Compass FYI

Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

Compass Wellness

Featuring Dr. Martin, Miami Institute

Compass Home

Featuring Barnes Intl Realty, Ana Somarriba, Lorraine Neumann, Cindy Suarez

The Principles of Pretty

What you’re about to read is sharper than the most precise cosmetic surgeon’s knife...and a lot funnier. Someone needed to put what we’ve all been thinking into words. Guys: This one is for the ladies, but you can thank us for providing this service later.

Key Players

Featuring Tracy LaFlemme Ortega, Trini, Candelaria “Candy” Arocena de Ortega, Kate Benson

The Letter of Luxe

Evoking a sense of ‘50s Hollywood glamn with Alice in Wonderland undertones and design details inspired by Galway’s romantic coastline, The G Hotel is a design dream come to life — and your next stop for a world-class vacation experience.

2008 Most Beautiful

Featuring Fabienne Brochard, Patricia Martins, Milena Giraldo, Marcia Martinez, Violette Sproul, Dr. Juan Remos, Fred Joch, Steve Sproul, Antonio Viejo, Cristian Gonzalez-Black. Contributors - Kate Benson

Sleek Enclave

Perhaps one of the most intriguing homes ever built on Key Biscayne, this architectural masterpiece that resides in the heart of Harbor Drive is at once iconic and entertaining with plenty of room for living in between. - Featuring James Salas

Stylish Pies

If it’s the best pizza in town you’re craving, head over to Tutto Pizza at the edge of The Roads for a taste of their unique 12-inch gourmet feasts that range from festive to sweet.

Encounters w/ The World

The World, the only private residential community at sea, hosted a private gathering at the new Peter Lik Gallery on Lincoln Road for friends, family and associates. 1. Jennifer Perez, Denise and Grant Sheehan. 2. Patrick & Coralie Duchamp & Key Biscayne Magazine Publisher Alexander Avila. 3. Diana & Jorge Gonzalez. 4. Louis Batista & Denise Ringphil. 5. Jon Bergeron & Amanda Quagliata. 6. Chris Martin & Nikki Upshaw. 7. Jose & Xaviera Ortega & Dave McLauglin. 8. Violeta de la Serna & Jose Herrera.

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club started a 365-day cruise with Commodore Ed London and Seabelle Captain Marilyn Borroto at the helm. The first port-of-call was Rio de Janeiro, where guests enjoyed suave samba, tasty cachaças, sultry dancers and a world-class churrasquería dinner by Chef Miguel. It was well after midnight that all the guests retired to their cabins, eagerly anticipating the next day’s offerings. 1. Anne & Jim Taintor & guests. 2. Seabelle Captain Marilyn Borroto, Willy Borroto & guest. 3. Dorothy Lomenick & Lee Schmachtenberg. 4. Dr. Glenn & Jorja Abrahamson. 5. Elaine & Woodrow Melvin. 6. Gen Koster, Pedro Rabassa & Jo Rice. 7. Jerry Grey & Zena Abrahmsohn. 8. John & Staria Petersen. 9. Jose & Marilu Becerra & guest. 10. Jose & Marta Berenguer. 11. Jose y Clarita Bacallao . 12. Joy Fried & Peggy Goodman. 13. Michael & Jean Wenzel. 14. Maria Fuentes, Joy & Mort Fried, Pedro Fuentes. 15. Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Donoghue. 16. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Griffiths. 17. Dick McGill, Mark & Gail Fried. 18. Peter & Mariela Hoffman. 19. Puchi & Sandy Rousseau. 20. Vicky Rivas Vazquez & Dr. Robert Maggs.

Encounters @ South Mashta Drive

Guests joined rising Colombian star Adriana Lucia at Casa Paloma on South Mashta Drive to celebrate her new album, Porro Nuevo, with live performances amid sea breezes and tropical cocktails at sunset. 1. Rev. Cesar Pena, Lyanne Azqueta & Eduardo Verastegui. 2. Marlen Bedoya & Sean Wolfington. 3. Adriana Coll & Juan Diaz. 4. Sergio Minski, Adriana Lucia, Andres Castro & Gustavo Olvera. 5. Mercy Quiroga, Marya Meyer & Celeste Delgado. 6. Max Espinosa & Mary Anne Garner. 7. Laura Quinlan & Zarah Ortiz. 8. Paola Solis & Juan Velasco. 9. Elia Abuchaibe & Angela Rincon. 10. Boris Blatnik & Ana Kerdel. 11. Ana Kerdel, Paul Kennedy & Luisa Kerdel. 12. Rev. Richard Vigoa & Rev. Israel Mago. 13. Rhiannon Ellis & Christy Farias. 14. Morgan Kondash & Maryanne Garner. 15. Kristen Mathieson & Ricardo Ordonez. 16. Jorge Uribe & Scott Levy. 17. Pilar Oleary & Angela Barco

