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Featuring; Vivianna Franchy, Ana Somarriba, Brigitte De Langeron & Natalia Anda

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Featuring; Chez Jeanton by Kalena Jeanton

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Featuring; Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables

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Wish I May… The premise:

You’ve been given $250,000 to spend on yourself for the holidays. The challenge: You need to spend every penny within 24 hours. Herewith: Some suggestions on what you can do with your newfound treasure around town.

Private Oasis

The luxury villas at one of the most exclusive residence complexes in Key Biscayne can be yours to enjoy all year round at Oceana. Featuring Oceana Residences


Featuring; Ligne Roset, 4141 Design & Meyda

The Luxe Factor

On the surface, the definition of luxury is pretty straightforward — it’s a Harry Winston watch, a red-hot Ferrari or a bottle of Pétrus. But if we dig deeper, the question is up for philosophical debate.

Key Players

Featuring: Emilio Subil of Lanes, Elda Brouwer of The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne & Dr. Greenfield of Children’s Survival Network

The Gift Of Excellence

In place of a long list of resolutions that end up empty promises, or some sparkling new material possession that will only give temporary gratification to an immediate desire, give yourself the greatest gift you have ever had this holiday season and dive into self-discovery while building a tribe of brilliance.

Season’s Dazzle

These breathtaking pieces are sure to get you all the attention you deserve during the social season and beyond — all you have to worry about is deciding which parties to RSVP for. Featuring: Diamonds on The Key

Fiscal Forté

Banking relationships should be built for the long- term on a solid foundation of stability, knowledge and responsiveness. That’s why Sabadell United Bank takes the time to truly get to know and understand clients and their needs to provide them with the sound financial guidance they deserve.

Cultural Metamorphosis

Known for its beaches, nightlife, food, fashion and fun, Miami is now ready to take its rightful place center stage on the global art scene with the opening of Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Up, Up & Away

Owning a private jet is high up on anyone’s bucket list, but that level of ownership requires a lot of effort. Conversely, fractional ownership or charters means you only spend an amount commensurate with actual air time, plus you get the services of experienced pilots and maintenance crew, the ability to choose the exact aircraft each trip requires and a constantly upgraded fleet.

Exquisite Escape

The weather, the history, the beaches, the food and wine are all excellent reasons to visit Portugal & The Madeira Islands any time of the year — but a couple of special New Year’s packages may make NOW the perfect time to book the trip of a lifetime. Featuring: Brickell Travel

Encounters w/ La Isla Flotante

La Isla Flotante, a group of female artists from Key Biscayne who formed to showcase their work, recently held their opening reception. 1. Gustavo, Olga, Elissa & Ines Massiani, Margarida Norton 2. Guests Art-Watching 3. Andrea Zea, Cristina Escobar, Ju Costa Marques 4. Guests 5. Cristina Escobar, Cristina Weisson 6. Nahila Campos, Mariana Cernadas, Constanza Tarasido, Laura Hernandez, Maria Eugenia Mauro, Begoña Gonzalez, Cristina Escobar, Margarida Norton, Flor Godward, Claudia Brian, Carmen Massiani 7. Ceci Grigio, Mónica Arriazu, Bernarda Arancedo, Alicia Mendez, Cristina Pretti, Lola Jerez 8. Flor Godward, Sandra Borgonovo, Mariela Román, Nahila Campos

Encounters @ Ceci Salon & Spa

Ceci Salon & Spa held a grand opening of their newly remodeled spot at Key Colony. 1. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 2. Daniela & Maria Teresa Rosette, Cecilia Ramos, Carolina Peña 3. German & Becky Lozano 4. Ceci Ramos, Edgar Beltran 5. Nora Camejo, Ceci Ramos, Kattia Goldstein 6. Suri Robaina, Alex Batista, Patricia Perez, Jarley Garcia 7. Maria Andrea Castañeda, Dalgi Gomez, Marylin Cutinu, Sahir Stain 8. Jocy Arango, Suri Robaina Chio, Ceci Zubaria 9. Gabriela Kersteing, Fabiola Tilkin, Ceci Ramos, Georgia Gomes 10. Encarnacion Rivas, Luisa Franchy 11. Veronica Norente, Jeanneth Arias 12. Miguel Lara, Juliet Varona 13. Angelica Vergara, Filomena Cantillana, Andrea Silva 14. Mary Betran, Angela Langlois, Beatriz Struck 15. Andrea Beloff, Rosie Crowe 16. Maria Aleman, Lia Esteban 17. Melisa Fernandez, Sutyana Rodriguez

Encounters w/ 101 Key Biscayne

101 Key Biscayne hosted a special breakfast to celebrate their official groundbreaking. 1. Rafael Pecchio, Gabriel Lopez, Michael Davey, Oscar Segall, Mayor Frank Caplan, Eric Soulavy 2. Jose Ortega, Rick Ake, Ward Farren, Michael Ortega 3. Oscar Segall, Alejandro Rodriguez, Luis Alberto Garcia 4. Rafael Pecchio, Thania Vernon, Gabriel Lopez 5. Hector Pena, Alina Garcia-Duany, Cesar Sordo 6. Oscar Segall, Mayor Frank Caplan, Eric Soulavy, Michael Davey 7. Eric Soulavy, Cristina Soulavy, Daniela Pecchio, Rafael Pecchio

