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33 Unigue Boutique Finds

Next time a South Florida shopping spree is in your plans, make sure to add these pieces to your wish list or include these boutique stops to your fashion itinerary. Your closet can thank us later. - Featuring Duchamp Jewelers, Christina Termine of Diamonds on The Key, Sabbia Jewelry, Green Grass,

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For the Borroto family, achieving their own version of the American Dream on Key Biscayne wasn’t enough. Through the homes they build and the organizations they have devoted the majority of their lives to, they’ve helped countless others find a better way of living in paradise.

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Whether you’ve intentionally decided to call paradise home or you just happen to arrive upon tropical shores with the tides, one thing’s certain: You’d better look your best even if no one’s looking.

The Green Gale

When it comes to her favorite color, Claudia Sanz makes it a point to surround herself with it in all its incarnations — and her new boutique, Green Grass House, is no exception.

Stylish Slumber

For Ursula Barrantes-Tarafa, creating the Morpheo Line of children’s pajamas was the next step in her professional evolution, a progression that has secured a...

Encounters w/ Alexander Aixala

Alexander Aixala and a couple of his friends, cousins and family members joined him to celebrate his 10th B-day bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes! It was a day full of laughter, fun and enjoyment. 1. Nicolas Waterhouse, Alexander Aixala, Luly Magolnick & Camille Vonsimson. 2. Alexander Aixala, Mike Aixala & Philip Connor. 3. Eric Magolnick, Philip Connor, Nikolas Aixala, Luly Magolnick, Camille Von Simson, Brigitte Nachtigall, Olivia Connor, Alexander Aixala, Victoria Del’Occa, Sofia Waterhouse, Max Aixala, Maria Claudia Del’Occa, Christian Tootle, Adriana Von Simson & Nicolas Waterhouse. 4. Nikolas Aixala & Nicolas Waterhouse. 5. Eric Magolnick, Juan Carlos Zelaya, Nicolas Zelaya & Nikolas Aixala. 6. Victoria Del’Occa & Sofia Waterhouse. 7. Brigitte Nachtigall, Elena Magolnick, Maria Cruz Waterhouse, Adriana Von Simson, Maria Claudia Del’Occa & Ana Zelaya. 8. Olivia Connor, Luly Magolnick, Christian Tootle, Alexander Aixala & Philip Connor.

Encounters @ Andu Restaurant

Andu Restaurant & Lounge has become the official networking hub for young professionals in the Brickell area and beyond since its launch. The stylish venue, owned by Key Biscayne residents Antonio and Juan Pablo Viejo, has hosted dozens of handshakes, cocktails and menu samplings that have brought moversand- shakers together under one roof for one-of-a-kind social experiences. 1. Alexander Avila & Antonio Viejo. 2. Jorge & Valentina Ruiz & Rafael Viejo. 3. Juan Pablo Viejo & Eddy Univarri. 4. Carlos & Marizol Villamil & Sonia Villamil. 5. Karen Arona, Sara Jamrl & Maria Angelica Posada. 6. Esther & Carlos Gelaber. 7. Eddie Asencio & Yoana Castillo . 8. Paola Monzon & Mauricio Aldrete. 9. Leonardo Davalos, Daniel Lenos & Pedro Maal. 10. Jane Viejo & Magena Bonifasi. 11. Winston Franco & Pablo Campusano. 12. Manny & Jenny Valido. 13. Carmen Mccann & Anabel Villavicencio. 14. Samantha & Ulysses Feldel. 15. Carolina Padilla & Virginia Valdez. 16. Natalie Diaz & Alisha Meadows. 17. Carolina Lopez & Luis Tissone. 18. Juanita Lopez & Tatiana Arjel.

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

Organized by Seabelle Captain Marilyn Borroto at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club, Commodore Ed London and his wife Claire greeted everyone with a flowered necklace, a dot on their forehead and a very warm namaste during this very special Indian-themed event. Guests enjoyed drinks and delicious appetizers in the Chart Room before gathering in the main dining room for a succulent Indian dinner. A Hindu dancer invited everyone to a private Kathak dance performance narrating the story of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha; a superb performance dedicated to Shiva. The party continued, shaking bodies with great rhythms and libations until well past midnight. 1. Marilyn & Willy Borroto. 2. Walter Caridad, Cindy Mize with Claire & Ed London. 3. Anne Nootz, Angela Nash, Vicky Krall, Mrs. Aldo Serafini & Denys Alt. 4. Carmen & Diego Betancourt with David & Reina Gonzalez. 5. Aleida & Israel Garrido. 6. Armando & Nico Fiallo. 7. Angela & Charlie Nash. 8. Dietlinde & Dean Coleman. 9. Dr. Robert Maggs & Dr. Vicky Rivas Vazquez. 10. Dr. & Mrs. Aldo Serafini with Robert & Denys Alt. 11. Eddy Lopez & Fifi Echemendia. 12. Eva Slordaz, Fifi Echemendia & Olga Connor. 13. Vicky Krall & Andrea Hellman. 14. Andrea & Maynard Hellman. 15. KBYC bartender. 16. John & Staria Petersen. 17. Fifi Echemendia & Eddie Lopez with Yasmin & Rolando Gonzalez. 18. Maritza & Steven Minor.

