stay

If you’re looking for a world-class escape this summer, but don’t want to load up the entire family for a cross-country jaunt or to head overseas, you might want to check out — and check-in to — the Viceroy in Brickell.

Key Player

Malena Assing, Adriana Imbuzeiro, Dr. Lamas

Functional Living

If you’re looking to transform a regular home into a dream home, look no further than LIGON, a one-stop-shop that will take form and function to a whole level. - Featuring Alberto Linero

2009 Most Beautiful

Featuring Monica Abidar Borges, Soraia Valladares, Ana Somarriba, Jaclyn Nicole Becker, Bernadette Lemoine, Alfred Borges, Philip G. Wynne, Ben Odell, Mariano Grimaux. Contributors Sabbia Jewelry, Trini, Jose Amigo

Spa Dreams

At Le Petite Spa, little girls become pampered princesses for their birthdays and special occasions — facials, nail, hair, makeup and skincare included.

Fit for Life

World-renowned trainer Adita Yrizarry-Lang and her team are flexing their motivational muscles at Inner Strength Studios, where a healthy lifestyle is the norm and fitness and function fuse to have you feeling fantastic from the inside out.

Village of Possibilites

At Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables, family shopping experiences take on new meaning thanks to an ultra-welcoming ambiance that allows the kids to jump in anticipation as Fido wags his tail with excitement while you shop ‘till you drop.

Island Yum

When Key Biscayne culinary staple Costa Med got a complete makeover recently, no one knew how the community would react. Luckily for the new owners, it not only satiated appetites, it has left many patrons hungry for more.

Encounters w/ IMBU

The team at IMBU Modeling School wants aspiring models to reach their goals both professionally and in life. Their experienced staff was on hand at this event with essential industry tips and tools that help yield success in this highly competitive field. 1. Sandra Suarez, Oliver Colme & Marah Caban 2. Alexandra Novo, Geraldine Almendarez & Michelle Mauris 3. Iana Imbu, Ana Cecilia, Adriana Imbu, Illa Imbu & Igor Imbu 4. Roberta Anspach & Alvaro Anspach 5. Patricia Noriega & Mary Weiniger 6. John Bruas & Lourdes Urrutia 7. Jessica Schwartz, Sharon Szmuc & Juliette Weinige 8. Michelle Bustamante, Lara Weldman & Melisa Bustamante

Encounters @ Ibis Lounge

The Ibis Lounge in Key Biscayne has become the island’s official hub where everything from birthday parties to karaoke sessions and wedding celebrations take place. 1. Alina Gonzalez, Monica Luzarraga & Maggie Maceiras 2. Cindy & Ricardo Montoya, Tom Flynn & Carolyn Sinclair 3. Alejandro Jauregui, Jack Armour, Carly Abrams & Caitlin Pyfrom 4. Tim O’Neil, Lizzie Easton, Jennifer St. John, Ted Sullivan, Ashley & Bob Dempsey & Mike Peters 5. Gina Mucci, Karym Urdaneta, Colleen Post, Sam Fellows, Elynn Gayol & Jan Carlos Canaves 6. Mark Harrison 7. Rodrigo Ponce, Michelle Estevez & Robin Macklin 8. Michelle Estevez & Luis Patino 9. Mariana Toledo, Aqui Larrea, Kristina Arechabala, Nicole de la Fuente, Gabrielle de Leon & Deborah de Leon 10. Tommy Zoobharaseg, Paul Paisanyarit & Danny Hurapan 11. William & Jamie Tompkins & Chris Roa 12. Carla O’Reilly, Tina Krablin, Cristin & Kevin Scholtz 13. Allison Perez, Alicia & James Hawkins, Michelle & Byron Maldonado 14. Cristin Scholtz, Christianne Mora, Ian Wood, Alexandra Velutini, Emily Wood & Alex Warner 15. Christianne Mora, Ian Wood & Alexandra Velutini 16. Oscar Sardina, Leslie & Aabad Melwani, Amit Melwani & Michael Goodman

Encounters w/ Ms. Fuchs

Mr. & Mrs. Fuchs celebrated their daughter’s bat mitzvah during a beautiful evening at The Ocean Club in Key Biscayne. Guests enjoyed the sights, sounds and exclusivity of this unique haven by the sea. 1. Jay, Remi, Jessie, Ronda & Jordan Fuchs 2. Stan & Harriet Hyman 3. Hank & Shirley Margulies 4. Shelly Hyman & Tom Bobroski 5. Aaron & Ellen Friedman 6. John & Nancy White 7. Madison & Leslie Pathman 8. Marc & Marcia Milgram 9. David & Jameela Blumberg 10. Dan & Debbie Zabludouski 11. Susan, Jake & Steven Sirota 12. Derek Duzoglou & Robert Duzoglou 13. Lori & Bruce Gusman 14. Stefano Tedaldi & Francoise Wynn 15. Charlotte & John Chung 16. Fabiola Duzoglou & Morgan Duzoglou 17. Claudia Potamkin & Cole Potamkin 18. Ed & Claire London 19. Jennifer & Julio Lopez-Brito 20. Steven Gusman & Harley Gusman

Encounters @ Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne residents Carlo and Valentina Pozzali hosted a dinner party with all their friends to celebrate their respective birthdays. It was a lovely night filled with Italian food, music and dancing. 1. Valentina & Carlo Pozzali 2. Trini Wagner and Elisa Pujol 3. Maria Juhar and Romina Lentino 4. Juan and Martina Uriburu 5. Javier Lentino, Stephan Croix and Magnus Wrahme 6. Sol De Camps, Simona Treusch and Geeta Lalwani 7. Dorine Heller, Kikas Forte Vaz and Laetitia Croix 8. Salvador and Lisa Garcon, Marco & Cristina Moreno 9. Carlo Pozzali, Ilaria Valenzuela, Iciar Oyarzun and Valentina Pozzali

Encounters w/ Amparo Castro

Amparo Castro celebrated the union of Ana Maria Caballero and Nelson Valle in matriomony at her home in The Ocean Club. Friends Claudia Lloreda, Alba Lucia Giraldo and Puli Noguera planned the event in honor of the joyous occasion. 1. Pupina Caballero, Ana Tootle & Amparo Castro 2. Beatriz Torres & Luz Helena Escobar 3. Amparo Castro, Maria Cristina Michelsen & Ana Lucia Giraldo 4. Augusta Canal & Clarita Carvajal 5. Silvia Botero, Tata Botero and Pupina Caballero 6. Claurida Lloreda and Beatriz Torres 7. Dora Franco, Puli Noguera & Alba Lucia Giraldo 8. Ana Maria & Fernando Caballero 9. Augusta Canal & Clara Carvajal 10. Rosa Helena Calle, Pupina Caballero & Ana Maria Caballero