Reality Augmented

The SLS LUX was created to appease the senses in the heart of Brickell with breathtaking interiors, a world-class façade and an extensive menu of amenities sure to yield an exclusive lifestyle like none other. Featuring: The Related Group

Family Ties

These Key Biscayne moms are on a mission filled with pure love and total devotion to ensure that their kids lead the happiest lives possible and that all their dreams are come true no matter what their aspirations. Featuring: Paula Baroni, Angeles Padilla & Inbal Horovitz

Constructivist Minimalism

Sharp lines and geometry depict the meaning of minimalism with soft layers that own simplicity and capture the beauty and elegance of an exceptional season’s wardrobe. Featuring: Saks Fifth Ave & Capetto Shoes

Timeless Gifts

We see the same problem every Mother’s and Father’s Day, children furrowing their brow in front of the display cases trying to figure out what to buy. To ensure satisfied and grateful parents this year, I’ve scoured the world of Horology to bring you the hottest trends in fine watches. Featuring Morays Jewelers

Oblique Sharpness

Angular lines and architecture combine with sharp tailoring and minimalistic details that feature a classic touch within an extensive color palette showcasing timeless masculine looks. Featuring: Lanes of South Miami & Saks Fifth Ave

Family Biz

Premium Finance Group brings the concept to the life insurance market with the finesse, attention to detail and expert personal attention that has come to define the family company since its inception.

Socially Speaking

Picking your friends wisely is just part of the equation when it comes to your social network and the individuals who surround you in life and online.

Golden Moments

From the Amazon Basin to the banks of the River Guaiba in Porto Alegre — a total of 12 cities across Brazil are playing host to the 2014 FIFA World Cup this summer.

Winning Parenting

Most of us can agree that we all have something special inside of us that sets us apart — whether it’s a knack for the creative, a way with numbers, or a passion for putting words together. But inspiring your child to reach their true potential in whatever they’re naturally good at isn’t always an easy mission…but it IS possible.


Featuring: Michelle Costa

Compass Entertainment

Featuring: Anna De Ferran

Compass Real Estate

Featuring: Doug Kinsley & Cristian Gonzalez, Brigitte de Langeron, Ana Somarriba & Carlos Coto

Compass Home

Featuring: Adriana Hoyos & Robin Annon is the Design of California Closets Miami.

Compass Finance

Featuring: Jose Miguel Arigita of Sabadell United Bank

Compass Connoisseur

Featuring: Porfirio’s Restaurante & Puntino Restaurant

Compass The Arts

Featuring: Diana Contreras

Compass Menu

Featuring: Antuan Rodriguez & Motto Japanese

Compass Beauty

Featuring: Dr. T.J. Giuffrida of Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center

Compass Balance

Featuring: Alina Villasante

Power Sip

Featuring: Smirnoff & Diageo

Encounters @ Island House

John Sierra celebrated his birthday with his wife Pily Queipo among close friends and family at their home in Island House. 1. Pily Queipo, John Sierra 2. Vicky Montoya, Marta Santiago, Elisa Duemichen 3. Mike Aixala, Henry Howard 4. Rodolfo Duemichen, Juliana Kirby, Arturo Cajiga 5. Karina De Vengochea, Diana Bustamante, Loles Cajiga 6. Teresita Cicilia, Deus Sayago 7. Loles Cajiga, Rosaura Rodriguez, Vicky Montoya, Brigitte Nachtigall, Rosa Pacini 8. Jorge Sueiras Rodolfo Duemichen, Arturo Cajiga, Gino Pacini, John Sierra 9. The Girls

Encounters @ The Ritz-Carlton KB

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne hosted an unforgettable Easter Brunch complete with tons of surprises to celebrate the occasion. 1. Monica Venegas & Family 2. Carlos & Tiffany Sacasa 3. Alexandra Ramos, Yilian Eldridge 4. Ana & Konstantine Cherryaev 5. Arthur & Judy Warren 6. Patricia & Joseph Smith 7. Malila Fiol, Julio Iriarte, Marjorie Santiago, Isabell Iriarte 8. Barry & Cindy Millenson 9. Pedro Iriarte, Maria Iriarte, Danna Iriarte, Adrianna Iriarte, Pedro Iriarte, Jr. 10. Enrique, Valeria & Silvia Soltanik 11. Ernesto & Marta Perez 12. Gloria, Ricardo & Prissy Martinez 13. Ilse Osorino, Brigitte Acho 14. Nader & Daisy Afrooz 15. Natalia Evangelista, Timo Kipp 16. Jose Perez, Hannah Palin

