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When it’s time for you to get rejuvenated, it doesn’t matter if you have 10 years to hide or 20, we’ve got you covered with our picks for the most creative — and most worthwhile — spa treatments in South Florida.

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It may not be located on the island paradise we call home, but this world-class condo atop the tallest East Coast residential skyscraper south of New York City promises to live up to our standards — and then some. - Featuring Ana Somarriba

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With their new partnership , aptly named FRIS, development power houses Fortune International and Related International are on the fast-track to creating overseas enclaves that will satiate the needs of discerning buyers the world over .

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Throughout the 35 years Dr. Robert L. Simons and his family have spent living on Key Biscayne, they’ve seen the island evolve into the world-class community it is today —

Encounters w/ Christina Termine

Christina Termine celebrated a Valentine’s Day jewelry party by launching “Diamonds on the Key.” Valentine’s treat’s and drinks were served for all to enjoy. 1. Bertha Termine, Susan O’Hara & Christina Termine. 2. Christina Villegas, Marcos Soto-Padron & Christina Termine. 3. Christina Termine & Rafael Bild. 4. Bertha Termine, Sally McHugh & Christine Housen. 5. Christina Termine, Carol Somodevilla & Mary Tague. 6. Christina Termine, Rich Caroll & Michelle Termine. 7. Claudia Leme & Christina Termine. 8. Maria Giuffrida, Christina Termine & Silvana Giuffrida. 9. Maritza Minor, Christina & Michelle Termine

Encounters @ Ocean Club

Long-time Key Biscayne residents Marianne and Carlos Coto organized the 3rd annual Cabana Crawl at Oceacn Club to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. Having planned the event to coincide with the full-moon, the “crawlers” went from cabana to cabana, where they were greeted with an assortment of food, libations and music. The entertainment at the Coto’s cabana was provided by Don Pan owners Edgar and Betty and by a saxophonist named German. Other hosts dressed their cabanas in a variety of U.S. themes, such as “Mini Fenway Park,” “Boston Seafood Market,” and “Mardi Gras,” to name a few. Others added international flair to the Crawl by offering treats from their country of origin, including Peru, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Italy, India and the Greek Isles. 1. Hector Obregon, Yoana Obregon & Ana Obregon. 2. Gloria Plaza, Silvia Tarafa & Marianne Coto. 3. Vivian Galego-Mendez & Betty C. Portuondo. 4. Marianne & Carlos Coto. 5. Alberto & Beba Ruiz. 6. Miguel Angel & Miriam Lopez. 7. Cristina Greeven & Martha Blanco. 8. John & Iris Fisher. 9. Rich & Nichole Aldrich. 10. Gerry O’Hara & Thania Vernon. 11. Jean-Jacques & Patricia Bona. 12. Herb Kassoff. 13. Steven & Maritza Minor. 14. Loren & Alexandra Leitman. 15. Sheala & Sandy Fox. 16. Frank Guerra, Alina & Fausto Gomez. 17. Stephen Liedman, Robert & Thania Vernon. 18. Murf & Pachy Buttler with Rich Aldrich.

Encounters w/ Surmesur

Surmesur, the chic, unique “boutique-boutique” in Key Colony Plaza welcomed Bonpoint, the respected French fashion house for children, for the first time in Miami to showcase their 2008 spring/summer collection to Key Biscayne mothers and kids. Balloon artist Irina provided the entertainment with her creative balloon caricatures and yielded hundreds of smiles and giggles throughout the event. 1. Fabienne Brochard & Marianne Pilotaz. 2. Leni & Fernanda Ibarguengoytia 3. Lucia & Diego Soria. 4. Veronica Reiser & Fabienne Brochard. 5. Elinka Ordway was treated to balloon flowers. 6. Michele & Veronica Reiser. 7. Olivia Duncan & Sarah Wagner. 8. Ursula & Alegria Espirito Santo. 9. Lucia Soria. 10. Virginie April & Fabienne Brochard.

