Compass Money

Money is serious business, but there’s a lighter side, too. Let’s take a look at the subject through the eyes of comedians, pundits and other wits who joke to not only make a buck, but to get you to ponder the true meaning of your hard-earned cash with every cha-ching. Featuring Jackie Mason, Aristotle Onassis, Bob Hope, Jerry Seinfeld, Henny Youngman, Peter Ustinov, and Gordon Gekko. Compiled by Stacy Wynn

Compass Adrenaline

Logistics partner DHL & Fédération Internationale De L’Automobile have teamed up to put the green in Grand Prix. The Fifth Round of electric car racing will be speeding across Downtown Miami sending waves of energy through the streets. Featuring American Airlines Arena, Museum Park, Formula E, and DHL & Fédération Internationale De L’Automobile. Written by Rony Mo.

Compass Finance

Our recent economic recession is becoming a thing of the past, investing, especially in the new up and coming Brickell developments can be the next great thing; just ask Judith Peraza, Licensed Title Agent and founder of Perland Title & Escrow Services. Also, do you need your bank account to feel inspired? CHeck out these interesting quotes! Featuring Judith Peraza, Perland Title & Escrow Services, Shaquille O’Neal, J.P. Getty, and Malcolm Forbes. Written by Judith Peraza and text by Stacy Wynn

Compass Law

Picking the right neighborhood for your new restaurant can be quite the undertaking, but finding the right space to fire up your oven is even more important. Before you sign a lease or even consider buying a location, you must do your due diligence to make sure you find the perfect place to serve up your culinary creations. Written by Estrellita S. Sibila

Compass Health

You don’t have to spend endless hours at the gym to burn fat and kick-start your metabolism. It may come as a pleasant surprise to find out that hanging out with your loved one is actually doing that for you. Tips by Ros Prado.


Building on a legacy of leadership and community involvement, Kathleen Slesnick Kauffman takes the helm as the new President of Junior Orange Bowl. Featuring Kathleen Slesnick Kauffman, The Junior Orange Bowl, and Coral Gables High School. Written by Estrellita S. Sibila


Kitchens are one of the most popular upgrades to existing residences and one of the most carefully planned areas of a new build. What would our lives be like without fancy appliances, eye-catching cabinetry and lavish surfaces? Featuring Gaggenau, SieMatic, Downsview Kitchens, Iberia Tiles, Porsche Design Studio, Poggenpohl, and Marble Of The World. Written by Sandy Lindsey.

The Rules of NumNum

We’ve all been out with one of them: the picky eater, the over-drinker, the one who has to order the most expensive thing on the menu, or even the self-proclaimed foodie on a quest to try any and everything sprinkled with truffles, or kale…or worse. It’s time to take the menu back and order up a big serving of reality check. Written by Estrellita S. Sibila.


Hosting a wine tasting is an exciting yet potentially calamitous endeavor: The fear of guests spitting into Lenox china or swirling the contents of their stemware on the carpet is real. There’s also anxiety about correctly pronouncing the names of fluttery French burgundies and consonant-rich German Rhine wines, things you’d never worry about while hosting a beer tasting. Brew Masters, Discovery Channel, Milk Stout, Berliner Weisse, Gose, IPA, Rauchbier, CraftBeerKings, adn RateBeer.


Ah, Ramen, how we love (and hate) thee. From weeknight gobble sessions in childhood to insane all-night study sessions in college to “I’m so hungry, I’ll even eat Ramen” moments in adulthood, most of us have had many experiences with the microwaveable version of this staple. But there are so many more ways to enjoy this drippy treat. Featuring Momi Ramen, David Chang, LuckyPeach, The Ramen Pimp, and SOBEWFF. Written by Rony Mo.

Power Sip

This refreshing, antioxidant-packed smoothie cocktail is sure to have you waking up the next morning totally hangover-free and ready to have another. Featuring White Horse Whisky. Written by Anja Maltav.


Get this month's #KBMag 's 411, Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida. Featuring Oceana Key Biscayne, AEA Miami, Ultra Music Festival, Miami Foundation, Deering Estate, Carnaval Miami, PhilanthroFest, Jazz In the Gables, Miami International Film Festival, Adrienne Arsht Center, Art Emporium, Women of The World, Yelp, Foss Marai, Monica Burguera Foundation, and The Ritz Carlton. Check out Original Harlem Globetrotters, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, and Ariana Grande at The American Airlines Arena. Also The Pearl Fishers, Trust, Mahler's Sixth,Golden Sounds From Hollywood, Jazz Meets Broadway, Joshua Bell & New World Symphony, Carmina Burana, and BT Electronic Opus at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Check out Cirquesco, A Jew Grows In Brooklyn, and Vanessa Hollingshead at the Aventura Center. Also Peter Fernandez, Ragdoll ,and Lime & Company B in Magic City Casino. Check out Asian Culture Festival at the Fruit and Spice Park. Also The Orchid Festival in Fairchild Tropical Garden. Check out Don Omar and Nicky Jam, KC & The Sunshine Band, and Lara Fabian at the Hard Rock Live Hollywood Studios. Also Spring Camp in Deering Estate Written by Sandy Lindsey.

