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Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

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Featuring Dr. Michael Kelly of Miami Plastic Surgery

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Featuring Cindy Suarez, Doug Kinsley, Brigitte de Langeron, Brigitte Nachtigall

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Featuring Ana Nunez of Northern Trust

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From Fat to Fit

If you’ve been awaiting your weightloss reality check, this might be it. At the very least, you’ll start thinking about shedding those extra pounds you’ve been dying to drop.

Interior Oasis

If you’ve been in search of the perfect abode but have yet to find it, the ladies at B:a Design Group might be able to help you create the home of your dreams in no time. - Featuring BA Design Group

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Featuring Cliff Drysdale, Kitty de Melo, Manny Huerta, Mark Chellas

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Featuring Sabbia Jewelry. Contributors - Kate Benson, Gina Gorelik, Pipi Loose, Carolin Goethel, Manny Chaves.......

2008 Sony Ericsson Open Guide

2008 Sony Ericsson Open Guide

Blake is Back

Known as a man who defies all odds, James Blake is geared up for a big finish at the Sony Ericsson Open this year — just don’t let his smile distract you from the play-by-play.

Cay of Dreams

For the creators of Dellis Cay in the Turks & Caicos, turning a dream into a bonafide reality was the first step to creating an island paradise in the Tropics.

Encounters w/ Isa Zapata

In celebration of the launch of her new website, IsaZapata. com, artist and illustrator Isa Zapata hosted a cocktail party on Key Biscayne that showcased her fresh concept in design for children’s rooms as well as some of her captivating artwork. 1. Dannibeth Farnum, Isa Zapata, Laura Torrabadella & Jose A. Lopez 2. Jane Hernandez & Ruben Jimenez 3. John Acero 4. Margot Polak & Violeta Bublik 5. Sadhu & Jason Gordon 6. Jean Marc Lopez & Andree Lopez 7. Vicky Echeverri & Lucas Salvatierra 8. Eva Esteban, Jose A. Lopez and baby

Encounters w/ Brigitte Nachtigall

Mike Aixala and Brigitte Nachtigall hosted a fundraiser at their home on Key Biscayne for the campaign of State Attorney Kathy Fernandez- Rundle. More than 120 guests including family and friends took part in the beautiful evening full of joy and glamour. 1. Kathy Fernandez-Rundle, Mike Aixla, Brigitte Natchingall, Amparo Angel, Nikolas & Alexander 2. Annie Gonzalez & Randy Lac-Marquina 3. Ana Somarriba & Daniel Gaviria 4. Maria Andrea Lara & Marcela Salgado 5. Jo-Anne Civantos & Yvette Brouceck 6. Patrick & Coralie Duchamp. 7. Monica & Rene Aziz 9. Susan Joch, Joanna Baboun & Ana Tootlel 8. Brigitte Nachtigall, David Efron & Kathy Fernandez-Rundle with Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna 9. Jorge & Liza Boj with Alexandra Rumie & Alejandro Robledo 10. Magaly & Luis La Plana 11. Veronica Peralta & Andrea Nachtigall 12. Rosabel Dasso & Alexandra Lietman 13. Linda & Robert Bailey 14. Borja Murube & Ana Maldonado 15. Eduardo & Angela Barco 16. Americo & Giovanna D’Agostini with Monica Venegas & Tassio Lorente 17. Bill & Luz Estella Houlzet with Maria Cruz & Patricio Waterhouse

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Community Church

The Key Biscayne Community Church Day School PTA hosted a “Parents Night Out” Spanish dinner to raise money to purchase additional computers for the early literacy program classrooms in their school. Parents and teachers alike enjoyed a marvelous evening of paella, dancing, Flamenco show and renewing friendships. 1. Carmen Rubio 2. Vivian 1. Carmen Rubio 2. Vivian Galego-Mendez, Diane Cellura (principal) and Maite Botto 3. Geraldine and Valerie Lafaurie and Maria Eugenia Palacio 4. Mariano & Sol Grimaux & Steve Boucher & Diane Cellura 5. Carmen Rubio 6. Maite Botto & Diane Cellura 7. Isabel Diaz & Mariam Fassio 8. Astrid Gotthold, Ali Mejia and Rebecca English 9. Andrea & Chris Auxier & Kelly Kendrick 10. Maria Longobardi, Carolina Martinez & Martha Martinez 11.Mario Valdez & Silvia Garcia 12. Maite Botto & Diane Cellura 13. Haidy Reinoso, Pilar Jimenez, Gabriela Lara and Vivian Galego-Mendez 14. Maite Botto, Jovita Burgaz, Marcie Armella and Christel Ciano 15. Fatima Cadahia, Cristina Pla, Angeles Helou and Aranciha Ibarrondo

