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Featuring: Jessica Cerda-Antomarchi of American Heart Association


Desire, attraction, seduction: These are the essential ingredients for arousal and acquiring love, but they are also elements as elusive and capricious as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Key Couples

Featuring: Bernardo Hussing & Izabella Chimenti De Hussing, Don Hall & Paola Padovan & John Paul & Stacia bahamondes.

Island Oasis

This spectacular home on Pacific Road in Key Biscayne is a one-of-a-kind residence featuring a harmonious melding of the inside and out that’s obvious even before you walk in through the front door. Featuring: Kari Madera


Featuring: FENDI Casa, Poltrona Frau, Armani Casa Miami & California Closets


The coveted pieces on the following pages express the force and sensuality of movement, with stones and metals uniting to create vivacious, fluctuating compositions. Sometimes delicate, at other times audacious, these pieces are often the product of geometric concepts that are developed in sinuous volumes that are strident, dramatic and never less than dynamic. Featuring: Morays Jewelers

The Art of Innovation

During the new Miami Art + Design fair (MA+D), art aficionados, artists and designers from around the world will gather for a jam-packed weekend of limitless innovation, unmatched creativity and pure inspiration.

Home Max

The name California Closets is synonymous with turning disorganized closets into stylish and functional showcases — but the company is so much more. In fact, they offer attractive, customized design solutions that enhance life in every room of the home.

Bank Of The World

Banco do Brasil Americas was born from a rich history. Their parent company is Banco do Brasil, the largest bank in asset size in Latin America, with 205 years of experience in financial services, and, as with anything, there’s no substitute for experience.

Encounters w/ PhilanthroFest

PhilantroFest officially kicked off their big plans for 2014 with a VIP (Very Important Philanthropist) gathering of community leaders, civic innvovators and visionary change-makers to welcome new board members, volunteers, sponsors and participants to this year’s events. 1. Alejandro Servalli, Jess Cerda-Antomarchi, Jorge Arauz, Estrellita Sibila 2. Lawrence Pedrosa, Monica Bojan, Alex De Carvalho 3. Jason Inasi, Dominique Silvey 4. John Peter Mahoney, Ilanit Simhi 5. Aileen Alon, Alexis Guillen 6. Luigi Lone, Daniella Veras, Rosie Lone 7. Dani Bernal, James Echok, Annett Peikert 8. Victor Swaroop, Rhonda Binda, Makeda Mclune, Vincent Carthron

Encounters w/ K B Chamber of Commerce

The Key Biscayne Chamber Of Commerce held their annual Awards Of Excellence ceremony and introduced new board members at Crandon Golf Course in Key Biscayne. 1. Arturo Fundora, Patricia Romano, Paola Padovan, Donnie Hall 2. Gabriel Chavarria, Catalina Guzmán- Mayoral, Mary Mayoral, Loly Castells, Nicolas Guzmán- Mayoral 3. Betty Portundo, Karen Llorente, Cassia Silva 4. Willy & Marilyn Borroto, Raul Llorente 5. Natalia Onetti, Viviana Franchy, Kathye Susnjer 6. Shayna Varkas, Marc Port Michele Estevez 7. Lidia & Bob Brookes, Patricia Peraita, Julian Goldstein 8. Mikey Hubbard, Susana Hansen, Nicolas Giacari, Paul Auchter 9. Elizabeth Pines, Fernando Arciniega, Brenda Couthe 10. Luz Ravelo, Rafael Parra 11. Claudia Sukcar-Ferré, Theo Long 12. Walter & Cindy Caridad 13. Nora Camejo, Victoria Kenny, Alicia Ortiz 14. Jacquie & Gabby Gallardo, Ronda Fuchs 15. Robert Duzoglou, John Gilbert, Frank Kaplan 16. Michelle Barnett, James Salas, Alicia Ortiz

Encounters w/ Fundacion Manos Del Sur

A celebration in honor of Dia De La Virgen De Guadalupe via Fundacion Manos Del Sur was held at the Key Biscayne residence of Bernarda Arancedo. 1. Carmen Perez-Retes, Maria Paz Victoria, Natalia Soris, Laura Cahiza 2. Joyce Mitrani, Florencia Badino, Angeles Padilla, Yvette Perez 3. Florencia Godward, Marcela Costa, Camila Marotta 4. Amelita Courtney, Carol Barrantes, Leticia Mairhofer 5. Silvia Pesci, Bernarda Arancedo, Loles Cajia 6. Lata Gallardo, Ana Paro, Nadine Holland, Tere Gaya 7. Paula Curutchet, Carolina Cortin-Maduna, Mariana Cernadas, Marcela Brown 8. Claudia Hernandez-Pons, Karla Bueno, Magay Molina, Carmen Perez, Gloria Ramirez 9. Andrea Gomez, Nahila Campos, Carmen Sozzano, Ana Arellano 10. Martha Poulat, Beatriz, Corina-Romero, Ana Maria Rojos 11. Alejandra Xacur, Mariana Ordaas, Margara Hernandez 12. Monica Arriazo, Alicia Mendez, Vicky Benegas 13. Maria Elena Zapata, Adriana Cañedo, Yolanda Cernicchiaro 14. Silvia Fassardi, Mariana Lopez 15. Claudia Cividini, Marco Viola, Phili Bullard 16. Maria Paz Victoria, Paulina Montes, Florencia Ferrari 17. Lina Chiarimi, Marcia Rendic, Lorena Plaza

Encounters w/ The Rotary Club

The Rotary Club Of Key Biscayne held their 9th Annual Wine & Food Festival at Fairways On The Key, complete with 26 varieties of wine competing against one another for “Best of Show.” 1. Susan O’Hara, Alice Takach, Patricia Romano 2. Chip Cassidy, Henry Borrow, Wendy Rosano, Roberto Colombi, Ruben Weisson 3. Hiroko Asano, Lee Oden, Christine Housen 4. Guillermo Almada, Gabriela Sabate, Eduardo Locatelli, Gabriela Cora 5. Mike Menendez, Ellen Blasi, Bob Brookes, Michele Estevez 6. Roberto & Claudia Alvarez, Paulina & Francisco Montes 7. Federico & Patricia Vaccari, Michelle & Jose Ignacio Gonzalez 8. Jose Carlos Kellog, Miranda Stasuli, Carlos & Susana Gadala-Maria 9. Ron Erbel, Robert Campos 10. Robert & Thania Vernon 11. Lilian & Tony Denigro 12. Henry Moran, Stephany Musino, Isabel Hegel, Alex Bello 13. Karina Fernandini, Alyeska Semsch, Ivonne McKee 14. Maria Luisa Benavides, Maria Fe Nuñez 15. Charles & Eileen Press 16. Amalie Loendal, Lisa Blackman

Encounters @ The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne revealed a $2 million makeover this season, further enhancing the tropical oasis destination spa. 1. Martha Gonzalez, Juan M. Gonzalez, Juan P. Gonzalez 2. Danielle Hernandez, Elizabeth Lozada, Kenda Bailey 3. Maria & Galo Bustamante 4. Diana Riser, David Bremer 5. Kara & Jeremy Franker 6. Sierra & Clayton McRory