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Featuring: Scott Shiller of the Adrienne Arsht Center

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Soul Camps

Take a big step toward self-discovery by finding your calling, your peace of mind and yourself by taking part in the spiritual wellness movement that’s sweeping the nation.

Idyllic Enclave

Inside and out, this one-of-a-kind Key Biscayne residence on Harbor Drive is one of the most breathtaking homes on the island, and the envy of the neighborhood in every way imaginable. Featuring: Brigitt e de Langeron


Featuring: SieMatic Interior Systems, Fendi Amalfi G1

2014 Sony Open Guide

Key Biscayne Magazine 2014 Sony Open Guide

Smashing Success

During matches, Ana Ivanovic, one of the top-ranked tennis players in the world, usually has a song playing in her head. At this year’s Sony Open Tennis in Key Biscayne, one wonders if Eye Of The Tiger might be playing on her personal soundtrack.

Get Happy

Can changing your thoughts change your reality? Research suggests that an optimistic bent can help you succeed in business and in life.


We teamed up with Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables to find a few Key Biscayners who love their luxury rides so much they wanted to share a few of their driving experiences with the world.

Right Moves

These active, stylish styles are sure to make you sizzle on and off the court this season and beyond.

Pristine Lifestyle

Château Ocean Residences is the alternative to the luxury development construction cranes reaching high into the sky throughout Miami. Steps away from Bal Harbour, this boutique development will rise just 12 stories and feature 58 exclusive flow-through residences right on the beach.

Breathtakingly Belize

Regardless of who you make the trip with, Belize has something to offer everyone — from rugged eco adventures to extreme animal encounters and luxurious, romantic experiences, there’s no shortage of things to do for travelers looking for the trip of a lifetime.


One man decides it’s time to get into shape. But instead of working up a sweat, he works his mouth and is forced to exercise his brain and ponder the very meaning of life.

Wonder Diets

Want to eat what you want while keeping the pounds at bay? It’s not as difficult as your always-grumbling belly and expanding waistline might lead you to believe.

From Cuba, With Love…

Aiming to reconnect with authentic sensuality during the unabashed month of love is almost guaranteed to get the sparks flying in your direction no matter what your heart’s desire.

Encounters w/ Chase Private Banking

Chase Private Banking held the grand opening of their new Key Biscayne Branch located at Galeria Shopping Center. 1. Alex Bello, Reina Gonzalez, Henry Moran 2. Renee Reep, Anett Rodriguez, Michele Estevez 3. Yaquelin Ubeda Arias, Andres Giugni 4. Luis Arstegui, John Hays 5. Silvia & Eduardo Pesci 6. Isis Alvarez, Carmen Llano- White, Mary Mayoral 7. Sadys Mujica, Alexander Machado, Jacqueline Cadaud 8. Octavio Camargo, Lizette Garcia Gus Rodriguez

Encounters @ Brazil Fest

A very entertaining Brazil Fest was held in Key Biscayne to celebrate the culture with live music, food and lots of samba. 1. Felo & Lucia Mohamad, Alex & Beatriz Gil, Marino Lopez-Blanco 2. Jud Kurlancheck, Gloria & Michael Kahn 3. Randy Mocle, Sherry Cowan 4. Essie & Gil Herman 5. Carla Canestri, Ana Maria Amador, Ana Arauz 6. Al Lindsay, Ovidio Peña, Alicia Del Pino Peña, Cristian Peña, Mayra Peña Lindsay 7. Miguel Lopez-Labrada, Tily Lopez- Blanco, Henry Recaman 8. Manuel & Diana Madeno, German & Manaluz Jaramillo, Helena & Nestor Valenzuela 9. Mario Andres, Silvia, Veronica, & Mario Garcia-Serra 10. Karen Levinson, Gloria Johnson, Antonio, Cristina & Reginald Breton 11. Karenyne & Kevin McCarthy, Sussel & Marcus Araujo 12. Jila & Hamid Rashidi 13. Gisell & Chris Raley, Patty Urban 14. Adriana & Marcelo Sabino 15. Elba Brandao, Hendrik Franco, Gracie Doria, Cristina Zanotti 16. Jorge Alfano, Pat Woodson, Paulo Guala

Encounters @ MyBrickell

The Related Group and Karim Rashid celebrated the opening of MyBrickell, the first condo completed in the area in over 7 years. Rashid designed the interior common spaces for the luxury condo and surprised guests at the event with a preview of his new album, his first foray into the music industry. 1. Jorge Perez, Karim Rashid, Sonia Figueroa, Carlos Rosso 2. Hernan Gleizer, Philip Spiegelman, Fernando Alpern 3. Alexandra Ortelli, Maria Ortiz 4. Carie Smith, Tracy Koço 5. Jessie Howard, Maria Fernanda 6. Ishmael Perez, Kari Fernandez, Adriana Brito, Andres Asion 7. Nicole LLoyd, Lisa Hillier, Judy Dandy