Encounters @ Total Bank

There’s nothing like a grand goodbye party filled with old friends, libations and overall good cheer. Such was the case when Adrienne Arsht, who has served as chairman of TotalBank for more than a decade before stepping down after the bank was sold to Banco Popular, was honored at a tribute celebration hosted at the Biltmore Hotel. The event also introduced Banco Popular’s Jorge Rossell as the new TotalBank chairman. 1. Hildergarde Lescham, Jose Taveras & Adrienne Arsht. 2. Raquel Matas, Monica Uncein & Javier Naranjo. 3. Jorge Rossell & Marcial Solis. 4. Gabriel Serrano & Teresa Rodriguez. 5. Maria Elena Salinas & John Yearwood. 6. Jose Gonzalez, Nancy Sanchez & Tony Leon. 7. Alfredo Manrara, Pete Cabrera & Albert Vivas.

Encounters w/ Misioneros del Camino

Misioneros del Camino hosted a world-class gala at the Ocean Club in Key Biscayne that included a live auction to benefit the orphaned, abandoned and malnourished children of Guatemala. 1. Dr. Orlando Silva, Leonor Portela & Larry Robinson. 2. Alexander Avila & Alan Goldberg. 3. Diane Cruz with Gonzalo & Ani Nunez, Maite & Alex Adams & Michael Patti. 4. Ramon & Georgie Corona with Estella Lavagnigno & guest, Amelia Castillo & Enrique Castillo. 5. Jennifer Perez & William Mcclain. 6. Rafael Bild & Christina Termine. 7. Dr. Orlando Silva & Brienna Ruiz 8. Maria Vidal, Gustavo Morales, Stephan Alex with Lorn & Alaxandra Leitman. 9. Rick & Maria Gebaide. 10. Robert & Rose Buchwald. 11. Charles & Virgina Sachs. 12. Kate Benson & Marlen Bedoya. 13. Bob & Danita Meyer. 14. Dr. Maria Castilllo Vale & Carly Aguilera. 15. Brenda Robinson, Andrea Schweidel & Eve Robinson 16. Brigitte Nachtigall, Alexander Avila & Coralie Duchamp. 17. Leonor Portela, Angel & Maria Beloso with Rosamalia Portela. 18. Alan Vituli, Lea Zervoulias, Shirley Vituli & Danita Meyer. 19. Herbert & Sandy Kasoff. 20. Michael & Ellen Brooks. 21. Marie Santana & Ofelia Santana. 22. Elisa Robbin with Diego Cruces. 23. Mandy Robinson & Justin Robinson. 24. Debie, Chris & Gisele Basic. 25. John & Iris Fisher. 26. Meredith Grodin, Nancy Tsue & Amy Tsue. 27. Patrick & Coralie Duchamp with Alan & Marjorie Goldberg. 28. Alexander Avila, Marlen Bedoya, Alan Vituli, Bob Meyer & Kate Benson. 29. Alfredo & Beatriz Rabassa. 30. Joyce & Herb Kean. 31. Orlando Garcia, Justo Luis & Sylvia Pozo. 32. Claire & Ed London. 33. Natalie & Robert Conser. 34. Frank & Meredith Grodin 35. Krystal & Carmen Sasso. 36. Debie & Gisele Basic, Larry & Brenda Robinson. 37. Alexander Avila with Ruth & Harvey Rosenwasser. 38. Leonor Portela & Braulio Ortiz, Jr., with Hilda & Braulio Ortiz. 39. Meredith Grodin, Mandy Robinson & Amy Tsue 40. Alan Vituli, Virgina Sachs & Alexander Avila. 41. Robert Gold & Doreen Aronson. 42. Kelly Pierce & Kelly Bree. 43. Christina De La Maza, Maruchi Pando & Titi Valenti. 44. Osvaldo & Cary Morales. 45. Beatriz & Raul Armand. 46. Jerold & Joan Levine with Paulina and Fausto Gomez. 47. Edgardo Reyes, Brenda Gonzalez, Clarissa Monell & Melvin Martinez. 48. Alberto & Luci Aran with Jorge & Marisa Coro. 49. Dr. Mary-Jo Villar & Dr. Orlando Garcia. 50. Stacey Hudson & Sergio Sotolongo. 51. Oscar & Aida Enriquez. 52. Ada & Dr. Philip Rodriguez. 53. Emilio & Liliana Arguello. 54. Marlene & Armin Torres. 55. Rosa Amalia Portella with Carlos & Lourdes Gimenez. 56. Humberto & Rachel Dominguez with Bertha & Herman Rivas.

