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Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling, Ivette Fernandez-Chaustre of Key Therapy

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Featuring Mark Chatburn, Brigitte de Langeron, Brigitte Nachtigall, Cindy Suarez

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Featuring Claudia Sanz of Green Grass


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Closet Confidential

From “Wild Wild West”-inspired pieces to designer dresses, tennis threads and haute heels, what these stylish Key Biscayne women have decided to keep in their closets will make even the grandest department store or fashion boutique blush with envy. - Featuring Christine Housen, Ali Mejia, Sol De Camps-Grimaux, Marilyn Myles

Tropical Oasis

This modern home balances nature with nurture in the middle of paradise in Key Biscayne. Whether catching a breeze in the expansive outdoor areas or enjoying the view from your room inside, one thing’s certain: this is one home you’ll want to make memories in. - Featuring Brigitte Nachtigall


Sail away this autumn with these breezy looks that will keep you cool above and below deck. What you do once you disembark is up to you! Photography Jose Amigo

Key Players

Featuring Cassia Silva of Key Language, Mirla Sabino, Nora Camejo, Camille Olabarrieta

At Home with Trini

Like Madonna, Cher, Mariah and Celine, Trini’s name is her brand. But it’s the down-to-earth woman behind the global beauty icon that has the entire community of Key Biscayne reeling with pride at the beautiful ascent of our neighbor. Contributors - Jose Amigo, Green Grass.

Fare Flair

Canyon Ranch Grill is set to redefine the idea of healthy cuisine in South Florida with its signature take on delectable dishes where the main ingredient is wellness. And trust us, you’ll want to leave any pre-conceived notions at the door — the menu will be tastier than you could ever imagine.

Down to Business

As the founder and CEO of multiple successful Internet ventures, Jesse Stein proves he knows a thing or two about business…just don’t expect him to follow all the rules!

Encounters w/ Maria Victoria

True love comes around only once in lifetime. For newlyweds Hernan and Maria Victoria, building the rest of their lives together is a dream come true that both of them are looking very forward to. Congratulations! 1. Hernan Aracibia & Maria Victoria Bustamante 2. Claudia Martinez, Gloria Fallon, Becky Lozano & Marta Ligia Isaac 3. Edward & Howard & Gloria Fallon, Maria Victoria, Victor Fallon, Kristin Gillig 4. Maria Jose Lopez, Antonio Castano & Jorge Castano 5. Paulina & Rafael Moreno 6. Soledad Arancibia, Pedro & Isabel Arechaga 7. Maria Patricia Cavelier, Maria Victoria, Ana Karina Ciocca & Anita Bustamante 8. Alejandro Perez, Carolina Perez, Maria Victoria Bustamante & Susana Perez

Encounters w/ Giovanna Piedimonte

Giovanna Piedimonte recenlty celebrated her 4th birthday with her parents Dr. Giovanni Piedimonte and Dr. Miriam K. Perez at the Grand Bay Club in Key Biscayne where family members and friends gathered to enjoy all the rides and celebrate the occasion to the fullest. 1. Giovanni Piedimonte, Giovanna Piedimonte, Miriam K. Perez & Shaya Puglia 2. Giovanna Piedimonte 3. Nicolas Perez 4. Brigitte Nachtigall & Giovanna Piedimonte 5. Giovanna Piedimonte, Miriam de Perez & Vanessa Perez 6. Shaya Puglia 7. Nikolas Aixala, Andres & Alexander Defortunal 8. Clown, Miram K Perez, Giovanna Piedimonte & Giovanni Piedimonte 9. Eduardo & Enrique Perez

Encounters @ Puntino

Puntino Downtown’s recent arrival onto the radars of authentic Italian food lovers in South Florida has left a good taste in everyone’s mouth thanks to their delicious traditional Italian menu with Mediterranean influences. Benvenuto! 1. Juan Segui, Giavanni Grimaldi, Cristoforo Pignata & Chrisanne Grimaldi 2. Cristoforo Pignata, Andres Martinez, Macarena Zubiria & Giada Baselice Pignata 3. Jose Baizan & Juan Segui 4. Fabrizio Alfano & Giovanni Grimaldi 5. Massimo Hanozet 6. Johanna Fernandez Salvador 7. Giovanni & Chrisanne Grimaldi 8. Giada Baselice Pignata & Leonardo Hidalgo

Encounters @ Viceroy Miami

The Viceroy Miami’s Club 50 hosted Ish Santiago’s Birthday Food Drive with the Tim Hardaway Foundation. Notable guests included Hardaway, Kim Bacardi, Ruby Bacardi, Jillian Jacobson-Altit and Senator Frederica Wilson. 1. Lynn Fichman, John Thomas, Kim Bacardi & Paul Laroche 2. Phyllis Kane, Nicole Sapah-Gulian & Ruby Bacardi 3. Kim Bacardi & Tim Hardaway (NBA star) 4. Katarina Allison, Judd Allison, Ish Santiago & Marko Sanginetto 5. Paul Laroche, Lauren Martinez & Rick Shanzle 6. Rachel Denis & Rose Cardoza 7. Marvin Lebovitz, Kim Bacardi & Ronny Bloomberg 8. Senator Frederica Wilson, Josh Santiago, Ish Santiago & Melody Gruenberg 9. Susan Jacobson, Jillian Jacobson-Altit, Dr. Ira Jacobson & Phyllis Kane