Encounters w/ Francoise Wynn-Dreuil

Francoise Wynne-Dreuil recently hosted a party at Key Biscayne’s Ocean Club to showcase Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille artwork and celebrate the birthday of her long-time friend, Chantal Martens. Also part of the occasion was a visit from childhood best friend Veronique Courtois from Paris and college pal Heidi Volk from New York City. Additional guests included acquaintances from all over the world who gathered shoulder-to-shoulder to share in the jovial spirit of the evening while making new memories together. 1.Guest with Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille. 2.Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille, Chantal Martins, Beatrice Heuze & Liza Marie Martins. 3.Christina Bracken, Claude Elbaz, Beatriz Heuze & Jean Serge Martins. 4. Francoise Wynne-Dreuil. 5.William Soden & Francoise Wynne- Dreuil. 6.Otto & Cari Campo. 7.Patsy Aballi, Arturo Aballi, Lilly Lee, Michael Christina Brackem & Francoise Wynne-Dreuil. 8.Jean Blowei, Paulo Blowei, Francoise Wynne. 9.Arturo Levy. 10.Carlos & Marianne Coto. 11. Armando Droulers & Veronique Courtois. 12.Christine Dierickx & Janice Zazayri. 13.Chantal Martins, Benedicte Blanc- Fontenille & Francoise Wynne-Dreuil. 14.Christina Ubing & Patsy Aballi. 15.Rene Sagebien & Carmen Sagebien. 16. Virginie Durand & Chris Durand.

Encounters w/ South Bay Realty

South Bay Realty Group recently celebrated the grand opening of South Bay Developers’ latest townhouse project on 512 Fernwood Road by gathering Key Biscayne’s most prestigious realtors, family and friends. Guests toured the offerings while networking and sipping on cocktails to the smooth sounds that filled the air and added to the allure of the event. 1. Alberto & Pierina Uribe & Osvaldo Ripalda. 2. Rose Calero & Mark Chatburn. 3. Patricia Romano, Andrea Colombo & Patricia Peralta. 4. Gianny Sanchez & Marla Dimuro. 5. Laura Spurrier & Pepe Oleas. 6. Eduardo & Angela Gonzalez. 7. Luis Pablo & Diana Uribe. 8. Brian & Elsa Corbett. 9. Kenneith & Aniabelys Saceirio. 10. Javier Martinez & Miguel Mejia. 11. Daniela Kronfle & Mark Chatburn. 12. Adriana Usandivaras & Paola Rodriguez. 13. Rose Calero & Daniela Borja. 14. Gina Nordquist & Marlen Rodriguez. 15. Fabiola Verduga & Chiqui Labarrere. 16. Michelle Barnett & Angela Gonzalez. 17. Juan Luis Vergez & Andres Torrebiarte.

Encounters @ Conrad Miami

Tiffany & Co. recently invited South Florida’s ultra-chic and stylish residents to discover the allure of “Miami Chic” at a cocktail showcasing the latest fashions from renowned style and luxury leaders Blumarine, Jimmy Choo and Tiffany. The Bar at Level 25 in the Conrad Miami hosted the event along with the popular mistress of ceremonies, Telemundo’s fashionable correspondent, Azucena Cierco of Al Rojo Vivo. 1. Jorge & Edda Mufarech & Fernando Corrales. 2. Henry Gonzalez, Sandra Pastrana & Manny Machado. 3. Azucena Cierco, Jorley Koell & Amanda Gutierrez. 4. Mayumi Hasegawa, Gina Herrera & Noelia Gisber. 5. Veronica Arcila & Martin Puff. 6. Diana Gonzalez & Maria Gambino. 7. Milena Sena & Robert Thrailkill. 8. Freddy Calonge & Paula Oddone. 9. John Privil & Deborah Koch. 10. Thelma Urbina, Janessi Diaz & Sandra Pastrana. 11. Marcela Short & Ramon Sanchez. 12. Jorge Mendieta & Urs Signer. 13. Chary Perez, Iliana Arias & Maria Espina. 14. Jessica Lancaster & Alex Lorenzo. 15. Lucy Ospina & Fabiola Asitizabal. 16. Terence Sehoshinski & Adriana Ospina. 17. Andre Rand & Cristina Menendez. 18. Arturo Padilla & Amanda Aguiar. 19. Celina Rosario, Angie Ochoa, Fernando Wong. 20. Michael Perez & Kate Westover. 21. Carolina Yunis & Luisa Guzman.