Encounters w/ EWM

EWM held a cocktail reception to tour a spectacular residence in Key Biscayne that featured a pair of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars. Featuring Vivian Galego-Mendez

Encounters w/ Key Biscayne Angels

Key Biscayne Angels hosted their annual “Back To School” dinner to benefit Casa Valentina. Featuring Cristoforo Pignata.

Encounters w/ Charles Schwab

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Cuban Artist Marcy Grosso showcased his work during a colofrul event entitled “Reminiscence...Vivid Memories Of My Homeland.” Featuring Alexis McComb

Encounters w/ Oceana Key Biscayne

Oceana Key Biscayne’s grand opening was recently held by Consultatio Real Estate, Inc. & Eduardo Costantini. Featuring Marilyn Myles and James Salas.

Encounters @ Smooshies Candy Store

Smooshies Candy Store will be sweetening up the neighborhood thanks to Gigi Alibhai’s passionate approach to this newest venture, aimed at every child’s sweet-tooth.

Encounters @ Interior s By Studio South

Interiors by Studio South hosted yet another successful Fabric Trunck Show to unveil the season’s latest fabrics and trends. Featuring Bonnie Craigslow, Mary Tague, Carol Craiglow, Lauren Battle, Felicia Albanese, and Linda Chehab.