Collector's Corner

If you’re in the market for a few new pieces to add to your art collection, check out the curated list of artists we’ve compiled for you on the ensuing pages. For as long as each can remember, their dream has been to inspire as many people as possible through their work — and they’re doing just that and a whole lot more with every new masterpiece they bring into the world. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Photos Courtesy of respective artists. Featuring: Wesley Alvarez of Wesley Alvarez Studios, Cheri Kudja of Bitti Bots!, David E. Peterson of Pop Minimalism, Edwin David Sepúlveda of Don Rimx, LLC, Donna Ruff of Donna Ruff Studio, Ed King of Ed King Pop Art, Cecilia Dubon Slesnick of CSD Studio, Estrella Mederos by Appointment Only, Stephanie Jaffe of Stephanie Jaffe Art, and Sean Havas of Sean Havas Photography.

Intricate Encounters

Clothes with texture, structure and graphics meet The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse for a fashion journey like none other. Photographer: Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio Styling & Creative Direction: Jhon Jairo Santos Styling Assistant: Angeles Almuna Hair: Cassy @ Blo Blow Dry Bar, Midtown Miami Make-up: Joshua M. Ribadeo @ M.A.C Cosmetics Model: Briley Hale @ Elite Models Photography Assistant: Ricardo Mestre Production: Angela Bonilla Location: The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse; 591 NW 27th St., Wynwood. Featuring: Balenciaga, Victoria Beckham, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops, Stuart Weitzman, Capretto Shoes, South Miami, Echtego, The Garment Hub Showroom, Anselm Kiefer: Sprache der Vögel (1989); work on opposite page by Michael Heizer: Circle (1976), The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, Balmain, Céline, nstallation by Anselm Keifer: Die Erdzeitlter (2014), Ultracor, Sculpture by John Chamberlain: Mustang Sally McBright (1965), Akris, Tuleste, Fluorescent lights by Mark Handforth: Starman (2004), PH-5, H&M, and Bronze sculpture by Willem de Kooning: Seated Woman (1969-1981).

Masterpieces and Mayhem

Atypical Guide To Surviving Art Week 2015. Anyone who’s ever experienced an installment of Art Week in The Magic City knows that not even Houdini himself could be everywhere at once. With plans constantly in flux, surprise events popping up left and right and traffic bringing even the most ambitious plans to a screeching halt, getting around is no easy feat. Here’s our unfiltered, unconventional insider’s guide of what to expect, what to do and how to make the best of it all. Compiled by Joe Oz and Anika Binx. Featuring: Art Miami, Aqua, Art On Paper, Context, Design Miami, ArtSpot, Fridge Art Fair, Ink Miami, Miami Project, NADA, Pulse, Untitled, Scope, Miami River Art Fair, Pinta, Prizm Art Fair, Moksha Art Fair, Red Dot Art Fair, Spectrum, Superfine House Of Art & Design, X Contemporary, Art Fair Shuttles, Metrobus S Route, South Beach Local and Miami Beach Trolley, SWOOP, Uber, UberPool, ZabCab app, Citi Bike Miami and Car2Go, ParkMobile, ParkMe, JennyLee Molina, Chief Creative Officer, JLPR, Art Basel Miami Beach app, and

Sky Dreams

Offering the best views in Key Biscayne, this spacious penthouse at 785 Crandon Blvd. in Key Biscayne features a bird’s eye view of the ocean, bay, sunsets and the sparkling Magic City lights in the evening. Text by Yoshi Sanz. Photos Courtesy of Fortune Int'l Realty. Featuring: Fortune Int'l Realty, The Ocean Club, Key Biscayne, and Doug Kinsley.

Artful Living

At Oceana Key Biscayne, art and luxury take centerstage throughout the year thanks to their Commissioned Art Program that welcomes world-class works from around the globe to the delight of residents and visitors alike. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Photos Courtesy of Oceana Key Biscayne. Featuring: Oceana Key Biscayne, Eduardo Costantini, Beatriz Milhazes, Artur Lescher, Leo Battistelli, Elba Bairon, Alejandra Seeber, Nushi Muntaabsk and Gachi Hasper, Museo De Arte Latinoamericano De Buenos Aires, Brazilian sculptor Artur Lescher, Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes, Elba Bairon, Leo Battistelli, Alejandra Seeber, Gachi Hasper, Nushi Muntaabsk, and Emilio Pettoruti.

Superior Sounds

While UR Music works with many multinational record companies such as Universal and Sony, they also cater to independent and emerging artists who are beginning their careers and are in need of quality recording productions. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Photos by Ximena Etchart. Featuring: UR Music, David Bisbal, David Bustamante, Malu, Marc Anthony, Samo, Valeria Lynch, Fedro, Jano, Andres Cuervo, Ayiiti, Shaila Durcal, Ha-Ash, Yuri, Paty Cantu, Pandora, Torrente 4, NuevaVida for Televisa/ Univision, Chase Manhattan, Producer, Composer & Singer Rafa Vergara; Singer/Composer Vicky Echeverri; Producer, Arranger & Composer Pablo Manresa; and Lukas Salvatierra, the Director of Artistic Development.

