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Featuring Dr. Wolf of Miami Plastic Surgery

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Customized Giving

In the ever-increasing “one-of-a-kind” mentality of gift givers and receivers in Key Biscayne and beyond, we scoured the world to find a few gifts that will put the “You” in yuletide no matter what holiday you celebrate.

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If international real estate is in your future, you may want to take a look at some of these one-of-a-kind luxury real estate listings from the extensive offerings at Barnes Group. - Featuring Barnes Realty

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Featuring Dr. John J. Martin, Ana Nuñez, Dr. Stephen A. Schnur, Nathalie Sowinski

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Whether you prefer to glide down the Swiss Alps, take on the rigorous Nordic mountains or relax by a palatial fireplace in western Austria, Europe has some very exciting — and luxurious — snow-filled opportunities for you this winter.

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Featuring Ximena Cordoba Contributors - Kate Benson

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If you’ve always dreamed of flashing a smile that’s brighter than all the sunny days that living in paradise brings, head over to Smile With Zenitude to make all your smile wishes come true. - Featuring Loretta Nunez

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At 100% Natural, health takes center stage and is complemented by an extensive menu of delectable dishes that are sure to please the palate and keep you coming back for more.

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

Seabelle Captain Marilyn Borroto organized a night in Seville that will remain on the minds of the Key Biscayne Yacht Club members for a while. From the dramatic black-laced tablecloths to the red carnations, the oversized fans, the sound of castanets and beyond, it was truly an affair to remember! 1. Willy & Marilyn Borroto 2. Thom & Jen McHugh 3. Anne & Thomas Nootz 4. Jackie & Carlos Quintela 5. Victoria Rivas Vazquez & Robert Maggs 6. Anne & Jim Taintor 7. Claire & Ed London 8. Jorge & Maria de Cardenas

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Community Center

The Key Biscayne Community Center and Kouzine recently hosted a book signing for Ana Gonzalez’s publishing debut: De Dulce, De Sal Y De Chile. More than 100 people attended the event and left with a new literary treasure to read. 1. P. Jose Hernando, Ana Gonzalez & Becky Lozano 2. Ana Gonzalez 3. Becky Lozano, Karla Rocha & Thais Aristimuno 4. Ana Robbin & Elena Garcia-Montes 5. Enrique Lopez, Enrique Kurzan & Miguel Gonzalez 6. Cristina Garcia-Montes, Cristi Mendia & Tricia Garcia-Montes 7. Gabi Gianulis & Belen Alzuru 8. Maren Martinez & Tricia Garcia-Montes 9. Hector & Sandra Diaz with Gabi & Peter Gianulis 10. Joanne Civantos, Francesca Ferrante, Sandra Diaz & Ana Brennan 11. Maricarmen Campano & Francesca Ferrante 12. Alex Campos, Jose Gonzalez, Nahila Campos & Francisco Alzuru 13. Gloria Fernandez & Maria Frallicciardi 14. Miguel, Ana, Maria Jose, Migue & Ana Jimena Gonzalez 15. Miguel Gonzalez, Jaime Vergara, Isidro Romero & Heberto Del Rio 16. Suli & Enrique Olavarria 17. Miguel Suarez, Margarita Godoy & Alicia Suarez 18. Rebeca Filloy, Cristina Garcia-Montes, Andrea Lopez , Ana Jimena Gonzalez & Alessandra Diaz

Encounters @ Jungle Island

Six charities from Colombia under the leadership and umbrella of Give to Colombia gathered for a spectacular and breathtaking gala called BELIEVE 2008 at Jungle Island. More than 500 guests help raise funds for the children of Colombia. Guests had the pleasure of viewing a fashion show by Esteban Cortazar for the Emmanuel Ungaro House, dancing to an incredible live concert by Carlos Vives and participating in a silent auction that made the event unique, successful and unforgettable. 1. Angela & Eduardo Barco 2. Juan Pablo & Connie Montoya 3. Carlos Bardasano, Maria Jose Barraza, Vanesa Hauc, Claudia Trejos, Catherine Siachoque & Carole Bardasano 4. Brigitte Nachtigall & Mike Aixala 5. Ana & Sean Wolfington 6. Miguel Sirgado, Kika Rocha & Giselle Blondet 7. Carolina & Tere Rodriguez 8. Candela Ferro 9. Andres & Claudia Yidi 10. Adrian & Catalina Fernandez 11. Marines Duarte & Guillermo Plehn 12. Jimmy & Chandra Johnson 13. Vicky Montoya, Claudia Yidi, Maria Xaviera Ortega, Brigitte Nachtigall, Carola Blohm, Loretta Mattos, Mariela Cisneros, Claudia Ammirata & Magaly La Plana 14. Katalina Bernal & Raynaldo Iragori 15. Berdard Garsen & Daisy Olivera 16. Esteban Cortazar & Cabas 17. Esther Porto & Jacob Bjerregaard

