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Travel Tales

Sometimes even living in paradise can get a little boring. That’s why the Key Biscayne residents you’re about to meet travel as often as their schedules allow to just about any part of the world their hearts desire. Their stories just might inspire you to dig up that dusty passport and take a trip of your own. - Featuring Carlos and Marianne Coto, Ruth Rosenwasser

Pardise Castle

The team at Casa Grande Design Group took a waterfront home on Harbor Drive in Key Biscayne and transformed it into a pure haven for almost every occasion. And that’s just their latest success story. - Featuring of Ursula Tarafa of Casa Grande Design Group

Stylish Sands

If you want to make a splash during your next overseas globetrot or while lounging on Key Biscayne’s pristine sands this summer, remember that deciding what to wear is half the journey.

Diamonds for Life

If you’re looking for the perfect jewelry to adorn yourself or a loved one, Christina Termine’s Diamonds on the Key might have exactly what you’ve been looking for — and a little something extra you might not have expected.

Floating Condos

If the grounded real estate market has you down, you might want to consider oceanbound luxury property options aboard The World. We guarantee it will redefine your idea of “waterfront” living in a big way.

The Queen of Cruise

As the only woman to have ever been president and CEO of three major cruise lines, Key Biscayne resident Pamela Conover knows what it takes to make a great cruising vacation outstanding.

Key Players

Featuring Jennifer Perez of The World, Clara Uribe, John Greeven, Samantha Scott

Adventures in Learning

When the success of your children is of utmost importance, where they learn life’s fundamental building blocks during the early years is just as important as the nurturing you provide — and a lot more fun. Herewith: Kids Learning Adventure.

The Perfect Pasta

Find out why Tutto Pasta, meaning “all pasta” in Italian, is the perfect restaurant for all tastebuds, even the ones that make up the discerning palates found on Key Biscayne.

Encounters w/ Florencia Godward

Florencia Godward hosted a party for her husband, Marcos, who celebrated his 50th birthday surrounded by family and friends including their four children: Chloe, Felix, Ivan and Beltran. Guests enjoyed music, dancing and dinner throughout the night. 1. Florencia & Marcos Godward. 2. Veronica Guyot, Mechi Albrecht & Maria Claudia Dell’Oca. 3. Mariana Tonarely, Tina Marcos, Roxana Narea & Veronica Alvarez. 4. Jose & Liliana Sanchez. 5. Maria Cruz & Patricio Waterhouse. 6. Francisco & Mariana Tonarely. 7. Maria Fernanda Guzman, Florencia Moni, Silvia Viola & Maru Alvarez. 8. Luz Estella Houlzet with Joel & Elena Magolnick

Encounters w/ Key Biscayne Community Foundation

A grand night was had by all when the Key Biscayne Community Foundation hosed “Pieces from Paradise,” a celebration of the island’s artist via a curated exhibition, sale and fundraiser. Proceeds from the event, which took place at a home on 501 Harbor Drive donated by eRealty and Zubillaga Design, went toward furthering the organization’s work with Key Biscayne non-profits and establishing future community-wide arts events. To get involved, visit 1. Juan Zubillaga & James Salas 2. Francoise Wynn, KBM Magazine Publisher Alexander Avila & Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille 3. Kate Benson & Sam Trotter 4. Marilyn & Willy Borroto 5. Chris Serpico, Ximena Antunez, Ellen Foley & Nancy Serpico-White 6. Andrew Araujo & Kari Madera 7. Meredith Buining & Linda Crigg 8. Eugenio & Malena Alvarez 9. Silvia & Tony Tarafa 10. Juan & Rita Zubillaga 11. Marco Buining & Evelyne de Araujo 12. Jay & Ronda Fuchs, Nancy Serpico-White, Ida & Eros Cattaneo 13. Bernard & Suzanne Eismann 14. Anne Stovel & Michelle Bernard 15. Stuart & Lynn Epstein 16. Kiko & Rita Sarasua 17. Hans Rothe & Marilu Rothe 18. Ana Gloria Rivas & Anne Richards Rothe 19. Arturo & Patricia Aballi 20. Michelle Barnett & Rubin Benjamin 21. Maria Boneo & Maria Waterhouse 22. Jim & Kathy Irh

