Compass FYI

Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

Compass Home

Featuring Coconut Grove Gallery, Doug Kinsley, Octavio Rinaldi, Brigitte Nachtigall, Cindy Suarez

Compass Finance

Featuring Agustin Enriquez

Power Houses

Featuring Brigitte Nachtigall, Jorge Boj, Cristian Gonzalez- Black, Doug Kinsley, Rosa I. Calero-Cortes and Mark Chatburn, Chris Blackman, Cindy Suarez, Carlos Coto, Jennifer L. Macia.

Mansion in the Sky

We take a tour of Club Tower Three, Unit 1901 atop Ocean Club in Key Biscayne to show you what you may have been missing back down at sea level. - Featuring Doug Kinsley & Cristian Gonzalez

Hail the Sunshine

Even in the dead of winter, Key Biscayne’s sunrays shine. Herewith: A stylish journey through some of the hottest looks this season.

Key Player

Featuring Jose F. Matos of Constructive Consulting, Mariano Grimaux, Alexandra Rumie, Roberto Cortes


Whether you’re looking for a second, third, fourth or fifth home or an innovative new office space, these local, national and international real estate options should be on your radar.

The King of Key Biscayne

Get a glimpse at the life and passions of James Dettore, one of the most successful men to have ever called Key Biscayne home. He is not only the embodiment of everything the island stands for, he’s also one of the main driving forces that has put the Village of Key Biscayne on the global map.

Encounters w/ Christina Termine

Family, friends and Key Biscayne neighbors gathered to toast champagne and dance the night away to celebrate Christina Termine’s birthday, together with her fiance, Rafael Bild, at their Mashta Island home. 1. Cintyia & Marco Pappalardo with Christina Termine & Rafael Bild 2. Marcie Foster, Christina Termine & Rosie Bild 3. Peter Bruno with Christina, Anthony & Bertha Termine 4. Carlota Azpurua & Ramon Lopez 5. Bertha & Christina Termine 6. Marleen Silverman & Gerry Backman 7. Marivi & Massimo Salino 8. T.J. & Silvana Guiffrida

Encounters @ Gala

An extraordinary gala dubbed Believe 2007 welcomed more than 600 guests to Karu & Y Restaurant to yield funds for six organizations that raise awareness for Colombia’s social needs. It was a magical evening complete with an auction, a fashion show by Silvia Tcherassi and a private concert by Juanes, Fonseca and Fanny Lu. 1. Kika Rocha, Rodney Figueroa & Fanny Lu 2. Brigitte Natchingal & Mike Aixala with Ana Cristina De Fortuna 3. Ana & Daniel Gaviria 4. Angela & Eduardo Barco 5. Jimmy & Chandra Johnson 6. Bill & Philli Bullard 7. Karen Martinez with Juanes 8. Diego & Gisella Lowenstein 9. Fernan Martinez & Paola Gutierrez 10. Fernando & Alexandra Tamames 11. Javier & Paola Guerra 12. Fred Joch, Fernanda & Pedro Domit 13. Jorge & Darlene Perez 14. Juan Pablo & Connie Montoya 15. Maria Jose Barraza with Fonseca 16. Mauricio & Clara Serrano 17. Juan F. Dasso, Maria Andrea Lara & Juan Carlos Madrinan 18. Mauricio Espinosa & Silvia Tcherassi 19. Milly & Raul De Molina 20. Rosa Paccini, Roberto Ciocci & Juliana Kirby

Encounters @ Flagler Museum

To celebrate the beginning of the social season with glamour and style, Hollywould and The Whitehall Society entertained more than 300 selected VIP personalities and stars with an exclusive gala evening at the splendid landmark Flagler Museum. 1. Benjamin McFarland with Christina Matthews & Charlie Maddock take a moment to pose for the camera 2. David Shapiro, Moet Hennessy’s Dana Schou, Mike Shapiro & Holly Dunlap 3. Hollywould Creative Director Holly Dunlap 4. Kristen Cashel, Molly Jackson, Tom Henry & Sessa Von Richthofen 5. Scott Zenko & Holly Dunlap dance it up 6. Sessa Von Richthofen, Kristen Cashel, Caroline Forrest, Elizabeth Belkin & Karly Askeland all wearing exclusive Hollywould creations 7. Francesca Traldi, James Guerra, Holly Dunlap, Borrelli’s Todd Davidson & Rocky Lambert

Encounters @ Miami Science Museum

Recently the Miami Science Museum, together with more than 100 VIP guests, enjoyed an exquisite Dinosaurs of China private reception to raise awareness for the new museum’s capital campaign. 1. Brenda Nestor Castellano, Swanee Di Mare & Bobbi Castellano 2. Juan Carlos & Nery Tejeda 3. JC Espinosa & Xavier-Cortada 4. Kirk Landon & Pamela Garrison 5. David & Amy Scharlin with Maria Ferrer & Willy Gomez 6. Julie Bianchi, Sheldon Anderson & Brenda Nestor Castellano 7. Maria Isabel Schwedel & Ulla Lamadrid 8. Paula & Bob Brockway 9. Swanee DiMare, Commissioner Charles Bronson with Trish & Dan Bell 10. Mason & Denie Freyer with Jo Ellen & Walter S