Deliverance Mind

Freedom, mind and soul combine to yield a stylistic, expressive message for the ages. Featuring: H&M @ Lincoln Road, Balmain, Costume National, Capretto Shoes, South Miami, Andrea Landa, Atelier Crump, Di Té, The Garment Hub Showroom, and Zeta.

Inner Creative

It’s never too late to let your imagination roam and encourage your artistic side to emerge. Get hands-on with the arts and open up your right-brain flow with an abundance of colorful opportunities you can take advantage of whenever creativity calls. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila.


At the end of a long day, nothing takes the pressure off better than a drink. But not all drinks are created equal. Next time happy hour is right around the corner, set your poison of choice aside and opt for a more creatively crafted cocktail. Text by Anja Maltav. Featuring: Batch, Toro Toro, Perricones, La Veinte, Blackbird Ordinary, Libertine, Segafredo Brickell, Blume, Tamarina, The Corner, Seaspice, Lagniappe, Bardot, The Corner, Fooq’s, Kush, Caffeina, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, Ball & Chain, Casa Panza, Cubaocho, Hoy Como Ayer, Bulla, Swine, Open Stage, Sushi Samba, The Globe, Café Abracci, Love Is Blind, Piripi, Bizcaya, George’s, Jaguar, Lulu, Peacock Garden, The Grove Spot, La Moderna, SLS Hotel, The Rum Line, Broken Shaker, Hakkasan, Sweet Liberty, and The Edition.

Compass Finance

With many websites and blogs being updated daily, it’s hard to keep things fresh. The following are geared to keep your current readers reading while attracting new people to your website. Also check out what Orlando Roche, the Regional President of Sabadell Bank & Trust Miami-Dade County, has to say about updating your estate planning documents! Text by Stacy Wynn. Featuring: Orlando Roche, the Regional President of Sabadell Bank & Trust Miami-Dade County, and Uber Suggest.

Compass Balance

What better way to surround yourself with comfort and treat yourself to heart hugs, than to find things that bring a big ‘ol smile to your face? Here are a few things that remind us that life is all kinds of wonderful. Make sure to see what Success Coach Benjamin Evans does in order to stay in balance! Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Success Coach Benjamin Evans, Barefoot Yofa, Headspace, Jet and The Power Of Positive Thinking.

Compass The Arts

“You should write a book about Korea,” urged Harvey Rosenwasser’s wife, Ruth, and friends, “your stories are better than the M.A.S.H. series.” It took almost 60 years, but Harvey, who has since passed away, finally did it — and it’s definitely worth a read. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring: Harvey Rosenwasser, Ruth, Rosenwasser, Korea, A Memoir, M.A.S.H., Pennyslvania School of Optometry in Philadelphia, 24th Medical Battalion of the 25th Army Divison, the 15th Medical Battalion of the First Cavalry and the 121st Evacuation Hospital.

Compass Beauty

While not technically Christmas Red, Christian Louboutin’s new Rouge Louboutin Limited Edition Collection makes an excellent holiday gift from you to someone or just from you to yourself. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring: Christian Louboutin’s new Rouge Louboutin Limited Edition Collection.

Compass Home

New York, London, Paris…the Miami Design District. The past year saw Minotti Miami, Lladro, Fendi, Versace, Burberry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Valentino, Max Mara, Givenchy, Loewe, Miu Miu, Lanvin and Tom Ford join the existing luxe retailers and it’s just going to get better. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Photos by Robin Hill. Featuring: Minotti Miami, Lladro, Fendi, Versace, Burberry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Valentino, Max Mara, Givenchy, Loewe, Miu Miu, Lanvin and Tom Ford, The Miami Design District, Versace Home, Kartell, Jonathan Adler, Ligne Roset, Bisazza, The Rug Company, Vitra, Holly Hunt, Espacio and Armani/ Casa, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Isabel Marant, Loro Piana, Rag & Bone, Tod’s, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermès, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Maison Martin Margiela, Lanvin, and Rick Owens.

Compass Auto

The VW Touareg, named for a band of fierce desert warriors, is arguably the best VW since the Phaeton and the best-mid-sized SUV on the road today. Text by Bill Lindsey. Featuring: Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg, and Audi Q7.

Compass Timepieces

For more than 100 years, Audemars Piguet has been creating elegant works of art. From incredibly complex horological wonders to classically elegant wristwatches, this firm has something for everyone. Text by Bill Lindsey. Featuring: The Royal Oak Selfwinding and The Royal Oak Quartz.