Encounters @ Opera Gallery

In the Mood for Pop features Opera Gallery’s collection of exciting and kitschy works by contemporary masters like Warhol, Wesselmann and Lichtenstein along with paintings by emerging international avantgarde artists. The opening reception was a global mix of art and music with celebrated guests from both sides of the pond. Beginning in London in the mid 1950’s, Pop Art — a visual art movement expressing popular mass culture — found artists using themes influenced by advertising, everyday products and comic books. Opera Gallery is located in the Bal Harbour Shops at 9700 Collins Ave. 1. Adam Erdberg, Adam Singer, Tamar Erdberg & Irv Singer 2.Lizzie Bowden, Hannah Greenow & Laura Zilli 3. Caroline Herail & Martial Ricart 4. Sandrine & Yani Arfi 5. Larry & Dara Ross 6. Michele Migliaccio & Robert Katz 7. MC Adrian & Barbra Tucker 8. Domenic Congiusto & Lydia Scerpella 9. Jean Bryan & Peter Neofotistos 10. Sandrine Arfi, Claude Labi & Danielle Waton 11. Irv Singer & Adam Erdberg 12. Tim Wade & Jean-David Malat 13. Michael Brin & Andrea Braverman 14. Jade & Geanette Calliva 15. Gabriel Radcliff & Veronica Voronina 16. Edward, Gabriel & Margaret Leoshko 17. Frank Moya, Johanna Oriolani & Diego Tosoni 18. Peter Aguirrebena, Monica Lavalette & Hernan Londono 19. Charles Sorrentino, Johanna Oriolani, Clemencia Hein & Frank Youngman

Encounters @ Ocean Club

The 2nd Tennis Pro-Am gathered players, families and friends for a memorable event at the Ocean Club Tennis Center. After facing many games and court rotations with an accompanying crowd, main event sponsor South Bay Group’s principal, Roberto Cortes, awarded this year’s first and second place prizes to Peter Galan and Guillermo Salcedo. In addition, all participating players received gift baskets and goodie bags in appreciation of their efforts. But there were more than two winners...Fundación Manos Del Sur obtained sponsorships for three children making them the top winners of the night! 1. Participants and organizers gather at the Ocean Club Tennis Center 2. Roberto Cortes, Feliciano Lopez, Guillermo Salcedo & Giovanni Lapentti 3. Robert Vernon & Steve Liedman 4. Maribel Marin, Mark Chatburn & Giorgio Carneade 5. Pierina De Uribe, Rosa Calero & Pierina Uscocovich 6. Jose Pavia, Manuel Massu & Marco Ruttimann 7. Joane & Jerry Levine 8. Julio Nutt & Henry Nutt 9. Nicolas Lapentti Perez with Enrique & Sebastian Delgado 10. Claudia Batlle & Paulina Montes 11. Oscar Lopez & Carlos Lopez 12. Vanessa Serrano 13. Marilyn & Steve Liedman 14. Guillermo Salcedo Jr. & Roberto Salcedo 15. Robert Gold, Nicolas Lapentti & Doreen Eronson 16. Luis Adrian Morejon & Julian Wortelboer 17. Ana Maria, Simon Chaparro & Ernersto Orellana 18. Rafael Quevedo, Jose Antonio De Armas, Sebastian Cordovez & Gordo Marique 19. Guillermo Cañas, Luis Adrian Morejon, Andres Gomez & Nicolas Pereira 20. Roberto Cortes, Luis Adrian Morejon, Julian Wortelboer & Nicolas Pereira

