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Gifts of Tomorrow

No stocking stuffers here! Get ready — and start saving! — for a wish list so extreme, you’ll be wondering what ever happened to the days of Season’s Greetings cards and Tonka trucks!

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This Key Biscayne home is already one of the most desirable addresses on the island. Just imagine how much better it will be once you move in to the neighborhood! - Featuring Barbara Lamar

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When it comes to giving fine jewelry this holiday, all women know you should never settle for anything but the best! Available right here on the Key, finding the perfect gem..... - Featuring Christina Termine of Diamonds on The Key. Contributors - Jose Amigo, Nakita & Emilia Covanova, Vickie Granado.

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Better Together

You would expect Jay and Ronda Fuchs to have hidden superpowers up their sleeves. They’re like a fictional duo who are able to balance successful careers, a family and community service, before going off to save the world at night. Luckily, the are not fictional and the results of their efforts are very real.

Encounters @ St. Agnes

St. Agnes Catholic Church hosted their annual gala. The night proved to be another unforgettable evening of great music, food and dancing that united the community. 1. Carlos and Lauren Battle and Amy and Ed Easton 2. Zulema and Steve Nasser 3. Father Israel Mago, Sister Marie Angela and Father Jose Hernando 4. Jose Luis and Alejandra Carranza 5. Alida Kubzan, Martha Salas and Juliette Lesmes 6. Isidro and Antonella Romero 7. Ileana Fajardo and Alicia Estefani 8. Carmen Harvell and Anita Carrasco 9. Antonella Romero, Enrique Kubzan, Laura Rojas- Hernandez and Jorge Hernandez 10. Jonathan and Lilliam Johnston

Encounters @ Grand Bay Club

The Grand Bay Club held their annual Christmas Bazaar. The event proved to be a huge success and all those who participated left with a big smile on their face. 1. Giada Pignata and Adriana Antorcha 2. Brigitte Nachtigall and Nikolas Aixala 3. Adelis Vazquez, Lorena Andrade and Sandra Ubillus 4. Anna Saulino and Claudia Uribe 5. Maria Frallicciardi and Alxandra Penso 6. Maria Patricia and Ana Somarriba 7. Viviana Platt and Claudia Saavedra

Encounters w/ Christina Galliano

Friends and family of Christine Galliano gathered at the home of sisterin- law Saskia Galliano-Touret for a delightful baby shower. Festivities included a delicious lunch, catered by Cafe Santa Maria, fun-filled games, plenty of adorable gifts and a surprise visit of soon to be first time father, Victor Galliano! 1. Parents to be, Victor and Christine Galliano 2. Mariela Mestre 3. Sara Milton, Ms.Cristina Miranda, Mrs.Cristina Miranda, Hortensia de Solminihac, Nily Diaz, Barbie Blanco 4. Margarita Guerrero, Saskia Touret, Ivette Rey 5. Nathalie Naintre, Teresa Bonner, Beatriz Miles, Caron Dockerty, Cristina de-Cordoba, Alice-Roques 6. Alicia Suarez, Maria Teresa Fdz Concheso, Ana Maria Rabassa 7. Yanik Espinosa, Carolina Cubero, Beatriz Rabassa, Heather Guggenthaler, Elena Garcia Montes 8. Claudia Yidi, Magaly Laplana, Cristina Henriquez

Encounters @ Village of Merrick Park

Village of Merrick Park kicked off the joyous season with its annual Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony. VMP maintained its commitment to the environment by lighting its 50-foot tree with 55,000 LED light bulbs. The Master of Ceremonies for this magical night was Lisa Petrillo of CBS-4. Unwrapped gift donations benefitted The Voices for Children Foundation. 1. Kailey Gonzalez, Nicole Szemere, Natalie and Gavin Gonzalez 2. Evelyn, Joseph, Hailey & Freddy Arevalo 3. Alex Ahamiranza, Susi Gabrieloff & Ximena Gabrieloff 4. Maria Victoria, Maria Virginia & Mayelin Urdaneta 5. Armando Ponce, Coco, Lili Ponce, Cloud & Gladys Cadavid 6. Ana Kube, Nicole Miquicarena, Juanita Llano, Emma Sandoval & Camila Sandoval 7. Belkis, Emily & Carlos Ferralls 8. Diego, Nicolas, Gabriel & Yolaina Alvarez 9. Cindy, Santiago, Danie, Mateo & Memo