Encounters @ Woof Gang Bakery

Woof Gang Bakery recently opened its doors to Key Biscayne’s people and pets, introducing their wholesome dog food and treats using human-grade ingredients as well as their stylish boutique items, apparel, collars, leads, bowls, toys and distinctive doggie spa products. 1. Manuel & Zulema Chaves with Austin. 2. Lily and Eric Valdes with Waldo. 3. Giselle Porta, Zulema Chaves & Crystalyn Hamblenton. 4. Albert & Pecky Torres with Jimmy Buffet. 5. Pablo Mejia with Picasso. 6. Marcos Badrell, & Carolina Francon with Diva & Bubba. 7. Mariana Guerra, Zulema Chaves & Athos. 8. Lucas & Elena Paptiste with Austin. 9. Laura Sabbatino & her dogs. 10. Lisa with Heidi. 11. Kristina, Danny & Sofia Carriazo with Samantha. 12. Cristina Guitierrez & Zulema Chaves with Cindy. 13. Jeffrey Aquino with Cookie. 14. Emilio Corrales & Valeria Lopez with Lucas. 15. Danette Estevez & Zulema Chaves with Burt. 16. Laudy with friend & Suzy & Tequila. 17. Flavia Molinari, Giulina Molinari & Zulema Chaves with Killer. 18. Patty & Cristian with Harry. 19. Alex & Vivianne Lassale with Magnum. 20. Bryan & Ivette Almaguer with Hunter. 21. Maria, Giselle & Eduardo Porta with Mango

Encounters @ Trini in Private

Trini in Private's private grand opening extravaganza attracted South Florida's finest to Trini's newest location at teh Alliance Francaise Village at 618 SW 8th ST fro an exclusive tour of her new salon. 1. Consul General of France Jean Philippe Belloux, Trini & Richard Wagner. 2. Erick Ponsati & Jin Crawley. 3. Brigitte Benichay & Virginie Belloux. 4. Michelle Davila & Laura Avino. 5. Philippe Vinogradoff & Philippe Timon. 6. Adam Debernardis & Luana Vinogradoff. 7. Rocio Terrones & Liza Quin. 8. Manuel Molina & Christele de la Haye. 9. Kaisa & Florence Elbaz. 10. Muriel Boiteau & Laurence Oxenberg. 11. Marie Annick, Loic Gad & Joseph Torregrosa. 12. Maria Chavez, Cristina Coronel & Anthony Spinello. 13. Rina & Sebastian Tommasini. 14. Joe Jacquemin & Bruno Tommasini. 15. Sandra Raynaud & Hilda Jacquemin. 16. Kate Shanley & Carl Hildebrand. 17. Shana Rappel & Gustavo Tonelli. 18. Virginie Duran, Jean Masson & Laetitia Friteyre. 19. Durand Chris, Sabrina Carrivain & Alexi Melgrani. 20. David Chacon, Gisela Hidalgo & Armando Aluart.

Encounters @ Takitos

There’s a new Mexican eatery in town called Takitos and it promises to satiate the appetites of even the hungriest families. If the grand opening was any indication, this place is going to be a welcome addition to the island’s culinary scene. 1. Rafael Olarra & Delia Olarra. 2. Fernando & Menchu Hickman. 3. Carlos & Miriam Calderon. 4. Hector Castro & Patricia Roisenvit-Castro. 5. Rev. Hernando, Nicholas Fener & Lydia Fener. 6. Stefan & Raquel Jensen. 7. Manuel, Xaviera & Gabriela Compean. 8. Robert Vernon & Michele Estevez. 9. Pilar Vasquez & Carmen Vasques. 10. Connie Sandino & Carlos Torres. 11. Delia Olarra, Daniela Pulido & Gianna Rosales. 12. Chef Luis Zaldivar, Mayte Rodriguez & Mirtha Zaldivar. 13. Maritza Lopez & Marco Hernandez. 14. Gonzalo Sanchez & Laura Alonso. 15. Angelica Willard & Alberto Gomez. 16. Lilia Reyes & Gerardo Alton. 17. Lissette Ramirez & Gladys Jaar. 18. Steven & Maritza Minor. 19. Fabia Nitti & Gianni Fortunato. 20. Sebastian, Isabel & Juan De Gre. 21. Laura Villegas & Alessandra Nitti.

Encounters @ The Rtiz Carlton

Guests gathered to celebrate The Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce’s 50th anniversary with a gala filled with laughter, drinks and dancing at The Ritz- Carlton, Key Biscayne. 1. Marilyn Borroto & Tom Galagher. 2. James Salas & Priscilla Tudela. 3. Emilio Cianfoni, Debbie Cianfoni & Leana Cianfoni. 4. Michelle Barnett. 5. Vivianna Franchy & Stephen Oimore. 6. Priscilla Tudela, Shayna Varkas & Margarite Nelson. 7. Maria Christina Rodriguez & Ana Alexander Prado.

Encounters w/ Key Biscayne Prebyterian Church School

Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church Preschool hosted their annual fundraiser and silent auction serving Stone Crabs Under the Stars and churrasco. and silent auction serving Stone Crabs Under. 1. Jose Delfino, Jorge Koeclin & Jose Gonzalez. 2. Gregory O’Shea. 3. Ron Beaslesy. 4. Ivonne M. Lorie. 5. Angelo Serrato & Geoff Day. 6. Gregory O’Shea & Bill Adam. 7. Al Vazquez, Jaime Gabaldoni, Marlen Bedoya & Arturo Duran. 8. Alex Vitale & Marcello Serrato.

Encounters @ Green Grass

This event was a Photography exhibition for two artisits. Emiliano Scatarzi with his exhibition titled “ Telavisione” and Kenneth Rubenoff with his exhibit called “ Optical Beauty”. The atmosphere of the event consisted of the art showcase, Live music by DJ San martin, the lively Brickell crowd and various artists. 1. Claudia & Carlos Sanz. 2. Isa Zapata, Claudia Sanz & Marisol Gomez. 3. Claudia Sanz, Liliana pinto & Justin Schmidt. 4. Jhony Acero, Violeta Bublik, Sergio Fama & Ben Odell. 5. Johana Cure, Isa Zapata & Marisol Gomez. 6. DJ Andres San Martin. 7. Kenneth Rubenoff & Steve Cohen