Compass FYI

Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling, Kiko Ricote

Compass Home

Featuring Susana Hansen, Doug Kinsley, Carlos Coto, Alicia Gonzalez

Compass Fashion

Featuring Claudia Sanz of Green Grass

Compass Health

Featuring Pilaties by Bernadette, Adita Lang of Inner Strength Studio


Featuing Maida Berberian-Bignon, Luz Ma Iruretagoyena & Martha Poulat

Home Improvement

If home is where the heart is, you’d better make sure your house is in tip-top shape. We scoured South Florida to bring you some expert tips on home decorating that will make you the envy of The Jones’...and any other neighbors you’re out to impress. - Featuring Myriam Rojas of MZ Design, Inc, Ursula Barrantes Tarafa of Casa Grande Design, Alberto Linero of Ligon Woodwork,

Key Players

Featuring Ivette Fernandez-Chaustre, Pascal Dro, Zuzzette Camarena Diaz-Garza, Jenny Salinas

In Good Taste

Key Biscayne residents Cristoforo and Giada Pignata are making sure their brainchild, Puntino Restaurant, is rooted in an Italian heritage that is flavorful, iconic and downright delicious, while they enjoy every spare minute outside of work enjoying life with their kids on the island they call home.

Peace Offering

The largest bronze sculpture of Classical Mythology in the world is coming to Miami, marking the biggest undertaking since Phidias and Chares created the monumental figures of Zeus and the Colossus of Rhodes in Greece more than 20 centuries ago.

A Place called Are

Sweden may be known as one of the world’s most visited destinations for world-class skiing, but you can rest assured that the tourist traps and crowds won’t be bothering you in Are this winter. At least not if you decide to stay at the area’s newest resort!

Oh, What a View

Besides the fantastic views and ample amounts of light that define this spacious condo inside Ocean Tower Two at The Ocean Club in Key Biscayne, there’s an inherent charm that also sets it apart and makes it feel like home all year round. - Featuring Doug Kinsley & Cristian Gonzalez

Encounters @ Ibis Lounge

It’s become fashionable to celebrate birthdays at The Ibis Lounge. Yoyi’s was organized by her sister Tere Shelton. Friends, Drinks, Tapas and Merriment filled the night with joy. 1. Ines Abascal, Alma Garay. Gladys Washington, Carmen Aceituno, Marilyn Borroto, Yoyi Prats, Nico Fiallo & Fifi Echemendia 2. Lourdes Aceituno, Yoyi Prats, Blas Oyarzun & Tere Sosa 3. Yoyi Prats & Roberto Torricella 4. Graciela Rodriguez Kholy & Alma Garay 5. Yoyi Prats, Tere Sosa & Susana Shelton 6. Graciela Rodriguez Kholy, Lilliam Donnell & Alma Garay 7. Anita Torres de Navarra, Carolina Milanes, Pilar Portuondo, Cuqui Roca and Fifi Echemendia 8.Fifi Echemendia, Victor & Yeye Garcia

Encounters @ Grand Bay Club

Nikolas Aixala celebrated his 8th B-day at the Grand Bay Club with all his classmates and very close frineds on a beautiful hot and sunny day. Guests had a blast enjoying all of the fun activities throughout the celebration! 1. Brigitte Nachtigall & Nikolas Aixala 2. Veronica Peralta, Sofia Tonarely & Valeria Peralta 3. Alexander Aixala 4. Olivia Connor 5. Nicolas Waterhouse 6. Chiara Dasso 7. Alejandro Rosales 8. Nicole Carpenter 9. Diego Navarro 10. Lola Rodriguez 11. Phillip Connor 12. Cristina Barco 13. Fernando De La Lama 14. Paloma Aristizabal 15. Mike Aixala & Brigite Nachtigall 16. Andres Defortuna 17. Michelle Boj 18. Alexander Defortuna 19. Theo Waterhouse 20. Isabella La Plana 21. Nicholas Brouceck 22. Tatiana Botero

Encounters @ Rouge Gallery

Transcendence by award-winning international artists Annette Turrillo and Borjas made quite the showing at Art Rouge Gallery in Wynwood recently, wowing guests with the world-class exhibit. 1. Camille Olabarrieta, Borjas & Annette Turrillo 2. Karina Rakhimova, Tony Lewand & Irina Mitina 3. Pamela Moore, Mark Kirn, Katerina Olabarrieta & Ozzie 4. Leonore Stern- Morris, Oliver J. Williams & Gail Birks 5. Ysee Gaudel, Stephan A. Eisel & Isable Darosa 6. Juan Carlos Luque & Carolina Apey 7. Mia Marchand & Francoise Dreuil-Wynne 8. Dimitry & Claire Vickars