Encounters @ Entre Pues

Key Biscayne recently celebrated the inauguration of Entre Pues, a Colombian restaurant with special dishes from the land of flavor. Offering an excellent selection, exceptional quality and a surprisingly affordable menu, this new eatery is sure to get anyone coming back for more. 1. Daniel Kassab & Milena Orozco 2. Pilar Pineros & Helena Turbay 3. Patricia Martins & Maikel Perez 4. Patricia Palacio & Gigy Gonzalez 5. Jorge Lloreda 6. Patricia Palacio, Gigi Gonzalez, Milena Giraldo & Ernesto Palacios 7. Nicolas, Ceci & Daniela Beltran 8. Tatiana Rincon, Carolina Arce, Julio Gomez, Sandra Gonzalez, Jose Cuellar & Daniela Cuellar 9. Edwin Vargas, Michele Tucci, & Carlos Bustinza 10. Daniel Kassab & Hanna Kassab 11. Sonia Wegmann, Frida Martin & Silvia Leigh 12. Andres Parra & Ivan Alarcon 13. German Ocampo, Alex Garces & Dario Mosquera 14. Diana Edery & Felipe Holguin 15. Milena Orozco & Alexa Arana

Encounters w/ South Bay Realty

South Bay Group and Southbay Realty recently celebrated one of their latest projects located at 670 Warren Lane with endless cocktails that united realtors and prospects alike throughout the exciting night of networking and conversation. Immediately after the party, the house was sold. 1. Rose Calero & Mark Chatburn 2. Bruce Backman & Maggie Hernandez 3. Luis Pablo & Xavier Pino 4. Guillermo Salcedo & Ernesto Weisson 5. Carmen B. Llano-White & Jennifer Macia 6. Marla Dimuro & Catalina Romero 7. Adriana Usandivaras & Lorena Bowen 11. Claire London & Mark Chatburn 9. Lindsay Delgado & Laura Spurrier 10. Andrea Colombo & Natalia Collarte 11. Marite Plaza, Martha Blanco Herrera & Jennifer Macia 12. Gumersindo Diaz & Teresita Diaz 13. Pepe Oleas & Diana Uribe 14. Rosario Keif & Martha Kelly 15. Paola Rodriguez & Gonzalo Vargas 16. Salvador Dajer & Gianny Sanchez 17. Patricia Romano & Patricia Riestra Villa 18. Chiqui Labarrere & Martine Paulin 19. Elsa & Brian Corbett 20. Mark Chatburn & Maria E. Weeks 21. Ed & Claire London

Encounters w/ March of Dimes

The 11th Annual March of Dimes Signature Chefs & Wine Extravaganza offered gourmet and wine connoisseurs the opportunity to sample from some of the area’s best restaurants, mingle with celebrity chefs, taste incredible wines and bid on an array of fabulous auction items, with all proceeds benefitting MOD. 1. Brett David & Felecia Vaccaro from Lamborghini Miami 2. Cristina Rice & Carlos Navarro 3. Brigette Vichot, Luis Ballivan & Jeanine Kleinicke 4. Alexis with Co-Chair and Chef Rock 5. Chefs Gordon Maybury, Fred DeLaire, Alex Isidron & Edwin DeCos 6. Mari Casares, Lorreta Nunez & Lourdes Valles 7. Chef Rahman Harper, Miami-Dade Commissioner Pepe Diaz & Chef Bill 8. Luis-Casamayor, Zuri, Tico Casamayor & Jorge Plasencia

Encounters w/ Veronica Peralta

Ernesto and Veronica Peralta hosted a small dinner party at their home to get the holiday season off to the right start with family and friends. It was a great evening full of joy and holiday spirit! 1. Veronica & Ernesto Peralta 2. Mike Aixala, Raul Galliano & Victor Galliano 3. Saskia Touret, Christine Sanchez & Margarita Guerrero 4. Alejandra Calbimonte & Luis Fernando Salazar 5. Rosaura Rodriguez & Brigitte Nachtigall 6. Gaby & Jaime Sanchez-Yarza 7. Adriana & Manuel Albarran 8. Carla & Veronica Albarran