Encounters @ Segafredo Brickell

Segafredo recently celebrated the grand opening of its newest location in Brickell. As guests arrived, they were greeted by six “Vegas-style” showgirls, a stilt-walker and a flame-thrower exhibiting eye-opening feats. Once inside, guests mingled as they sipped on Grey Goose, Leblon, Red Bull and Mahou Beers and nibbled on a few of the many fantastic dishes that Segafredo Brickell offers. A tour of the adjacent nightclub, Spazio Nero, rounded out the night. 1. Gloria Saiz & Melisa Hernandez with Barby Hernandez 2. Cintia Carnevale & Lali Gaddini 3. Estefania Cooke & Winston Franco with Maria Arias 4. Rochelle Menda & Adriana Rivera 5. Jose Manuel Vazquez & Fernando Suarez 6. Models with Alejandro Ferllen 7. Rosina Grosso & Yami Quintero

Encounters @ Prepworks

PrepWorks!, the company founded by Key Biscayne resident Tracy LaFlamme Ortega to provide innovative personalized academic preparation, recently opened its new office and education center on the island at 604 Crandon Blvd. in the Winn Dixie Shopping Plaza. 1. Mike Davey, Tracy LaFlamme Ortega & Thania Vernon 2. Anna Ortega, Ana Santaella & Jason Lakatos 3. Manuel Rocha & Robert Vernon 4. Kate Brown & Kevin Marshburn 5. Virginia Sanchez & Jorge Ortega 6. Brendan Ross Blouin & George Earl 7. Jason Garstka & Dan Cuevas 8. Elena Rodriguez & Susan O’Hara

Encounters @ Rusty Pelican

The Rusty Pelican hosted a Nicaraguan brunch, bazaar and fashion show to benefit the Fundacion Manos del Sur in Nicaragua, whose mission is to provide children living in extreme poverty in Central America with the opportunity to grow into healthy, productive adults. 1. Yvette Broucek, Andrea Connor, Ana Tootle & Karla Bueno. 2. Ana, Charlotte, Carmen Elena Somarriba & Susan Joch. 3. Amy Hernandez & Nahzaya Mendez. 4. Carolina Ballestas & Chila Batalha. 5. Natalia Caicedo, Lorenza Hoyos, Christiane Ulvert & Cristina Hoyos. 6. Adriana Spitale, Annie Gonzalez & Marcela Alvarez. 7. Isabelle Roy, Coralie Duchamp & Susan Joch. 8. Paulina Montes & Ana Somarriba 9. Ana, Charlotte and Maria Patricia Somarriba. 10. Isabel Diaz, Jackie Aller & Christine Wing- Meyer. 11. Coralie Duchamp, Isabelle Roy & Mary Jo Pinedo. 12. Maria Patricia Somarriba, Trini Wagner & Emma Cipriani-Agati. 13. Fabianne Galchter and Nicole Shelley from Shelley Model Agency. 14. Lilean Peirce, Marcela Gil, Karla Bueno & Liliana Sanchez. 15. Lia Rodriguez & Rayza Cordero. 16. Mercedes Albrecht, Alexander & Adriana Von Simson with Maru Alvarez. 17. Lauren Batlle, Marissa Prado, Mara Santalla & Ana Ines Bonet. 18. Randy Lack-Marquina, Claudia Batlle, Maria Cruz Waterhouse & Lauren Batlle.

Encounters w/ Fundacion Manos del Sur

Fundacion Manos del Sur recently hosted its annual Generosity Polo Cup at Patagones Polo Club to benefit children in Argentina. To get involved, go to 1. Monica & Alfredo Borges, Domingo & Maria Amaro with Maria F. Guzman 2. Monica Penagos, Alexander Avila & Ursula Barrantes-Tarafa 3. Emilia, Catalina & Ursula Barrantes-Tarafa 4. Claudio Kojusner & Gonzalo Avendaño 5. Claudia Batlle, Marina Villegas & Paulina Montes 6. Randy, Javier, Jose & Helena Marquina 7. Veronica Alter & Rodrigo Ayerza 8. Olivia Broadway, Nicholas Melisiotis, Marie-Louise Hedlund & Rocio Echeverri 9. Juan Saudino & Jose Milberg 10. Sandra Caffi, Claudia Batlle, Mercedes Talarico, Mariela 1 Valdes & Maria Dambolena