Encounters @ KB Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club celebrated Oktoberfest in style with live entertainment, German food and lots of dancing. 1. Andre & Heidy Leal, George & Lena Guerra 2. Kristen Stollman, Gabriela & Tony Ottavio 3. Dwight & Naysbeli Hewett 4. Michael & Christina Bracken, Keir & Henny Becker 5. Karla Cantala, Alfonso Piedra, Maria Davey 6. Jamie Bourbeau, Melissa White, Kristal Connell 7. Scott & Kara Sharp, Trish & York Flik, Yaury Jattin, Tom Weber 8. Robert Bailey, Bill Stephens, Jeff Mihm 9. Karen Holmquist, Dennis Shaw, Leni Weber 10. John Kroll, Angela & Charlie Nash, Arlene Piccolo 11. Andre Leal, David Badash, Albert Philion, Jorge Guerra 12. Carlos & Maria Luchsineer, Gabriela Lopez, Dionisio Chamorro 13. Maggie & Ruben Weisson 14. Mark Fried, Robin Macklin, Kathy Lubbers 15. Bill Pesch, Dana Earl, Jack Commander 16. The Ladies Group 17. The Gentlemen Group

Encounters w/ Fundacion Armando El Futuro

Tennis enthusiasts gathered at The Ritz-Carlton Tennis Center in Key Biscayne to play a Round Robin Tennis Classic for a good cause to benefit Fundacion Armando El Futuro projects in Quindio, Cartagena and Norte De Santander. 1. Fernando Lopez, Fernando Lopez, Jr., Cheryl Plotkin Lopez 2. Participants 3. Ron Batalha, Kenneth Plotkin 4. Veronica Andrade, Ceasar Andrade, Beatriz Quintero Plotkin 5. Alicia Jimenez, Beatriz Quitero Plotkin, Byron Lopez, Santiago Zuluaga, Mateo Quintero 6. Daniella Lopez, Luis F. Jaramillo, Fernando Naranjo, Jr., Valentina Lopez 7. Mayra Nunez, Alicia Perenzin 8. Beatriz Quintero Plotkin, Martha Jaramillo 9. Beatriz Quintero, Martha Jaramillo 10. Fernando Naranjo, Jr., Valentina Lopez 11. Jenny Mansur, Maria Ines Rios 12. Edward Plotkin, Ron Batalha, Juan Gascon 13. Cheryl Plotkin Lopez, Kenneth Plotkin, Jon Garito, Beatriz Quintero Plotkin, Juan Gascon, Alexandra Tovar 14. Fernando Naranjo, Luis F. Jaramillo, Philip Bourgi, Edward Ecarrs

Encounters @ The Rusty Pelican

America Developing Smiles hosted a day of culinary presentations, live performances and shopping during a special bazaar at The Rusty Pelican. 1. Carmen Peñaloza, Carlina Sivoli, Marielena Perez 2. Michelle Duarte De Gonzalez, Patricia Kern, Denise Duarte 3. Paola & Sol Filippi, Betty De Aragon 4. Mina Wolanik, Maggie Urdaneta 5. Maria Jose Belfort, Sara Manrique 6. Ana Maria Basalo, Maria Elena Guinand, Carolina Lucena, Laura Rojas, Belen Alzuru 7. Mayerling Villar, Maria Cecilia Dueñas, Ivelisa Gonzalez 8. Grecia Narvaez, Martha Orozco, Karim Rios

Encounters w/ ONE Sotheby’s

ONE Sotheby’s International Realty held their opening at their new Key Biscayne office with grand style serving up cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and plenty of music. 1. Daniel De La Vega, Mayi De La Vega, Alina De La Vega McClean, Claudine & Carlos Coto 2. Vivian & Laurencio Castro, Lourdes Garrido 3. Geannina Mejia-Alba, Jack McAllister 4. Taonaya Fleury, Anna Luisa Almonte 5. Gary Feix, Harvey Levitan 6. Gus Rubio, Adam Greenfader 7. Vanessa Pazmino, Elizabeth Cartone 8. Alina De La Vega McClean, Camila Valverde, Claudine Coto, Alexa Paul 9. Barbara Aureli, Miranda Bozza, Ana Ordaz 10. Barbara Lamar, Rocio Granados 11. Andres Calleja, Susana Braun 12. Patricia Peraita, Patricia Romano 13. Melanie Kimpton, Jim Cummingham 14. Blanquita Rivero, Adelena Quevedo 15. Pauline Martine, Marisa Chisena 16. Nora Camejo, Josie Albain 17. Marianne Coto, Lourdes Garrido

Encounters w/ Malena A ssing Photography

Malena Assing Photography took part in a VIP Preview for Curator’s B3Voice Art Projects to much fanfare. 1. Malena Assing 2. Joe & Ana Valles 3. Luis & Monica Henao 4. Yussi Medina, Tony Cabrera 5. Penelope Romero, Joseph Rojas 6. Eugenio Alvarez, Jesus Costa, Angeles Martinez-Canales 7. Jordan Lipton, Carolina Lipton 8. Dr. Milagros Bello Jeronimo Villa 9. Bibi Delfino, Mariana Herrera