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Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling

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Featuring Dr. Michael Kelly of Miami Plastic Surgery

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Soiree Confidential

Hosting a party at your home is no easy feat, especially when bragging rights are in order. That’s why it’s essential that before you get your first RSVP confirmed, you make sure all the details are firmed up. Herewith: The secrets of some of South Florida’s top party planners.

Dream Home

This contemporary two-story architectural and design masterpiece on Harbor Drive in Key Biscayne took four years to complete, and every detail — from the coy fish that welcome you at the entrance to the South American leather door-handles, onyx-infused bathrooms and the whimsical swing over the pool — makes this $15.5 million bayview estate a dream come true. - Featuring Brigitte Nachtigall

Key Players

Featuring Myriam Rojas of MZ Designs, Ursula Barrantes-Tarafa of Casa Grande Design

Back Home

Whether studies, career of personal matters take Key Biscayners away from the island they’ve come to love, many find a way to return to the place where their roots are planted in order to re-establish a sense of home that can only be interrupted, but never broken

Mrs. Luxe

Featuring Christina Termine of Diamonds of The Key. Contibutors - Kate Benson, Rob Scheppy, Catherine Gourevitch

All Hail The Doctors!

Mount Sinai Key Biscayne has solidified its reputation as a first-rate facility for the first-rate residents that define our community. And that’s just the beginning. - Featuring Drs. Schnur, Ferra, Khan & Torres. Bernadette Lemoine

It's Tapas Time

Forget flying to Madrid to get a taste of Spain, Las Tapas de Rosa restaurant offers original Spanish flavors....

Encounters w/ Vicente Bustamante

Friends and family gathered to celebrate Key Biscayne resident Vicente Bustamante’s birthday at Sake Room. Guests enjoyed a magical evening full of entertainment, music and lots of laughter. 1. Diana & Vicente Bustamante 2. Andres & Claudia Yidi 3. Claudia & Jorge Pinto 4. Beatriz A Dangond & Vicky Montoya 5. Karina & Mauricio De Vengochea 6. Brigitte Nachtigall, Karen Martinez & Uchi Botero 7. Liza & Omar Pasalodos 8. Vicente, Veronica & Felipe Bustamante 9. Magaly & Luis La Plana 10. Thalia Puente & Ricardo Rongel

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

Seabelle Captain Marilyn Borroto took Key Biscayne Yacht Club members on a safari in the slopes of old Kirinyaga, the sacred mountain of the Kikuyu tribe, to enjoy a game dinner at the Mount Kenya Safari Club hosted in memory of its founder, the late William Holden. A lion, a zebra and a giraffe came very close to the waterhole and revelers were able to see them up-close and personal. The most memorable fiasco of the night was when Dorothy Lomenick called the shot and her shotgun didn’t fire on time. Nevertheless, Chef Miguel made the best of it and served buffalo, venison and guinea hen, honoring his culinary skills. 1. Willy & Marilyn Borroto 2. Bob-Hacker, Dorothy Lomenick, Hortensia Hacker, Denys & Robert Alt & Joy Fried 3. A zebra and giraffe performance entertained guests mid-meal 4. Ed London 5. Claire London, Marilyn Borroto & Ed London 6. Hortensia Hacker 7. Pamela Conover & Raymond Lutz 8. Mac & Elaine Melvin. 9. Robert & Denys Alt 10. Ron & Lisa Drucker 11. Dorothy Lomenick 12. Margarita Nutting 13. Hal & Wendy Wood 14. John & Staria Petersen 15. Brian & Mary Tague 16. Hal & Wendy Wood, Mort Fried, Lisa & Ron Drucker, Brian Tague & Peggy Goodman

Encounters w/ American Heart Associations

To raise awareness for heart disease in women, Sean and Ana Wolfington hosted an exclusive after-party for the designers, celebrities and benefactors involved with this year’s American Heart Association Red Dress Fashion Show at their waterfront home on Mashta Island. Sponsored by Bacardi, dresses for the event were created by top designers including Marc Jacobs, Richie Rich and Jennifer Lopez. 1. Ana & Sean Wolfington 2. Mily de Molina, Monica Venegas & Alexandra Leitman 3. Herman & Alexia Echeverria & Brigitte Nachtigall & Mike Axiala 4. Jessie Tappel, Karla Espinosa & Kathleen Bacon 5. Mario Cader-Frech, Irene Marie & Robert Wennett 6. Raul de Molina & Tasio Lorente 7. Carol and Godfrey del Rio 8. Christina Termine & Rafael Bild. 9. Alicia Kelly Raimond & Felipe Ibearguen 10. Amanda Abrarpour & Nicole Narciso 11. Jaime Orozco & Carolina Argiz 12. German Escamill & Jose Antonio Belismelis 13. Manuel Rodriguez & Diego Ojeda 14. June Bug & Rossana Arantes 15. Joana Palmer & Brooke Gonzalez 16. Ginger Gless & Gilberto Gless 17. Laura & Gilberto Gless 18. Andres Castro & Adriana Lucia 19. Stella Holmes & Maria Laura Maspons

Encounters w/ Sol De Camps

Mariano Grimaux and Sol De Camps made it a point to celebrate their birthday with style. Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a cello and violin duet and champagne before enjoying the sounds of DJ Javier Contreras amid friends, family and associates. 1. Mariano Grimaux & Sol De Camps 2. Bruno & Calena Rebessi with Marivi & Maximo Salino 3. Hortensia Linero, Sol De Camps, Alberto Linero & Mariano Grimaux 4. Angeles & Tomas Helou 5. Carlo & Valentina Pozzali 6. Diane Cellua & Hilde Wrahme 7. Florencia & Octavio Rinaldi 8. Horacio & Betina Garderes 9. Cello Duet 10. Matthew Alvarado, Mariano Grimauz, Sol De Camps with Rene & Blanca Eguiluz 11. Pilar & Gonzalo Cortabarria, Victoria & Ernesto Mairhofer 12. Magnus & Hilde Wrahme 13. Matthias & Diane Kammerer 14. Tiago & Ana Forte-Vaz 15. Mariano Grimaux, David Marti & Justin Hodges 16. Sol De Camps, Marivi Salino & Rosaria Lombardi 17. Diane Cellura & Steve Boucher 18. Sol De Camps, Silvia Zarandy-Traad & Dr. Ernest Traad 19. Rick & Veronica Nielsen

Encounters w/ Rose Calero

Rose Calero's birthday celebration was filled with live music, speical B-Day cocktails and lost of fun with friends. 1. Cheryl Lopez, Rose Calero & Pierina Ripalda 2. Xiomara Cortés, Lorena Bowen, Cristina Escobar & Maria Olivia Cedeño 3. Pierina Ripalda, Xiomara Ripalda, Rose Calero, Xiomara Cortés, Laura Oleas, Cheryl Lopez, Daniela Kronfle & Beatriz Quintero 4. Pierina Ripalda & Rose Calero 5. Ana Maria Ripalda & Maria Isabel Ripalda 6. Totoy Lara & Maria del Rosario Escobar 7. Xiomara Cortis, Lorena Bowen, Rose Calero, Elma Fernandez, Geanne & Marie Buenaventura 8. Estela Serrano & Laura Oleas