Encounters @ Annual Miami Jewish Festival

The 11th Annual Miami Jewish Film Festival presented by the Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education offered an exceptional lineup of award-winning domestic and international features and documentaries to sold-out audiences. The celebration began Opening Night with the presentation of the Community Arts Award to Nancy and Norman Lipoff. Under the guidance of MJFF Director Ellen Wedner, filmmakers, directors, actors and special guests enhanced the screenings by lending insight into the filmmaking process. 1. Actor Aaron Simon Gross, Director Hilary Helstein, Ellen Wedner & Judith Evan Goldstein 2. Ellen Wedner, Michael McManus of the Cultural Arts Council & Ellen Barocas 3. David Scharlin, Chair MJFF 4. Nancy and Norman Lipoff, recipients of the 2008 Community Arts and Education Award 5. Jack & Paula Levine 6. Jimmy & Freda Srur 7. Judge Steven Robinson & Joyce Robinson 8. Florence and Bob Werner 9. Helene Berger with Rosetta & Don Bierman and Rhoda & Morris Levitt 10. Jill & Hal Gaffin with Charles & Roz Stuzin 11. Mellon Bank VP Joel Goren with Francis 12. Aksana & Boruch Freedman 13. Miami International Film Festival Director Patrick De Bokay & Ellen Barocas 14. Opening Night Chairs Jessie & Bernard Wolfson 15. City of Miami Beach Chief of Protocol Michael Aller, Merle Weiss of the City of Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council & City of Miami Beach Program Manager Gary Farmer 16. MJFF Director Ellen Wedner, Miami Beach Mayor Mattie Bower & CAJE President Chaim Y. Botwinick 17. Filmmaker David Fisher, Director David Frankel & MJFF Chair David Scharlin 18. Argentine Adjunct Consul General Pablo A. Chelia with Ellen Wedner & Luis Gutmann, Director of the Buenos Aires Jewish Film Festi

Encounters @ Mount Sinai

The Mount Sinai Medical Center Key Biscayne opened its doors recently, providing residents of the island with the highquality care they deserve and the convenience they desire. Residents joined community leaders and Mount Sinai President and CEO Steven Sonenreich for a VIP tour of the new facility, located in Key Colony Plaza at 200 Crandon Boulevard. The facility offers adult primary care, consultations in internal medicine, geriatrics, physical exams, preventive medicine and routine diagnostic testing. To make an appointment, call 305.674.2599. 1. Michel Gagner, M.D, Enrique Garcia, Steven Sonenrecih CEO, Barry Goldneier, Robert Vernon, Mayor of KB, Ana Maria Torres, M.D. & Ramon Ferra, M.D. 2. Bernadette Lemone, Barry Golmeier & Dr. Ana Maria Torres 3. Don & Marie Gordon 4. Jean-Paul & Nicole Solal 5. Dr. Oscar Llorente & Bill Markell 6. Pamela Dadinsky & Donna Owens 7. Eva Gotlib & Carment Harvell 8. Dr. Soila & Darren Majors 9. Karen Moyer, Donna Owen & Alex Mendez 10. Yolanda Don Zabala & Blanca Ceballos 11. Dr. Ramon Ferra & Arnie Jaffe 12. Steven Sonenreich & Amy Perry 13. Robert Vernon & Bob Feinschreiber 14. Marilyn & Steve Liedman 15. Barbara Larkin & Hedda Haines 16. Beatriz & Daniel Romero 17. Frank Simon, Linda Perron & Ron Oprzadek 18. Ted & Anna Lou Rhodes

Encounters @ The Ritz Carlton

Chef Pascal Tingaud, Moet & Chandon’s private chef at the exclusive French Chateau de Saran, made a rare appearance stateside to host a private dinner with Cioppino Chef de Cuisine Ramon Guerrero and Sommelier Jorge Mendoza at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. Thirty-two exclusive VIPs enjoyed this gastronomic rarity with each course designed to expertly match tastes from the Moët & Chandon range. Trés chic! 1. Jackie Nespral, Dr. Armando Hassun and Tiana Madera. 2. an Roman and Michelle Payer. 3. Carolina Ramirez and Ernesto Arambatzis. 4. Clement Reid and Brett O’Bourke. 5. Roberto Valls, Ileana Pichel and Jorge L. Mendoza. 6. Marco Selva, Lisette Carlo, Willard Shepard, Jackie Nespril, Armando Hassun. 7. Dana Schou a 1 nd Chef Pascal Tingaud.

Encounters @ Fortune Realty

Fortune International Realty and The Related Group recently joined forces to create FRIS: Fortune Related International Sales, a joint effort that has all of South Florida buzzing. They celebrated the partnership with a Key Biscayne fiesta to promote Icon Vallarta on Mexico’s Gold Coast, one of the many projects that represent the joint venture’s $2 billion in developments throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. 1. Lisa Treister, Andrew Smith & Richard Murry 2. Ellen Haug & Gerry O’Hara 3. Edgardo & Cristina Defortuna 4. Carlos and Marianne Coto 5. Thania and Robert Vernon 6. Debbie Cianfoni & Leana Cianfoni 7. Maria Elena & Victor Brandao 8. Anne Kramer & Wendy Wood 9. Andres Martinez & Deborah Caridad 10. Monica Londono & Elena Boitel