Encounters @ Masquerade Ball

The American Nicaraguan Foundation held their 9th Annual Gala at the Intercontinental Hotel, with over 500 guests and more than 30 sponsors. The “Masquerade Ball” theme allowed guests the opportunity to dress up and have a great time for an amazing cause. ANF was founded 17 years ago and presided over by Alfredo & Theresita Pellas. Members support over 2,000 organizations in Nicaragua with housing, health, nutrition and education. The gala was chaired by Paco Bendana, Maria Amanda Rodriguez and Theresita Pellas. 1. Eugenio & Francis Sevilla-Sacasa with friends 2. Consuelo & Silvio Pellas 3. Nicolas Felizola and Marines Duarte 4. Leonardo Rocco & Marge 5. Luis Paguaga , Maria E. Somarriba, Edmundo Chang 6. Terry Pellas and Alfredo Pellas 7. Maria Amanda Rodriguez, Paco Bendana & Theresa Pellas 8. Joaquin & Nina Srguello

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club celebrated yet another installment of Oktoberfest with fantastic music, food and dancing. Already a tradition in its own rite, a commemorative glass was sold in celebration of Oktoberfest on Key Biscayne. 1. TJ and Silvana Giuffrida 2. Patricia and York Flick 3. Scott and Kara Sharp 4. Paola Padovan and Donnie Hall 5. Jo Ann Young and Gabrielle Ottavio 6. Larry and Suze Deitch 7. Vanessa and Allegra Vogel and Darcy Bailey 8. George, Lena, Jacob and Jorge Guerra 9. Paul and Floss Auchter and Tony Ottavio

Encounters w/ Rotary Club of Key Biscayne

The Rotary Club of Key Biscayne held their 5th Annual Key Biscayne Wine, Food & Silent Auction. Proceeds benefitted Shake-A-Leg in Miami and Fundacion Manos del Sur’s educational programs in Nicaragua, called Pan y Amor. 1. Ana Somarriba, Paulina Montes, Maria Patricia Somarriba and Maritza Minor (committee) 2. Tim Burch and Maggie Ruben Weisson 3. Marina Villegas, Milagros Giacomotti, Freddy and Maigualida Martinez 4. Diann Newman and Arthur Ackerman 5. Bonnie Cooper and Ellen Blasi 6. Francisco, Maria Patricia, Sarah and Roberto Somarriba 7. Claudia Batlle and Lorena Garcia Morillo 8. Victor Mendoza, Randy Lack-Marquina and Diego Stecchi 9. Ada Pozo, Michiel and Jacqueline Johan

Encounters w/ TechnoMarine

Vanidades hosted the Bass Museum of Art’s first-ever fashion show with its 5th Annual “Magic de la Moda” event featuring fashions from Saks Fifth Avenue and watches from TechnoMarine during Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach. Photos by Edison & Andreina Rumbos 1. Alex Fernandez & Vivian Nunez 2. Clara Perez 3. Guillermo Plehn, Marines Duarte, Connie Montoya, Claudia Giardinella 4. Gustavo Rivera & Liliana Zamudio 5. Claudia Castilla & Elizabeth Fuentes 6. Marines Duarte 7. Lili Estefan 8. Martin Llorens 9. Sonya Smith & friend 10. Pablo Villalobos

Encounters @ Trini in Private

Trini did it again! This time with Formula One for the racecar extravaganza of the year at her Trini in Private studio on Brickell. Guests sipped and socialized the night away as they learned about Formula One, L’Oréal Professionnel and Trini. 1. Miguel Agrasanchez & Pascal Dro 2. Trini & Richard Wagner 3. William Curtin & Raymond Rault 4. Alessandra Notta & Mariana Rivero 5. Amanda Ortega & Caio Santos 6. Christiam & Glaudine Messmer 7. Trini & Florence Dro 8. Andra Balogh, AmandaLynn, Christina Curran & Natalia Blandon 9. Indera Rampersaud, Juliette Dumareay & Malene Rampersaud

Encounters @ Miami International Wine Fair

The 2009 Miami International Wine Fair raking in an astounding 40% increase in reported sales this year. Nearly 7,000 attendees enjoyed offerings from more than 1,500 wines from 20 countries. 1. Shana OverHulser, Henry Barron and Shari Gherman 2. Edward Smith and Hillary Smith 3. Idalmis Rodriguez, Betsy Sharp, Katrina Sharp and Guillermo 4. Gregory Bellamy and Neuza Bellamy 5. Angela Santamaria, Susana Duque and Suen Capo 6. Jose Cuin and Lisset Ceyala 7. Naomi Camadona, Marcos Escobar, Leandro Camadona, Marissa Ca 8. Kara Kelly and Conrad Miami Chef Jonathan McCann 9. Mariella Martinez and P.C. Martinez with Latin Billboard