Encounters w/ Gulliver

The Haskett Family hosted a VIP Kick-Off Cocktail Reception for the lead sponsors supporting Gulliver’s Signature Event: “A Vintage Night.” 1. Rene Alvarez, Yamile Alvarez, John Krutulis 2. Brigitte Nachtigall- Aixala, Mike Aixala 3. Christian De Berdouare, Jennifer Valoppi 4. Jacobo Asensi, Dr. Gabriela Rolland-Asensi 5. Jorge Uribe, Janette Zayas-Bazan 6. Ronald Yacoub, John Krutulis 7. Brenda & John Jabro 8. Dr. Mario Martinez, Dr. Juan-Carlos Quintero 9. Erika & Swapnil Shah 10. Libby & Gene Witherspoon 11. Mary & Steven Wood 12. Reha & Kishin Mirpuri 13. Rosemary & James Hartigan 14. Shannon Allen, John Krutulis 15. Teresita & Michael Haskett

Encounters @ Morays Jewelers

Morays Jewelers celebrated 70 years in Miami as VIP guests mingled with Dancing With The Stars’ Maksim Chmerkoskiy while enjoying cocktails made from Miami Club Rum: The Hometown Spirit Of Miami. 1. Beau Hequin, Tracy Koço, Chris Haake 2. Shelley & Bruce Hornik, Sandy Hequin 3. Felipe Lopez, Catalina Maslov 4. Jeremy Mariage, Franci Keyes 5. Laura & Gene Mirvis 6. Chef Steve Leary 7. David Maya 8. Sam Gordon, Richard Schechter 9. Tim Moran, Raiza Areas

Encounters w/ K B Chamber Of Commerce

The Biscayne Chamber Of Commerce presented the 4th Annual Lifestyle in Paradise Home Tour as a fundraiser to benefit Chaco Support. 1. Lynn Kunkel, Rosemarie Heinrich, Sebastian & Veronica Colaroff 2. Carmen Llano-White, Jorge Berrios, Vivian Galego-Mendez 3. Anette Alonso, Sara Fuenmayor 4. Jnice Framke, Anne Santo Domingo, Lynn Gallagher 5. Nora & Marie Dexter, Riky Sill 6. Catalina Guzman, Mary Mayoral, Nicolas Mayoral 7. Patsy Aballi, Thais Aristimuno, Barbara Lamar 8. Becky Lozano, Carmencita Butler, Martha Blanco-Herrera 9. Luciana Ribenboim, Natalia Onetti, Patricia Salles 10. Martha Vidal, Victoria Gonzalez, Maggie Llanso 11. Chris Krueger, Michea Duffy, Marta Jaramillo 12. Armando Uriarte, Sofia Sanabrice, Linda Chehab 13. Arlene Mollow, Shirley Bloom 14. Isabel Olmos, Esther Tarin, Fernando Arciniega 15. Sally Brody, Willy & Marilyn Borroto, Frederique Leforester 16. Tatyana Camejo, Gigi Guerra, Nora & Tony Camejo

Encounters @ The Beach Club

A great night for a wonderful cause took place to benefit Chaco, one of the poorest providences in Argentina, at The Beach Club in Key Biscayne. Families enjoyed food, music, raffles and games throughout the evening. 1. Camila Sucusu, Sol Helou, Victoria Cividini 2. Adriana Tasco, Angeles Ferrer, Giselle Sanchez-Zinny 3. Lucia Moas, Gabriela Isaacs 4. Lucia Vendramin, Lara Waldman, Alexia Marotta 5. Gabriela Federico, Manuel De La Reta 6. Narciso Muñoz, Monsignor Hugo Barbaro, Ricardo Milan, Eduardo Pesci, Tomas Helou 7. Guille & Milagros Trapani, Nino Fernanadez, Silvana Fernandez Cruz, Luciana Babra

Encounters w/ Venegas International Group

Château Ocean recently hosted a groundbreaking event with future owners, area visionaries and community leaders in attendance. 1. Luis Percul, Ariel Tomat, Don Francisco, Monica Venegas, Carina Radonich 2. Michael Karukin, Michelle Kligman, Monica Venegas, Manuel Grosskopf, Sergio Grosskopf, Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Diana Rodriguez, Tom Murphy 3. Mariana & Manuel Grosskopf 4. Hector Vargas, Veronica Moran 5. Daniela Carvalho, Dorith Ness, Richard Malconian 6. Ana Maria Garcia, Andrea Minucci, Monica Venegas, Jeffrey Silverman 7. Myriam Borax, Karina Grosskopf, Sebastian Sagranichne