Encounters w/ Fundación Armando El Futuro

Fundación Armando El Futuro hosted a luncheon & fashion show at Neiman Marcus supporting educational services for children in Colombia. 1. Valentina Lopez, Martha Quintero De Pizarro 2. Lexandra Tovar, Analia Gomez, Yolanda Rivers, Paty Barco, Juliana Posee, Tatiana Quintero 3. Ximena Leon, Karla Bueno, Vanessa Rosales, Marianne Molina, Beatriz Quintero, Maggy Molina, Eliete Zreik, Randy Lack, Liliana Scarpetta 4. Jenny Manzur, Jennifer Botero.

Encounters w/ K B Chamber Of Commerce

The 2015 Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce’s Fifth Annual Lifestyles In Paradise Tour featured a showcase of 6 wonderful homes on the island. 1. Victoria Kenny, Linda Chehab, Bruce Beatt, Maria Yazji, Rita Benavides 2. Ifigenia Gonzalez, Marissa De La Tejera, Vivian Galego-Mendez, Maria Viña Rodriguez 3. Sandra Ortegon, Carmen & Teresa Dominguez, Oria Perez Upegui 4. Geraldine & Hans Strecke, Daisy Argueta 5. Maria Luisa, Jorge & Daniela Marchena 6. Alexandra Alam, Carmencita Butler 7. Alexandra Echarte, Micheline Viergutz 8. Maria Lucena, Mariana Lopez, Gisela Horvilleur, Angeles Ferrer, Kim Schmitz 9. Sebastian, Maria Del Carmen, Dr. Jorge, Catalina & Nicolas Mayoral 10. Mirian Bradenburg, Catalina Mayoral, Teresita Estrada, Loly Castells 11. Maria Eugenia Ruiz, Anett Rodriguez, Fernando Espino, Carmen Llano-White.

Encounters @ Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne held a very special event to celebrate the grand re-opening of Rum Bar and the newly remodeled main lobby. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Dilip Mukundan, Kimberly Wilson, Mitchell Duggan, Ana & Brad Weiser 2. Diana Montes, Krismar Arellano, Tatiana Lora 3. Joanne Silva, Marilyn Cale, Boaz Kashi, Jo Ann Young 4. Emily McKenzie, Linda Chehab, Mary Jo Pinedo, Linda McKenzie.

Encounters @ KB Beach Club

Friends of Key Biscayne Beach Club united to benefit the construction of a community dining room for children & teenagers in Argentina. 1. Ricardo Milan, Silvia Pesci, Monsignor Hugo Barbaro, Malena Legarre 2. Julia Caralt, Sarah Cortinez, Daniela Poulat, Sol Pickman 3. Claudia Boucher, Elena Ituralde, Gigi Laspiur, Kuti Martinez 4. Pat Davy, Kevin Pocovi, Marco & Franco Viola, Cata Somoza 5. Sebastian Ramirez, Alejandro Santos, Jorge Bohtlinck 6. Lourdes Maria & Claudio Nieto-Ramos 7. William & Lorena Naranjo 8. Diahann, Luca & Julian Espindola 9. Loli Piano, Sonia Puente, Gloria Aguirre 10. Alberto Santarelli, Martin & Mariane Arauz w/ guest

Encounters w/ KB Tennis Association

The Key Biscayne Tennis Association celebrated their 35th Anniversary as a non-profit organization that provides tennis lessons for families. Guests enjoyed music, wine and fun throughout the event. 1. Rene Potts, Finlay & Joan Matheson 2. Pablo Arraya, Pat Killgore 3. Marco & Marcia Perez, Howard Pitner 4. Janette & Richard Turici, Gisa Schwarte, Elaine Wingfield 5. Lorraine Hicks, Renee Potts, Ricki Garito, JoAnne Goldfarb 6. Sabine Kirchner-Kaplan, Yvonne & Miguel Herrero, Justine Malouf 7. Sabine & David Fihney, Josette Zeraska 8. Barbara & Stanley Schwartz, Helen White 9. Cathy, Jake & Terry White, Nicki Thorton, Janette White 10. Michelle & Richard Doherty

Encounters w/ Park Grove

Mike Fernandez celebrated at his future home, Park Grove, with an inspiring discussion about his life and new book: Humbled By The Journey. 1. Pedro Martin, Jorge Perez, Mike Fernandez, Patrick Campbell 2. Mike Fernandez 3. Ysha Arteaga, Hilda Jacobson 4. Vicky Perez-Lorido, Constance Fernandez, Diana Boytell