Encounters @ Viceroy Miaim

ESPN Deportes adn Viceroy Miami recently celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with the new owners of the Miami Dolphins and Miami's Who's Who. 1. Emilio Estefan, Jorge Perez, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony & Steve Ross 2. Alvaro Martin, John Sutcliffe & Raul Allegre 3. Bernie Yuman with his wife & Lino Garcia 4. Darlene Perez & Alicia Cervera 5. Jessie & Joy 6. John Paul Perez, Homero & Ilieana Delatorre 7. Lara LaRue & Eva LaRue 8. Mike Dee & Bernie Yuman with his wife 9. Nestor Torres & Juanda Jiminez 10. AJ Calloway & Carlos Beltran

Encounters @ Aventura

ArTech, the high-tech and high-design luxury condo in Aventura hosted a pool party and BBQ on the project’s sprawling waterfront pool deck while mingling and dancing to the sounds of DJ Troy Kurtz and Josh Lekach. 1. Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna 2. Adam & Janice Petrillo 3. Andrea Greenberg & Yaniv Cohen 4. Jose Ortiz 5. Sheila Marcus & Suzi Perez 6. Matt Werner & Maura Rose 7. LeeAnn, Skyper & Johanson 8. Lisette Rodriguez, Stephen Gamson & Gabriella Farah

Encounters w/ Maritza Minor

Verónica Vidal hosted a special surprise birthday party for Maritza Minor. The unforgettable evening for the birthday girl was attended by her family and close friends. 1. Bill Roherer, Maritza Minor & Toby Roherer 2. Alejandra & Glenn Von Hartz 3. Carmencita Butler, Nelly Palmer, Maritza Minor & Alina Lopez 4. Maria Luisa Gonzalez-Revilla & Steven Minor 5. Elio & Corina Madalozzo with Lourdes & Tim Colett 6. Nina Llopis & Gladis Jaar 7. Sol & Verónica Vidal with Maritza Minor & Megan Andrews 8. Carolina Pritelli, Steven, Maritza & Steven Minor 9. Linda Elena Salazar, Donald & Donald, Berta & Edmundo Llopis with Lisette Ramirez 10. Warren & Crissie Wiseman

Encounters @ Novecento

Monica Campana’s students exhibited their art during the Artista Exhibit at Novecento in Coral Gables. The evening was filled with art and entertainment — Novecento even created a special “arts & crafts” corner for the artists. 1. Monica Campana, Ella, Brunella & Ian Barnett 2. Manuel & Lucia Nuñez 3. Analia & Viviana Freyer 4. Antonia & Karina Spencer, Lucia Nuñez & Silvia Martinez 5. Ellen Goldfar & Zachary Buttrick 6. Mia Marotta, Alexia Marotta & Julia Marotta, Sarah Correa, Milagros Urioste, Antonia Spencer 7. Otto & Sienna Borroto 8. Eric Kleinman, Adam Kleinman, Jason Kleinman & Karen Coppa 9. Daniela, Pilar & Juan Felipe Solano 10. Jason Coppa, Violeta Mizrahi, Phoebe Beber, Monica Campana, Jake Beber & Viviana Freyer 11. Sylvie Elmoznino & Sara Stephanou

Encounters @ Puntino

Puntino Downtown is quickly becoming the place to be seen. The authentic Italian menu and amicable staff has diners coming back for more day in and day out for lunch and night after night for dinner. 1. Chandler Finley, Stefania Bologna, Cristoforo Pignata, Sara Pedrali & Guest 2. Chef Rosario Corrao 3. Silvia Cadamuro Valente, Carylie Suarez & Sara D’anzeo 4. Elena Pelli & Giada Baselice Pignata 5. Daniel & Silvia Diaz 6. Curt Obront & Angela Rizzi 7. Elena & Bruno Pelli, Bianca & Mattia Liverani 8. Adriana & Gustav Antorcha

Encounters w/ Barbara Landegger

Barbara Landegger hosted a birthday party for Zulema Duany Nasser at her Key Biscayne residence. Friends and family enjoyed each other’s company while celebrating the special day throughout the night! 1. Natalie & George Ramani and Maritza & Steven Minor 2. Larry & Pauline Revelli 3. Natalie Ramani & Gloria Santiso Dreyfuss 4. Zulema Duany Nasser & Steve Nasser 5. Christopher & Kim Gaultier and Henry Edwards 6. Steven Minor & John Quinn 7. Zulema Duany Nasser & Barbara Landegger 8. Matt Rigg, George Ramani & Bonnie Rigg