Encounters @ Harbor Drive

Magaly Laplana recently celebrated her birthday amongst some of her closest family and friends at her home on Harbor Drive. 1. Vicente Perez-Recao, Magaly Laplana, Mike Aixala, Jorge Gaviria 2. Ashton Chaillan, Brigitte Nachtigall, Claudia Yidi 3. Saskia Touret, Claudia Yidi 4. Rosaura Rodriguez, Jorge Gaviria 5. Eduardo & Angela Barco 6. Ana Karina Manco, Magaly Laplana, Vicente Perez- Recao 7. Rebecca & Alessio Mazzanti, Alejandro Laplana 8. Carmen Perez-Retes, Cheryl Lopez, Claudia Yidi 9. Alejandro Laplana, Carolina Lanao, Alejandro Cure 10. Philip Touret, Ashton Chaillan, Nicolas Chaillan 11. Ashton Chaillan, Brigitte Nachtigall, Claudia Yidi, Cheryl Lopez, Carmen Perez-Retes 12. Brigitte Nachtigall, Angela Barco, Magaly Laplana 13. Andres Yidi, Alejandro Laplana, Felix Perez-Retes 14. Angela Barco, Rosaura Rodriguez, Doris Boord 15. Nicolas Chaillan, Eduardo Barco, Mike Aixala

Encounters @ Village Green

The Key Biscayne Rotary Club Art Festival celebrated its 50th Anniversary with artists from all over the U.S. showcasing their work. 1. Lourdes, Carmucha & Tito Toñarely, Meme Ferrer 2. Juan Luis & Silvia Vergez, Maria & Jaime Figueras 3. Daniela & Gabriela Llopis 4. Jorge Picaza, Toby Roherer, Robert Brown 5. Rolando Rodriguez, Saidy Gabriela & Andrew Burch, Marco Navarro 6. Saidy Barinaga-Burch, Timothy Burch, Marta Viña Roriguez, Rolando Rodriguez 7. Aqui, Maria Antonieta, Annie & Andres Larrea, Deborah De Leon 8. Giselle Morales, Patricia Peraita, Ines Lozano, Patricia Romano, Marilyn Ross 9. Adair Bush, Peter Verbeeck, Peggy Balanger, Bob Brookes, Ellen Blasi 10. Howard Sanders, Helmut Heinrich, Mateo Alvarado, Clement De Grood 11. Alex, Victoria & Cristina Zizold 12. John Parenti, Gerri O’Hara 13. Rosemarie & Helmut Heinrich 14. Dan Feeney, Kristina Andreu, Anthony Paigo 15. Gloria Mejia, Sofia & Mario Valbuena 16. Haley Trimble, Julian & Carlos Sardiñia, Isa Garcia 17. James Richmond, Arrington & Olivier Magny

Encounters @ Tutto Pizza & Pasta

Tutto Pizza & Pasta hosted a special Networker to bring folks on The Key together for sips, bites and great company. — Photos by Korey Davis 1. Horacio Goy, Sandra Galassi, Chef Juva Oliveira, German Arias, Rosario Techera 2. Luissell Brito, Chef Juca Oliveira, Kathye Susnjer 3. Kathye Susnjer, Patricia Romano, Paola Padovan 4. Tatiana Patdo De Zela, Inbal Horovitz 5. Ashley Cayon, Jacky Donate 6. Betty karlsson, Marilyn borroto, Carmen Tonarely 7. Pedro Garcia, Kelli Wright 8. Jen Pema, Leni Weber 9. Michael Davey, Matt Bramson, Bill Stephens 10. Muzzy Jackson, Donnie Hall, Darren Betz 11. Gerardo Abascal, Cassia Silva 12. Naydu Commenoz, Maria Bueno 13. Jorge Quadreny, Mari Mayoral, Gabriel Chavarria 14. Ronda Fuchs, Allene Nicholson 15. Kristina Jackson, Jennifer Pema 16. Horacio Goy, Chef Juca Oliveira, German Arias