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Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

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Featuring Dr. Wolf of Miami Plastic Surgery

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Featuring Carlos Coto, Ana Somarriba, Lorraine Neumann

Global Heartbeats

Although you may already live within the parameters of the island paradise that is Key Biscayne, a romantic getaway to a different kind of paradise may be just what you needed to recharge your love life. We scoured the world to discover a few off-the-beaten-path international hotels and resorts for every letter in the word ROMANCE.

Pure Elegance

Encountering gorgeous homes on Key Biscayne is a common occurrence — finding one that breaks the mold is a whole other story. Herewith: A tour of one of South Bay Group’s most impressive creations. - Featuring South Bay Group

Key Player

Featuring Cristina Figuredo-Zizold, Marco Selva, Elicia Lowitz, Chef D. Chalaron


When you live in one of the most exclusive island communities in the world, it’s hard to imagine any place that’s more desirable — except of course, if it’s your own private island right smack in the middle of paradise.

Fabulously Fanny

Even though her face and music grace almost every media and entertainment medium across the globe, Fanny Lu’s ingrained longing for an intimate and private setting has her calling Key Biscayne home whenever she’s not on tour or promoting her music to the throngs of loyal fans she has throughout the world.

Encounters @ Opera Gallery

Key Biscayne’s art lovers came out to enjoy the paintings of contemporary European artists Alexandre Zakharov and MOZ at the internationally renowned Opera Gallery at Bal Harbour Shops. Host Bernard Markowicz, director of Opera Gallery, encouraged guests to visit for details on upcoming exhibits and special events scheduled at the venue. 1. David Sassoon, Sophie Haddad & Rebecca Sassoon 2. Alexandra Fournel, Lucille Castro & Albert Castro 3. Thais Reyes & Alberto Navarro 4. Ann Marie Ali & former Miami Dolphin Yatil Green 5. Patrick & Coralie Duchamp 6. Albert Touatr & Jack Sebag with Monette T. & Sylvie Sebag 7. Sunday, Jr., Sunday & Macy Alaby 8. Elisa Diaine, Bernard Markowicz & Danielle Watou 9. Guest with Opera Gallery Sales Director Peter Aguirrebena 10. Manuelo Fonseca & Carlos Gamus 11. Diego Tosoni & Kristy Dubaj 12. Franck Ferlat & Tracy Calon 13. Guest previews the artwork 14. Opera Gallery Director Bernard Markowicz & Michelle Markowicz 15. Florian & Ruth Seroussi 16. Simi Albo & Barbara Hiskin 17. Anna Gary & Michael Collin 18. Marguerite & Robert Gil

Encounters @ Ocean Club

A celebratory reunion at Ocean Club on Key Biscayne honored the doctors, nurses and volunteers who recently spent four days in Sumpango, Guatemala, on yet another successful Medical Mission to help the area’s residents. During the trip, the group saw more than 4,000 patients and changed just as many lives. 1. Florence Keans, Yvette Egozcue, Larry Robinson & Alicia Egozcue 2. Olga Lopez, Sandra & Hilda Ortiz 3. The Martinez Family 4. Elio & Cynthia Dodda 5. Mercedes Frias & Rochelle Marill 6. Kelly Bree, Cynthia Donna, Mercedes Frias, Kelly Peirce & Rochelle Marill 7. Drs Orlando Silva & Christina Gomez with Medical Team Members 8. Eliza Valenti, Elisa Egozcue, Larry Robinson, Susie Alvarez & Olga Lopez 9. Cesear Guardado, Chris Peneranda, Oscar Lopez & George Becerra 10. Dr. Florence & Keith Keane 11. Dr. Silva, Sr. And Guest 12. Cesear & Eddie Guardado 13. Sandra & Braulio Ortiz with Orlando Silva & Brianna Ruiz 14. Braulio Ortiz & The Obgy Team 15. Brenda &Larry Robinson with Nancy Tsue, Olga & Oscar Lopez & Chris Peneranda

Encounters @ Gary Nader

Grey Goose debuted Artiste at the One Man Show exhibit showcasing masteworks by Pabla Picass, Fernando Botero, Frank Stella and Cuilermo Munoz Vera. 1. Gary Nader, Darlene & Jorge Perez 2. Kylie Lim & Rony Seikaly 3. Nitin Motwani, Tom Wolfe, Adrienne Arsht & Miami Police Chief John Timoney 4. Raul & Mily De Molina & Jorge Plasencia 5. Alexandra Braun & Erica Cseszer 6. Sara Soto, Sissi & Manuel Garcia-Duan 7. Ashley Kotalik, Stephanie Theis Fajardo & Linda Rendon 8. Angela Santo Pinto & Yahema Hiro 9. Irma & Jairo Martinez & Norma Niurka

Encounters @ Bella

Luminaries, friends and stars of the entertainment industry all gathered to celebrate the award-winning film Bella at the Mashta Island home of the film’s executive producers, Sean and Ana Wolfington. The private dinner party included celebrity legends from various genres and nationalities as well as Key Biscayne’s elite. 1. Manny Perez, Alejandro Montemayor, Eduardo Verastegui, Ana and Sean Wolfington 2. Eduardo Verastegui and Tony Bennett. 3. Ernesto Peralta and Alejandro Montemayor. 4. Barbara Palacios & Mario Andres Moreno. 5. Sean and Ana Wolfington with Alejandro Sanz. 6. Carolina and Pablo Cejas. 7. Carolina Cejas, Brigitte Nachtigall, Ana Wolfington and Sol Steed. 8. Alejandro Montemayor, Alejandro Sanz and Eduardo Verastegui. 9. Veronica Peralta and Paulina Rubio. 10. Alex and Jessica Jimenez 11. Sol and Santiago Steed. 12. Alicia Aixala and Eduardo Verastegui. 13. Giselle Blondet, Mike Folke and Maria Celeste Arraras. 14. Veronica and Ernesto Peralta. 15. Sean Wolfington, Veronica and Carlos Ponce. 16. Rodney Figueroa, Eduardo Garcia and Jorge Ramos.

Encounters @ St. Agnes

Fourth generation Key Biscayner Cristina Figueredo and 20-year Key resident Alejandro Zizold were married at St. Agnes Church in Key Biscayne followed by an elaborate champagne reception at the Ocean Club Tennis Center. The couple has decided to continue to reside on Key Biscayne as they embark on their new life together. 1. Cristina & Alejandro Zizold 2. Fernando & Celi Figueredo with Alfredo & Alicia Zizold 3. Marisol & Enrique Stiglich 4. Alexandra Codina, Alejandro Zizold, Cristina Figueredo-Zizold, Annette Figueredo & Alexandra Figueredo 5. Claudio & Yvonne Alvarez 6. Beatriz & Roberto Stiglich 7. Mary Jo & Roberto Zamora 8. Brenda Goerks, Cristina Figueredo-Zizold, Alexandra Figueredo & Marcela & Eduardo Erana with Carmen Lazo 9. Cuco Paniagua, Celina Framil, Chela Suarez, Terina Paniagua & Mario Suarez 10. Aliette Olaechea Arner, Marcela Zamora Erana, Alejandro & Cristina Figueredo-Zizold, Camila Tobon Pendleton & Marcia Martinez 11. Eugenio Ferrari, Alejandro Zizold, Gonzalo Podesta & Jose Zollner