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Beach Club

Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church Preschool hosted their annual fundraiser and silent auction serving stone crabs and churrasco under the stars at the Key Biscayne Beach Club. 1. Ana Ramoski, Leanne Borza, Valerie Nuñez & Kara Sharp. 2. Amy Zambrano & Melissa Silva. 3. Dr. Eugenio & Anne Rothe with Carlos Gomez. 4. Paige Latterner, Jennifer Foster & Lupe Curtis. 5. Anne Manning, Ed & Amy Easton, Maureen Ruggiero & Mia Batlle. 6. Jennifer Earle, Victor Perez & Allison Perez. 7. Ron Erbel, Illine & Jorge Davila with Victoria Jackson. 8. Donna Rice, Carlos & Lauren Batlle with Gill Balbontin. 9. Liz Pesch & Michelle Earle. 10. Walter Zawistowski, Lynn Christ & Bill Pesch

Encounters @ Cool-de-Sac

Key Biscayne residents Jose Luis Bueno and Antonio Mauri invited more than 100 friends and family to the launch of their Family Entertainment Center, Cool-de-Sac Play Café, located on the third floor of the Shops at Sunset Place. Cool-de-Sac is the first entertainment center that’s designed and built with parents in mind. 1. Fernando Pardo, Luis Magallanes, Fer Zapata, Adrien Herrera, Tono Mauri & Jose Luis Bueno 2. Gloria Herrera, Miky Zapata, Karla Bueno, Carla Mauri, Aline Magallanes & Gaby Pardo 3. Gloria Fernandez & Randy Marquina 4. Carolina Lins & Carla Garcia 5. Tono Mauri y Jose Luis Bueno 6. Gloria & Adrien Herrara, Aline & Luis Magallanes 7. Karla Bueno, Elliette Zreik, Lizette Du Pond & Maggy Arana 8. Sandra Borgonovo, Karla Bueno, Adriana Von Simson, Lizette Du Pond, Alida Kurzan & Mary Esclusa 9. Karla Bueno, Giovanna & Francis Hawley & Jose Luis Bueno 10. Mary Esclusa, Alida & Enrique Kurzan & Sandra Borgonovo 11. Rafael & Bibiana Bueno, Reyna Hicks, Reyna & Jose Luis Bueno 12. Lillian & Jay Piers 13. Antonio & Josefina Mauri, Carla Aleman & Luis Magallanes 14. Jose Marquina, Jose Luis Fernandez, Enrique Kurzan & Jose Luis Zreik 15. Karla Bueno, Gaby Pardo, Carla & Tono Mauri, Miky Zapata & Aline Magallanes, Pardo, Jose Luis Bueno, Fer Zapata & Luis Magallanes 16. Bibiana & Reyna Bueno, Fernando Zapata & Rafael Donde 17. Jose Marquina, Jose Luis Fernandez, Marlene Bedoya, Enrique Kurzan & Jose Luis Zreik 18. Bibiana with Jose Luis & Reyna Bueno 19. Fernando & Miky Zapata with Jose Luis & Karla Bueno

Encounters w/ St. Agnes Academy

St. Agnes Academy hosted a family picnic on Sunday for both parents and children to get together, play and enjoy. 1. Nicolas Waterhouse, Ivan Godward, Father Jose L. Hernando, Sabrina Tamames, Sofia Duemichen and Jean P. Houlzet. 2. Fernanda Bueno, Luly Magolnick, Natalie Batlle and Camille Vonsimson. 3. Lauren Silva, Sophie Broucek, Caroline Silva and Alexa Tootle. 4. Paola Gutierrez and Isabella Martinez. 5. Fatima Perez-Hickman, Camila and Emilia Montemayor. 6. Rodrigo Barco and Alexander Aixala. 7. Alexandra Robelo, Connie Menendez, Camila Guyot and Victoria Dell’Oca. 8. Beltran Godward. 9. Mora Guyot and Clara Gonzalez.