Compass Entertainment

Meet 3 ultra-creative ladies who are elevating entertainment and arts with amplified exhibits of pure, unedited talent while shining in various artistic mediums. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Featuring: Bakehouse Art Complex, Maria Theresa Barbist, San Francisco Art Institute, Meghan Walsh, Blank Silk by Meghan Walsh, Gissi Jimenez, Head Editor & Fashion Illustrator for The Architect Of Style, and Altos De Chavon Design School.

Compass Real Estate

Want to be neighbors with A-rod? Consider buying a condo at Gran Paraiso! Little Havana is getting a make over, make sure to see what the buzz is about! Also check out this month's Prime Properties! Text by Sandy Lindsey Featuring: Gran Paraiso, InTown, Interiors by Steven G., Astor Companies, Brigitte de Langeron, Gloria Ramirez and Ana Somarriba.

Compass Fashion

More than fabrics and stitches, a custom-fitted suit from Añel Sartoria pieces together the wearer’s personality and showcases a range of emotions for every creation. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Photos courtesy of Añel Sartoria. Featuring: Añel Sartoria.

Compass Health

The Lynx Board takes your workout to a whole new level in a simple, straightforward manner using friction training, a multi-functional bodyweight fitness concept that gives impressive results. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring: Lynx Board and Lynx Fitness.

Compass Wellness

You wax monthly and might even spend a mini fortune on expensive underwear to make sure your lady parts are always at their best. But, are you really paying attention to hygiene? This guide will empower you to be a bit more in-tune with your body. Text by Ros Prado.

Compass Eco

During a season of celebration and joy, we need to be more conscious and aware of our footprint on the environment. Between family get-togethers, in-law drama and social stressors, don’t add Mother Nature to the list of grumpy revelers. Text by Ros Prado.

Compass Connoisseur

Up the ante at your next dinner party by discovering and mastering these creative culinary skills that will wow your guests and help you shine like a top chef no matter what the occasion. Also check out what Chef Michael Shikany had to say culinary artistry. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Featuring: Tatjana Reimann, Caro Mantke and Tim Schober, The Designer’s Cookbook, Modernist Cuisine At Home, Cuisine R-EVOLUTION + Cookbook, French Culinary Institute in New York City, and Chef Michael Shikany.

Compass Culture

brations on par with the famed Beach Boys ‘60s pop tune? The Bodhi Tree House is a totally groovy holistic health community center, café and retail store catering to folks ready to find their inner joy. Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: The Bodhi Tree House, and Life Coach & Crystal Therapist Marcela Muñoz.

Compass Travel

Turkish Airlines has grown into a four star airfare company with planes servicing cities all around the world! For your next trip make sure to have an ECBC rolling bag for all your gadgets! Also check out some tips for the savvy traveler. Featuring: Turkish Airlines, and ECBC. Text by Sandy Lindsey and Stacy Wynn.

Compass FYI

In our parents’ day, 5 p.m. meant the end of the workday. No more. Take a deep breath (that’s stess reducer #1) and try these quirky but useful stress solutions to ensure you remain sane on and off crunch time. Also check out what Maria Silva Costa, owner of Kumon of Miami Coral Way East, has to say about education. Text by Stacy Wynn. Featuring: Maria Silva Costa, Kumon of Miami Coral Way East, Toru Kumon and Game Of Thrones.


Harnessing the power of music and the arts as a motivational platform, Ian Welsch leads The Motivational Edge to help youth achieve increased self-confidence and greater academic performance. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Photos Courtesy of Motivational Edge. Featuring: Ian Welsch, The Motivational Edge, University of Bridgeport, Miami-Dade County Public School System, Melrose Elementary School, The Art Of Creative Writing & Lyrical Expression, Urban Arts Expression, and Dance Expression.


Lighting is one of the most important elements of good design. It sets the mood, enhances ambience and showcases luxury design. The right light can be an accent piece or even the centerpiece of a room. Text by Yoshi Sanz. Photos Courtesy of Respective Brands. Featuring: Niagara Chandelier Gold from Lladró Boutique, Floor Lamp from Interiors By Steven G, Mina Floor Lamp from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, La Petite by Andrea Quaglio & Manuela Simonelli from Artemide, Girolamo I Ceiling Lamp from El Dorado Furniture and AH Signature Table Lamp from Adriana Hoyos.

Power Sip

Satiate your sweet tooth this month with this rumbased, lip-smacking decadent liquid sipper sure to add new life to any party from the holidays through New Year’s. Drink by Anja Maltav. Featuring: Nutri Ninja Blender Duo.


Look around: Cuban food is all around us. Many of us grew up on the stuff, some of us have just discovered it. Whether you have a favorite dish or just order on-the-fly at your nearest Cuban restaurant, adding your own pizzazz can make all the difference. Text by Anja Maltav.