Encounters @ Northern Trust

Larry Robinson and Dr. Orlando Silva hosted a private reception at Northern Trust on Brickell Avenue to grow awareness for Misioneros del Camino. Throughout the evening, The New World of School of Arts held private performances for guests. The night of networking and good will culminated with attendees committing to get involved in the efforts of Misioneros del Camino to the benefit of all those involved. 1. Michael Patti, Ana Nuñez, Orlando Silva, Leonor Portela, Larry Robinson, Braulio Ortiz & Diane Cruz 2. Alexandra Lietman, Margarita Gonzalez, Claudia Puig & Brenda Robinson 3. Carlos Castillo, Larry Robinson & George Vidal 4. Charles & Virginia Sachs 5. David & Marian Rocker 6. Violeta Gonzalez, Dr. Orlando Silva & Genie Gormin 7. Ruben & Ana Capo with Hilda and Braulio Ortiz

Encounters @ The Forge

With more than 70 percent of their hotel residences already sold and hope for a full sell-out by early 2008, Mondrian South Beach celebrated their success at The Forge in Miami Beach. To reflect the interiors of the residences, the Forge was outfitted with furnishings from Moooi. Guests were treated to a screening of a video visualization of Mondrian South Beach while sipping on complimentary cocktails and sampling light bites. 1. Keith Menin & friends 2. Ali & Daryl Zweben 3. Michael Comras & guest 4.Pietro Belmone & friends 5. Katie & Dario Stoka 6. Grisele with friend

Encounters @ Grand Bay Club

Sister Cooke and many of the parents from Carrollton School all joined together at the Grand Bay Club to celebrate a pregala event to raise funds for the school. The official gala will take place on the premises of the school in January 2008. 1. Veronica Peralta, Daisy Hayworth & Nacira Gomez 2. Carlos Collarte, Viviana Fernandez & Emilce Collarte 3. Jaime Arguimbao & Lourdes Castillo de la Pena 4. Bill & Patricia Cruz 5. Sister Cooke & Deborah Scarpa Castro 6. Laurie Davis & Jeannie Vidaurreta 7. Monica Aziz & Carmen Palacios 8. Veronica Peralta, Sister Cook & Ernesto Peralta

Encounters @ Auto Show

Zooming into town with style, the 37th installment of the South Florida International Auto Show showcased the best the automotive world has to offer — and will be offering — with scores of interactive exhibits and displays including the debut of 10 concept cars that provided design cues for the future. 1. Troy Clarke, Geoff Day and Jaime Flores 2. Patrick Lafleur 3. Alvaro Cabal 4. Ivone M. Lorie, Angelo Serrato and Ron Beasley 5. Jaime Gabaldoni and Guillermo de la Corte. 6. Roberto Yockteng, Tony Serrato and Michael L. Deitz 7. Troy Clarke and Oscar Ramos 8. Gregory O’shea and Marlen Bedoya. 9. Camilo Montoya and Jorge Garcia. 10. Thousands of car enthusiasts made it out to the 37th Annual South Florida International Auto Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center

Encounters @ Sports Club L/A Miami

Next In Line, a young professionals networking organization in South Florida, partnered with The Sports Club/LA and Business Buddies to host a unique networking event overlooking Biscayne Bay from the Four Seasons Tower on Brickell to benefit Best Buddies of Florida. 1. Marcela Braga, Daniela Quesada & Mike Plasencia. 2. Ricardo Garbatti, Violette Sproul & Joney Diamond. 3. Diana Caseres & Rosalynn Salinas. 4. Kevin Amante & Marlen Bedoya. 5. Rodrigo Faerman & Todd J Goldenfarb. 6. Michael Tabor, Michael Vassilaros & Brad Nichol. 7. Violette Sproul, Cynthia Gay & Nicholas Bacigaluop

Encounters @ Charity Gala

The annual Spirit of Charity Gala, hosted by Catholic Charities, benefited children, families, the elderly, the disabled and the homeless, among others in need throughout one of their most successful events to date. Live music and dancing among the more than 650 community leaders present rounded out a night filled with joy and hope. 1. Maggie & Jorge Villacampa with Melinda Gonzalez 2. Frank & Mirta Fuentes with Pedro & Ana Mary Capo 3. Bob & Jodi Dickinson, Bunny Bastian, Archbishop John C. Favalora with Marina & Emilio Alonso-Mendoza 4. Carmen & Juan Lopez 5. Gabriel & Marta Bustamante 6 Liz & Adolfo Henriques 7. Marcon de Loffredo & Lady Monica Heftler 8. Milton & Pat Wallace 9. Paul & Swanee DiMare 10. Robert & Brenda Nestor Castellano 11. Sofia & Alberto Cosio 12. Sonnia & Miguel Viyella 13. Jorge & Vivian Duyos 14. The Garcias with Lili & Bob Chisholm 15. Rodger & Grace Shay with Amanda & Ryan Shay