Encounters w/ TechnoMarine

TechnoMarine joined forces with Cosmopolitan En Español at The Setai on Miami Beach for Summer Splash, an afterparty for “Premios Juventud” showcasing the hottest swimwear trends. 1. Julio Cesar Nicolini 2. Samuel Morjain, Moses Morjain & Jackie Morjain 3. Marines Duarte 4. Front Management 5. Liliana Zamudio & Gustavo Rivera 6. Claudia Castilla 7. Vivian Nunez, Liliana Zamudio & Julie Kling 8. Vivian Nunez & Alex Fernandez

Encounters w/ Annie Gonzalez

The trio of Annie Gonzalez, Patricio Waterhouse & Martin Ferrari celebrated their birthdays simultaneously at a wonderful party filled with family and friends. It was a night of many cheers, tons of laughter, delicious food, incredible music and a night of celebrating life and friendship. 1. Sofia, Patricio & Maria Waterhouse 2. Annie Gonzalez & Maria Cruz Waterhouse 3. Martin & Florencia Ferrari 4. Florencia Moni & Veronica Guyot 5. Florencia Ferrari, Alejandra Gambino & Candelaria Badessich 6. Coco Moni, Elena & Ricardo Rainerman 7. Patricio & Maria Cruz Waterhouse 8. Federico & Mercedes Albrecht 9. Marcos & Florencia Godward

Encounters w/ Hispanic Theatre Festival

The XXIV International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami was a resounding success this year! The organization will receive the prestigious FIT de Cadiz-Atahualpa del Cioppo Award in Oct. for its contribution to the Hispanic theatre movement in America. 1. Colombian artist and festival’s poster designer Marta Visbal 2.Marta Visbal, Ambassador Luis Ignacio Guzman Ramirez, Consul General of Colombia & Luisa Sanchez, representing American Airlines 3. Mario Ernesto Sanchez, Festival’s Producing Artistic Director Ambassador Juan Miguel Gutierez Tinoco, Consul General of Mexico, artist Marta Visbal, Ambassador Jose Ignacio Guzman Ramirez 4. Luis Enrique Rozo, arpist 5. Elizabeth Schiller, Natacha Amador & GastonSanchez 6. Mario Ernesto Sanchez and Norma Niurka 7. Luisa Sanchez & Jose Denis 8. Yolanda Interian, Alina Interian, Veronica Sanchez & Marilyn Romero 9. Zuly Montero, Mario Ernesto Sanchez & Dr. Luis Gonzalez Cruz

Encounters w/ Paloma Aristizabal

Paloma Aristizabal celebrated her 4th birthday at The Grand Bay Club with family and friends during a magical and very special day filled with balloons, face painting, rides, laughter and lots and lots of cake! 1. Paloma Aristizabal, Juanes, Karen Martinez & Luna Aristizabal 2. Juanes & Luna Aristizabal 3. Olga Insignares, Manuela Mora & Karen Martinez 4. Carlota & Luna Aristizabal 5. Lorenzo & Paloma Aristizabal 6. Magaly & Isabela La Plana 7. Clown & Nikolas Aixala 8. Antonella Martinez 9. Paloma Aristizabal & Juanes 10. Alessandra Borges

Encounters @ The Ritz Carlton

The 22nd Annual Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation Miami raised $100,000 for organizations dedicated to eradicating childhood hunger. More than 700 South Florida foodies attended the sizzling event that proved to be the hottest ticket in town. 1. John Pochopin, Ashley Lutz, Nestor Sanchez and Luly Sixto-Yero 2. Chef Jordi Valles of RUMBAR, Chef Andres Parlange of Cantina Beach, Derek Flint, General Manager at The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne 3. Lisa Furst, Jonathan Pallone, Arlene Furst, Allen Furst 4. Tequilier Heriberto Oviedo of Cantina Beach at The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne 5. Doreen Colondres and Chef Louis Pous of Little Palm Island 6. Chefs of the Fontainebleau 7. Commissioner and Mrs. Marc Sarnoff 8. Michelle Payer and Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard 9. MJ Prada and Jacqui Avello 10. Hell’s Kitchen/Pressure Cook’s Ralph Pagano, Derek Flint, Event Chair Chef Allen Susser 11. Guest sampling a sweet from We Take the Cake 12. Chef Allen Susser and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff 13. Alejandra Diaz and Marlene Diaz 14. Jennifer Schwartz, Top Chef’s Howard Kleinberg 15. Marco Selva and Vanessa Vandenbroucke 16. Univision’s Teresa Rodriguez, Chef Ralph Pagano 17. Chef Andres Parlange and Lauren Lampa-Banchs 18. Guest setting up the perfect Pork Carnita served by Cantina Beach 19. Guest tasting popcorn shrimp served up by RUMBAR